the chronicle of jas

I WANNA FUCKIN SCREAM AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS WHILE SLEEPING FOR THE NEXT 3 YEARS FUCKS SAKE!!!! I had an 11:45 appointment with my neurologist & me + my dad got there & the nurse told us my insurance was inactive for this month, but it was active last month like wHAT THE FUCK?!! Now I’m out of my magnesium & my main pain medication until who knows when!!!! And I see my new psychiatrist tomorrow at 9:45, so they’ll probz tell us the same thing 🙃🙃 and this also probably means I won’t be able to see my therapist Thursday (I see her weekly) & I’ve been extremely depressed for over a week now (couldn’t make it to school last week) & now my general anxiety is through the roof & my dad is gonna drive himself into the ground trying to get things fixed for me bc he knows I can’t properly function without my anxiety & OCD meds (which also leads to me not leaving the house & barely my room). I’m so tired & everything is always a mess! I’m probably gonna break down in tears the second I get settled back into my bed (approximately 5 minutes). PLEASE SEND ME/TAG ME IN MEMES & CUTE AESTHETIC PICS! I’m breaking tf down again. @blackfairypresident @barfofvenus @the-og-woc @succotashes PLEASE MESSAGE ME THINGS THAT COULD POSSIBLY FIX THIS MESS!!! I’m leaning towards a gofundme account bc I need my medications (idk when my insurance will be active again), I need a way to pay for my basic needs (I can’t work & I’m gonna need disability benefits after I graduate), and I need to be able to pay for therapy & basic medical appointments. Once I make my gofundme it’s gonna go in my bio, so PLEASE help any way you can. Y'all managed to help save my older sister so please help me -if not financially, then emotionally. I’ll keep you all updated as things progress. Please keep me in your thoughts & prayers. I might be on partial hiatus for a while bc I’m rly in the dumps & just trying to hold myself together. I love you all so much