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Coming Home Drunk; Tom Holland

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  • pairing: reader x tom holland
  • warnings: nah
  • words: 1900+
  • summary: tom knows exactly what to do when you come home intoxicated after a night out, but he doesn’t really understand anything that comes out of your mouth (still adores you though)
  • a/n : i actually had a lot of fun writing this sudsdfhifjoi
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Your arm was lazily slung around your best friends’ shoulder, her choice not yours. You watched the ground in front of you, counting the number steps you took. You managed to reach 23, or maybe 24, before your friend suddenly stopped, causing you to stumble backwards. Her hand on your waist was the only thing that kept you from falling to the ground.

You think she knocked on the door, but you really weren’t listening. You were still staring at the floor. You were easily distracted by the wooden paneled floor that seemed to be moving, not spinning, but moving.

The door opened, revealing a very tired and confused Tom. He rubbed his eyes but when he saw you and your friend his facial features changed from what-is-going-on to oh-boy. Tom held his arms outstretched towards you and you happily fell into them, throwing your own arms around his neck.

“I’ll pray for you,” you heard your friend say and Tom said something else before shutting the door, but again, you weren’t really listening. You had more important things on your mind. Like how warm your boyfriend was and how cold your toes felt against the floor and why were your bare feet against the floor where were your shoes?

Where were your shoes?

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Rich Love Part 3; Tom Holland/Harrison Osterfield

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  • pairing: reader x tom holland / reader x harrison osterfield (triangle)
  • warnings: 14+ (?), some sexual undertones
  • words: 3900+ its long but its good 
  • summary: being harrison’s best girl (friend) (?) has some perks, one of them being you get to spend a lot of time with Tom and you really want nothing more than to confess your attraction for Tom but something always gets in the way, most times that something ends up being his own best friend
  • a/n : this is a chaptered fic, part 4 to come soon
  • part (1) + (2) + (3) + (4)
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It’s not like you wanted Harrison to spend the night. 

It wasn’t even a thought that had crossed your mind.

But after you parted from your embrace last night, you invited him up to your flat for a few minutes. Unfortunately, the two of you lost track of time and it didn’t help that neither of you bothered to plug in your phones when they died. You had gotten so caught up with reconnecting with your old best friend that checking your phone wasn’t something you felt obligated to do. 

Which would have been fine if he hadn’t promised Tom that he’d be back in twenty minutes to help clean up his place and then crash.

Clearly, that didn’t happen.

You awoke to the sun shining in your eyes, which confused you because the sun never woke you up. Your bedroom curtains were always closed and you woke up from your alarm. If the sun shining through the glass was waking you up, then that meant you weren’t in your room.

You blinked a few times as a yawn escaped your mouth. It took a few seconds for it to click in that you were in your living room. You looked to around and saw Harrison sleeping on the couch beside you-or more like under you.

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Favorite Holland; Harrison Osterfield

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  • pairing: reader x harrison osterfield
  • warnings: nah
  • request: yes “Can you do one where your tom’s sister and you really like Harrison”
  • words: 2100+
  • summary: after months of not seeing him, you were soon reminded why you had a crush on your younger brothers’ friend in the first place
  • a/n : part 1 of 2
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You stepped onto the escalator descending downwards to the main floor, adjusting the strap of your purse on your shoulder. Your phone was clenched in your hand and you read the messages from your brother twice over. Since you were on the plane for the past few hours, none of his texts sent in order and didn’t make any sense.

From Lil Bro: Haz will be there though

From Lil Bro: Sorry [Y/N]

From Lil Bro: I forgot about an interview I had scheduled 

And then one last text got through.

From Lil Bro: I won’t be able to pick you up from the airport today

You didn’t want to say that it was typical of Tom to bail on you like this, but it wasn’t a shock. Which you understood, he had commitments. Like when he couldn’t come with the rest of the family to say goodbye when you moved into your dorm room at university. He did facetime you when you were settled in though, so that was nice.

The only time his absence truly hurt was when he wasn’t there at your graduation. He apologized profusely and flew back to London the first chance he got, but it didn’t change the fact that he wasn’t there for you during your big moment.

And you made it clear to him that you always there for his time in the spotlight, supporting him and cheering him on like a good sibling would.

Neither you or Tom wanted to fight over something like this, but it happened. It was hard to have a good relationship with your brother when he was always traveling and could barely make time for you. It didn’t help that being so close in age often caused the two of you to bicker.

So for the first time in eight months, he put an effort in to see you. He paid for your flight to Toronto where he was in the middle of filming his current project and asked for you to spend a week out there with him. After some hesitation, you finally said yes.

But already this wasn’t starting out like you had hoped. He wasn’t even going to be there to pick you up. It’d be his best friend instead.

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Harry Holland “Ex-Guacamole” Part 2, blurb

Ok, first of all; THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING THE FIRST ONE, I’m so glad you guys liked it. Part 2 was requested so, here it is. 
Also; if you haven’t read part one, you should read that before you read this one.


“I’m sorry, Y/N,” you heard Harry speak out, “I’ve really missed you.”

When you looked back up, Harry had started walking away. Should you follow him?


Seeing Harry walk away from you made you feel like this was the last time you were going to see him. That probably wasn’t the case, but you couldn’t help but feel like if he walked out of your life now, he was gone forever. And even though you broke up with him while he was away, that wasn’t what you wanted. You wanted Harry in your life, you could feel your heart fall as he was walking away. 

You didn’t realize at first, but you were speeding up, following Harry with your cart. ‘It must look so stupid’, you thought, ‘it always looks stupid when someone walks fast with a shopping cart’. You didn’t care though, you needed to catch up to Harry. You didn’t want to yell and have the entire store look at you. 

“Harry, wait.” You let out as you were a five meters away from him. He stopped and turned to look at you, a confused look on his face. “Gosh, you walk really fast you know? And it doesn’t help that your legs are super long.” You breathed out as you finally caught up to him. 

Harry let out a little laugh at how you were out of breath after following him. He looked down at you, his eyes smiling at you, but his face still confused. “What was it you wanted?”

You swallowed and looked him in the eyes. He probably wasn’t going to forgive you. After all, you were the one to break it off between the two of you. 

“I,” you took a deep breath, “I’ve really missed you too. And I know it’s totally idiotic of me to say it, since I was the one to break up with you, but I do. I do really miss you.”

You took a break to look at Harry’s reaction. A small smile was formed on his face, and you couldn’t help but continue to explain everything to him. 

“I didn’t mind you being away, I know how much it meant to you, and I was really happy for you. It was just that when we didn’t talk for a long time, I couldn’t help but feel like you found someone. Someone who was so much better than me, someone more exciting and fun then me, someone else. I know, I should’ve talked to you about it, but you seemed so happy traveling the world.” You looked down in your cart while you spoke, your eyes didn’t leave the avocado you had picked earlier. 

“Y/N,” Harry spoke, making you look at him, “I’m sorry for not talking to you enough while I was away. The truth is, it wasn’t so much because I was having fun, I mean, I was having fun, but that wasn’t the main reason. I was tired, and I knew that most times when I was free to call or facetime you, it was in the middle of the night here. I didn’t want to keep you from sleeping at 3am. You might say that you wouldn’t have cared if you didn’t get to sleep, but I do. I care so much about you. I wouldn’t trade you for anyone, no one could compare to you, or to your guacamole making skills.” 

You smiled looking down at your groceries. “I’m sorry, Harry.”

“Hey, it’s fine. We both kinda screwed up.” Harry said before pulling you into a hug. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” You breathed as you both pulled away from the hug, but Harry kept you in his arms. “Now, I wouldn’t mind telling my friends that we have to reschedule the girls night. If you want to come over and have some of my amazing guac, that is?”

“I would be honored to eat your guacamole with you, Y/N.” 

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This is New (part 1)

This picture is a concept art piece of Hades and Persephone. I don’t know who the artist is but all credit goes to them. It reminds me of the movie Strange Magic, but when I showed it to @raining-ohana-muses they said it looks like Peter Pan has been gender swapped. And so that’s what inspired this story.

I hope you guys like it.

And Lette my love, thank you for inspiring this story xx

Warnings: so much swearing, period talk n what not, magic, sad peter, pronoun issues??? platonic fluff, angst?? idk everyones just yellin’ all the time.

During the night I woke up to the sound of aguing. One of the voices was Peter’s so out of concern for my friend, I rolled out of bed and went outside to see what was going on.

It was then that I realised the other voice was female.

I stood taller so that I could see over the tents but to no avail.

There was a crash, like someone had thrown something against the wall  of the tree house.

I saw a fast, hooded figure jump down from the balcony and begin running to the woods.

I picked up a large stick that was near me and threw it hard at this person.

It struck the side of their head and tore their cloak from their body.

From her body.

This girl had long dark hair, decorated with braids and beads. her skin was so pale it was almost grey.

Her pitch black eyes bore through me before she turned and continued running.

That’s the last thing i remember.

   “Y/N!!” I heard an unfamiliar voice screeching my name from the other side of camp, way too early in the morning for me to not scream back.

   “WHAT?!” I howled, stumbling from my tent in a panic.

   “COME TO THE TREE HOUSE!” the voice screamed again. “NOW!!!”

   “Jesus fuck-” I hissed as I tripped over tent ropes on my way to Peter’s tree house.

There was something vaguely familiar about this voice screaming for me but I couldn’t place it.

It was British and that’s all I could get for now.

I scrambled my way up the ladder.

   “WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING AT ME BEFORE BREAKFAST HAS EVEN BEGUN TO BE MADE?!” I shouted as I stormed through the door only to be met by a girl i didn’t recognise sitting in Peter’s bed with his covers wrapped around her shoulders.

But just like the voice screaming at me, there was something familiar about her I couldn’t figure out.

   “W-who are you?” I ooked at the strange girl.

   “Y/n,” she sighed, as if she were releived. “Shut the door,”

I looked from her to the open door but aside from that I didn’t move.

   “Ugh,” she grunted bfore waving her hand and shutting the door with magic.

When she did this her fingertips glowed light green, just like Peter’s.

   “Who are you,” I said more feircly, stepping forward.

   “It’s me dumbass!” she stood up from Peter’s bed and let the covers fall from her shoulders.

She was wearing Peter’s clothes, but they looked a little too tight around her chest and hips.

She ran her hand through her light hair, and raised her perfectly arched eyebrow.

   “Oh fuck," I looked at her in shock as it clicked in my head.

Her dirty blonde hair was the same caramel shade as Peter’s. But maybe a little longer. Her big green eyes were just as big and green as Peter’s. Her angular cheeks were just as angular as Peter’s. Her ears stuck out just as much as Peter’s.

  "Pe-,” I couldn’t breathe. “Peter?”

She -he?- looked at me so afraid.

   “Dude what the fuck?” I ran my hand through my hair in stress. “What the- how in- who? WHAT IS GOING ON?”

Then something I would never have expected from Peter of all people.

He -she?- started crying.

   “I don’t knooo-ho-hooooow,” she -he? He.- wailed. “I feel like I’m dying! My hips feel like they’re on fire, there’s a bruised feeling on my chest, my lower back feels like I lost a fight to a dragon, guts feel like that time i got stabbed and on top of everything I’m so angry and tired I don’t know how to feee-he-heeeeel!”

   “Alright babe,” I tried to hold back my laughter at the sight of Peter Pan sobbing like a spoiled child that’s been told no. “Have you been to the bathroom today?”

   “No?” he looked at me half angry half confused. “Why?”

   “Go to the bathroom,” I instructed. “And here take this,”

I reached into the small cupboard and pulled out a hand towel.

   “Why are you giving me a rag?” he asked but took it from me none the less.

   “Because you’re on the rag,” I pointed to his crotch.

There was a dark stain spreading down the inside of his thighs.

   “Oh,” he looked down at himself. “OH!”

He fell down to the ground sobbing again.

   “Alright sweetie,” I knelt down in front of him and hugged him tight. “C'mon, lets go up to the falls up river to clean you up. Are you good to blink us there or do I need to get the Shadow to carry us?”

He didn’t answer with word, but I understood his answer because the next moment we were kneeling by the water’s edge in central Neverland, far from any of the lost boys.

   “How did this happen?” I asked his as he started stripping his soiled clothes. “Was it that girl I saw leaving your tree house last night?”

   “You saw her?” he looked at me, surprised. “Yeah it was her. She’s a very powerful sorceress I pissed off back in the day,”

   “Noo…” I said in mock surprise. “You? Pissed off someone? And a woman at that? Impossible,”

   “shut the fuck up and help me!” he screeched.

   “What do you want me to do?” I laughed at his outburst. “It’s not like I can turn you back,”

   “She said the spell would wear off once I’d learned my lesson,” he grumbled and peeled his shirt off, freeing his now enlarged chest.

   “Whoa!” I shouted in actual surprise and covered my face with my arm. “Dude,”

   “What?” I heard him say. “Oh,”

There was a moment of silence then I swore I heard him giggle.

I slowly peaked over my arm to find out what he was giggling at.

He held his hands to his chest and was lightly fondling his new boobs.

   “Gees why don’t girls do this all the time,” he asked with a stupid grin.

   “Because of this,” I reached forward and poked and area of his chest that was exposed, roughly jabbing the breast tissue under his skin.

   “OW! WHAT THE FUCK!?” he squealed.

   “Yeah exactly, shut up and go clean yourself,” I grumbled and pushed him toward the water.

   “You’re really mean, you know that?” he whined and started to walk to the water in his trunks.

   “I know,” I smiled and picked up his bloody pants. “Want me to clean these? You’re going to want to soak them,”

   “Yes please,” he looked down at himself as if he had no idea what to do. “Uhm… is it safe to get water all up in my… y’know?”

   “Hmm?” I looked up to see him gesturing to his very female body. “Oh yeah should be fine. Magic island ‘n’ what not, shouldn’t kill you. It’ll feel super weird though,”

   “Alright,” he stepped further into the water and I saw him lower his trunks under the surface before using his magic to send them to my outstretched hand. “Hey Y/n?”

   “Yeah?” I caught his underwear and added them to the pile of soiled clothes.

   “Thanks,” he smiled. 

   “No problem,” I smiled back.

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Faith; Harrison Osterfield

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  • pairing: reader x harrison osterfield
  • warnings: literally none its just cute
  • words: 1740+
  • summary: you hated airports and the thought of being up in the air, but there was this nice (and cute) stranger that was more than willing to help you out and make you feel safe
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You were six the first time you traveled by air. That was also the last time you traveled by air. It was a family trip to Disney World and the trip was fun, you’ll admit that. The airplane, however, was not. 

You hated every second of it. Your ears popped, the noise that surrounded the plane itself scared you into thinking there was something wrong with it. You were constantly at the edge of your seat, worried that out of nowhere, you’d be free falling to your death. 

You weren’t sure why those fears came to you at that young of an age, but they sure did stick with you. 15 years later, you were still petrified. 

For the most part, you didn’t have to worry about airplanes. You travelled by car all of the time, and only twice by train. But you had no choice except to fly this time. 

Your boss was flying you out to London for a week long training seminar to learn about the new computer system your company was going to install. The only reason it was you going to London was because you offered to be the one to learn and bring the information back, before you realized it was overseas. 

Once you were told it was in London, it was too late. Your boss booked a hotel room for you and arranged a round trip flight under your name. 

So there you were, sitting in the Toronto airport, impatiently waiting for the boarding derails to be announced. You still had about ten minutes before you could get on the plane, but you were eager for it, wanting it to be over and done with as soon as possible. 

You were beyond tired, deciding against your morning coffee when you woke up hours ago. Thinking that maybe you’d pass out on the flight so you wouldn’t be stuck with your alarming thoughts of how the plane could easily be stranded in the middle of the ocean, leaving you out there to perish with a bunch of strangers who don’t even know your name. 

You hated this airport. 

You hated the possibility of something going wrong mid-flight. 

You didn’t want to go to London. 

“First time on a plane?” You heard a male voice ask from in front of you. You turned your head in the direction it came from and saw a young man sitting across from you. He had a smile on his face and you wished you could be even half as calm as he looked right now. 

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The 42 grandchildren (in-order) of Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert, the Prince consort. Including Kaiser Wilhelm II, George V of United Kingdom, and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia.

1. Wilhelm II, German Emperor. Born as Prince Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert of Prussia, on 27th January 1859. The first grandchild of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Wilhelm became the Kaiser of Germany on 15th June 1888, until his abdication on 18th November 1918. He died in exile on 3rd June 1941 (aged 82). (”Willy”)
2. Princess Viktoria Elisabeth Auguste Charlotte of Prussia; 24th July 1860 - 19th October 1919 (aged 59). (”Ditta”,”Charly”)
3. Prince Albert Wilhelm Heinrich “Henry” of Prussia; 14th August 1862 - 20th April 1920 (aged 66). He married his first cousin, Irene of Hesse. (”Harry”)
4. Princess Victoria Alberta Elisabeth Mathilde Marie of Hesse and by Rhine, later Marchioness of Milford Haven; 5th April 1863 - 24th September 1950 (aged 87). Grandmother of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, consort of Elizabeth II.
5. Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward of Wales, Duke of Clarence and Avondale; 8th January 1864 - 14th January 1892 (aged 28). (”Eddy”)
6. Prince Franz Friedrich Sigismund of Prussia; 15th September 1864 - 18th June 1866 (aged 1). The first grandchild of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert to die. (”Sigi”)
7. Princess Elisabeth Alexandra Louise Alice of Hesse and by Rhine, later Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna of Russia; 1st November 1864 - 18th July 1918 (aged 53). Elizabeth was politically executed by the bolsheviks. (”Ella”)
8. George V of United Kingdom. Born as Prince George Frederick Ernest Albert of Wales; 3rd June 1865 - 20th January 1936 (aged 70). He is the grandfather of Elizabeth II. (”Georgie”)
9. Princess Fredrik Amalia Wilhelmina Viktoria of Prussia; 12th April 1866 - 13th november 1929 (aged 63). (”Moretta”)
10. *Princess Irene Louise Marie Anne of Hesse and by Rhine; 11th July 1866 - 11th November 1953 (aged 87). Married her first cousin, Henry of Prussia.
11. Princess Louise Victoria Alexandra Dagmar of Wales, later Princess Royal; 20th February 1867 - 4th January 1931 (aged 63).
12. Prince Christian Victor Albert Ernst Anton of Schleswig-Holstein; 14th April 1867 - 29th October 1900 (aged 33). (”Christle”)
13. Prince Joachim Friedrich Ernst Waldemar of Prussia; 10th February 1868 - 27th March 1879 (aged 11). (”Waldy”)
14. Princess Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary of Wales; 6th July 1868 - 3rd December 1935 (aged 67). (”Toria”)
15. Prince Ernest Louis Karl Albert Wilhelm of Hesse and by Rhine, later Grand Duke of Hesse; 25th November 1868 - 9th October 1937. He married his first cousin, Victoria Melita of Saxe-Coburg and gotta and of Edinburgh on 1894, but divorced on 1901. (”Ernie”)
16. Prince Albert John Charles Frederick Alfred George of Schleswig-Holstein, later Duke of Schleswig-Holstein; 26th February 1869 - 27th April 1931.
17. Princess Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria of Wales, later Queen consort of Norway; 26th November 1869 - 20th November 1938.
18. Princess Victoria Louise Sophia Augusta Amelia Helena of Schleswig-Holstein, better known as Princess Helena Victoria; 3rd May 1870 - 13th March 1948. (”Snipe”,”Thora”)
19. Princess Sophia Dorothea Ulrik Alice of Prussia, later Queen consort of Greece; 14th June 1870 - 13th January 1932. 
20. **Prince Friedrich Wilhelm August Victor Leopold Louis of Hesse and by Rhine; 7th October 1870 - 29th May 1873. (”Frittie”)
21. Prince Alexander John of Wales; 6th April 1871 - 7th April 1871. Died in infancy.
22. Princess Margaret Beatrice Feodora of Prussia; 22th April 1872 - 22nd January 1954. (”Mossy”)
23. *Alexandra Feodorovna, Empress consort of Russia. Born as Princess Viktoria Alix Helena Louise Beatrice of Hesse and by Rhine; 6th June 1872 - 17th July 1918. The wife and consort of Nicholas II, last Tsar of Russia. She, along with her husband and their five children (OTMA and **Tsarevich Alexei) were politically executed by the bolsheviks. (”Alicky”,”Sunny”)
24. Princess Franziska Joseph Louise Augusta Marie Christina Helena of Schleswig-Holstein, better known as Princess Marie Louise; 12th August 1872 - 8th December 1956.
25. Princess Marie Viktoria Feodore Leopoldina of Hesse and by Rhine; 24th May 1874 - 16th November 1878. (”May”)
26. Hereditary Prince Alfred Alexander William Ernest Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Prince of Edinburgh; 15th October 1874 - 6th February 1899.
27. Princess Marie Alexandra Victoria of Edinburgh, and Princess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, later Queen consort of Romania; 29th October 1875 - 18th July 1938. (”Missy”)
28. Princess Victoria Melita of Edinburgh, and Princess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, later Grand Duchess of Hesse, and Grand Duchess Viktoria Feodrovna; 25th November 1876 - 2nd March 1936. Married her first cousin, Ernest Louis, Grand Duke of Hesse. But divorced on 1901. (”Ducky”)
29. Prince Frederick Christian Augustus Leopold Edward Harald of Schleswig-Holstein; 12th May 1876 - 20th May 1876. Died in infancy.
30. Stillborn son of Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein, third daughter of Queen Victoria; 7th May 1877 - 7th May 1877.
31. Princess Alexandra Louise Olga Victoria of Edinburgh and Princess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha; 1st September 1878 - 16th April 1942. (”Sandra”)
32. Stillborn son of Duke of Edinburgh, second son of Queen Victoria; 13th October 1879 - 13th October 1879.
33. Princess Margaret Victoria Charlotte Augusta Norah of Connaught, later Crown Princess of Sweden; 15th January 1882 - 1st May 1920. (”Daisy”)
34. Prince Arthur Frederick Patrick Albert of Connaught; 13th January 1883 - 21st September 1938.
35. *Princess Alice Mary Victoria Augusta Pauline of Albany; 25th February 1883 - 3rd January 1981. The last grandchild of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert to die.
36. Princess Beatrice Leopoldine Victoria of Edinburgh, Princess and of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, later Duchess of Gallieria; 20th April 1884 - 13th July 1966.
37. Prince Charles Edward George Albert Leopold of Albany, later Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha; 19th July 1884 - 6th March 1954. (”Charlie”)
38. Princess Victoria Patricia Helena Elizabeth of Connaught; 17th March 1886 - 12th January 1974. (”Pat”)
39. Prince Alexander of Battenberg, later Sir Alexander Mountbatten; 23rd November 1886 - 23rd February 1960.
40. *Princess Victoria Eugenie Julia Ena of Battenberg, later Queen consort of Spain; 24th October 1887 - 15th April 1969. (”Ena”)
41. **Prince Leopold Arthur Louis of Battenberg; 21st May 1889 - 23rd April 1922.
42. **Prince Maurice Victor Donald of Battenberg; 3rd october 1891 - 27th October 1914. The last grandchild of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

* = Carriers of Hemophilia
** = Suffered from Hemophilia
The Phantom of the Opera -  Live recordings - YouTube
1988-2015 Videos

Alright, so you know all of those Phantom videos I posted?

Well, to make things easier I have collected all of the ones that have been uploaded and put them in this playlist for all to enjoy! 25 videos compiling 31 videos total of the show :)

Features videos of performances from all around the world, London, Holland, Japan, Broadway, Hamburg; and such legendary Phantoms like:

Earl Carpenter, Ethan Freeman, Hugh Panaro, Brad Little, and more!

Hope you guys enjoy ;)

Information on included videos below:

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