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This is really well done. 

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How would maehara react to finding out that his s/o is the twin sister of is best friend isogi. Also how would Isogi respond to all of that. Ive seen these type of asks and i fell in pove with these. I truly hope this isnt to troublesome.

No worries, it’s not troublesome at all! Sorry this is a bit short, I couldn’t think of much else to say ^^

  • They’d probably find out when Maehara discovered that her twin worked at the same place Isogai worked
  • He’d obviously notice they had the same surname, but would think it to be a coincidence at first
  • Isogai would know his sister was dating someone, but wouldn’t know exactly who, so it would come as a shock when it was his best friend
    • Wouldn’t mind at all though, maybe tease Maehara a little bit
  • Maehara, though, would be totally in shock
    • Stuttering, pointing, blushing, just generally dying
  • Both Isogai and his sister would be dying of laughter, it would be absolutely hilarious

“If I run, will you kill me?”

Fox is as silent as Bear, but his eyes are kinder.  Not softer, but kinder.  Like he might sympathize with my position even if he can’t, won’t, improve it.  “Hopefully not.”  He could though, I’m sure of it.  His arrows missed Negan and me by inches when he shot out our tires from the trees; he reminds me of the stories I heard about redneck we took from Rick’s group, the one with the crossbow.

“I’m not stripping,” I reassert.  “I’ll die out here, let myself be eaten alive, first.”

“Dramatic,” he smiles, brows up like the tease of a big brother as he picks at the top of his bow.

“What if I ordered you to strip, huh?  Would you?!“

Fox shrugs, shifts out of his jacket, uses his free hand to pull loose the ties of his vest.

"Jesus Fucking Christ!!” I turn away, look down.  What the hell kind of nudist group did Negan abandon me to?  His bow clatters, clothing ruffles, then there’s a scraping as Fox retrieves his bow.  “I’m NOT looking up.”  Clothes hit me in the face.


“What the fuck is -”


Curiosity, confusion, gets the better of my stubbornness and I look up.  Fox is bare-chested save his jacket, his shirt and vest in my lap, and he nods encouragingly.  My sigh’s practically a growl as I think, finally, I get it.  “Strip to change…that’s what he meant?”  Fox shrugs almost guiltily.  “Wha-Why didn’t he just say ‘change’?!”

“Where’s the challenge?”

“Challenge?” I wanna throw the clothes back, tell him to go fuck himself along with Bear.

He smiles in the face of my rage.  “Fun?”

“You’re a fuck.”

“Change.” His weapon almost nudges me.  “Dark soon.”

“You gonna look away?”


“Can’t or won’t?”

“It matter?”  Fox leans forward, though keeps out of reach as his eyes lead mine in a scan of the forest.  “Eyes everywhere…”  He extends the vowels in a teasingly dramatic manner.

I’m disgusted, but not surprised.  These people have been watching us all along, haven’t they?  It’d be foolish for them to turn their backs on me now that I’m worth something to them.  Still, I’m not about to give anyone any kind of show…I change by gym rules.  Vest on, dirty shirt slipped out of underneath, and no one sees anything.

“Impressive…and pants?”

I step through the neck of his shirt, tie the arms around, then do my best to slip out of my jeans without flashing.  I kick my soiled clothes aside and set hands on my hips with a huff of both annoyance and victory.

Fox’s lips tick up, brows arch, then he gives a cat-call of a whistle.  I glare and he chuckles before doing it again.  And again.  Slowly elongating the sounds, adjusting the keys, morphing it into the Saviors’ call…Negan’s call.  Is that where our call came from or is he just fucking with me like Bear?  Does his whistling have a point or am I just some living toy to these people until I’m traded back? 

I wrap my arms around myself, look down, mutter.  “Can…Can we go now?”  I can feel tears threatening my eyes.

“Yes.”  His amusement is gone as he collects my dirty clothes and gives a shorter whistle, extends an arm in the direction I’m to walk…the same path Bear took to leave.  He stays back, gives me space, only speaks to direct my path.

I’m grateful.

I listen, obey, then I don’t as my feet take me left instead of right.  I get five steps before there’s a harsh whistle and a sizeable rock breaks open the ground before me, revealing spikes and the growling undead beneath.  I stop short with my breath and a hand yanks me back by the wrist.

This picks up some hours after the last one - if unsure, Lorien told Bear to go fuck himself after he ordered “strip” so she’s been left with another member of Bear’s group, Fox.  (They all go by animal names for reasons that’ll slowly be revealed; same with not speaking much.)  Fox is a little clearer when he communicates, but he’s also a little cheekier…he’s played by Aidan Gillen, by the way!  Next I think is catching up with Negan…maybe Simon too, not sure.

PS: Credit to @wadeyourebarelyalive for “Eyes everywhere” line, haha!

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Soulmate AU where if you hurt yourself, your soulmate gets hurt for Nagisa and Karma? :D How'd they discover that they're soulmates and how did they react? Thanks~

As this is so cute!
•They always felt weird pains, they would go to the doctor and the doctor always said nothing was wrong, and consistently kept suggesting that it was their soulmate getting hurt

•Karma tried to cut back on the fighting, so his soulmate wouldn’t get hurt.

•Nagisa felt terrible when his mom would pull his hair and smack him
•He knew his soulmate would get hurt

•One day they both were in Tokyo.

•Nagisa fell and scraped his leg
•Karma saw and went to help him

•To his surprise, his leg started to hurt
•When Nagisa got up, he saw Karma holding his leg

•"Hold On" Karma said, slapping himself
•Nagisa held his face.

•People around then started clapping
•It’s not every day they see someone find their soulmate
•It’s like a marriage proposal

•Their first thoughts was “oh shit, this is my soulmate”
•Their second thought was “Fuck I’m gay”
I hope this is ok! I set this in a world where they don’t go to school together and such. I hope you enjoyed it!

Coming across a very VERY smutty fanfic be like
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> Oh my GOD wHaT tHe HeLl this is nasty this is wayyyy too much i am an innocent child of God i must protect thine eyes<p/><b>Me:</b> ...<p/><b>Me:</b> Okay, let me just see HOW nasty this is. It can't be THAT bad.<p/></p>