the cinematography of this film is just so stunning

Wonder Woman (2017) Review

This film was everything I expected it to be. Now, so far I haven’t been a DCEU fan, I hated Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman. In their quest to be different from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DCEU took on a gloomy and dull visual palette and were also dull in terms of the overall tone of the films. While that approach may have worked for Batman, they didn’t quite fit with Superman.

Wonder Woman is the antithesis to those films and to everyone who said that superheroes, in the current climate can’t be optimistic. One of the best aspects of the film was the overwhelming optimism, the kind I felt at the end of The Force Awakens, the certainty, that come what may, good will prevail over evil. I loved that distinct lack of cynicism, it was so wonderfully refreshing.

In terms of the two halves of the film, the first half definitely works better while the second half drags a bit but not for long. And those moments of quiet were used well, to establish emotional connect with characters beyond the immediate protagonists.

Patty Jenkins deserves heaps of praise especially in light of all the fake negative reviews that strove to derail the film. When I went to watch BvS, I went in with zero expectations, but with Wonder Woman, I went with expectations, I expected the film to be amazing and for Wonder Woman to be an absolutely badass and Jenkins delivered on both counts. It really does bring to mind Christopher Reeve’s Superman, its charm, optimism and hope.

The world of Themiscyra was beautifully crafted, it was beautiful and every bit the paradise that it was meant to be. The Amazons were fierce and it was a joy to see different ethnicities among them. I only wish we spent more time with them.

The film is also beautifully shot, the cinematography was stunning. And I was thrilled to learn that it was shot on film, 35mm. There is something about film, that digital just can’t replicate or replace. The fight scenes were also beautifully shot and choreographed. They were thrilling and really pulled the audience inside with a mixture of tight close-ups and wider establishing shots. They were coherent in a way that so many fight scenes aren’t.

I loved Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright as Queen Hippolyta and General Antiope respectively. Such beautiful strong women, it was easy to see them taking on enemies and emerging victorious. Wright as Antiope especially a joy to watch, so fierce and formidable.

I loved Lucy Davis’ Etta Candy and feel slightly bummed that in all probability we won’t see any more of her considering that she’s probably ancient by now. She was hilarious without being a caricature. The motley crew that Trevor puts together to get behind enemy lines, was also fun. They were diverse without that diversity being overtly stated. Again, I wish we had spent more time with them.

I am not a huge fan of Chris Pine but I loved him here. He was excellent as the slightly jaded pilot/spy Steve Trevor who slowly rediscovers hope and optimism. But Gadot as Wonder Woman/Diana was the real star of the film. She owned the role of Wonder Woman and shut up all the people who doubted the choice to cast her. She was charming and her optimism and naïveté were believable. She really invested in this role and it paid off. Her chemistry with Pine was also amazing and served to make their relationship believable even though they had only known each other very briefly. Their interactions were a joy to watch and their camaraderie was one of the high points of the film.

Of the villains, Danny Huston’s General Ludendorf along with Elena Anaya’s Dr Maru were suitably sinister and even had a mad scientist-evil mastermind laughter moment. One of my only complaints of the film is that the villains felt somewhat underwhelming. I wish the script had fleshed them out more. I also feel that the marketing should not have revealed who Ares was (I won’t mention it here in case there are those who are as yet unaware of that tidbit) Knowing about that reveal undercut its effect.

Wonder Woman is the film we and this character deserve. It is fun, funny, charming, full of hope and optimism without ever being cheesy. It is a joy to watch and I hope we see a sequel soon with Jenkins once again at the helm. People need to watch this film and make sure that it is a hit, we need this film to make money, to tell the studios that female-lead films and blockbuster films directed by women can be both critically acclaimed and box-office successes. That female directors aren’t a gamble.

P.S. - would it be too much to ask for a film about the Amazons on Themiscyra? I would pay to watch that film.

can i just say that bighit did so well with the wings era…. the short films were stunning…. the music was compelling…. the music videos and the short films had beautiful cinematography…the visuals were incredible.. truly i dont think any kpop group can compete with the promotion for the wings album… that whole era was modern art 


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Coming to theatres this Friday from writer/director Mike Cahill and Fox Searchlight is a tale that begins further in time with I ORIGINS.

This film tells the story of Dr. Ian Gray (Michael Pitt), a molecular biologist who sees something in the human eye. A beauty that brings him to capture those eyes in photography. One day he sees a pair of eyes on a billboard and has to know who they belong to.

He meets Sofi (Astrid Berges-Frisbey), a young woman who is a free spirit. The two fall deeply in love and are wrapped up in their world. Believing he has found something that needs no explanation, Ian continues his work.

In the lab is partner Karen (Brit Marling) along with Kenny (Steven Yeun) who believe in the possibility of the eyes being the window to the soul and gets into the research deep. Both she and Ian waste no time putting together pieces of life that absolutely astound them.

When life shifts for Ian and Karen, so does their perception of their research. Continually searching, Ian is put on a path and a journey that challenges everything he knows about science. Karen pushes him to go find answers to the questions that are plaguing him.

The journey between life and death takes on their whole belief system.

FINAL WORD: Pitt as Ian is absolutely amazing. Although he is analytical and a spiritual doubter of sorts, there is equally something endearing about his character. There is so much pain mixed in with so much hope that Pitt is able to bring both of these intense emotions to the character and every ounce of it shows on the screen. Whether he believes in what he finds or not, his heart is what will help him decide.

Marling as Karen turns in a compelling performance. Yes, I am a Marling fan because this actress can take a role and turn it inside out and every which way to keep an audience involved. Karen is an interesting role in that the excitement of what they are doing comes with its own fears as well. No one said science wasn’t a little scary! There is such believability when Marling takes on a role and in I ORIGINS she brings that to the complex role of Karen.

Berges-Frisbey as Sofi is a such an ethereal free spirited woman. Reaching deep inside Ian, Sofi shares her spirit and openness with a man who is pretty set in his scientific ways. As they continue their relationship, Sofi is a mystery that Ian takes at face value.

Yeun as Kenny has a smaller but supporting role not only in the lab but befriending both Ian and Karen - and NOT followed by zombies.

Other cast include: Venida Evans as Margaret Dairy, Crystal Dickinson as Julie Dairy, Cara Seymour as Dr. Simmons,

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give I ORIGINS four and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. It is amazing how emotions and intellect can collide watching one film. One moment my brain is knee deep in molecular biology and DNA and the next I’m in awe of the spiritualness the film brings.

It is so beautifully, beautifully done. I have always been fascinated with eyes and their different colors etc. but I ORIGINS broadens that fascination and brings it to a whole new level.  It is a film that truly will bring about conversation and asking questions about our belief systems. This is almost an unlikely marriage between science and faith, but a marriage that works brilliantly!

The cinematography is so stellar and is itself a character in the film. Just the beautiful shots of the human eye were stunning to watch. Also, any time a director takes a camera to India I am thrilled to see their portrayal of such a spiritual country filled with its own amazing beauty of the spirit. The characters in the film are so endearing and that is completely the doing of the writing.

Director Cahill says of his film and what it means to him, “So much of our experiences in life are abstraction with dreams, moments, colors and sounds. It seems like part of our responsibility as humans is to create a narrative and make a story come together. I feel like I’m participating in life!”

In the end – there is a fine line between what we can prove and what we choose to believe!

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hey there, so i'm looking for some movies with great cinematography, do you have any suggestions?

pan’s labyrinth, dir. guillermo del toro : my favourite film. it’s gorgeous. the use of light and dark, the colours, the shape of Ofelia’s foxlike, cunning face… really stunning and simple, way before it’s time. i could write my eulogy about pan’s labyrinth.

god help the girl, dir. stuart murdoch : feel good musical fluff with a wes anderson colour palette and did i mention musical? a hot mess of a film that just snuggles you up in block colours and has emily browning sing to you until you fall asleep. 

the fall, dir. tarsem singh : this film took years in order to get the right locations, and dear god did that pay off. absolutely gorgeous. it almost looks fake, but they’re all real places, with real costumes, and real people. beautiful. 

anna karenina, dir. joe wright : anything by joe wright is bound to be aesthetic in some way, and the whole idea of this film is genius. in tsarist russia, most of the gossip and scandal takes place at opera houses, so wright sets the entire concept of this film around a single, ever moving set. great fun to watch.

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hey so i haven't seen mad max but thanks to you i'm pretty sure i already ship furiosa/max a lot. soooooooo yes.

Aha that’s what I’m here for. I am so happy I have dragged you into this beautiful ship. Ship it, Hilary, revel in it.

Though you definitely should see Fury Road because it is a cinematic masterpiece and just an absolutely stunning film with beautiful cinematography and amazing characters. 

But Furiosa/Max, these two I swear. I think the big thing with them is that they understand each other so well and grow to respect each other so much it is beautiful to watch these two broken people trust each other through the progression of the film. (I am such a sucker for that tbh I mean look at CS)
I was happy to mind my own business and not ship much of anything in that film and just enjoying it as the magnificent badass film it is and then the final chase. I stood no chance. That is where it gets you, the only warning I can give you. 

Welcome to the wasteland parents ship. 

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