the clanger

i think we need to talk about this more?

for those of you who haven’t seen The Golden Girls:

(the one on the right is Rose btw)

like wow Crowley is such a nerd i cannot actually cope with this could he be any less suave?

also, much as i adore fics about Crowley watching James Bond i reckon fic writers also need to remember Crowley’s taste for old lady sitcoms.

(btw if when they move in together Crowley is totally embarrassed and keeps trying to watch it in secret or manufacture ways that they end up being forced to watch it and when Aziraphale finds out he brings it up whenever Crowley calls him frumpy but they totally fall asleep watching it together)

people talk a lot about dragons and their hoards but I don’t see any where near enough about this one

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she lives in space and hoards soup

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and gives it out to the clangers because she is kind

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she even has a little baby

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in conclusion the soup dragon is the best dragon because she lives in space and she hoards soup not material items and she is ok with giving it away to feed hungry clangers and she even has a baby soup dragon so she can pass on her legacy and that is why we should talk about her more thank you for listening

On the pronunciation of Lord Voldemort:

So recently good old J.K. dropped another clanger (thanks for that) about how to correctly say his name- the French way. Though this little fact wasn’t mentioned AT ALL to the directors or actors of EIGHT films. Leaving the entire world saying his name wrong.

Personally I like that nobody has got the pronunciation of the name correct.

Imagine how pissed off Tom Riddle would’ve been, after picking the most fancy and intimidating name ever (in his opinion) for people to then get it wrong.

It’s probably a good thing that most people are too scared to speak it (and pronounce it badly).

But imagine how irritating it must have been to hear his carefully selected name mangled by his two biggest nemesis- Dumbledore and Harry Potter.

Harry’s mispronunciation makes sense, because if we think about it, the first time he hears it he’s with HAGRID who is definitely not going to know French pronunciation. Thereafter, Harry doesn’t really hear anyone else say it, and doesn’t get corrected on it, as nobody else likely knows (or cares) that he’s saying it wrong. Except DUMBLEDORE.

Dumbledore has no excuses. You know that he knows French, and so he has consciously decided to say and mispronounce the name incorrectly for years.

I like to think that Dumbledore is that childish that he’d insist upon calling him Lord VoldemorT, and encourage Harry to do the same.

Eventually, when more and more people get up the courage, they too (after likely hearing the name from either Dumbledore or Harry) get it wrong.

Leaving Lord VoldemorT to face an army of mispronouncers.

Poor old Tom.

EXCLUSIVE: Tom Fletcher's book 'The Christmasaurus' to be made into a film - and it has Hugh Jackman's seal of approval

This morning we were invited to the launch of Tom Fletcher’s newest book, and first novel, ‘The Christmasaurus’, and we have to admit that we weren’t quite prepared for what followed – which genuinely included cameo appearances from Hollywood actors Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron.

After talking us through the synopsis of his heartfelt book, which is released on Thursday, the McFly frontman dropped a rather huge clanger by announcing that it was  already being turned into an animated, musical film with bigshot director, Michael Gracey, and they even had the concept art to show us and a couple of songs to perform.

External image
Tom is going to Hollywood


Unfortunately, Michael Gracey was busy in New York filming his latest movie, but he did send a video message about his involvement with the film, which was promptly interrupted by actors Hugh and Zac, who gatecrashed the video to reinforce just how bloomin’ good ‘The Christmasaurus’ is.

Confirming that he had heard a couple of the songs already, X-Men star, Hugh Jackman, said to the camera: “The songs are great, I’ve heard them.

External image
‘The Christmasaurus’ is Tom’s first full-length novel

“They’re very catchy.”

Speaking exclusively to Tom after the launch, we asked how it felt to have such a huge Hollywood seal of approval, and the star told us: “I couldn’t believe that, it’s so cool.

“Michael was meant to be here today but everything has gone rapidly for him so he couldn’t be, but it’s okay… If you have to be somewhere else than filming with Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron is a good excuse.

External image
Michael Gracey, pictured here with Zac Efron, is directing

“He’s an incredible director, so we are really lucky to have him on board.”

Tom went on to add that he always thought that ‘The Christmasaurus’ would make a great film but he hoped to maintain some creative control by writing the book first.

He explained: “I love writing, so my natural place to go is to a book because I am in charge of it. Making a film requires many more people on board, so when I have ideas for stories – even though I can see them as a film – I tend to write them as a book first because you get your vision into it.

“If you have a real passion for it you feel like it’s your baby, it’s really difficult letting it go.”

External image

And Tom was also keen to reassure his fans that dipping his feet into the movie industry didn’t mean that it was the end of McFly, in fact, they’re going to be around for a long ol’ time yet.

After joking that his bandmates were going to play elves in the film, Tom shared: “For us, it feels like McFly is forever. It is the constant.

“We have all of these other projects but McFly is the one thing that we will never go away – in a good way! It’s always there for us and it’s always where our hearts lay.

“It’s nice now there’s no pressure for us to write an album every year; we can do it when it feels right for us. Because of McBusted it had been a long time since we did anything just the four of us and I think that people kind of get it now that we’ll always be around.

External image
McFly just completed an intimate sold-out tour

“On tour we had people coming who had been there from day one and kind of grown up with us, and they’re bringing their kids along… And then there are 13 year olds screaming and crying like it used to be, and it’s so weird because when did they discover McFly?

“They were born in the year when ‘5 Colours In Her Hair’ came out, that’s so weird – how did they discover us? It’s exciting for us as a band.”

And we have to admit that we are excited to see what Tom, and the rest of McFly, do next – because judging by ‘The Christmasaurus’ it’s going to be amazing.

‘The Christmasaurus’ is available to buy from Thursday 6th October!

Can you paint the John Lewis man on the moon, surrounded by bin bags of tat left over from Christmas and a clanger being strangled by balloon ribbon?

Claire Cutts

“Rangle” rattles are attested to in later medieval Norwegian traditional witchcraft for use against trolls (i.e., hostile supernatural entities or malignant sorcery).  Rangles were made using several smaller iron rings attached to a larger ring, sometimes with hanging clanger or charms affixed to the smaller rings. A rangle was designed to be used as an animal husbandry tool. When tied to a long cord it was used to herd sheep and goats with noise, particularly when in steep and wild terrain. To use it one would throw it to make a loud noise near the animals when it landed so that they would move. The rangle was then retrieved by way of reeling in the cord. This is similar to the mechanism in some traditional witchcraft rituals in which a stone axe, “thunderbolt,” was thrown out and dragged back with a rope. In both cases, there appears to be symbolic associations with the returning, ‘boomerang-ing,’ nature of Thor’s Hammer Mjollnir. (Speculating still further, there may also be an association to the myth where Thor reels in Jörmungandr.)

“Goads” are staves used to herd and move animals, such as teams of oxen pulling loads or herds of animals. When a rangle was placed on the end of a goad, it became a tool used for driving wagons. Pictured above is a Norwegian example of such a tool, called a “klaprestokk.”

We should strongly consider the klaprestokk as a likely model for re-creating the staff of sorcery used by Loðmundr the Old, as well as that of Thor’s staff Gríðarvölr. If one puts two of the elements mentioned above together - goats and wagons - you have the perfect tool for guiding Thor’s chariot (actually a wagon called a “wain”). If one adds the sorcerous similarities to Thor’s hammer - sound, returning, battling trolls - the possibility is even stronger.  Further, we should consider that the other major staff of sorcery - the völva’s staff - appears to be modelled on a stylized distaff; which is also an everyday tool turned magical. In addition, the klaprestokk is of the correct size for being able to hold it in the manner noted for its’ use in the Landnámabók account, where the end was placed on the ground in water, the staff held in two hands, and a “ring” at the top placed in the mouth. This body positioning is very hard to accomplish with a short völva staff with no clear rings, a ring-topped sceptre like the Sutton Hoo example, or a simple travellers staff with a ferrule ring bound close to the wood; but it can be accomplished with a klaprestokk.


Sibley, J.T. (2009) The Divine Thunderbolt: Missle of the Gods. USA: Xlibris Corporation.

Sibley, J.T. (2015) The Way of the Wise: Traditional Norwegian Folk and Magic Medicine. USA: Xlibris Corporation.


So if you were wondering where I was all day I was attending some wonderful animation-centric lectures at the Waterside Arts Centre in Sale- it was uncanny, every single one of the four speakers there (Curtis Jobling, Carlos Grangel, Peter Firmin and Peter Saunders) has had a significant role in influencing my study and experience of animation! I was lucky enough to get to talk with all of them, including Mr Peter Firmin here, who is legendary in the field for his work with Oliver Postgate (which includes the likes of Ivor the Engine, Bagpuss, the Clangers etc.) This is him giving me his business card after I gave him mine! I think I must have been shellshocked because these are the most none-elastic pictures of my face anyone has ever taken XD but believe me I was ecstatic and still am I mean blimey this guy is one of the coolest and most humble men alive.

anyway yeah today was good

huh “The Clanger” prototype is working better than I thought (Reference to this ). Seems that it works on anything that shapeshifts, let him stay there a while because of what he did (reference to this  ) Well I guess its time to get ready for work,

PART 2 of 3

QUESTION: Whatever happed to the toaster?

((Thank you Anon for the Silly Question! Cameos from Doppel, Scootoaster, and Kid Discord As always these guys are awesome and if you havn’t checked them out. DO IT! Posted this as a video because of length and difficulty to make it a gif set. unlike my usual silly gifs this is actually something pertinent to the story. Part 3 coming soon Doppel model made by Doppel mod!))

On another note I am still looking for a online table top group that is running a Pony themed D&D or Pathfinder or Ponyfinder. I am a experienced Paper RPG player and would love to play a mlp themed game once a week for a little while. Let me know if any of you got room and looking for a member ^_^

Inspired by 03x09

In the short times when he isn’t searching for Abbie, or any damned thing that could give him the tiniest lead, even a sniff of her whereabouts, Ichabod decides to try and avoid burnout.


By learning to cook.

Mealtimes are lonely now. No longer something to laugh about (the Bedfordshire Clanger had her in stitches for days, he’ll never live that down), or a quiet moment shared, but just an occasion to refuel and get ready to hunt down artifacts again.

How he misses takeout in the Archives. Cooking together in their shared house. Or Abbie, laughing, explaining “drive-throughs” to him on their way to solve the latest mystery.

But, lonely or not, he doesn’t want Abbie to come home to a man who tries (without much success) to pan-fry frozen food. Jenny has offered to teach him to use the “microwave,” but Ichabod would rather do things the old fashioned way.

Some old things should be preserved.

He digs through the house and finds a stash of cookbooks, the edges of some pages dog-eared with Abbie’s handwriting, both on post-its and on the book’s pages themselves. 

He starts with these, finding solace in her notes, surprising himself by laughing at her amendments to quantities. There are even some “hell no”s and “wtf”s written in the margins of some pages.

And so, over a few weeks, Ichabod learns to cook Abbie’s favourite recipes. He even invites Jenny and Joe to share some, when the loneliness bites harder, deeper. When the wolf of her absence can’t be kept from the door.

And through her books, her scribbled notes, splashes of dried sauces she’s cooked with, he feels closer to her, wherever she is.

And those moments keep his heart beating.

Darcy and Idris for typhoidmeri and her dragon!verse because, of course, I would be desperate for more about the actual dragons.

Rock Dragonets are native to coastal Europe, particularly on the Northern and Western coastlines. They are found as far south as northern Spain and as far north as central Norway. They are absent from Iceland. Rarely larger than a house cat, they are typically the colour of wet stone and can be found living in clusters of rock pools or river estuaries. Domestic Dragonets can grow a little larger than in the wild and make for playful, scampering pets. In their natural habitats they will collect shells and pebbles with which to make a nest for attracting a mate and protecting egg clutches. In a home, this habit is applied to everything from buttons, pens, and coins to cutlery, jewellery and keys. [the artist imagines they sound mightily like a Clanger.]