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Surprise - Steve x Reader

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Summary: Reader is in a rock band (she has a lip ring and tattoos). Steve introduces her to the Avengers who are big fans of her band.
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Notes: ‘(Y/n)’ - Your Name, ‘(Y/f/n)’ - Your full name, ‘(B/N)’ - The Rock Band Reader is part of in this one shot

Waiting outside the looming building of the Avengers tower, you pulled out your phone to call Steve. You got a few odd looks. Some people who were judging your fashion choice and others who seemed to be wondering if you were indeed (Y/f/n). It was quite amusing really to see them dismiss it. A few people on the other side of the street pulled out their phones to take photos but you ignored them.

Steve wasn’t answering his phone so you decided to enter anyway. A receptionist directed you up to the Avengers main floor. Your time in the elevator seemed to last hours, in which your heart felt like it was going to burst out of your chest.

The doors chimed open and a British sounding electronic voice announced your arrival.

“(Y/f/n)?” You heard a man say loudly and saw several faces staring at you.

A man you recognised as Tony Stark ran over to you, “Holy crap. I am a huge fan.”

You laughed, glancing over his shoulder for Steve but you couldn’t find him.

“Thanks.” You nodded at Tony then put your attention on the other man suddenly by your side. His platinum blond hair ruffled.

“You must be Pietro?” You asked and his jaw dropped. He quickly recovered however.

“That’s me, Pietro Maximoff. Pleasure to meet you.” He took your hand in his, gently placing a kiss on the back of your hand.

You managed not to blush but couldn’t help the involuntary smile creeping on your face. Steve hadn’t told you they were fans.

“’Scuse me boys.” A woman with beautiful red hair, pushed them gently to either side and flashed a smile at you.

“Natasha Romanoff. I’m a big fan.” Her composure broke on the last sentence and she could barely keep the smile off her face.

You smiled at both of them, your tongue flicking out to wet your lips, touching your lip ring briefly.

Suddenly you heard your band’s music playing.

You saw that the culprit was Pietro.

Wanda got your attention on her. “This is your band?”

You nodded.

“They’re good. I like them.” She smiled secretively and you traced the pattern of your tattoo like you did when you were nervous.

“Ah! I see you’ve all met (Y/n)!”

You sighed in relief as Steve entered the room, standing beside you.

The other Avengers shared confused glances.

“And I see they’re big fans?” Steve grinned at you and you wrapped an arm around his waist, prompting him to wrap an arm around your shoulders.

“What?” Tony gasped. “I’m sorry, what?”

You grinned.

“I’m glad you’re fans of my girlfriend’s band.” Steve said, laughing slightly.

As if on cue, you leaned up to plant a kiss on his cheek.

Tony raised a finger, “Sorry, this is a joke right? You’re joking. (Y/n), (Y/f/n) from the band (B/N) is not dating Captain America.”

“Actually I am.” You smirked, “I’m that lucky.”

Tony laughed, “Excuse me, I have to go get a drink.” He left the room leaving the Avengers still in shock.

“Surprise!” Steve said weakly causing you to laugh and rest your head against his chest.

  • Steve: I see you've assembled your own team
  • Tony: And you have your own off brand Avengers
  • Steve: so let's finish what we came here to do
  • Tony: oh Capsicle I won this war before it even started--Vision the weapons!
  • (Vision reveals two giant monitors hooked to a karaoke machine)
  • Scott: I know I'm new to this and all but I don't remember super battles traditionally being fought through song
  • Natasha: wait no I thought--shit I should've assumed from the moment Tony Stark said 'fight for order' what did I think was going to--
  • Rhodes: I swear to God, Tony the first time I have to West Side Story rumble

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I low key want the new Avengers team in Infinity War to be Tony, Rhodey, Vision, Peter, Pepper, and Carol. Ideally Natasha too, if Tony can get her cleared. And then Thor and Bruce return to earth and rejoin and Laura moves in with the kids bc I feel bad for her since it seems like Clint just ditched his family after Civil War (?). (Steeb, Borky, Walnut and their little band can just stay on vacation in Wakanda and I wouldn’t miss them tbh.)

I don’t know who you are, but can we be besties!!! Cause that sounds like the perfect team tbh.

I wanna smack Marvel around for letting CW get ‘dark’ and 'edgy’. I totally agree that team Cap brings in unnecessary avoidable drama and if they were to cut the fat the team would be completely ideal ( it would just be missing Thor and Bruce, two angles who can do no harm, fight me!). Most of those characters are open enough to talk and all can compromise. They all understand the self sacrifice that comes from the job.

Most of team Cap apparently don’t get that.

Please annon talk to me more about the ideal avengers team!!! Woo me annon.

BURNT OFFERING « He has so little to give, but he’d give all that he is and then some for however many days in the sun she could spare him.»

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ain’t no sunshine - bill withers // the well and the lighthouse - arcade fire // light of the morning - band of skulls // you are my sunshine - the civil wars // light my fire - the doors // sun giant - fleet foxes // smoke gets in your eyes - the platters // sunlight - max richter

My band director is the best.

I was at band practice today and I was wearing a Captain America shirt, and my band director walked up to me with the most serious expression. He looked me dead in the eye, said “Hail Hydra”, and walked away without another word.

Made my day.


Bonnie Blue Flag

A popular Confederate song during the American Civil War.

Performed by the 2nd South Carolina Regimental String Band.


The One That Got Away - The Civil Wars

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