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(…) Recently we were listed on Rolling Stone as one of the best live performance at the Oscars. :) It read: ‘Lesbian duo Tegan and Sara with Lonely Island’. :( We tweeted ’@rollingstone Lesbian Canadian Duo @teganandsara is honored to be included w/ heterosexual trio @lonelyisland’. They changed the copy immediately and tweeted back an apology. Progress?

As women in music it seems we HAVE to be categorized in the headline. Even now. Our gender, our sexuality, our looks, –all of it has to be defined, indexed, reduced and brought to attention before the music is even mentioned. If it’s mentioned at all.

—  Tegan, in that very good piece she wrote for Can You Deal?, a magazine brought together by Jennifer Clavin, where female musicians, women in bands share their experience dealing with sexism, whether constant, latent, blatant or subdued, in the music industry. It’s very good, if you can get a copy. Very interesting, often infuriating (to see that such talented people, such amazing women had to endure patriarchal condescendence time and again), but also so inspiring, because they’re all amaizing women (many I knew, some I gladly discovered). 

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that feels good ~ short jack avery imagine

you waltzed into the small bedroom that you shared with jack in the hotel that you were staying at with the why don’t we boys in london. you opened your mouth to begin a sentence but cut yourself off when you saw the beautiful, curly haired boy sleeping peacefully on top of the sheets of the bed. 

he always did this thing, and you never knew why, where he refused to get under the sheets on the bed until you were there with him. this meant that even on tour he would never once sleep under the sheets, he would only layer on mountains of clothes to keep him warm. 

you smiled slightly at the sight in front of you, taking it in for a moment before joining him on the bed. he was lying on his stomach which his arms folded underneath his head, his hair flopping every which way. his glasses were also on the bed right next to him, telling you that he was wearing them just before he had fallen asleep. he was only in white clavins and no shirt, and lemme tell you it was definitely a sight to see.

you slowly kneeled on the bed, easing into a lying down position in an attempt to make the littlest movement possible as to not wake the sleepy head right next to you. when he had no reaction to you climbing onto the bed, you took that as he was still sound asleep. 

his head was turned towards the wall so you couldn’t admire his beautiful features, but you did take in the perfection that is his hair. it is always flopped so perfectly, and you would never understand how. 

after a few minutes of nothing, you reached your arm outwards and lightly began to draw mindless shapes on his bare back. you drew circles, rectangles, triangles, all with your fingernails, and after a few minutes you trailed your hand up to the base of his neck, still allowing your fingertips to graze his skin. you brought your fingers up through his hair and he shrunk his head down into his shoulders and you took note of the goosebumps rising on his skin. he was awake. 

“sorry, love. i didn’t mean to wake you,” you mumbled, still swirling your fingertips on his back. he just hummed in response and you took that as an ‘it’s okay.’ 

you continued to draw random things, but soon enough found yourself drawing out what you saw for your future with jack. your kids, your house, your pets, everything you had ever wanted you were tracing into his skin. 

“that feels good, baby,” he mumbled as he flipped his head over to face you, his eyes just barely open. you flashed him a slight smile before sneaking under the covers, and he did so as well now that you were there. he engulfed you in his warmth and you practically melted into his chest. 

“can you keep doing that, please?” he whispered, causing you to chuckle but you obliged. 

“of course,” you replied, beginning to run your nails up and down the back of his neck and through his hair. 

before you knew it, the only sound that could be heard was the soft snores coming from your boyfriend, the ones that he refused to making, but you loved them. 

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*Cw :Abuse

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Chris Clavin (of Bloomington, Indiana – plays in Ghost Mice and started Plan-It-X records) has been outed as a serial abuser. He’s a 37-year-old who uses his power within the punk scene to manipulate young (sometimes underage) femmes. He has molested at least one person and probably more.

I know Chris has been a hero for a lot of people and I’m sorry to say that your hero is scum. Do the survivors a favor and refrain from jumping to his defense. Believe those who come forward. There are already three accounts.

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Give us a playlist Plz!

higher by rihanna, love by lana del rey, love on the brain by rihanna, bad religion by frank ocean, slide by clavin harris