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Yuzuru Hanyu Senior Programs + Costumes

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[130803] During the talk session, Shinhwa Changjo did a whole stadium wave. Eric wanted to repay that fans’ wave so Shinhwa also did one while holding hands lol.


SIL The Explorer Shinhwa Reaction GIF vol.5


It’s been a looooong time i didn’t continue this serie… as i have no new good video and no new idea…

But! WHICH BECAUSE THE MAKING IS JUST SO MUCH LAUGHTER!! hahahahahaha I cant stop looping the video and then decided to continue as part of series~

Yes i have made few of these before n i remake them into Reaction GIFs… i could say these are better though~ 


P.S. Dont ask me when will the vol.6 be out.*meh*

Froyotech will not be going to i61

A while ago, Insomnia 61 announced their official Team Fortress 2 tournament would be making a return. They have followed up a week or so later with a prize pot announcement, stating they wil be going with their standard 5K pounds prize pot. 

Due to the nature of TF2 being Multiplay’s bigger international esports tournament, people argued that the announcement came far too late - an opinion also expressed by Grant “b4nny” Vincent of froyotech before the announcement from Multiplay happened, due to difficulties of fundraising costs and other logistics.

Now, it seems like North American giants froyotech will not be making their return to the iSeries stage in the UK. A tweet accompanied with a Twitlonger posted by b4nny confirmed his team will not be coming to i61 this year:

A couple members of the team are uninterested in attending, and in a domino-like fashion others have similarly lost interest. So instead of repeating the mistakes of forcing an inferior version of our team to compete like we did at i58, we have decided to sit out the tournament.

However, b4nny himself has expressed interest in going to i61 to still compete, for his own sake:

That said, I am still interested in going myself. It would be a shame to break my streak of 5 I-series summer LANs in a row. 

If any high level teams need a ringer for the event, feel free to reach out to me and maybe we can make something work.

b4nny has been competing in the iSeries TF2 set of tournaments since i46 on Leviathan Gaming, who came 2nd in an NA grand finals against Classic Mixup. froyotech has won 2 iSeries events - i52 and i55 - and placed 3rd at i58 last year. 

It has not been announced officially as of yet from any other North American teams - or any non-European teams - if they have plans to compete in i61.