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Witch Tips - A written zine with spot illustrations, containing handy tips to make your own spells, or whatever. Contains 1 random tarot sticker.

January 2016 - Issue 1 of 12, containing a summary of my life that month. Contains 1 random tarot sticker. 

Tarot Sticker Set - All three stickers on white vinyl !

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People who think shes coming out anytime soon have seriously short memories, shes 6 months removed from an aggressive bearding campaign and 4 months removed from a rumor-bearding stunt, TS6 will not be the magical gay album and she will not come out while shes still selling records. However the possibility of her being forcibly outed is always there, all it would take is alcohol + Karlie + a fan with a cameraphone taking a better quality video than last time

That is basically my opinion. I don’t think TS6 will be all telling, I mean when has one of her albums been anything but vague.. Though there may be some references that fit with Karlie and Tom/Clavin. I honestly think it is going to be a while until we see her out (if ever, to be quite honest). I think her audience shifting may play a factor in the glass closeting, but I honestly don’t think a coming out is in the cards for a while. 2014 was the closest we got, most likely because her career was seemingly winding down as 1989 wasn’t predicted to sell much. I think it will be a while until it is even possible that she is forcibly outed because of how careful they have been since kissgate. I’m not watching the clock, anyhow hahaha. It’s gonna be a while.

Growing up on the same street as Calvin, Susie had to learn quickly and adapt to the weather. This meant expecting heavy, focused downpour on sunny days with a chance of teasing.

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Predictions for the bext episode: Calvin shaw: "You can tell your boyfriend to back off." Reid: "who?"

But clavin’s an FBI agent too right, so he’ll be like ‘why do you care so much about Reid anyway?’

Men’s Insecurities

If you type into Google “body insecurities”, you will notice that it comes up with the word “woman”; it doesn’t take a genius to work out that there is something absent. I know a lot of men who are insecure about the way they look, yet they block this from the public eye and disguise it with a mask of confidence and exaggerated displays of masculinity. There seems to be such a pressure on men, whether it be through society or the media, to be strong; men have to be mentally and physically strong to protect the women and succeed in our responsibilities, right?

I don’t think insecurities in men is talked about enough because women usually don’t see it and men don’t want to talk about it… 

So, to every single person who identifies themselves as a man, know this:

Just because you have insecurities does not make you weak, and if you ever feel like you are weak, it’s okay; happiness isn’t fully achieved by those who aren’t presented with hurdles in life. Men have to find happiness in themselves before they can bring happiness to others. Do not be ashamed because you are insecure or uncomfortable; it is normal for any human being. Men are not a perfect species and the ‘perfect human’ is a lie used for marketing. You are not less of a man because you don’t have big muscles, don’t look like an Abercrombie model and don’t have an ‘up-to-standard’ sized genitalia. You are not weak for expressing how you feel and you are not worthless because you feel like you need to improve.  You are handsome, you are smart and you are ten times better than anyone that tells you otherwise, as whatever they say to you only reflects on the hidden insecurities that they have been keeping in the shadows because they are just as scared as the rest of men

So please tell me, who really is perfect in this world?