the chronicles of narina

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe Sentence Meme
  • “Why can’t you think about anyone but yourself?”
  • “You’re so selfish! You couldn’t got us killed!”
  • “We have to stick together now.”
  • “Wars don’t last forever. We’ll be home soon.”
  • “Were you hiding from me?”
  • “I’m a faun.”
  • “You mean to say you’re a daughter of Eve?”
  • “Narnia? What’s that?”
  • “Every stick and stone you see, every icicle is Narnia.”
  • “How would it be if you came and had tea with me?”
  • “It’s not every day I get to make a new friend.”
  • “My father’s fighting in the war.”
  • “That was a very long time ago, before this dreadful winter.”
  • “Winter’s not all bad. There’s ice skating and snowball fights. Oh! And Christmas!”
  • “Always winter, never Christmas.”
  • “I’m such a terrible faun!”
  • “You’re the nicest faun I’ve ever met.”
  • “If any of us ever found a human wandering in the woods, we’re supposed to turn it over to her.”
  • “I thought you were my friend.”
  • “The woods are full of her spies!”
  • “No matter what happens, I am glad to have met you.”
  • “We don’t all have your imagination.”
  • “When are you going to learn to grow up?”
  • “How dare you address the queen of Narnia!?”
  • “What is your name, son-of-Adam?”
  • “How did you come to enter my domain?”
  • “I would very much like to meet your family.”
  • “You are exactly the sort of boy who I could see one day becoming Prince of Narnia.”
  • “A king needs servants.”
  • “You saw the faun?”
  • “You know what children are like these days. They just don’t’ know when to stop pretending.”
  • “If she’ not mad and he’s not lying, then logically, we must assume she’s telling the truth.”
  • “You’re a family. You might just try acting like one.”
  • “I don’t suppose saying we’re sorry would quite cover it?”
  • “We can’t go hiking in the snow dressed like this.”
  • “If he was arrested just for being with a human, I don’t think there’s much that we can do.”
  • “We don’t want to get caught out here after nightfall.”
  • “There’s few who go through the gates that come out again.”
  • “When Adam’s flesh and Adam’s bone sits in it Cair Paravel in throne, the evil time will be over and done.”
  • “It has long been told that two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve will defeat the White Witch.”
  • “None of this would have happened if you had just listened to me in the first place!”
  • “He was my best mate.”
  • “Don’t patronize me! I know where you’re allegiance lies!”
  • “Your reward is your life.”
  • “It’s the world, dear. Did you expect it to be small?”
  • “In my defense, I have been driving one of these longer than the Witch.”
  • “The juice of the fire flower, one drop will cure any injury.”
  • “Battles are ugly affairs.”
  • “Trust in this bow and it will not easily miss.”
  • “They are tools, not toys. Bare them well and wisely.”
  • “You never know what meal is gonna be your last, especially with your cooking.”
  • “We found the traitor!”
  • “Don’t waste my time with flattery.”
  • “Then who’s side are you on. Mine or theirs?”
  • “You doubt the prophecy?”
  • “You may think you’re a king but you’re going to die like a dog!”
  • “You’re not going to kill me?”
  • “You have a traitor in your midst.”
  • “You’ll remember well that every traitor belongs to me. His blood is my property.”
  • “You are giving me your life and saving no ones. So much for love.”
  • “There’s a whole army out there and it’s ready to follow you.”
  • “They come, your highness, in numbers and weapons far greater than our own.”
  • “Numbers do not win a battle.”
  • “When are you ever going to do as you’re told?”
  • “Once a king or queen, always a king or queen.”

starfleetwitch  asked:

Just out of curiosity- Lesbian questions 8, 10,13, 21 and 38

Just to satisfy your curiosity:

8) Already answered buuttt… Sunflower lesbian! Such sunflower, much sunflower (I lurve them sm I have some tattooed on my shoulder)

10) Dark sexy ball gown

13) 60s chic lesbian (I want to steal all of Patsy’s clothes, tbh. She’s so vintage and so gay. Goals)

21) Ahhhhhhhhhh Studio Ghibli lesbian!!! Totoro was my childhood, Spirited Away is gold, and Howl’s Moving Castle is yas. I’m in love with all Hayao Miyazaki films <3 <3 <3 

38) Ergh that is such a difficult question, bb! I guess I lean toward Star Wars??? Low key, though, I am both a star wars and lord of the rings lesbian… and harry potter… and chronicles of narina… i’m a hoe for epic sci-fi and fantasy book and film series oops

Thanks for the ask(: