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how does the center view demons who attend or arrive at the school, frowned upon or accepted

 I don’t imagine they’d be treated differently, although the Center hasn’t heard of a “kid” demon since its creation. Matthew has attended since he was about 17 and Luke seems younger as well, but most of the Demons that the Center knows about have been that way. Because Demons can’t reproduce themselves (save for Omens, which are still considered more human), they don’t really have many young’uns. 

 But if they did, a Demon wouldn’t be too much grief. They’d be just another Monster as far as the Center is concerned. Even the Christlings, as religious as they are, would assume a classmate had some sort of circumstance or situation that made them deviate from being a “true demon” in the same  way they don’t buy that Matthew is an actual heavenly messenger-of-God angel. 


Das Phantom Der Oper
March 1, 2015
Hamburg, Germany (complete performance)

Mathias Edenborn, Daniela Braun (u/s), Nicky Wuchinger, Norbert Kohler (u/s), Anton Rattinger, Rachel Anne Moore, Raymond Sepe, Michaela Christl, Vanessa Spireti

Very unique Phantom in Mathias with a lot of great new ideas and very worth watching. Daniela is amazingly bright and energetic and brings a wonderful, youthful energy to the role. Nicky is an epic and wonderful Raoul. Also props to Rachel Anne Moore as Carlotta for having an amazing voice and a hilarious performance. Enjoy!

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There was a french song during your stream that I can't get out of my head :0 what is it called? ^^; btw thanks for streaming! It was really cozy to watch ^^

 That’s the song of the Touvash family from The Suicide Shop. There’s lovely animation to go along with it. I wanna do some storyboards with the Christlings to it sometime. 

 And thanks so much for watching!! It’s a pleasure <3 Since my computer didn’t lag as badly as the old one, I may stream more often if I have the time ;3