the citadel of chaos


Hello Everyone!

So after a month i have finished building the “At Night They Howl” diorama, showing Bjorn the Fell-Handed.

Now it’s time for painting - i give myself one month to paint it :)

I will post the progress in dedicated album “At Night They Howl” - so if any one is interested in following the progress, and maybe will have some questions - please feel free to ask them.


Today’s Nerd Store haul, bought that megaboss on an impulse but, the best part came out of the bitz box. I present you my Cyberdemon project, that is gonna be a demon prince for my Black Legion, with Missiles and Dakka galore.


(On AO3, if you prefer!)

“So we’re done?” The eagerness to get out of the room was evident in Kaidan’s tone as he rolled his sleeve back down and rose to stand.

“Relax, lieutenant. You’ve just defeated Saren and nearly got crushed in the process. You could use some rest after all of that, don’t you think?” the doctor commented as he updated Kaidan’s medical file.

“Ahh yeah. I will. I need to handle some things first.” Hoisting his bag hurriedly on his shoulder, Kaidan almost ran out the door, hoping to catch Shepard before she disappeared. He wasn’t sure if she’d be whisked away to some other location for additional debriefing or if she’d slip out and find her own solace from the buzz and excitement of her accomplishment. Either was a possibility, but he hoped to track her down and catch her for a moment alone sooner rather than later.

He glanced at the many doors on either side as he quickly walked through the corridor to the main lobby of the hospital, hoping to find some indication of where she might be, but all seemed oddly quiet. The hustle and bustle when they’d arrived had most certainly died down. There were still people milling about and working, paying him little mind as he passed them, but the frantic pace had calmed considerably.

He hadn’t noticed the wreckage in the lobby when they’d first arrived. Stray bullets and shrapnel from the fallen reaper had strewn a jumble of broken glass and debris on the floor. Already, there was a man working to sweep up the mess before someone working in or visiting the hospital injured themselves, no doubt.

“Lieutenant,” another Alliance officer called. She was still neatly put together with a cleanly pressed uniform. Despite the chaos of the Citadel takeover and the destruction of Saren, only a few stray strands fallen from the neat bun in her hair gave any indication that it had been a very long day. She approached him quickly, expertly cutting off his access to the exit.

Kaidan sighed heavily. “Yes?”

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racheldarkwolf  asked:

Hi!! I am a big fan of your work! I was wondering where could i read your evil stan au? Keep up the good work!! I cannot wait to see more!

Hey friend! my evil stan AU is a concept that I haven’t formally written out anywhere yet (nor will I ever, probably). I just enjoy drawing for it when I get the inspiration :D All my stuff is under the evil stan au tag + the tag lk art (x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x) and on my main I have a few short comics.

there IS a story, but I’ve kind of decided not to ever write it out because I’m delighted by others’ interpretation of Evil Stan, and the last thing I want to do is quash other people’s creativity. Everyone has such interesting and diverse ideas for what he’d do, and, in a way, it’s better than anything I could have come up with alone, because what makes Evil Stan truly interesting in a transcendent way is how everyone can take him and use him for their own stories and it can be and is still plausible.

that being said, I do still intend on drawing my own interpretation of the boy when I feel like it. my take is pretty straightforward: it’s a mostly onesided BillStan (with Stan being the one who loves and hates Bill and wants to make him proud but is also too fucking self aware not to know that nothing he does will ever really matter to Bill, and he’s just a puppet, but fuck, he can’t help it, he’s hardwired to be loyal even when the object of his obsession smears his face into the ground) with a sprinkling of Rickford - an unfortunate Portal Ford and his unlucky Rick running into Evil Stan several times and trying to get away from him, while learning more about Evil Stan + Bill’s relationship to the rest of the multiverse (especially concerning the Citadel of Ricks and Bill, two powerhouses of selfish chaos that are both firmly against the Gallactic Empire) and just how frighteningly far Bill’s reach is.

uhh, yeah :D straightforward lmfao

aaaanyway, hope that answers the question! <3 for everyone who is enjoying evil stan in RPs and their own work, please, omg, continue!! i love it!!! and send me everything!!!! i wanna read/see it and devour it and bask in the amazingness that is fandom when it gets ahold of a thoughtprovoking AU :D


Kytan daemon engine done!
Was a real fun to paint - and yes, I oxide’d every bolt on the brass painted parts! 😅
So! That’s a first happy customer who’ll send me the next project right away: two blood thirster inbound!

Until they arrives I’ll unleash my brushes onto my Terminator Assault Squad 👍🏻

If there is any question about this project - or my work in general of course - just hit me up!

Emperor’s Children Pre-Heresy Paint Scheme by templar87190

Hey everyone! I’m writing a post here on how I painted (and am still painting) my pre-Heresy Emperor’s Children. This will be for my own reference and also @pureirishnonsense wanted to know the method so here you go! I might put the majority under a cut though since I have pictures to include and the post might go a little long for those who aren’t interested. Some of the pictures are a little blurry so I apologize for that. I took them quickly between each step for my own reference. This is my first tutorial type of post so hopefully everything makes sense!

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I’ve completed my first Legionary. I’m fairly pleased with the overall effect and think a whole squad/army of these guys all together will look really cool. My friends and I have bought tickets for the Horus Heresy Doubles Tournament at Warhammer World in January, so I’ve really got to work hard on these guys!

We are all one in the eyes of the Emperor

Brothers and Sisters, I received a transmission from requesting assistance. Any and all reinforcements available will be greatly appreciated. 

We are all, as fans for 40k and gaming in general, a community. The strength of the community is not measured in adhering to antiquity and slavish devotion to rule following. It is measured by our support for one another and by how well each person is represented. Our sisters care just has much about the hobby as anyone else and do not deserve to be marginalized. They should be celebrated and included like every good servant of the Emperor. Canon, fluff, models, codices, drawings, and petulant remarks are not a good enough reason. In battle, a person’s gender does not make the difference. It is the strength of their sword arm and their faith in the Emperor that will turn the tide… and save your life. 

Praise to all my battle-sisters and battle-brothers