the city and the storm

A City of Flame and Scales (ACOTAR/ToG) - 1

Summary: A daughter of the Night Court wakes up in an unfamiliar, barren land after witnessing a tragedy. 

Author’s Note: As this is an ACOTAR and ToG crossover, there will be spoilers for the ToG series (including Tower of Dawn) starting in the next few chapters

An End and a Beginning

It was dark here; she didn’t know where here was, exactly, but it was…too dark. She’d been born to the night, raised with the stars and made friends with the shadows.

But this was a different darkness. It was sucking and consuming and cold. There were whispers, sliding through the air as if carried on a skeletal breeze, the sound something like the wind’s whistle—if the wind had teeth and claws that sank into her soul and tugged her away…

The whispers grew louder, rising to screeches and screams that tore at her being. But there were no stars here, no shadows, nothing for her to grasp onto.

Perhaps it was as she floundered that it hit her that she was not a body, but a bit of soul, as lost as the spirits that darted through the sky on Starfall.

But she was alone…alone.

This was not Night.

She realized it so suddenly, the impact of it was as brutal as the winds that tore through the mountain passes during winter.

This was not even Darkness.

This was Death.


Death was cold.

Was it supposed to be cold?

She had never died before, didn’t know what to expect. Her father had taught her about all sorts of things—like how to stay quiet when males were talking and how to keep her head down unless a male addressed her and how to stand so a male would like her but not too much—and her brother had taught her all sorts of things—like how to be loud and opinionated and how to lift her chin whenever she made eye contact with someone and how to hold herself with confidence and kindness…but neither of them had taught her about Death.

Except that it was permanent, and she was to avoid it at all costs.

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City lights

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