the circus space

Julians song lyrics

Oh here you are

and you’re all you wished to be

you’re alive and you’re not alone

not alone, in this.

So, close your eyes

hear the whole world call your name

and you answer “Please don’t go…

"Please don’t go away…”


All I know is here and now
and right away
Call me here I will appear
by the light of day


All of the words of the songs we all will sing
mean the same thing
thats not “Goodbye”
no it’s not “Go away”


Call my name it holds the strength
of my embrace
All i seem to hear
my prayer, don’t go away


All of your life
you’ve been holding on to just one thing
and it calls you “Please don’t go
"Please don’t go away”


*** feel free to correct me if im wrong,,, also i couldnt make out that one short piece in the middle :/ also the 🎶 just indicates the instrumental bits! enjoy!!!****


  • a late 80’s / early 90’s style coming-of-age film about two girls
  • a romantic period drama abt the passionate forbidden romance between two women of the aristocracy with like lots of sweeping orchestral music and victorian wardrobes and chandeliers,
  • a fantasy film with a side plot where a forest princess flees her consort-to-be for a warrior that happens 2 be a girl
  • a sweet romcom involving an art dealer and a flower shop owner who fall in love by Chance and are also, girls in their early twenties
  • a pet film like marley and me except,, you know,,
  • a rlly dreamy fairy tale trilogy with soft music and lots of enchanting magic and two young witches from opposing regions fall deeply in love except their love has consequences transcending the boundaries of their feeble planet (à la the night circus)
  • a tense space film where the captain is female and also has a dreamy gf who is back on earth and the captain occasionally has like flashbacks abt her gf that give her Strength when she feels like All is Lost
  • the little mermaid, except, the mermaid, ,falls in love with a human princess,
  • an espionage film like james bond except, like, the spy is this rlly posh lady, same amt of luxury and extravagance and things, and the same elegant love interests,literally th only difference is that 007 is a lady,
  • some sort of fiery dystopian film where like the protagonist is ace and it’s made clear that she’s ace and the director is good enough that the audience is aware of the chemistry in the well-developed romance that’s emerging on the side w/o any physical cues or like,, slamming each other into tables,,

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“The Circus Galactic visited Earth. Wonders filled the space from Venus to Mars, promising to fulfill the dreams of our young civilization.

The barker assured us no money was owed for admission. Men spent lifetimes gaping at comet-tail eaters and lusting after nebula dancers.

Especially popular were their planet-cathedrals to "Divine You,” behemoth shells of marble lace with stained-glass rings and lakes of wine.

After a century we discovered the cost of admission to the Circus Galactic. Narcissistic and blasé, we no longer wished to travel the stars.

One human still heard the sky’s siren call. She begged them to take her off this dying planet. Like any true circus, it accepted runaways.“


First time back on a hoop in a month and a half. And my first time trying this split!

💕 doing some beautiful pole freestyle next to me💕 (at Fly Circus Space)

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