the chrome outfit

soldier, crawling on the ground literally on the brink of death: holy fuck I need a medic help me I’ve been shot!!! Im fucking bleeding everywhere I’m going to fucking die
lucio, wearing a giant gold chrome frog outfit, skating around the place: yeah man i hear you, here’s my new mixtape,

bellafacciaa  asked:

Is it just me or does it seem like celebrities these days have adapted Selena's sense of style. The bustiers, drawn on lips, high waisted clothing, mono chrome outfits with "bling". Its just sad to see others duplicating her looks and not giving her credit. Also I feel like her body type has been inspiration to celebrities Selena is the OG of the big booty and no one recognizes her on that either. Hollywood doesn't give credit to Selena's passion of music and style. She is the G.O.A.T

I definitely feel Selena was ahead of her time in a lot of aspects. I also feel she is for sure a huge inspiration to a lot of musicians, entertainers and fashionistas of today.   Shes iconic, its alright if Hollywood doesn’t say it, we all know it ;)