the cimorelli band

i rlly love girl groups, honestly. like it’s crazy. i’ve never been the biggest fan of boy groups bc i don’t know… people always seem to dive head first for them because of their looks, y’know? it’s like people are so focused on looks they forget about talent. i’m not saying that boy groups like 1d or jack & jack aren’t talented, it just seems like they’re worshipped more for looks than for their actual musicality. 

girl groups, on the other hand, are AMAZING. and let me tell you why. 

  • they have some of the BEST talent i have ever seen in my life like honestly every girl group i have stumbled upon never cease to amaze me
  • they like almost never cause drama
  • they’re relatable because a majority of their fans are girls and girls can easily relate to them
  • these are just some reasons ik there are more but those are some of my faves

girl groups like fifth harmony, cimorelli, little mix, neon jungle, G.R.L, are all some AMAZING examples of women who are taking the world by storm

girl groups work SOOOO hard to get to where they are, even harder than boy bands because like i said, looks are a key factor to boy band success. 

they deserve recognition, and they deserve every bit of fame that they have. 


I was tagged by @charmedcircle thanks! i like doing these things :)

1. nicknames: Bree

2. gender: Female (cis)

3. star sign: Libra

4. height: 5′4.5

5. time: 4:45 pm

6. birthday: October 2nd

7. favourite bands: Cimorelli

8. favourite solo artist(s): Idina Menzel

9. song stuck in my head: “So Much More Than This” -Grace VanderWaal

10. last movie i watched: I don’t even remember 

11. last show i watched: Brooklyn Nine-Nine 

12. when did i create my blog: 3 years ago maybe

13. what do i post: wicked, gelphie, others musicals

14. last thing i googled: Probably the weather

15. do i have any other blogs: Yes @idolizejustyou is my main blog

16. do i get asks: Not very often anymore

17. why i chose my url: I like Elphie and Galinda  

18. following: 576

19. followers:  4,290

20. average hours of sleep: 6-7 hours sometimes less sometimes more

21. lucky number: I don’t think I have one

22. instruments: None 

23. what i’m wearing: Jeans and a black shirt that says “The struggle is real” bc the struggle is real

24. dream job: I think my major is psychology but I have no idea what I’m going to do 

25. dream trip: NYC to see every Broadway musicaI haven’t already seen (and Wicked again) 

26. favourite food: Watermelon and crab legs 

27. nationality: African American 

28. favourite song right now:  one of them is “Good Old Days” - Macklemore & Kesha

I’m tagging: @tragicallyphosphorescent @hedacarmillathropp @faithiiii and anyone else who is interested!