the cinematography was gorgeous


While watching Episode 12, something became apparent to me.


12 was a splendid sight to behold, from Victor’s tears to the skating scene at the end, the animation was amazing and the cinematography is gorgeous. People are pointing out that Episode 1’s opening had less colour than Episode 11’s, but let’s look at the actual show. 

Red is the colour of Russia, or the colour Yurio and Victor wear most of the time. Victor is shown wearing a red jacket at the beginning of the show when we first meet him, and his skating outfit is a shade of red, pink.

Even Yurio is up in this action, the cute little bun. 

When you think red, it’s Russia. 

But Yuri Katsuki, his colour is obviously Blue. His glasses are blue, his coats are blue, his skating outfit is blue, his aesthetic IS BLUE.

Victor’s eyes always intrigued me, because well, he’s a silver haired guy with blue eyes. *cough* Riku from kingdom hearts *cough* Anyways, his eyes are blue, because blue is what he has his sights on, and will always see, aka: Yuri.

In a way, Yuri has the same thing going on, because the brown of his eyes is a type of red.

(source: randomyelly) In Randomyelly’s gifs, of comparing their two respect performances, it’s easy to see the blue and red contrasts between the two. 

Then, in Yuri’s performance there is a sudden shift in tone with the introduction of Purple. 

You can say it’s the same dress as before, but this is one of the frames before the lighting change.

You can see the purple in the dress, even as the light is blue. 

The point with the introduction of purple, comes down to one single line: “When I open up, he meets me where I am.” 

Yuri has a fear that he is holding back Victor from being on the ice, and these fears have been dulled down by the end of this episode. (Not extinguished, but have been calmed for the time being.) Purple is a combination of red, Victor’s colour and blue, Yuri’s colour. As well as being in their duet, Victor’s colour is purple in the aforementioned opening song. 

It shows that Victor can still be himself and skate, while having and accepting Yuri in his life. Even if you argue that Victor’s outfit was red, it’s somewhat even more poetic, seeing Victor and Yuri work and come together under their combined colour, both meeting as equals and lovers. I love that there was so much work and effort put into this show, right down to the colours. 

At the end, Yuri is even running beside a red bus, showing us, the audience, Victor’s going to be by his side.

I think the problem I’m having coming to terms with this and the reason I keep switching between rage, despair, hysterical laughter at TFP, and tinhatting, is this: (the episode) The Final Problem really did burn the heart out of (the show BBC) Sherlock.

The heart of the show is the relationship between Sherlock and John. The love story, the friendship, both. That’s what keeps it going.

But it was also the cleverness. The subtext. The deductions; the clues, the mirroring. The beautiful cinematography. Arwel’s gorgeous wallpaper. The music. So many things made this show unique and made it what it was and what we loved and TFP did away with every single one. Deliberately or accidentally, I don’t know.

John can’t recognize a grenade or human bones. Sherlock doesn’t respond to Vatican Cameos. Mycroft is the opposite of the Iceman - flustered, panicked, vomiting. Every character is not themselves. The beautiful sets, the camerawork, all gone. Baker St destroyed. The heart of the show, of any version of this story, is John and Sherlock in Baker St together. The scenes we get of them rebuilding at the end are rushed, as if they don’t matter. Mary intrudes from beyond the grave to stand in the middle of their story and tell us what we know isn’t true - that it isn’t about the two of them. It is. They are absolutely and always have been the heart of this story.

I keep heading off in ten different directions from here. I can’t see anyone deliberately destroying their own show like this, either in a fit of rage at perceived “fangirls”, or as part of a trick, or a plan. It boggles my mind that the BBC would let them do that. I have zero hope for a secret episode but even that is more believable than the idea they would pull a stunt like this on purpose and expect to come back for a fifth season and fix it then.

Which means they must have done it accidentally which is … how did they even manage to make the show if they didn’t know what it was about?!? How did they manage to deliberately and systematically burn its heart out if they didn’t understand what they were destroying?

If they had just …..not done Johnlock it would be easier for me to understand and move on. TFP baffles me.

Literally no one asked but here are my thoughts on s2

-galra Keith!! Holy shit and it was so emotionally well done
-death of sheith
-but also the affectionate but not a shippy bonding between shiro and Keith. Wholesome. Good.
-the scenery? The backgrounds? As usual the cinematography was flawless
-the soundtrack, too, gorgeous
-overall development for the villians
-haggars Altean? Dude. Sick. I can’t wait to see where this goes.
-group of galra rebels! It makes sense. Like no race is entirely alike and this is coooooool
-Keith’s dad? Looks insanely like shiro. They’re related somehow I wanna know more
-just. Keith and shiro this season, their separate development
-klance pool + elevator. Nice. Excellent. My brand,
-Allura?? Being strong?? Constantly hoisting grown men???
-hunk beating up lance?? sorry lance but that was awesome. Also e2, lance and his apparently lifelong love of mermaids..pure
-lance insecurity!!! Setting stuff up for more development!!
-the final battle was well done, seriously. It felt like a whole new..thing but was still the same show. Gorgeous.
-shay, if only for a bit
-also that Allura wasn’t ready to immediately accept Keith as galra. I didn’t want her to be perfect and gracious and that was refreshing
-lance’s sniping, though it was too small an insecurity arc

-hunks character development almost …regressed. I saw more food jokes/references than s1 and less smart hunk examples (but there were a few!!)
-honestly…lance was like. Gone the whole season. Hunk who? Lance who?
-Keith and Allura like…interacting. Episode 6 where they ran off in the pod, and lance implied he was worried abt them being a thing (I like to think its bc he likes Keith but) like there were too many moments that could have been…shippy. ew
- where…,was the klance,, like we got the one scene but….., dude
- like 9 different times: “Allura ur gonna die” “we don’t have a choice” *allura recovers from near death just in time to save voltron*
-lance?? Too Hetero. Let him flirt with a boy…….. entire season….too Hetero. Dreamworks wyd
-lance kept acting stupid. the one time, with the alien time measurement, he was smart. But the rest of the season, for how little he heckin showed up, he made “dumb” decisions, etc
-did I mention? Where’s the gay? Where’s the klance.
-most of all they skipped so much with keith’s galra arc. When they switched from just Keith + Shiro knowing to everyone knowing the next ep, I legitimately thought I missed a whole episode like did they really cut out the initial reactions of team Voltron??? Apparently.
-combining the previous two. We don’t get to see lance’s reaction? Dreamworks. Dude

Okay so I’m pleasantly surprised at how visually beautiful I thought Kong: Skull Island was (and no, I’m not only referring to THIGHS and BICEPS of sweaty British jungle death). Every shot looked like an awesome concept art painting and the colours were so lovely. 

I went to bed thinking my dreams would be devising some aforementioned biceps but instead I was floating again like a piece of pollen in a lush green jungle with bright orange explosions… which was actually enjoyable of its own accord.

Oh, also, none of the female characters end up kissing/mating with the males they have personal, meaningful conversations/moments with; like, they just people together GO FREAKING FIGURE *choir of extremely impressed angels*

starknjarvis  asked:

Help! What show is your tag "tmk" referring to? I've never heard of it, but everyone looks so beautiful in it.


the show is bbc’s the musketeers, which i would arguably describe as a solid mix of pirates of the caribbean, zorro, and brooklyn nine-nine

dunno if you’ve ever read alexander dumas’ original book, but most people (?) (most people means me) agree that bbc’s adaptation is probably the most accurate to the spirit of the book and the essence of all the characters, who are captured/cast EXCEPTIONALLY well and are all utterly delightful, not just because theyre so pretty but because theyre all good noodles trying their best who also happen to be varying degrees of Semi-Functional Human Disaster

except rochefort, good riddance hes dead now

anyways. bonus features include:

- utterly gorgeous (if a bit historically inaccurate) costuming

- breathtaking cinematography

- tom burke’s line delivery


- soft beardy men holding babies and singing (u would think i am exaggerating but this actually happens quite a lot)

- women with swords


- consistently kicks any semblance of toxic masculinity in the ass (so many hugs and kisses u guys its beautiful)

- arguably the character with the strongest most victorious and well-written character arc is a young woman who achieves everything she was meant for completely deservedly without once compromising her goodness or kindness or softness while simultaneously being powerful, strong, and so very very respected

tbh i recommend this show to everyone!! its obviously a bit ridiculous and melodramatic in places, and the romances, whilst SO PURE AND GOOD AND WELL DONE, are so extra (i thrive on the tropes i really do) – but it never takes itself seriously enough for those things to matter. the cast are obviously having the time of their lives, and the writing is actually really amazing for majority of the show, imo

anyways! its on netflix in several countries i think? yall should check it out tbh, if only so u dont hate me for posting about it so much