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Do you have any taekook smut but with top jungkook?

Yes of course we do!!

Lost Stars by Lili95276 [6k]

‘tis the season by atechamcham [1.8k]

Up Above the Parachutes and it’s sequel Up Above the Static by lethallergic (orphan_account)

feeling like i wanna rock with your body by aeterisks [7.4k]

Dangerous by kimvtae [5.9k] (This one is with Top!Kook but Dom!Tae)

close ain’t close enough by aeterisks [4.7k]

Something New by GloriousSloth [5.3k]

Sphalerite by jeonggukhyung [8.5k]

taste of your lips on me, i can’t forget by locks [2.4k] (tw: Not for extra religious peeps, as in they have sex in a church)

i made it all (for you) by hi_pretty [6k]

Blood Money by BloodLikeRoyalty [5.8k]

Gold Star For Effort by teatimetaemint [11k]

How To Give A Girl An Orgasm by cads57136 [2.8k] (Girl!Tae)

Amazing Taste by bimeetsstigma [3k]

can’t get you out of my head by nikkumeul [6.5k] (Part of the series Do You Even Yak?)

Show Me That You Need Me by gacrux [5.5k]

I hope you enjoy these! If you want more just send another ask! :) Also guys, feel free to send asks even though I’m swamped with studying, i need a break :///!

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I’m blaming @alittlestarling for making me want to think about my Dragonborn.

Sofia is my Jerk of Skyrim who has a string of bad luck, holds one sided conversations with Nocturnal, and has a thing for red headed men with voices like butter who call her Lass. She figures that her bad luck stems from her stealing offerings off church altars (not like that stops her from doing it, the money is just sitting there for the taking) and wouldn’t even be in Skyrim if she hadn’t misheard someone praise the Thieves Guild.

“The Guild is shit” was heard as “the Guild is THE shit” and she rubbed her greedy little hands together, packed her bag and left Cyrodiil in the dust.

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Why! Sorry to bother you, but Im really interested in that post where you said the Cousland Warden could have a strong claim on the throne. Can you please please talk a bit more about it? I love the political aspects of DA-

It’s not a problem, I love talking about politics too. Though I’m not as well versed in medieval politics as I’d like to be.

The problem with the politics in DA is that they’re often glossed over or forgotten entirely.

If we’re going by Middle Ages rules, GoT rules would come closest. Cousland, technically, should be like the Lannisters or the Starks. More powerful than that even. They’re the second most powerful family in the realm after the King, come from a distinguished noble line which dates back to antiquity, and the child of an exceedingly popular war hero that many nobles wanted to have take over the throne instead of Cailan after Maric died.

Cousland descends from:

1) The most powerful landowner in the realm.

This means vassals, lots of vassals, lots of bannermen, lots of smaller lords who owe them their allegiance, and lots of blood ties to other noble houses. This is in opposition to Loghain who, while a war hero, is a commoner. Most loyalties and allegiances to him stem from Fereldan’s most recent war with Orlais.

They should actually be able to call up an army on their name alone.

Cousland is the one Grey Warden candidate you can pick who is literally hamfisted into the role. They have options. Bioware doesn’t want you to think it, but they do. They are the one Warden candidate who can pretty much give Duncan the middle finger at any point between A to B and depending on how you want to think about it, they’ve a duty to do exactly that in the name of keeping their family name alive. With their mother and father dead, and their brother missing, they are the acting Teyrn Cousland.

Unless they want to suicide the family line and all their responsibility therein, they have no business joining the Grey Wardens. They should be the Sebastian of DA: Origins. On a mission to gain alliances to regain the family lands and restore the title stolen from them by one of Loghain’s bannermen.

They’d be able to find themselves some loyal retainers who escaped Howe and make a dash for the nearest supportive Bann in order to rally the troops to oust Howe.

2) Ancient House. Ancient name. Popular House. Popular name.

All those qualities buy a lot of currency, and Cousland isn’t a bastard like Alistair. They’re a known quantity. They should have about as many connections to the rest of the Bannorn, if not more, than Anora. Old family alliances they can trade on and barter favors for.

Seriously, knocking off Bryce Cousland is like trying to knock off the Earl of Warwick or the Duke of York. You can, sure, but they’re so well insulated that you’d piss everyone off and launch the country straight into civil war.

What did Loghain say to Howe when he came up with this plan?

“Howe, I’ll give you the Teyrnir if you knock off the Couslands when we destabilize the country thus making it easier for Orlais to invade.”


Loghain should have never wanted Bryce dead along with Cailan. He should’ve wanted him neutered, tied up, seen the majority of his forces destroyed, and left in a vulnerable position where he’d be forced to rely on Loghain for assistance when the Orlesian “invasion” that Loghain foresaw finally came.

You want a man like Bryce leashed and providing stability for you, not dead. And if Bryce won’t do, assassinate him and make one of his children take up the cause. Let them deal with taking over their position and forcing them to rely on you. Meanwhile, keeping the Couslands close lends Loghain the legitimacy he needs as he cannot claim the throne for himself or through his daughter.

Neither of them have any legitimacy and only able to rule by force or arms.

The convenient solution would be to take the wet behind the ears Teynir just come off the two experienced members of their family murdered at Ostagar, marry them to Anora to lend the throne the legitimacy it needs in the wake of Cailan’s planned death and reassure the people or marry the surviving daughter himself to unite their lands, and move forward from there.

Bloodlines are valuable.

The North went to war with the South over the death of Eddard Stark.

“You killed my liege lord! I will take vengeance!”

This is ridiculously common because with their liege dead, the banns who stood for Cousland must now work to maintain their status quo. Their power has been crippled.

The Bannorn was willing to put Bryce on the throne, shunting Cailan from claiming his birthright. This tells me that, for all their supposedly the vaunted True Kings, the Theiriens didn’t have a powerful grip on the monarchy, and they also lacked the faith and trust of their Banns.

If Cousland is male, why would Anora have any interest in a marriage alliance with Alistair when the more popular and legitimate option is standing right there? Why wouldn’t anyone else bring it up or treat you like you’re unimportant?

If Cousland is female, possibly the last surviving female of the Cousland bloodline, why doesn’t Arl Eamon jump on that? Sure, a male Cousland is bad when it comes to his designs on the throne for Alistair but a female? Female Cousland would give Alistair the legitimacy he (as a bastard) needs and give him (with Eamon as proxy) a significant status boost/hold over their lands/means to disrupt Loghain and Howe’s stranghold/nice sob story to villainize Loghain in the eyes of the populace and lure in the Cousland aligned nobles.

A marriage alliance should’ve been one of the things that was on everyone’s mind at the conclave and the Banns who didn’t care for either option should’ve been pushing for Cousland, regardless of gender, to throw their hat in the ring.

TLDR: Loghain is stupid.

3) The Theirin line is not that strong.

This may be resulting from the fact that Bioware really, really, really doesn’t understand how politics work but if Maric’s seat was unsteady enough that the Bannorn could knock him off in favor of one of his own then his grip wasn’t strong. Cailan also, as far as we know, wasn’t a strong king.

Whatever mystic strength they’re endowed with, they suck at politics and not in an endearing way.

4) The one Warden army.

You can’t say they haven’t proven themselves on the field of battle or as a diplomat, bringing an alliance of Mages or Templars, Elves or Werewolves, and dwarves in true Gondor calls for aid fashion.

They’re the Aragorn in this equation, not Alistair.

They took a ragtag band of misfits and united Fereldan to stand against the Blight. They murdered their way through the Deep Roads. They’ve killed their way in, and out of, at least a few castles by the time they’ve arrived in Denerim. They’ve fought through demons and Abominations in the Tower.

They’ve got the bastard son of the previous king tagging along at their heel, who lets them do the talking for him.

(I’d be seriously concerned about this if I was Arl Eamon.)

Everything about them says, “I am a competent warleader, mass murderer, I will slay your house and your guard if you disagree with me. I don’t need that massive army I amassed behind me to walk onto the battlefield and wreck your shit. I’ve face tanked all the ogres. Hear me roar.”

Let’s be honest, if you had to choose between Alistair, Anora, and the guy/girl who could probably murder everyone in the room if they felt like it, who’d you choose?

Honestly, all Wardens should have the ability to become King or Queen. By the point they’ve hit Denerim, they’ve pretty much reached Warlord Who Bends Knee Because They Feel Like It status. The Viking lord who when gifted with Normandy grabbed the French King by the foot on his horse and hung him off it when he lifted it up to kiss it. The French King demanded he kiss his foot as a show of homage. The other guy didn’t care and he didn’t have to because he had them by the shorthairs.

Winner by the sword.

Your Inquisitor had even less reason not to conquer the world, by the way. They had a private army, independently funded, and loyal to a cult of personality rather than ideals. No one wants an Inquisition because you never have a way to make it stop until it burns itself out.

Seriously, all the Inquisitor has to do is point at a local lord and say, “My Andrastian gifted senses tell me that this man is in league with demons!” and the majority of the populace would believe them then they could take the lord for all his land and money turning it over to someone more agreeable to Inquisition policy.

You’re killing me, Bioware!

This is how the Church worked. You can see the same concepts at play beautifully (and terrifyingly) in The Witcher 3 when they’re overturning the houses of rich setting minorities like sorceresses and ransacking them.

A large part of persecuting minorities throughout history has been for money. Jews in Europe were the only ones who handled money because the Catholic Church considered the handling of money unclean. They acted as the medieval banks, lending money because they were forbidden or driven from most other forms of commerce. Jews were persecuted in Europe periodically when either the Church or some Lord wanted a scapegoat and their money.

There are literal religious institutions built around killing people and taking their stuff.

Both the Warden and the Inquisitor fall into this warlord category.

Bioware likes to pretend that they’re not actually powerful enough to change anything, but really they could both knock over the monarchies of Fereldan and Orlais for themselves if they wanted.

Cousland’s just the one with the best excuse to do it and the most cultural backing behind them.

5) Bioware falls under the “My Character is Too Important for My Story” Trope.

Bioware are like a lot of fantasy writers who want their characters to be important. Alistair is the bastard son of a king. You can play an exiled dwarven prince/princess and you’re running around as the last Cousland, the second most powerful family in the realm after the King, trying to get revenge on your house.

The problem with Cousland is that they’re encountering more situations than the others where people should know who they are and accord them their station. If no one knows Castle Cousland has fallen to the Howes (HOW DOES NO ONE KNOW? HOWE IS NOT THAT STEALTHY??? THE CASTLE WAS BURNING???), then they should be recognizable and welcomed by the vast majority of nobles, possibly even commoners, that they encounter.

Unlike Alistair, they should have some level of celebrity on name recognition alone and guesting privileges with a number of Arls and Banns from big to small.

They’re the one Warden who’d have to work hard enough to stay undercover.

It’s not, “Find me two Wardens.”

It’s, “Find me, Cousland.”

The first time I played Cousland, I genuinely forgot how important they were supposed to be halfway through the game and by the time I got to Redcliffe I figured an Arl and a Bann were more important than a Teyrn which was why everyone was so mad at Loghain for taking over the throne because he was acting in a manner so far above his station.

Tiny house that was friends with the previous King seizes the throne through his daughter, the now dowager queen, makes a lot more sense as an insult.

Genuinely, I thought Teyrn was the littlest and teeniest of the houses because of the way no one seemed to care much about who Cousland is or be disturbed by the fact Loghain just handed all the lands to that bastard Arl Howe.

Hell, I’m still confused as to what Howe is even doing in Denerim. He should be dealing with a civil war unless all the Cousland vassals, all their bannermen, and all their vassals’ children have all been wiped out.

Statistically, that’d be about half the Bannorn if not more given that they’ve more ties to the Cousland line through blood than to commoner-born Loghain.

Anora has nothing to offer other than her skill as a ruler (or really an administrator, which is not insignificant), but she is a commoner from a house that has only one generation to its name. Her ability to hold onto the throne comes almost entirely from her father as she doesn’t have any lands to her name or soldiers of her own.

If she keeps the crown, it’s because the Warden backs her and because the Bannorn primarily cares about the status quo returning to normal.

Cousland’s backing, even if only on their name, would lend her the legitimacy she’d need away from her father. An alliance (marriage or otherwise) with them, would give her more social credit to trade with the other Banns when it came time to securing their vote.

It kills me, man. It really does.

There’s probably lots I’m forgetting too, but Cousland is, well, that one Warden who brings way more to the table than anyone else. On name recognition alone. They genuinely don’t belong in the story that Bioware is trying to tell with the Wardens, tbh because their presence directly shoots Alistair’s claim to the throne in the foot and tosses him off a mountain.

It’s painfully obvious that when Bioware was originally structuring this way back when DAO was supposed to be multiplayer like Neverwinter Nights with all the different backgrounds available to play that M!Cousland’s plot was for him to end up as King.

He’s made for it. It’s the natural fantasy trope trajectory for him.

It’s the only way any of the contextual clues and surviving plot lines for the Cousland’s make sense or why their plot more than other is so wound directly into Loghain, the main antagonist’s. The other characters all get their special zones, but Cousland’s trajectory is tied up in the main plot and they should have more insight into what’s happening with Loghain and Fereldan than anyone else.

It is unbalanced and downright weird.

Note: I am not saying Cousland is a more legitimate background pick than any of the others, (though Bioware’s favoritism for the human noble across three different games should be obvious). I’m just saying that they are tied into and their experiences are directly relevant to the main story in a way that the others aren’t.

For Alistair and Anora to be King or Queen, Cousland should not exist. Even if you stripped all the other legitimacy out of them, they’d still have their name and they could trade on that alone in Fereldan and Orleisian society.

I could go on about this for days, though I don’t know if that answered any of your questions.

I do love Cousland but on a setting and story level they drive me nuts because it’s one of the ways that the story falls onto its face.

My selfish thief of a sister helps me get revenge on her.

(warning: long story)

My sister and I mostly get along now (being in college and living three states apart plays a large role), but we absolutely hated each other while we were growing up. She was selfish and irresponsible, with a quick temper. She would frequently “borrow” my possessions, then hurl them at me in anger when I wanted them back. She was careless with her own things and would often steal mine to replace what she’d destroyed. It wasn’t uncommon for her to intentionally break something of mine when I made it clear that I wasn’t going to cave in and give it up without a fight. She was a nasty piece of work and was unfortunately encouraged, albeit passively, by our exhausted parents’ refusal to come to my aid when I was treated unfairly. My sister had been a problem child since she was in diapers (at home, that is - she knew better than to melt down in the presence of other people), and they were just too worn out to care what she did to me unless I was left bloody or bruised.

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Everyday Homophobia, Politics Edition


Today I not-so-intelligently told my mom that I kind of leaned Democratic/Liberal, and she lectured me for a solid 30 minutes. Also, my dad prayed for “guidance from God to live our lives for You and to do what pleases You, Lord, without turning to worldly things for fulfillment or happiness, because we know that the only true joy comes from You, Jesus” during the prayer tonight. 

Literally. Just because I said I might be democratic.

And I couldn’t tell my mom that why I was kind of liberal was because of their views on minorities (mainly queers), because she would FLIP. So I said I leaned Democratic because “Democrats want to help people.” So she went on this lecture about how Democrats never give money to churches or shit, and how Republicans give a lot and care about people. 

THEN, she went on to say, “Do you really want to be a part of a political party that murders babies?” And I was sitting there like, not every abortion is bad like in rape cases or where the baby is a stillbirth or when the birth could hurt the mother and the child… But I kept quiet. 

And then came the glorious “Those Obnoxious Flaming Perverted Gays” question. I answered with the textbook quote, “I don’t support gay marriage because the Bible says it is wrong. Also, the Constitution says nothing about the right to marry, so they should stop trying to legalize sin. Also, I don’t hate gays, I just don’t accept their sinful lifestyle. Also, God loves everyone but He doesn’t love their sin. So gays can do whatever they want in their sinful lifestyle, but I won’t condone their sin by being friends with them.”

So…. yeah.

It hurt because although I did act like a little shit towards my mom (I kind of snapped at her a couple of times and looked angry while she was lecturing me), it hurt because I was lying to her AGAIN. And this time, I was forced to basically agree with her views that I am sinning, and that she cannot support me of love me fully or unconditionally. 

I hope that once my parents finally realize I’m gay, that they will look back on how depressed and emotional I’ve been during the past year and realize how fucking hard it was for me, to live a lie and try to keep going when everyone around me kept telling me I wasn’t loved. How they’ll realize that when I snapped at them or got quiet and withdrawn during a lecture, I wasn’t doing that out of hate, but out of fear. 

Out of fear that they would one day abandon me, just because I don’t fit into their perfect Christian straight feminine daughter mold. 

It hurts like hell.

Church and bells and whistles

Anonymous asked: I went home to see my family, and our church had an Easter pageant. It was elaborate and looked expensive. I felt bad because it all seemed like a “show”, and it didn’t really connect with me. Afterward, everyone was like, “that was …really …something?”. I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to discourage my family from going to church, but afterwards, I wondered if that was the right approach. Help?

Unka Glen answered: Part of what you’re pointing to is the question: do churches make wise use of their money, ensuring that they don’t overspend on niceties for themselves, and ensuring that resources go where they’ll do the most good? The clear answer to that is: HELL NO. Most people think their church is the exception to that rule, and it isn’t.

This is a problem, however, it isn’t as simple as just putting money where poor people are (though, that’d be a fine place to start), the real issue is: do we really need to spend this money to accomplish this ministry?

I mean, full disclosure, I’m not an Easter pageant kind of guy, but it’s not impossible for me to imagine some people might really look forward to Easter-y kinds of events, and that it might cost a little money here and there, but it might be a nice occasion that would help people have a sense of community and celebration. So all that is fine.

But here’s the question your church should be asking: is this the BEST way of building community and having a nice celebration?

Let’s use a real-world example. Jed Brewer from my staff, among many other things, writes and records worship music for our Bridge service for ex-cons, addicts, and gang members.

Jed writes what can only be described as simple 3-minute “party songs” for the service (he is capable of much more elaborate songwriting, I promise you). He plays this music through a cheap guitar that he borrows from me, he sings into an inexpensive mic, plugged into a very inexpensive and dying sound system. He plays these songs in a dingy basement, where there is no air conditioning in summer, and inadequate heating in the winter.

Despite all this, when Tuesday nights roll around, it’s more like a party than any party I’ve ever been to. Sing as loud as you want, you won’t hear yourself. Before last week’s service, he put some of his songs on an iPod, and we caught one of the ex-cons using his “Shazam” app to try to figure out who the artist was. Jed prints extra copies of his lyric sheets because our people regularly want to hang them on the wall for inspiration during the week.

I tell you that to tell you this: if you came to Jed and said, “here is an amazing lighting rig, and a fancy microphone, and some multimedia displays”, he would say: “what for?” 

If you know what you’re doing, the bells and whistles are literally useless to you.

The people in your church would argue that they need events like your Easter pageant to bring people in. I would simply ask, why not buy Jed a nice dinner, and let him teach what he knows?

Double Time (2/24)

Disclaimer: Red vs Blue and related characters are the property of Rooster Teeth.
Language, Canon-typical violence
Tuckington, Chex
Rating: T
[Hero Time Sequel] After the events of Hero Time, the city and Blood Gulch are prepared for the true return of superheroes in a big way. But while Washington is attempting to adjust to a new relationship and a new living arrangement, the call of new heroes and a new mayor mean major changes for his professional life as well as his personal one. How will the balance of values fare when his new partners come to test everything he’s made of.

A/N: I’m just… wow, guys. I one hundred percent am blown away by the amazing response this fic has already gotten. Like, seriously, I’m so pleased I barely have words. Just thank you all so much for supporting and enjoying this series because it sure means a hell of a lot for me. You guys are great. 

Special thanks to @freshzombiewriter@analiarvb, @ketchrey, @fatcatissurprisinglysvelte, @thepheonixqueen, @secretlystephaniebrown, @notatroll7, @the-anonymous-fangirl, @a-taller-tale, @ashleystlawrence, @thefederalarmyofchorus, @xxylophone, @reynbowjedi, @washingtonstub, @i-stole-orions-heart, @sickwithsarcasm, Yin, LillianRain, @goodluckdetective​, and @sickwithsarcasm​on AO3 and tumblr for the wonderful feed back! I truly appreciate it more than you know. 

Sharing Priorities

Well? What do you think?”

There was a look of pure exuberance on Tucker’s face as he asked the question. It was the kind of face that Washington could catch himself standing back and admiring from a distance. There was still a certain disbelief that it could ever be made in his direction. 

And then, of course, there was the complete disconnect that came with that expression and that question with that particular subject between them.

Washington looked at the ten year old car that Tucker was exaggeratedly waving to and wondered if his boyfriend even noticed that there were four dents.

“It certainly has four wheels,” Wash mustered. 

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Something Bad

Characters: Dean x Reader, Reader x Charlie friendship

Words: 1155

Request from soaringeag1e:  “Could do a fic where Y/N is a hunter & friends with Charlie. Charlie knows that Y/N & Dean have alot in common & wants em to meet. She tells the boys to meet her at a bar. They show up, looking around, end up finding Charlie on stage with Y/N & they’re singing Something Bad by Miranda L & Carrie U. Not knowing what Charlie is up to. Dean immediately cant take his eyes off her. The 4 of them end up talking all night. Dean & Y/N hit it off. Sam asks Charlie she planned it & tells her she did good.”

Link to Something Bad by Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood here.

Oh my gosh, I love this song! I haven’t heard it till now, but it’s fantastic! I loved writing this one, and kinda want to write more. We’ll see if I write another part. Anyways, enjoy!

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Hero Time: Back to Normal

Disclaimer: Red vs Blue and related characters are the property of Rooster Teeth.
Language, Canon-typical violence, Alien-MPREG
[Vigilante AU] Tucker’s life has been weird for a while. Weird enough that finding a brightly clad jackass bleeding out in the restaurant’s dumpster isn’t probably the weirdest thing that’s going to happen to him that day. Shenanigans ensued pretty readily.

A/N: Based on [this picture] by @ashleystlawrence and the initial prompting of @goodluckdetective.

Man I’m so happy to manage another update. I know a week’s a bit longer than what the previous update schedule has been but my time table’s been a little screwy messing with finals regardless. So thank you all for your patience!!!

Thanks for the feedback to @tuckalinas, @doubleodonut, @secretlystephaniebrown, @ashleystlawrence, @dremoranightmares, @barsenthor, Loktipus, Two_Four_None_Ten, staininspace, @godoflaundrybaskets, Alkeni, Yin, HappyFunBallXD, JjThereforeIAm, Beawolfs_Pen, and @technicolorhousecat on AO3 and tumblr!

Tying back his hair, Tucker started out into the living room just in time to see Church flick a dry cheerio in Junior’s direction who then swatted it out of the air toward Caboose who sleepily didn’t see it coming and proceeded to overreact and nearly knock the table over. He gave the group a questioning look that went nowhere as the second that Caboose realized what had hit him, he shoved the cereal into his mouth and nothing more was said on it.

Tucker exaggeratedly rolled his eyes and continued into the kitchen area.

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He’s getting married but not to you (part two)
Luke was staring at the girl in the white dress walking down the isle. The veil was covering her face and for a moment, Luke imagined you walking toward him. Lost in thought he smiled, before snatching back into reality, realizing once he lifted the veil, it wouldn’t be you.
For the past couple of days he couldn’t shake the feeling off his chest that he was making a mistake. And a big one too. But that moment as he saw movement in the corner of his eyes and watched you hurry out of the church it hit him.
For a second he locked eyes with his big brother jack, who smiled at him slyly, before mouthing: “Go!”
Just as you slipped out of the door, completely oblivious to what was happening behind your back, Luke chased after you, mumbling a sorry as he passed the girl in white standing halfway down the isle.
“No! Hemmings, don’t you dare walk out that church! You are going to seal the deal now! Get your ass back up there and marry me for fucks sake. I’m not going to let you leave now, after everything I put up with.”
Luke turned around looking at her in shock.
“That’s all I am to you, aren’t i? A deal, a business deal to give you a headstart in your career. That’s why you were so eager to marry me. All you want is my money and a reputation as my wife. You don’t care the first thing about me.”
A second later Calum was by his side, followed by his other two best men mikey and ash.
“I didn’t want to day anything, but Luke it’s true. She tried the same with me. I’m sorry I should have told you earlier, but I thought she truly cared about you. Luke just nodded at Calum before turning around to look at his ex.
“I think we’re done here.”
And Luke rushed out the church, his three best friends having his back.
Your car was already gone as Luke reached the parking lot.
“Here take my car!”
Ash yelled throwing him the key.
“Where is he going?”
Mikey asked confused.
“Chasing his dream.”
“I thought the band was his dream.”
Mikey continued.
“Guess we’re only second best from now on.”
Calum chuckled and Luke grinned jumping into the car, followed by his mates.
“What are you doing?”
“What does it look like? We’re coming!”
“Guys I really appreciate it but…”
“Luke shut up and drive! The bitch’s father is coming for us.”
Calum yelled and Luke raced out on the street, knowing exactly where to go.
“What are you going to say to her?”
“I don’t know yet.”
“Wait guys, who are we talking about here?”
Michael asked still confused.
“Really mikey? How can you possibly be so oblivious? Y/N!”
“Y/N? But she’s at the church.”
“No she ran out.”
“So she loves him too?”
“That’s what we’re hoping otherwise this is going to be hell as awkward.”
“Thanks guys.”
Luke said sarcastically already getting nervous. By the time he pulled up on the side of the road by the park you loved to go to think, he was already shaking.
The boys hopped out of the car after him, willing to come along, but he stopped them.
“This I have to do alone, but thank you for everything.”
“Of course man, we’ll be waiting here.”
Luke nodded absentmindedly already heading off. Luke was running, no he was sprinting, needing to get to you.
His heart sunk as you weren’t there. He had been so sure you would come here. This was your go to spot. Where else could you be?
He was about to turn around when his eyes fell on a pair of lilac heels at the bottom of a tree.
“Of course.”
Luke thought to himself, a smile appearing on his face as he saw your small figure in the tree looking in the far. His heart broke seeing you tear stained cheeks and as much as he hated climbing trees within seconds he was by your side.
“LUKE?!” You yelped surprised nearly falling off, but his strong arms held you tightly.
“What are you doing here?”
“Why did you run out of my wedding?”
“Where is your wife?”
“Why didn’t you tell me you hated her?”
“Why are you even with her?”
“Because for once you didn’t hate my girlfriend. For once you accepted her as the girl on my side, so I thought she had to be something special.”
“But I don’t. I think she’s using. I just tried to be the bigger person and let you make you own decisions.”
“Is that why you ran out? Or is there maybe some other reason you didn’t want me to get married to her.”
“Luke what does it matter? It’s not like my opinion changes your feelings or the fact that you’re married.”
“See that’s where your wrong. At two things actually. First I didn’t get married.”
“You didn’t?”
“And second.”
“It does make a difference, because your opinion might not change my feelings, because they are already there and have been for a whole while now, but all you have to do is say the word and I’m yours. Actually scratch that I’m already yours, but I just left my own wedding for you and crawled up a tree just to get to you and it’s romantic as hell and because I’m begging you to love me back, please y/n. As much as I am yours, will you be mine?”
For a second you question how much you did drink last night, but seeing the look on Luke’s face you realized he did love you.
“I love you back.”
“Oh thank god!” Luke breathed out relieved before leaning in and finally for the first time ever kissing you.

Did you not ask if she believed in god?

She’s NOT A CHRISTIAN! She’s tampering in dark sided stuff.

Yes. Yes. She did. The entire house is dark sided.

She is dark sided too!

This is my house, I want no money. I want nothing. I want my god and I want my family.

This is tainted. I don’t want it. Whatever it is, it’s tainted.

Whatever it is you’re giving me, I give it up to god, I’m a god warrior, and I don’t want someone with tainted anything in beliefs doing anything with my family! Get out! Get out.

Gargoyles! Psychics! Everything’s ungodly! Dark sided!

Get the hell out of my house, in jesus name I pray.

I’ve had enough. Did you talk about astrology? Did you get hypnotized by her?

I have taken a stand. I have taken a stand. I am not a fence rider. I was over there praying for all these people, but I needed prayer. I needed your prayers!

You did come to my mind. I had to change the whole plans and make everybody go to a Catholic church!

Her name is Jade. I went to her station. I went to her station. Her kids don’t go to church or believe in god!

Astrology. Tarot card readings. If everybody would look back at everything i’ve been saying and preaching and praying and saying, I’ve been saying I am a spiritual warrior, because I feel like I’m a spiritual warrior! Like I’ve had to put armor all on just to walk out that house!

I want none of this. I won’t take some ungodly person telling me what to do with my money, or that money. I don’t want it in my house. Tarot cards and astrology and witch books. Cause I’m the warrior. I ask all the questions.

Take your money, take whatever you’ve got, and get out of my house. In jesus name, in jesus name I pray.

They will be on my prayer list until the day I die. Every one of them. I speak that into existence. Every one of them, I planted that seed, and I will see the horrors, get out of my house! Every dark sided person, get out of my house, if you believe in jesus you can stay here. Don’t stay in my house if you’re dark sided. I don’t want to see a book of witches! I don’t want to see anything! Any stars! I don’t want to see any of this dark sided, psychics, all the things, tarot card readings! I rebuke it in the name of the lord!

I am a prayer warrior. Do you know what she is? Do you know what they do? Did you ask her was she a christian? Did you ask her did she believe in god? Not gods, star, witches.

Why don’t you ask?

I’m always the one that asks all these things. I’m the one that’s the warrior. Why can’t you be the warrior?

Every day it was something ungodly. I was thrown in the pit. Thrown in the pit.

anonymous asked:

Your top ten stucky au ? :)

okay so it took me forever to come up with this list because i was really worried i would forget one of my favorites (and its still probably going to happen but WHATEVER im posting this anyways) 

listen to your heat (but don’t say goodbye to me) by CinnamonCake

There is a Hades, and there is a Persephone.

They’re just not the ones you’d expect.

(okay so this was like the first stucky au i ever read so it had a special place in my heart because it is so CUTE)

The World’s At Stake by Atsadi 

Few soulmates are separated at birth by too much time – but when the distance becomes greater than one year all bets are off, with five years’ difference being equally as unusual as fifty.

Yet the one rule that has never been broken is that the soulmates’ lifespans always overlap.

So it came as something of a shock to the young boy in an orphanage in Brooklyn, New York, when his soul mark came in at the age of twelve and told him that his soulmate had been dead for almost sixty years.

(I think this is on my favorites list too but its so good that i can’t stop recommending it. my favorite soulmate fic BY FAR because its just so different from the rest)

Take me to Church by neversaydie

Steve Rogers is a struggling artist. It’s not as romantic as it sounds.

What Steve really wants is a job as a session musician. He can play enough instruments that he could make a decent amount of money doing it, but in New York there are just too many talented musicians and not enough jobs to go around. So he takes jobs in hipster bars, hotel lobbies, at weddings and bar mitzvahs and office parties.

If he gets one more request for Let it Go, he swears he’ll find it within himself to punch a child.

He lives in a tiny, shitty apartment with Sam, who was his sort-of-boyfriend for a few weeks until he decided Steve’s very domestic relationship goals weren’t for him. They’re still pretty much best friends, luckily for Steve, because when the regular pianist at Sam’s dance company runs away to Canada he’s recommended his roommate and got him the job before Steve even knows about it.

Dancers. Steve’s going to have to spend his days with dancers. Great.

(i actually put off reading this because its a dancer au, which is actually the least of the things in this fic that would be reason to skip it over. still though, the author does a suburb job of staying realistic with eating disorders and i LOVE any sort of recovery fic so there's that too.and the dancing is actually pretty cool.)

Sing Your Song (I’m Listening) by Squeaky 

Phil’s brand-new family is doing well. So well in fact that Phil is asked to take on one more child: Sixteen-year-old James Barnes. James has been on the top of the ‘hard-to-place’ list for ten years, ever since he was injured in an accident so terrible that it caused him to stop talking. And he hasn’t spoken since.

Phil takes James in with the hopes that he, and his other children; Natasha, Clint, Steve and Tony, might make James feel safe enough to begin to get over his tragic past. But what he doesn’t expect is how unsafe James’ silence makes the other children feel, and how quickly James’ arrival can make everything else start to fall apart…

(okay so i think this was one i recommended a couple days ago but i just had to put in on here because a lot of people are probably turned off since stucky isn't the main focus. BUT Phil’s little family is so cute and mute!Bucky is my weakness.)

Of Broken Dreams and Mended Hearts by Kellyscams

When the House of Barnes is left in massive debt after the death of George Barnes, their oldest son and heir, Bucky, is forced to sacrifice his own hopes and dreams by entering an arranged married to Steve Rogers. Steve seems kind enough, has a prominent job in the government, and was even voted Society’s Best Catch. But the House Rogers is significantly higher in status than Bucky’s family, which means Bucky is marrying up in Society, and marrying up doesn’t only come with rewards, it also comes with certain…expectations and losses–some of which Bucky might be willing to do anything to avoid. And those opportunities might come his way.

Unless, of course, he actually starts falling in love with his new husband…

(we all knew this one would make the list but my main reason for putting this here is because i cannot tell you how much i appreciate the author’s slow build/thoughtful creation of a complicated universe. some people get lazy about this stuff when writing an au and the fact that Steve and Bucky waited until they were in love to have sex is the absolute best.) 

Heat of the Night by Kellyscams 

Based on this prompt: Steve is a cop. Bucky is the kept boyfriend of the super rich bad guy. Bucky doesn’t really have any information because his sole job is to look good when they go out. But he gets Steve’s card and he calls him and Steve meets him for lunch and coffee and dinner and Steve knows this could be a bad thing. He knows Bucky could be a trap. But the way he talks, how he smiles at Steve, laughs like it’s a sound he’s not used to making…Steve thinks he could be worth it. Steve thinks he could be worth everything. (via tumblr user disappointme)

(I try not to repeat authors too much but this is so good and in case you haven’t noticed I love fics where there is something wrong in Bucky’s life and Steve helps him out. Again, this author is super good at developing a plot slowly and WELL rather than just jumping to the parts they want to write)

Sharp Teeth and Bird Bones by Shaish and Stringlish 

I’ll always find you.

(MERMAIDS YES. NOT OVERLY HAPPY MERMAIDS BIGGER YES. for real though i love that Bucky is the mermaid because I feel like it’s mostly Steve in these aus, and the fact that he does bad things and isn’t all happy and cheery is a wonderful change from other mermaid fics I’ve read.)

Undertones and Overtures by RockSaltAndRoll

In which Steve is deaf and Bucky is an amputee.

Bucky Barnes is studying for his masters in Music Composition at Juilliard when he unexpectedly meets skinny little artist Steve Rogers in a book store one Saturday. They both have their issues and it’s going to take a lot to understand each other, but with a little help from friends and family, they might be able to make this work.

(duh we all knew this would be on the list. I love deaf!Steve and it’s even better when the author can actually write him accurately like RockSaltAndRoll can) 

give it back by onceuponamoon 

So there’s this kid that Bucky has first and fifth hours with, and he’s this tiny smudge of a thing, all knobby elbows and gangly limbs, more sharp points than dulled lines. But he’s got this angel face – honey blond hair and sunshine-in-blue skies colored eyes – and a perpetual disgruntled frown anchoring the corners of his lips.

(I had a really hard time deciding what high school au I wanted to put on this list, but I ultimately decided on this one because it’s cute and kinda dorky and nice to read when you want a break from evil mermaids and eating disorders)

Less Like A Horror Story, More Like A Living Hell by ConstantDaydreams

“Bucky’s jaw had dropped open, and he was gaping at her like he couldn’t quite believe she existed. It wasn’t anything new, her point of view, but to have it spoken right to his face made it seem less like a horror story and more like a living hell.”

It starts when they raise the price of suppressants. It gets worse when they shut down the only Omega shelter in the city and revoke the benefit scheme. But auctioning off Omegas like cattle? Bucky isn’t about to let himself get sucked into that. The only problem is, escaping the auction room is near-impossible, and there’s no telling what might be waiting for him even if he is successful.

(same as the soulmate au, I like that this fic is different from the other A/B/O fics I’ve read. i prefer omega!steve but this author does such a good job making the roles fit the characters that i think it’s a good read)

Okay so there are a ton more that I could probably put on this list, but as of right now these are my top ten stucky au’s (In order from favorite to least, although they’re all pretty closely ranked to be honest). Would love it if you guys commented your fav from the list or just in general! 

Things that don't matter within the discussion of a nonprofit's tax exempt status:

>“They make more money than I want them to make.”
>“I think people are being guilted into donating.”
>“Jesus wouldn’t want churches to do what they currently do, at least according to my understanding of Scripture.”
>“They just really, really, make a lot of money and I just really, really, don’t like that.”

TNQD "L" Origin Story

The long-awaited and mildly anticipated moment is here!

I shall now summarize my 22 years, with emphasis on events that influenced my path to medicine, and hopefully I won’t scare too many of y'all off. I’ll try to throw in a gif here and there for comedic relief. 

(Warning: this is a pretty long post, even for TNQD. I have a penchant for being long-winded, as my friends remind me when joke about the “novels” I write for them in their birthday cards).

Keep reading

Victoria 105

This post contains spoilers.

This episode felt like a watershed moment for me. It was saying goodbye to the impossible and trying to be optimistic about the future.

  • Victoria and Albert are happy and in love. *sigh* I acknowledge that I suffer from major bias here, but I still don’t feel the heat. At all.
  • Hmm…Ernest seems to be making eyes at the Duchess of Sutherland. This can only end badly. But what the hell? I seem to love climbing on board sinking ships.
  • Victoria doesn’t know how to tell Lord M that she’s engaged. It’s awkward, it’s tense, more so because he’s none the wiser. I literally clutched my chest when she finally plucked up the courage and told him. And he could not look her in the eyes. *heart breaks for the first time* 
  • Albert heads back home and everyone’s talking about money and titles. I get it. He’s poor as a church mouse and he wants some independence. I don’t begrudge him that.
  • Ernest, darling Ernest. He thinks his brother needs some experience ahead of his wedding night so takes Albert to “a house of ill-repute.” Let’s just say Victoria has nothing to worry about. The only thing Albert was interested in was taking notes. Haha.
  • Were you throwing some shade Albert’s way, Lord M? LOL
    Victoria: Do you think Albert has a mistress?
    Lord M: No, ma’am….at least not yet.
    It’s okay. We know you’re secretly in pain, Lord M. Quite frankly, so am I.
  • Penge has a romantic backstory? I wouldn’t have guessed.
  • Thanks for being a whole lot less creepy this week, Mr Francatelli. I think I’m back to low key shipping you with Miss Skerrett. But oh, there’s some drama with her, isn’t there? I need more information!
  • Albert returns and Lord M stands to the side and watches their reunion. *heart breaks again* But not long after Albert’s return, he and Victoria argue about his position at court and his finances.
  • However, with the wedding day rapidly approaching, Victoria and Albert make up once she confesses her fears about his taking a mistress. He admits to wanting only her and she promises to love, honour and obey him. They embrace and kiss. At the window Lord M watches on as Lehzen approaches. “We have been replaced, Lord Melbourne,” she says. He smiles sadly. “As it should be.” *note that at this point I’m in cardiac arrest. I have so many feelings.*
  • Is it just me or does everything still feel really rushed? Three episodes of world building where the pace is relatively slow. One could even argue that very little actually happens. Then suddenly within the span of two episodes a) Albert arrives b) they’re engaged c) they’re married. Jenna Coleman mentioned that they filmed a birthing scene so we know there’s going to be a baby or nine at the rate things are going before series end. I honestly feel like the pacing is way off. IMHO, Albert should have been introduced sooner if they planned to have a wedding by episode 5. #justsaying
  • Finally, the moment arrives and I am not prepared. Lord M and Victoria say their goodbyes. I won’t lie. I sobbed like a baby. I didn’t know what to expect, but I do love how Jenna and Rufus played it. It was heartfelt and sincere. Then this happened:
    Victoria: Do you remember telling me that someday I would give my heart without reservation?
    Lord M: Yes, I remember.
    Victoria: You were almost right. 
    Lord M: Almost, ma’am?
    Victoria: I shall never forget. *camera pans to Lord M’s face and I die.* 
  • Eyes sparkling, he asks for permission to kiss her and tenderly presses his lips to her cheek. I’m amazed I managed to see this through the waterfall of tears pouring out of my eyes. Victoria leaves and Lord M turns back to watch her. It was heart-wrenching and I was reminded of Daisy Goodwins words: Lord M was Victoria’s first love and she was his last. It was a fitting farewell, I think. Painful and bittersweet. But beautiful. 
  • The episode ends with the consummation of the marriage. I heard it described as “steamy” and so I had built up some expectations in my mind. Or maybe it’s the Julia Quinn binge I’ve been on. Either way, it seemed very tame.

I assume Lord M has now retired to Brocket Hall and will spend the rest of his days staring at his rooks. I do hope he finds happiness there because I hate to think of him alone and lonely. He deserves so much more. (Yes, I know historically he dies alone after a stroke, but I choose not to believe that, okay?) I will miss him and I think Rufus Sewell’s departure will leave it’s mark. But the show must go on and there are three more episodes before the series ends. (BTW - I was under the impression Lord M would be around until episode six. But this felt like his exit, so I don’t think we’ll see him back.) 

Side note: Rufus Sewell was PHENOMENAL in this show. He’s such an underrated actor and I hope more people sit up and take note of his extraordinary talent. 

That’s about all I can muster for now, so excuse me while I curl into a ball and sob into my pillow.