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Dom do u go to parties a lot? Sometimes I feel bad abt myself because I do t go out a lot 😓

No! I don’t do anything really where’s that meme that’s like, I stay inside, I be in the house, I don’t really care to be in the mix, bc that’s me 👶🏽

I’m going through a lil depressive thing rn which is why I don’t go outside on my days off. I joined an acting class that starts next month n I make sure to check events that r happening around me like film showings n museum exhibitions n shows 🎬 I don’t mind going to them alone I think the most important world u can cultivate is your inner world, it’s more important I think than ur social world bc a social world can come n go and u love ppl and they can go or they can change or you can change it’s forever shifting which is the beauty of it yes it’s beautiful n it’s fun but your inner world can act like a magnet I think for everything outside. Who’s the dude who tweeted “you’re already that person just put yourself in that place”

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Why is it that people get upset that the inhumans are a castle system yet they nothing about namor or black panther?

A caste system is terrible because not only is it inequitable, it also keeps peoples stymied in the same place or position for generations.  Those in the upper levels or aristocracy of the system enjoy the benefits and know that their children and children’s children will also be offered these benefits; whereas those in the lower rungs toil on with disadvantages and the hardship of these disadvantages often guarantees that their children and their children’s children will be unable to improve their lot and move up the system.  

In many ways, social-economic class acts as a modernized caste system.  The advantages of being rich helps the rich stay rich, whereas the hardships of being poor often acts to keep people in poverty for multiple generations.  

I’m not as well read on the Sub-Mariner, but I don’t recall seeing much about the politics of the monarchy of Atlantis.  And Wakanda has been a hugely prosperous society; the great bounty of resources there make it so that there really isn’t anyone forced to live in a marginalized fashion.  

Atilan is meant to be portrayed as a highly problematic society so to act as a reframe for similar problems that occur in our own real-life society.  Whereas Wakanda is meant to be more of a utopia; an idealized nation they shows a successful marriage of nature and science.   


A Class Act: Ray Romano Extends His Velvet-Gloved Hand Out The Window Of His Limo And Lets The Schoolchildren Kiss It 


Saad & Lola’s heart-to-heart in episode 405 #Preach
Watch Degrassi: Next Class on Netflix starting July 7th


when  komaeda’s class acts annoyed by his return from his trip, he starts to pull out his souvenir before being interrupted by hiyoko

his souvenir was a gun

this motherfucker was about to shoot up his class


Happy Birthday, David Suchet! (born May 2, 1946) ★

Funny story: When I was a drama student, we were all trying out for a role on some shitty low-key soap opera (I never had a chance, knew I didn’t, but eh, they said it would be fun and I should try anyway. I was 17. )

Then, at the audition, this girl walked in. She was jaw-droppingly gorgeous. 

No, the air actually went out of the room as soon as she walked in. And we all knew instantly she would get the part. Which she did. No question asked. Even the casting agents knew it. She was the loveliest thing you’ve ever seen. 

I said to her later on, when we walked out: “What’s it like to be as beautiful as you? It must be wonderful.” 

*Her* “But they drool over me. The guys. It’s…weird.”


*Her* “I only got into this because my parents and everyone told me to. Because someone as pretty as me had to be in acting. I wanted to be an accountant.”

*Me* “Um…well…you’re, uh, photogenic.” 

*Her* “I can’t act!”

*Me* “Well, obviously. I know that. I saw your audition.”

Watch Katie McGrath be embarrassed by her own fans at SDCC this year if they ask inappropriate questions to any of the Supergirl cast members. And yes, i understand that not all of you are that immature but there are people belonging to the SC fandom on twitter and tumblr planning to spew hate and even boo Chris Wood. Like really, y’all are stooping that low over a ship on a tv show??? I have been a part of many tv fandoms and i must say Supergirl has the absolute worst. Fans go as far as attacking characters, actors and even show runners, so much so that an actor called out one side of the fandom for being toxic, when he was just on the show for one episode. Imagine how the rest of the cast must feel at the daily hate some people spew at them. Y’all don’t have to like certain characters, but have some respect for the actors and people who work extremely hard year round to make this show. Oh and newsflash, no one is being forced to watch the show - if people have such a dislike for the show and new characters, feel free to stop watching and feel free to stop throwing hate as well. Ship whatever you want to ship, canon or not but stop throwing hate around. Even if ya’ll don’t have class, please ACT like you do at Comic Con and be respectful to everyone.