the city environments are amazing

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in your opinion, what are the expansion/game/stuff packs that are worth buying? thanks <3

this is kinda hard because I like most packs in their own way (and it depends on what you’re after!) but these are my faves: 

  • get together
    I really like windenburg and the content in general, clubs are fun but I don’t use them anymore :’( 
  • city living
    I love this pack so much because of the city environment and the build/buy items are amazing, some of the cas items are pretty good too but the rest will never be touched (space age futuristic looking dress I’m looking at you) 
  • dine out
    I live for eating in real life it makes sense I live for the pack as well…I love the new recipes and having a place for sims to go that’s not a nightclub or a park
  • movie hangout stuff
    this is my fave stuff pack no competition I love the cas AND the build/buy, it might not be your cup of tea if you’re not into colourful things maybe? and I guess movies are cool I totally forgot that was a part of it too aslkdjaslkd
  • vintage glamour stuff
    I literally just downloaded this so it’s hard to say but it deserves a mention because I’m loving all the build/buy right now it’s amazing and I feel like EA is stepping up with their textures for items and clothing :’) 

good luck and if you ever drop by again let me know what you ended up getting :-) 


I would like to share some research on Seoul from urban design studio. We are currently doing eight comparative urban study related to their “city of design” designation endowed by UNESCO. Those cities are leveraging their economic development through design related industry, and each city has its very different history and culture background. It is interesting to investigate how they strategically created their design brand and integrated design into urban environment design.

Seoul is my chosen city, and it indeed achieve pretty amazing urban transformation under the help of design since 2005. Various creative study center and design festival were erected, normal people got involved into daily design activity through government funding. As the hosting city, Seoul was named the 2010 world design capital, and serials of events and fair built its fame around the world and also won its status in UNESCO’s creative city network.

Right now, Seoul is hosting its first Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, laying its exciting future on urban design and innovative architecture.