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Can you smell that? That sweet, sweet smell? That’s love and it is in the air! Barry and Iris’ wedding is coming up fast and despite being Barry’s best man, I still don’t have a wedding gift (gimme a break, your boy has had a lot on his plate). After the bachelor party uh… “situation” I feel like I have to really knock it out of the park here. After all, what kind of best man would I be if I didn’t give the best gift as well?

Now, this little gig of mine doesn’t exactly pay well but I don’t need fat stacks to deliver the ultimate gift – just a little imagination and some of that classic Cisco ingenuity!  There’s a lot that goes into giving someone the perfect present. You can’t spend too much or else they feel bad, you can’t spend too little or else you look cheap, you could get them something to wear but then you gotta find out sizes and that’s always awkward, you could…well you see where this is going. So, when I’m tasked with finding a gift, there’s a few points that I keep in mind:

1. The Wow Factor

One of the most important factors is the “WOW!” factor. You gotta hit ‘em with the element of surprise, give ‘em something they’re always gonna remember. Being the go-to gadget guy, Barry and Iris would obviously expect something high tech. I could breach something over from another Earth but again – when you’re the freaking Flash that isn’t exactly surprising or exciting.

2. Personalization

The absolute last thing I want is for Barry and Iris to be celebrating their anniversary, look over at my gift and go “Who gave that to us? Was it Dibny?” You gotta put that personalized stamp on it! Now personalization goes both ways – you want it to be memorable and to leave the recipient happily impressed.

3. Practicality

The second-to-last thing that I want is for me to go through all of this time and effort of getting Barry and Iris the perfect gift only for them to not use it. The ideal gift should be something that can be used everyday and each time they’ll go “Cisco’s the best!”

Up until now I’ve kept things hush-hush around the gang so I don’t ruin the surprise, but I can’t keep quiet any longer.  This happy couple is going to be gifted with a personalized Cisco calendar I got printed up: 12 months in a year, 12 different pictures of yours truly!  One of a kind item for a one of a kind couple!

Okay, but wouldn’t both Louis (at 5'11 or shorter) and Lestat (at 6ft) be freakishly tall for their time? And especially for a pair of Frenchies?

I mean, why wasn’t Babette Freniere like, ‘oh man, that shadowy figure offering me advice has to be the freakishly tall guy from down the road!’

@cristinqrosales we definitely need more Emma and Cristina content :))