the church of the technochrist

anonymous asked:

what band is this? The one that’s australian and really weird?

Im the anon from the ask sent before if you got it. Can you recc some songs also? I like weird stuff haha 

The band is called Closure in Moscow. I would recommend their whole discography since all of it is amazing, but that wouldn’t give recognition to some of their best songs. Italicized are my favorites.

  • Kissing Cousins
  • Mauerbauertraurigkeit
  • The Church of Technochrist
  • Vanguard
  • Sweet#hart
  • Breathing Underwater
  • Reindeer Age
  • Neoprene Byzantine 
  • Here’s to Entropy
  • Dinosaur Boss Battle

Closure In Moscow - The Church Of The Technochrist

This is like the best retro song/video combo I have ever heard watched. These boys are something else like.