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Floral,summer inspired notes🌸

More notes from my self-studying (of the gender topic in psychology) over the summer🌞. I experimented with some doodles and I really like how it turned out🙌🏼.

•green and red mildliners
•light green,pink and black 0.5 zebra sarasa clip pens
•tombow ABT dual brush pen in asparagus
•pentel touch sign pen black

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Educational YouTubers

If you’re a visual or audiotory learner, YouTube has to be the place for you! Don’t be afraid to ditch your textbooks when necessary to learn something your own way!

Here are some of my favorite educational YoutTube channels!


You’ve heard of TEDx Talks, now get ready for TED-Ed! These videos range from philosophy and history to science and riddles! They even have a few videos on writing! Most all videos are done in five minute animations with narration and also include links to full lessons in the descriptions of the videos. Watching this channel for hours on end will only scratch the surface of what is offered!


This one you’ve probably already heard of, but it’s worth checking out! Since CrashCourse has been online for years now, they now have several very interesting videos to watch, ranging from psychology to sociology and physics to film history. They also have videos centered around literature and astronomy and so much more. My personal favorite has been the mythology videos! The videos are made weekly in a series format, so you could watch one lesson a week or binge watch the whole class once it’s done.

Overly Sarcastic Productions

If you’re not so into the lecturing-style the above channels have, then a great place to check out is Overly Sarcastic Productions. These videos are actually made by two college students hoping to teach their favorite subjects in a humorous way! They have videos ranging from literature to history to mythology, as well as some videos on religion and philosophy. And most all of these videos are done in adorable animation and are quite easy to follow, and they stand the test of watching multiple times!


If you’re looking for something even more casual and without any sort of curriculum, if you’re just looking to watch some educational videos just for the fun of it—I highly suggest NerdyAndQuirky! This channel is chock full of “Cool History,” ranging from art to debunking myths as well as video essays and some social commentary. Also, get ready for the puns!


i tried a new layout for my marine science flashcards and i really love it!!

this is my last original post for now due to hurricane irma, stay safe everyone!

what i’m listening to: exo’s power

Everyone has those times where they mean to study for a test and it just doesn’t happen. Either because of mental illness or because you had another really big test to study for or because you just procrastinated your way into a sticky situation. Sometimes you only have one or two nights to study. Here’s how to make the most of it.

I. Organize first, study second

The best thing you can do to make the most of your time is to organize. Organize the time you have left. Plan when you will study each thing you need to know. Organize the information into an outline if you can. This all makes it seem more attainable.

II. Start broad and work to the finer details last

Get the basic ideas of the topics before you do anything else. This will help you to at least be able to guess on most questions. It’s easy to stress out and jump straight into the finer details but without a firm basis you won’t remember any of them. 

III. Lists of information are usually very important

If you’re going through notes or powerpoints or your textbook and you come across a list of information, do your best to learn it. Teachers and professors love to test students on lists and usually the stuff in the list is pretty important to the topic overall. 

IV. Avoid testing yourself

Testing yourself at this point in the game will only lead to more stress. Focus on learning the information rather than trying to determine how bad you might do on the test. The more you focus on possibly failing, the more likely it becomes that you actually will. 

V. YouTube

As most people know, YouTube is the ultimate resource for last minute studying! If you can’t find a Crash Course playlist on your topic and there’s no Khan Academy stuff about it, just do a few broad searches! You might find some really helpful stuff that can give you a good basis or even some necessary details!

VI. Mind Maps

Mind maps are so great for this exact situation! They help you organize information in a way your brain is easily able to recall. Obviously this is really helpful if you’re about to take a test. You can use them for brain dumps or to organize everything you need to know. You can find my post about mind maps here!

VII. “Cheat sheets”

Cheat sheets are also perfect for this situation! Now, I put this in quotes because this is not suggesting that you write down all of the information and sneak it into the exam with you. Rather, use this as another way to dump and organize the information. Once you’re done you have a review sheet to bring with you and you’ve reviewed the info in the process of making it!

VIII. Finally, try not to make this a habit

Obviously, we’re all going to have trouble keeping up with life at times and we’re all going to need to prepare for tests in a short amount of time at times. But, do your very best to find time to study before the night before. Even if it’s only 5 minutes a day, it can make a difference.

Hope this was helpful! 

If you would like to check out the other posts in my How to Study series click here! And if you have any suggestions for future posts click here! Remember I post a new set of tips every Sunday at 7pm EST! 

hi everyone! some people are starting school soon, meanwhile, others have already started. i’ve noticed a lot of people who are freshmen, or upcoming freshmen, and i’d like to give my own advice from personal experience! i seriously wished i followed some of these tips.

1. whether or not your current friends will be at your high school, this is a great time to make new friends. you may not think so right now, but you might become really close to them in the future.

2. just a psa, you might lose some friends in high school. that is fine! the reasons can range from unnecessary drama to just having no classes together. you will find better friends, i promise.

3. people say that high school isn’t what you see in movies, but cliques are still very real. you will probably have your own clique-like group at some point, but do be open to people. don’t just focus on your friends when that new kid could use new friends too.

4. you might have a teacher that will ruin your grades/gpa. i genuinely mean that you might end up with a teacher that ruins your 4.0 gpa or your goal for straight a’s, no matter how much effort you put into the class. do not underestimate yourself, learn what you can yourself and move on. you will do better, trust me, those teachers exist for a reason other than to make you suffer, i swear.

5. sign up for electives, clubs, sports, etc. that you want to try out. you will find people with similarities to you, and you will need that time to have fun and not study relentlessly.

6. while it doesn’t hurt to learn a language, instead of taking a foreign language class for colleges, take it and apply what you learn. foreign languages are really helpful and fun too, especially if you get to study abroad or go travel to foreign countries!

7. remember that you can talk to your guidance counselor at school if you have any problems. they want you to have a good school year too. teachers, parents, and even close friends can be good people to go to.

8. please, don’t take an ap class (or any class with college credit) if you aren’t willing to work hard in those classes and actually study. i see freshmen do this all the time, and it only wastes your time. it might be better to delay those classes for sophomore year or later.

9. the only reason why upperclassmen seem like they dislike freshmen is that some freshmen are too immature (and frankly, some of them can truly be a nuisance). otherwise, most of them will not bite, so don’t worry!

10. it is important that you do well in your freshman year, so try not to slack off. those grades are your foundation to your gpa!

11. if you do slack off freshman year, it’s okay, colleges like to see students who improve their grades. start sophomore year off with awesome grades. ☆

12. don’t stress so much over college, because you have time to slowly prepare for it! unlike the seniors who are in their second semester, you can plan on what to do to help you prepare for college.

13. don’t have time for something? make time, or find time. you have “time”, you just prioritize certain things over others, that’s all. time management is very important in high school.

14. you might want to improve those bad habits (ahem, procrastination) now. it will help you when you have three tests on the same day, and nobody wants to finish an essay at one in the morning the night before it’s due.

15. don’t take a class just because your friend will take it, you will probably regret it. i did this and i got my schedule changed by the school, so i had a class with none of my friends. it was tedious.

16. this is practically the opposite of #8, but don’t refuse to take a college level class because you think you will fail. (unless you’re contemplating ap calculus when you struggle to graph algebraic functions, then, you know, maybe not). it’s good to challenge yourself sometimes.

17. don’t feel pressured to do something just because it’s mainstream, or that certain people do it. try to learn to stop caring about what people think of you, or at least ignore any negative prejudice around you. their opinions are irrelevant.

18. learn to find your identity, it will take a while. that’s fine, but have fun, make new friends, do fun activities, work hard, and most importantly, be healthy and happy!!

19. do not put school over health. i beg of you, do not pull all nighters either. your physical and mental health is the most important.

20. if you get sick, contact your friends to know what you missed. or have them get your work and give it to you. or even better, email your teachers. i hate doing work when i’m sick, however, it might be better than making up your work while working on your current work after you go back to school.

21. i know people say “don’t stress” which is much harder said than done. you will probably have days when you procrastinate on so many assignments, or when you didn’t do an assignment and you need to finish it as soon as possible. break it down to little pieces and work on it. take breaks. if you are truly stressed, leave your work alone and relax because that is the most important.

22. when you are having a conversation with someone, listen to them rather than wait to reply to them. it’s amazing how many people don’t do this with their own friends. this isn’t exactly related to school, but people do this with their own teachers too, so grasp the directions teachers give you.

23. do the extra credit, especially if it’s small. it might help you from getting an 89.4% in the class.

24. i won’t elaborate on this, but it does help to take certain necessities to school. gum, extra pencils/pens, makeup, brush, etc.

25. unless it is required, don’t take a class just because you want to look good for college. getting into one can be very competitive, and sometimes taking a class you despise might put very little effort into getting into college.

26. learn what you study and apply it, and review it in the future. don’t learn to study, study to learn. if you have never needed to study, start now. even if you still don’t need it. because at some point you will, and if you develop good habits now, you will thank yourself.

27. figure out what kind of learner you are. it helps if you get a teacher that confuses you. do you learn better from pictures? audio? textbooks? figure that out now, if you haven’t. study smarter, not harder!

28. small advice: don’t talk in class and don’t block the hallways. sincerely, someone who walks all over the school five days a week while focusing in seven classes.

29. take advantage of what can help you study better! apps/programs, ambient music, reward systems, pomodoro, etc. figure out what works for you so you can study efficiently.

30. most importantly, work hard and study, but not too hard to the point where your health and mind suffers. good luck to you all.  ♡

Graduating Studyblrs 2017

Thank you to everyone who sent in quotes, I’d love to do this again next year! Here they are!

Graduating from Secondary school

@perimotivated - Anastasia

“If no one travels from the future to stop you from doing it, then how bad of a decision can it really be?” - Unknown

Graduating from Middle School


“Happiness is found the moment you stop comparing yourself to other people.” - her mom

Graduating from High School

@cerebum - Sham 

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

@apollo-studies - Andrew

“If I am worth anything later, I am worth something now. For wheat is wheat, even if people think it is a grass in the beginning.” - Vincent van Gogh

Be sure to congratulate all of these lovely graduates!


I was super inspired by @mylifeinabullet’s august theme of clouds that I wanted to incorporate it in some way into my notes. (These are psychology notes btw for anyone wondering and they’re from the cognition and development topic).

Supplies- muji ruled A4 loose leaf paper,dark blue Mildliner, periwinkle tombow abt dual brush pen, sarasa clip vintage blue grey 0.5 ad muji smooth writing gel ink 0.5 black pen.

Most people in the US are on summer break right now and around the world it seems everyone is constantly on and off of break. So here are my tips for how to be productive during your breaks!

I. Review

Always start by reviewing what you learned in your previous term. Even a brief review will help to ensure the information sticks in your brain longer. I know at this point we all want to be done with the classes we just finished so try to make it fun and brief.

II. Organize

Organize everything from your last term to make sure you can easily find it later if you need it. Throw out anything you don’t need because clutter can make it hard to be productive. Next, organize anything for your upcoming term. This will make it easier when you start up again.

III. Homework

Some schools or classes give homework over breaks. Get this organized asap. Plan to do a little of it at a time and spread it out over your break. This way you won’t get overwhelmed and you’ll learn more along the way.

IV. Plan Ahead

Plan for your next term. Figure out what your classes are about and make a list of things you expect to learn about or things about the topic that interest you.

V. Explore

Use this list to explore the subject. Look it up online or head to the library or your local bookstore and try to find some information on the topic. This shouldn’t be studying and you’re not trying to learn the information right now. All you’re doing is increasing your interest and getting yourself motivated. Write down things you want to know about the topic and see later if your class covered those things. If not, during your next break, use your review time to look into those things.

VI. Relax

Ultimately, breaks are for de-stressing and relaxing. While it’s good to be productive, try not to focus too much on how much or how little you get done during your break. Spend some time with friends and family and find some fun things to do. These tips are mostly ways to keep school a part of your life even during your breaks, they should not become your entire break!

Hope this was helpful and I hope everyone has a fun and relaxing break!!

Remember I post a new How to Study post every Sunday at 7pm EST (I may be taking a break soon, but I will be coming back at the same time every week in a couple weeks!) 

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8.6.2017 11:30 AM: Bujo from last + this week, as usual! I am very happy with the next few spreads. As for my habits, I could be better about my college work, but I’m enjoying the last few days of summer, sigh. I start school in 4 days! Also, I’m still working on the covers for my subject binders, so you guys have any more aesthetic doodle ideas for Biology, English, Spanish, or History, please send them into my ask box!


✨1/100 days of productivity✨

‘To unpathed waters, undreamed shores’

William Shakespeare

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12/08/17- pink floral inspired psychology notes 🌸

I felt super inspired to include some flowers into these pink notes so I had a looksy on tumblr and found these wonderful notes by @smoketexture so i decided to include their flower design in mine (i did ask but unfortunately i did not get a response so i hope that it is okay😅). I’m really happy with the way the calligraphy lettering turned out.

Supplies: blush tombow ABT dual brush pen, muji 0.38 black gel pen and red and grey mildliners.