the chosen child

moon in aries: star up in the sky
moon in taurus: nature baby
moon in gemini: vocal baby
moon in cancer: werewolf baby
moon in leo: royal baby
moon in virgo: sensitive baby
moon in libra: angel baby
moon in scorpio: spirited baby
moon in sagittarius: sunshine baby
moon in capricorn: chosen child 
moon in aquarius: heavenly baby
moon in pisces: water baby

I sure did. It took a long time with my “family” because the prevailing social idea is you should never sever ties with family no matter how abusive they are, but when I finally did, it was the best thing I ever did because it gave me the space to focus on connections with good people and now I have a chosen family that is everything family should be.


I’m raising a biracial child & I’ve chosen to raise her primarily identifying with black. People say I shouldn’t label her but I’m worried that one day she’ll be like those mixed people who refuse to identify with their blackness. It goes to show how privileged/effortless white is when you have to actually teach ur biracial kids to love their blackness.

Why was Maki not chosen?

I think I’ve seen one or two people wondering and asking the same question Maki made in the begining of Loss, and because I’m 98% sure I know the answer, I thought I’d drop in quickly to explain it.

As the opening prolouge/flashback begins to end, after Maki asks why only four were Chosen, our Narrator pops in to basically answer Maki’s question.

All things are created from a true trait, and that trait is shared. Each trait equally influences each other as it changes to its next form. However, what happens to those who could not recieve any influence?

So, every living being has a true trait that they share with someone else. When those with the same trait influence one another they become new beings entirely. Basically, the “true trait” the Narrator speaks of are the Crests.

Let’s look at Taichi in Adventure to demonstrate how this works. Each Crest represents a “true trait” that requires finding balance between two “corrupt” forms of that trait. In Adventure, Taichi had two corrupted forms of his Courage; the reckless, “act before thinking” kind of bravery, and the cowardice. The former happens when Taichi had too much courage, while the latter when he didn’t have any.
   An example of Taichi being reckless would be Taichi just casually walking through the electric fance in Etemon’s pyramid without caring that if he had taken half a step to the left he’d have died. And an example of Taichi being cowardly is when he couldn’t bring himself to go through that fence to save Sora because he was too afraid to do it.
   Taichi did share his trait with Agumon. While Taichi had a hard time balancing it, Agumon always seemed to have just the right amount of it at all times. When Taichi was being too bold, Agumon would try to point that out to him, and when Taichi was frozen by his fear, Agumon would cheer him on and try to help him to get going again (for example: Agumon cheering Taichi as he pushed his hand through the electric fence).
   Because Taichi and Agumon both shared the trait of Courage, and because they successfully managed to have an influence on one another, they managed to activate the Crest, allowing Agumon to evolve to MetalGreymon, while Taichi grew as a person.

The same more or less applies to all the other Chosen in Adventure, I wrote a whole essay about this a while back so I don’t think I need to explain any further how the Crests worked in Adventure here, you probably already got the idea and, after all, that’s not what we’re here to truly discuss.

We’re here to discuss “why only four were chosen”. And based on the question the Narrator asked, I think we all know why.

Just to be sure we’re all on the same page here, Maki was a Chosen Child. When she asked why she “wasn’t chosen”, she’s not asking why she wasn’t a “Chosen Child”, she wouldn’t have a Digivice if she wasn’t a Chosen. What she’s asking is why her partner didn’t evolve to Ultimate.

Maki thought Homeostasis had specifically chosen four out of the five children and their partners to evolve to Ultimate, leaving her Megadramon to die basically. She was asking why she had to be the one who had to lose her partner Digimon, why the Homeostasis had decided to do that.

But indeed, that’s not what happened, Maki misunderstood it. The Homeostasis might have assisted the partner Digimon to evolve to Ultimate, but the Homeostasis didn’t decide who could and couldn’t evolve. The only requirement for that Ultimate Evolution was a mutually influencing bond between the Chosen and their partner, and sadly Maki had never truly bonded with her Bakumon, they hadn’t influenced one another through their shared trait (whatever it might be). It’s not that Homeostasis didn’t want Megadramon to evolve further, it’s just that Megadramon couldn’t evolve further.

Adventure did demonstrate how Digimon can evolve in many ways, Gennai even told the Chosen that SkullGreymon wasn’t a “wrong” kind of evolution, it just wasn’t an evolution fit for fulfilling their duty of saving the world. Bakumon is known to be a Vaccine (with a Holy Ring to boot) while Megadramon is a Virus, so it should be no scretch of imagination to suggest that Megadramon was basically Maki’s SkullGreymon. That only further supports the idea that they didn’t have a great bond between them.

Of course, this isn’t to say Maki didn’t love her partner, she clearly did, sadly that love (which might’ve been one-sided too) wasn’t true influence that allowed both of them to grow, and thus Ultimate evolution wasn’t possible for them. It’s incredibly sad, indeed, and the fact that Maki didn’t understand that and instead blamed Homeostasis for her partner’s death is pretty heartwrenching.

I must say that I really loved this bit in Loss, because it does give a lot of insight to how Ultimate Evolution has been happening so far in tri., it might be giving us some hints on what’s to come in Part 5 - Symbiosis, and it might even give us insight to why the Tags existed in Adventure in the first place.

Now we can’t know for entirely sure, but based on what we know, according to Adventure the Agents created the Tags and Crests to help the Chosen on their quest, but also know the Tags were essentially placebo MacGuffins. The Crests were just physical representation of the Chosens’ traits, the traits were inside their hearts right from the start and the physical ones weren’t needed, it’s just that these ones would literally light up when the Chosen expressed their true traits, influencing themselves and their partners.

So I can’t help but to wonder, is tri. trying to suggest that the reason Gennai and co. made those placebo lights was to help the Chosen know they’ve fulfilled the requirement to be able to evolve? Did the Agents make those Crests to make sure no more kids would have to go through what Maki did without understanding it?

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Boy you really don't like Meiko, may I ask why?

1. I hate Hinata clones which she straight up is one.

2. I hate Mary Sue characters which she is literally the definition of.

3. How she has so much more development in this series and background yet I still don’t care about her. Blame that on poor writing which at this point is just forced when it comes to her

4. I’m not a fan of her on a poster. Because in every single movie Meiko has had more if not just as much development as the chosen child the movie is supposed to be centered around. I would have preferred Hikari alone.

5. She overshadows every single one of the characters we grew up watching, there’s no balance right now in the focus. It’s the person/people on the poster + Meiko. She’s always there and it’s getting claustrophobic and annoying. It was barely an episode without her in the Digital World and yet she still manages to show up and be a focus.

6. I will take the 02 kids whom I found annoying at times aside from Ken 100 times over Meiko any day.

That’s why I don’t like her, thanks for the question.

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I think you're a very nice person! Most of the fandom right now is either hating on Meiko all the time or criticizing something stupid about the new movie. It's nice to see someone being chill and loving Joe <3

[ Thank you for the compliment!!! You’re very lovely :)   Over the past year or so, I’ve said a few words about Meiko Mochizuki ( here and here ), but it seems like right now things are getting out of hand. I’m not great with words, but I would really like to clear the air about some things.

I completely understand constructive criticism and discourse about Meiko. She does have character flaws, as does the writing for her. The show hasn’t developed her completely, and doesn’t quiet know what to do with her sometimes, making us all think they’re dragging out her plot without answering anything. Digimon has had massive plot holes in the past–This isn’t something new for the series. But something I want the fandom to understand, is that Meiko is not the reason [insert Adventure kid here] “didn’t get enough screen time in their respective episode”. And Meiko IS NOT the reason we aren’t getting “02 kid story development”. The writers didn’t replace anyone with Meiko. They took out the 02 characters because THE PLOT CALLED FOR THE REMOVAL OF THE 02 CHARACTERS. That’s what’s happening. A series with TWELVE main characters as a focal point is extremely difficult. Right now, if it weren’t Meiko on screen, it would be Maki or Daigo “taking up screentime”. The 02 kids were not going to be included, and clearly the writers want to keep us in the dark for plot reasons.

Also–Here’s what I do not tolerate in this fandom: Hate. Especially hate based on Meiko personality and decisions. You can read about my views in those links above, but one main point that stands true for me right now is that I IDENTIFY WITH MEIKO ON A VERY PERSONAL LEVEL. I find her the complete opposite of a Mary Sue. Meiko, to me, is extremely realistic as a character. She has been reacting to everything that’s happening to her in the exact way that I would. She’s constantly apologizing because she thinks she’s burdening everyone. THAT’S A REAL PERSON TRAIT. She seems to do much better expressing herself when she’s one-on-one with characters who are outwardly gentle and kind with her, i.e. Mimi, Takeru, and Sora. And because of this, Meiko been a positive force in the development of all three of those characters during tri.

As someone with mental illness, I understand how Meiko feels. This girl has spent years with her Digimon in isolation, only to have it ripped away from her and for it to start causing MASSIVE trouble for the only people she’s met since she’s moved to Tokyo. I would be terrified and embarrassed and unbelievably, powerfully upset if I were in Meiko’s situation. Would my reactions make me the “annoying girl” to everyone around me? It might. But that wouldn’t make me an unrealistic person. I would be the person who beats myself up while all my friends just want to care about me. That’s who the Chosen Children are. Meiko doesn’t know that yet. She doesn’t know how unconditional their love for other Chosen Children is. She wasn’t there for Yamato and Taichi’s original power struggles. She wasn’t there for the acceptance of Ken. Is she allowed to be a Chosen Child and get to learn all of those things? Absolutely. The Chosen Children is a family that’s meant to grow exponentially.

Listen, Digimon fandom. I don’t have much say or weight in this fandom…but I want to start some SERIOUS Meiko positivity. I want to spread this like wildfire that Meiko is IMPORTANT. And most of all, I want to stress that if do not tag your hate and negativity, you need to check yourself. ]

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Hi! How do you feel about the 5th Ova's poster? I mean, it would be awesome if the reason Hikari got all dark was because someone (most likely meiccomon) hurt Taichi. The leader of the chosen children being attacked. I love Taichi with all my heart, but I think that situation would add a nice touch to the new season. What is your opinion?

Hello there!! Welp, I don’t think I would stop screaming if that ever happened!

To be honest I can’t think of many things capable of pissing Hikari off, let alone to trigger Tailmon’s Ultimate evolution to Ofanimon Falldown Mode out of anger. Something happening to Taichi is a surprisingly good call - the thought didn’t even cross my mind.

But the trigger can be something as simple as Tailmon herself getting angry for seeing Hikari badly injured. I don’t know how far I can go here.

Like, I agree the thought of a dark-Hikari is tempting, because every chosen child until now has been forced to face and to overcome the opposite to what their crest represent.

  • Everytime the situation recalls Taichi makes up his mind about something, he can help but wonder about the consequences. In other words: fear;
  • Yamato has struggled to make his friendship with Taichi work; he also displayed some lack of understanding towards Jou;
  • In Part 2 Mimi struggles with her selfish impulses whereas she just wants to stay honest to herself;
  • Jou had trouble being there for people at a time he could barely help himself;
  • Koushirou had to face and to overcome the very notion of ignorance;
  • Takeru faced the consequences of losing hope and not seeking the help others could provide, if only he had faith in a solution;
  • In part 4 Sora had her mother instincts challenged when Piyomon rejected her…

The problem is Hikari isn’t the kind of character who usually reacts with anger towards injustices. I can only think of two instances she could and almost did:

  1. When Wizarmon died
  2. When she found the Numemon enslaved by WaruMonzaemon

About Wizarmon, I fear tri might give in to the temptation of reviving him now the Reboot happened. 

I’m not sure how I would react to him becoming another Leomon. There’s also the known problem of Wizarmon originally belonging to the dimension of Witchelny and in theory the reboot shouldn’t even apply to his case. It’s debatable.

As for the Numemon episode, the only reason it comes to mind is this scene:

There’s a couple of parallels between Hikari and Himekawa that can be taken into account here.

  • Both Maki an Hikari are channelers of the Homeostasis. 
  • Both Tapirmon and Tailmon can be seen as the outcasts of the group, albeit for different reasons.
  • Both possessed-Maki and possessed-Hikari(?) have energized and helped evolve the digimon of their friends in desperate times.

When Hikari asks Tailmon to set the Numemon free in episode 49, we see this cool scene of Hikari’s light energizing both Piyomon and Patamon. This happens in some other episodes here and there, but I love this particular moment for the look Hikari has in her eyes.

I wonder if there’s an underlying pun in how the sonority of the Japanese word Hikari [light] is so close to Ikari [anger]?

Anyway, what really sticks out in this particular episode of Adventure is how everybody seems to workship Hikari in a literal sense, and the girl is surprisingly okay with it. To help things the place they are is oddly similar to a cathedral.

All of this is pure guessing, but in my opinion it would be interesting to see Hikari in tri so sure of herself she would feel the right to judge others and to decide their fate.

The dramatic choice of covering Hikari’s face in the poster of “Symbiosis” seems to imply Hikari is not herself to say the least. When I first looked, however, I legit thought she was half if not entirely possessed. 

What first crossed my mind was Gennai Black teasing Hikari and kidnapping her to make fun of their power as chosen children, but especially to mock the Homeostasis. Perhaps Meiko could tag along and save her before anybody else. Bonus points if Hikari is shown a set of injured 02 children.

The potential is there!

capricorn is dumbledore sitting in his office, peering over his half moon glasses, reading centuries old books, musing the experiences of his life.

cancer is mcgonagall, the mother of hogwarts, the grand sorceress, the protector

pisces is harry standing before the mirror of erised, the escape, reflection of his greatest ideal

virgo is the room for requirement, virgos can find a use for anything, and the room is known to those who know it.. and mercury ruled virgo is the container of knowledge

aquarius is luna lovegood, because they read and think upside down and sideways and back and forth and seem like visitors from other planets

leo is gilderoy lockhart when he is publicising his book and posing for the cameras, embellishing his tales of heroism, pleading for glory. but i think leo is also the quintessential characteristic of the whole story, leo is everything about harry, his altruism, his courage, he is the ‘divine child’ , ‘the chosen one’, and he is really full of heart, leo is the story of good overcoming evil

scorpio is the horcruxes, the containment of soul, the secret to immortality, also the fear of death, suggestive of some scorpio natures. scorpio is also the potions, alchemy, magic, secrets, and sorcery, the forbidden forest

sagittarius is quidditch, the joy, the action, the thrill, and the adventure.

aries is the glory of the triwizard tournament. aries is competition, heroism, honor, and battle. the more danger the more the thrill for aries

taurus is gringotts bank, the guardian of everything valuable

libra is the dance of beauxbatons academy as they enter the great hall, it’s like they really do have bluebirds circling their heads, and every movement is graceful and feminine

gemini is hedwig and the owl delivery, it doesn’t matter if its sunday or if they are sick, the gemini must send the message, and they have wings

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I read your Twitter thread about how Taichi and Hikari's relationship is frustrating yet lovely... and I totally agree! I would LOVE for them to sit down and have an honest conversation about their co-dependencies. But when do you think they'll finally do it? Like, what has to happen for them to realize there's a problem?

  For them to finally have a discussion they’re definitely going to need a push. Some circumstance is going to have to force one of their hands so that their problems are brought out into the open where the other can finally hear them. Or as you said, for them to realize that there is a problem, though this one applies somewhat more to Hikari than Taichi.

   As for how everything could eventually work out, I’ll try to expand on several things. I know you already agree with me, but when I was typing this it somehow also turned into a massive character analysis essay, and I just decided to run with it. Sorry about that, but bear with me, I tried to tie it all into an answer for you.

So first, I’ll need to address one of the more common theories.

Theory: Hikari gets fed up with being coddled and as an independent person of her own she rebels.

I’m pointing this out because I see it around a bit, and it never made any sense to me. This scenario never acknowledges Hikari’s co-dependency or the reason behind it such as her lack of self belief. It seems go with the idea that the cause of their problems is Taichi and if he would just back off everything would be fine. But once you take those issues into account, why is Hikari supposed to suddenly rebel against coddling that she has long accepted and has been dependent on to an unhealthy degree?

In reality, if he suddenly backed off completely Hikari would likely feel abandoned.

So yeah no.

   Now here are some of the things we have to keep in mind when thinking about this.

   For starters, Taichi knows about Hikari’s lack of self preservation, and has known for a long time. He knows that her mindset is why she didn’t say anything to him about how she felt before going out to play soccer that day, and it wasn’t just something like her suddenly getting worse out of the blue.

That’s the kind of girl she is! She’s always thinking about other people before herself, and she’ll never tell anyone that’s she in pain or that she’s having a hard time, even if it kills her!

Adventure Episode 48

However his takeaway from this knowledge was that he was careless for not recognizing what she was doing, and that he has to be the one to protect her - from herself essentially - when she won’t keep her best interests in mind. This was also why he never wanted her to be a Chosen Child. (That needs a full post of its own to be honest.)

The thing is she might not have even wanted to come to this stupid world at all… But when people tell her that the fate of the world is in her hands or something, she could never refuse!

That’s why I’m supposed to look after her and protect her… B-but I…

Adventure Episode 48

Therefore Hikari’s other problems won’t come to light from this path. Taichi doesn’t question the “Why?” as to what feeds into her lack of self preservation to let him see her self-worth problems for what they are. He’ll likely continue to assume it’s part of her “too nice” personality like he has since he was a boy. He knows about the symptom, but doesn’t realize it’s a symptom with a cause.

   As for Taichi’s guilt concerning Hikari, it took a horrifying reminder of her previous episode, and a complete breakdown just to open up to Koushiro. And probably the last person he ever wants to talk about it with is Hikari herself. Having to dig up those wounds with her of all people to talk about, “How he nearly killed her, he’s so sorry, he hasn’t even forgiven himself etc.” he likely considers to be like having his teeth pulled. So while other circumstances could one day bring it to the forefront, this wouldn’t be a conversation starter either.

On a sliding scale of possible confrontations we’re more likely to hear, “I have to protect you! You’re my sister!” come at the beginning, only followed by “I have to protect you! Because you won’t protect yourself!” if the issue is rather pushed. And they would already be in an argument at that point.

If the, “I have to protect you! I nearly let you die before! I can’t let it happen again!” happens then they would already be in the middle of their “sibling relationship discussion” and are throwing all of their problems out into the open.

   Then we have the issue of Hikari’s viewpoint on their relationship. She doesn’t seem to realize that there could anything odd about Taichi’s behavior towards her over the years.

I used to wet the bed a lot, but my brother would always help me. He’d wash my underwear for me in the middle of the night, and later he’d pretend he was the one wet it. He’s really nice.

Adventure Episode 21

No, Hikari, just no. Yes, Taichi is decent kid to be sure, but all of this? This is a giant red flag that something is up, and yet to Hikari that is just the kind of person Taichi is. And since this kind of behavior started rather early in her childhood, it affected how she grew up viewing her brother and sibling relationships in general.

Daisuke: She always has to talk bad about me to everyone. She doesn’t like me… well, I don’t like her either so we’re even.

Daisuke: Why can’t he (Yamato) just shut up? I can say whatever I want about that stupid girl.

Hikari: Stop it, Daisuke-kun! I hate people who talk bad about their siblings.

Adventure 02 Episode 4

To Hikari the kind of relationship she has with her brother is the way it should be, what she considers normal. With the approach she uses here with Daisuke, she’s essentially implying that she doesn’t see a reason why there would be a need to talk badly about a sibling. Though we know that this topic is much more complicated and diverse than Hikari is making it out to be. However with the sort of “normal” that Hikari is used to, making her realize the deeper reasons behind Taichi’s behavior could be difficult. Once again, alternate circumstances would likely have to bring the issue up.

   So with all that in mind, we can start trying to dig into a scenario that would work.

   Digimon Adventure tri. has actually so far slowly been adding more to this issue, in that we’ve watched Hikari try to talk to Taichi in a way we haven’t really seen before. Just having them talk like this is an improvement, but it also stands in regards to the positions they are in at the moment.

   It’s been arduous to watch Hikari try to gain better self determination over the course of the series. Her problems - as already mentioned here - made it difficult as it was, and unfortunate incidents like this that encouraged her to stifle her determination, would only make it harder. But eventually over the years her desire to be able to help has overridden her lack of self confidence.

(Though this change didn’t happen entirely for all the right reasons, I’ll get to that later (1))

Therefore by her teens Hikari has given extra determination that she was missing before.

The results are that now when she talks to Taichi, she’s been more well… candid than she was before.

Taichi: Forget it. I know you’re all too busy to come see me play.

Hikari: So you do mind.

Taichi: No way!

Hikari: You do. There’s no mistake. Or rather maybe you’re disappointed?

Taichi: Not over something like that, no way.

Saikai Part 1

Hikari: There’s something you don’t want to face? Is that why you can’t talk to Yamato-san?

Taichi: Just got to sleep already.

Ketsui Part 3

Hikari is now more willing to push Taichi when he doesn’t want her to, to try to get him to open up when before she might have just backed off. She has some new determination, but in a way that makes sense from what we’ve seen of her character so far. Rather than some kind of teenage rebellion, it’s her desire to help others like her brother that may be pulling the both of them into a confrontation with each other

Because this scene in Ketsui Part 4 makes me wonder.

Her confrontation with Jou is a part of her newfound confidence, but could it have involved double talk, like what happened with Taichi and Yamato’s argument over Jou earlier?

Jou-senpai, you said you wanted a reason, right? A reason for what? For fighting? Or a reason why we’re the Chosen Children? Jou-senpai, you’ve forgotten something important. You and Gomamon were chosen together as partners. Do you need a reason for that? Who cares about being an adult or a child? You two are partners.

Not only was she confronting Jou, but it may have been that Hikari was venting her frustrations over her brother on him. Possibly telling Jou what she hasn’t been able to tell Taichi.

   Now let’s contrast all of this to Taichi who is obviously hyper sensitive right now over what could go wrong. He’s always had problems coping with what could be the worst possible outcome in a situation and has done whatever he can to prevent it. By never learning to properly deal with his problems other than trying to fix them, prevent them, or even how to forgive himself, it has helped compound everything into the situation we see now. So while moments like him hanging up on Hikari in Saikai Part 2 rather than get her involved aren’t surprising, they have a new extra layer of fear that they didn’t have before.

Taichi is really on edge at the moment, and Hikari is a long time sore point for him. Now however she has this newfound determination to help, and he doesn’t really want her to.

That could lead to the confrontation we’ve been waiting for. Over the years Hikari has slowly improved, while Taichi has been getting worse. It’s somewhat pushing them on collision course with each other.

In this opening scenario, the contrast of their viewpoints, in addition to how bad the danger is at the moment, could be what forces Taichi’s hand to say things he would rather not, if he considers it to be for her sake. Things like that, “I have to protect you! Because you won’t protect yourself!” And with Hikari’s current better understanding of her brother as compared to before, she might finally start to piece together the puzzle of “Why?” that she’s been missing for so long. Once she does then the fallout will begin.

In any confrontation, Hikari would be upset to learn about any kind of role she played in Taichi’s issues, and would likely counter with her personal views about him and herself, which would only make them both feel worse actually. But this kind of thing is just a messy process in and of itself.

    Of course I need to point out that Hikari isn’t necessarily where she should be yet, and tri. material has been referencing her brother complex on a regular basis for awhile now. And since her co-dependency goes back to her lack of self confidence and so on, obviously everything isn’t well. (1) Also remember her new determination comes from her wanting to help everyone. But what about helping herself? How much does Hikari value herself these days in comparison to before? 

It’s important because the major source of Hikari’s problems for a long time has been her unwillingness to believe in herself. This is why she has been a dependent. Many times when Hikari thought she couldn’t depend on others in the past she melted down. Her arc in 02 was to help teach her that she could rely on people besides her brother, but in the end it’s still being dependent on others.

Takeru was absolutely right.

But Hikari wasn’t ready for that.

So Miyako met her at half way.

But then what happens when her friends aren’t there and she’s alone?

So far Hikari has learned to focus on someone else when she needs that extra push, but it’s not a substitute for actually believing in yourself when there is nobody else around.

How well Hikari is handling all of these issues could lead to another opening scenario which used to be rather likely and is still possible. And that being her cracking under the weight of a situation to the point where her feelings about it are exposed like before. This time however Taichi gets to overhear it, or she coincidentally loses her composure in front of him directly. “I can’t do it anymore! I can’t! I’m not like you!”

In this situation, the discovery of Hikari’s low self-esteem when comparing herself to him would definitely set a discussion off. Now even more so with how Taichi has been feeling about himself lately.

In any scenario, what has to come up in a proper conversation between them are Taichi’s guilt and Hikari’s lack of self belief. The opening scenario that brings at least one of those topics out into the open and allows the other to follow will be the one that will let them have an honest conversation.

How can I control my moods?

Sometimes the weather is bright and sunny; sometimes it is all dark. In the spiritual life also, unless we have access to the inner sun, doubt can come and destroy our joy. Fear can come, lack of confidence can come, every undivine quality can come. What we need is inner happiness. Quite often I see you people laughing and joking, but that is not actually inner happiness. When you are inwardly happy, then you see that you are really making progress. Again, from inner happiness you can get outer happiness also. When outer happiness comes due to inner achievement, inner progress, then that outer happiness is real happiness. Otherwise, the so-called outer happiness is not genuine happiness.

In your case, what actually happens very often is that you feel inferior, which is absurd. You feel that so-and-so is superior to you. If I ask you how many people in the Centre are superior to you, then you will tell me that everybody, everybody is superior. Why do you have to think of them as superior and yourself as inferior? Just think of yourself as my spiritual child, as God’s chosen child. Here we are all God’s chosen children.

The inferiority complex creates a problem in your life. If somebody writes a poem or speaks to me, then immediately you feel inferior. I am so happy to tell you that in your case it is not jealousy that creates problems. In your case it is an inferior feeling, but that is also undivine. Please feel that it is not your problem whether somebody is superior or inferior to you. Your problem is to make progress for yourself. When you make real progress, at that time you will see that others are also making progress.

Please do not consciously cherish the feeling of inferiority. In God’s family there are many persons. If one member of the family starts feeling that he is inferior, then he will always remain inferior in the mind, whether he is actually inferior or not. But if he thinks of himself always as a member of the family, then the question of superiority and inferiority does not arise.

- Sri Chinmoy, Four intimate friends: insincerity, impurity, doubt and self-indulgence

The Story of Vampire Michaela, Vol 1 - Prologue -

Disclaimer: This light novel is written by Kagami Takaya and illustrated by Yamamoto Yamato. I do not profit from this.

I just wanted to help bring some translation of the new novel so I teamed up with an anonymous translator. Please note that while this is being translated from the original Japanese text, the translator is not a professional so there may be mistakes. Any illustrations included are self provided.

Viewer discretion is advised.

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Volume 1, Prologue - Creed

This is a story of vengeance.
It goes way back to the genesis of vampires, it’s the story of how the angel Michaela fell from heaven into the unsightly earth.

“Ohh, God. God. Give me your blood…”

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Fun fact: Imperials have the practice of ‘blessing’ or assigning their newborns with various tree types –they have an extensive library of trees that used to exist in the wastes before the big magical bang– and, if they can, leave small branches or bundles of sticks from their chosen tree near the child’s crib, for protection. Vishna’s was the sour cherry tree, and after she learnt that her mother considered naming her after it… that’s pretty much what she did herself. Tree or plant names in general are popular amongst Imperials.

[Vasiliy’s is the basil plant, also named after his grandpa.]


Dear Toei Animation, I understand you want to draw some fanservice and remain us Koushiro has a crush on Mimi, but please …

Do not draw him in this way. 

He doesn’t look shy or intimidated, but he seems a little perverted, and Koushiro was never this kind of person. 

Do not get me wrong, Koushiro is my fav chosen child and I ship Koumi, but sometimes I really dislike this ”obsessed geek” stereotype in animes