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the 1975: connection between their songs

So, hm. I made a connection between some of The 1975 songs. (And it may makes sense or not, so. Beware.)

The first one, is The City. Well, The City isn’t really important to this theory, but the chorus (if you wanna find love then you know where the city is) will be useful as the theory goes on.

So, okay. I think the first song is She Way Out:
“With a face from a movie scene / Or magazine, you know what I mean” Matty met a girl who is really pretty, it is probably the first time he sees her in a long time or something like that, and as the music plays, you know they’re at a party because she is dancing and “she said “It’s not about your body it’s just social implications are brought upon by this party that we’re sitting in.” Maybe Matty tried to kiss her and she said he wasn’t her type. But you can see he still thinks she’s pretty.

Then, there’s Fallingforyou. And when he sings “You said someday we might / when I’m closer to your height” that means that maybe when she said in She Way Out that is not about his body blah blah blah, it’s because maybe he’s shorter than her (social implications that boys have 2 be bigger than the girls)
But you can see that Matty really likes this girl and their friendship is starting to turn into something bigger.

Robbers is one of my favorite songs of the 1975 because of its multiples meanings and one of them is that it is about a failing relationship. I use this one for this theory.
So, we have reached the turning point: Matty repeats the magazine part (she had a face straight outta magazine / God only knows but you’ll never leave her) so you can see he’s still singing about the same girl. And he loves her and can’t imagine them apart. But, as the music goes on, you can realize that their relationship aren’t the same. He begs her to stay with him and, while she leaves, she begs him to stay, too.

Change of Heart: it’s when Matty starts asking himself why he likes that girl so much (was it your breasts from the start?). He had a change of heart and realizes that this girl isn’t who his heart made him think she was. Everybody’s knows that Matty is an smoker, so when she “lit the wrong end of the cigarette” he may have perceived that she isn’t so clever as she claimed and maybe that she wasn’t the person he wanted to share his whole life and all this romantic crappy.
When he sings “you used to have a face straight out of a magazine / Now you just look like anyone” it’s like he’s breaking the whole concept of their relationship. He doesn’t thinks she’s THAT pretty no more and doesn’t love her too. This is reinforced when, back at the song, he sang “finding a girl who is equally pretty won’t be hard” she is pretty, but he’s now aware that there’s a lot of girls who are equally beautiful too.
Remember when I talked about The City earlier? So. When he sings “I never found love in the city” it’s like: Matty. You just broke the chorus of your band’s most famous song. Wow. I love you.

There’s come Somebody Else. (!!!)
They’re now apart, maybe for awhile maybe for just a couple of days. She’s with somebody new and he’s still mourning their breakup. He sings about how their love gone wrong and how he kinda miss her. But, at the final of the song, he just says “fuck that” and that’s it. Fuck that.

So, after all this conspiracy theory, I think I may be crazy, but I really needed some “timeline” of their songs. (Btw, if someone has one, pls sent to me) also, I’m accepting suggestions to improve this one.

How Our Standard for “Bad” Rappers Has Changed

I remember when I was a kid, I thought Lil Wayne was trash. Many traditionalists thought of him as the death of good rap. His commercial success was seen as a bastardization of the style that rappers like Jay-Z and Eminem created before him. His voice was annoying, his subject matter was crude, and he used the forbidden tool: autotune. But the youth is always on the right side of history, and they embraced the new wave he was creating. Now, he is one of the most successful artists of all time. He kickstarted the careers of Drake, Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, and more. His prolific work ethic has influenced rappers like Future, Young Thug, and Gucci Mane. His use of autotune has made it a staple in most commercial hip-hop we hear today. I will never call Lil Wayne one of the best rappers, but I will always defend him as being one of the most important. Today, if anyone says that Lil Wayne is wack, they just sound like a fool. Since his rise, there have been so many rappers so much worse than him that have received the same amount of hype and success that he did (although they might not have lasted as long). I don’t think that every generation of rap is getting worse, but I do think that each generation of consumers if lowering the standard of what it takes to be successful as a rapper. But maybe I’m being unfair. Maybe Lil Pump really is as legitimate as J. Cole. and even though nobody can argue that he is as good of a lyricist as Cole, most people don’t care. 

I think this phenomenon is most obvious when looking at the history of the XXL Magazine Freshman Class. Now, I don’t think anyone should expect XXL to choose the best rappers from each year. Instead, they choose the hottest rappers of the last year, and it’s pretty objective. When looking at all of the Freshman covers, there is a very gradual trend of “wacker” MCs being chosen each year. Of course, there are great and trash rappers each year, but the proportion of good to bad becomes more offset on each cover. I’m sure a lot of old heads in 2009 cringed when they saw Asher Roth on the same cover as Wale and Curren$y. People probably laughed in 2011 when Lil B was with Kendrick Lamar and Yelawolf. Same with Iggy Azalea, Chief Keef, and Fetty Wap in their respective years. Then 2016′s cover came out, and there was outrage. “Lil Yachty? Lil Uzi Vert? Desiigner? Kodak Black?? 21 Savage??? How the fuck are you going to put these dudes on the same page as Dave East?” I would imagine many people exclaimed as they slammed their canes on the ground and tore the grey beards off their face. Look, lyrically speaking, Lil B is pretty bad. But if you look back to his cypher, he is LIGHTYEARS ahead of most of the rappers on the 2016 list. But as per usual, XXL was right. All of the “bad” rappers from that year had proven to be the most successful rappers of the next year. I predict the same will be true for this year’s class, with rappers like  Playboi Carti, Ugly God, and MadeinTYO having the most impact this year. But if this is anyone’s fault, it is ours, not XXL’s.

Like Lil Wayne, a lot of people hated these “mumble rappers” at first. But artists like Future, Migos, Lil Yachty, and Young Thug are dominating the scene, and are giving way to more and more rappers who (for the most part) don’t really have anything meaningful to say. Even Iggy Azalea had a message (sometimes) and had a flow of a traditional rapper. Now we have lyrics like this, courtesy of Lil Pump:

100 on my wrist, 80 on my wrist (what?)
100 on my wrist, 80 on my wrist (brr)
100 on my wrist, 80 on my wrist (ooh)
100 on my wrist, 80 on my wrist

D Rose, D Rose, D Rose, D Rose
D Rose, D Rose, D Rose, D Rose
D Rose, D Rose, D Rose, D Rose
D Rose, D Rose, D Rose, D Rose”

Wow, what a chorus. Just looking at this, you would think this song is terrible, but it’s pretty lit. And THAT is what is becoming more and more important today. The younger generation does not seem to have as much interest in listening to songs about the struggles of life. They want feel-good, drug-induced party music, which is where these new artists thrive. To be totally fair, Most of these “bad” rappers of today are not making the radio like Lil Wayne and Iggy did. That is a platform still mostly-dominated by great lyricists like Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean. But more of them are making their way into the airways than usual. After reading this, you probably think I don’t like this change. But I really just find it interesting. I listened to Lil Yachty’s “Lil Boat” mixtape almost every day last summer. I knew he wasn’t a great lyricist, but he has had so much influence on me as an artist melodically and production-wise. I would say Eminem is my favorite rapper, but I listen to Yachty and Uzi way more. Why? Because it’s modern and more relatable to my generation. Part of the reason why Eminem was so successful at his time (besides simply being the best) was the amount he created around himself. But the same things about him that the older generation hated were the parts the kids related to the most. But the difference still remains: Eminem is a far superior lyricist to any of the “bad” rappers that I mentioned. I don’t really know why this change is happening, and I certainly don’t want to assume that kids simply don’t want to think that hard. But like the trash rappers before them, I predict they will prove to be on the right side of hip-hop history. 

My last note on this change is that most of these new mumble rappers are blowing up way earlier in their career than generations before them. While rappers like 50 cent had to put out a ton of mixtapes before he got famous, a lot of these rappers are going viral from a couple of songs at the age of 17. Perhaps the poor lyrical skill of these rappers is in part because they have not had any time to develop themselves. Maybe in 2023 Lil Pump will be the new Logic. Only time will tell. 

EDIT: Which brings me to the biggest question of all (thanks to my friend Tyler Goss for helping with this thought) and that is WILL THEY LAST? It’s safe to say that the old heads have pretty much given up on expecting these rappers to be able to freestyle (except XXL, but thats more for the sake of tradition) so there is no one really trying to weed them out. In addition, all these mumble rappers have highly dedicated fans, most of which are the same age as them. These artists make it extremely easy to stay this dedicated because they release music so often and are so involved on social media that it is hard to forget about them, a method taken from Drake. However, what will happen when these fans grow up? Like I said, these rappers may mature into deeper lyricism and a wider subject matter as time goes on, but what if they don’t? 30 year old rap fans (hopefully) are not going to have much interest  in “YEAH I got that ice on my wrist! YEAH I got your bitch on my dick!”. And the newer generation might still be into that, however at that point the artist will be too old for them to really relate to. I think that the best thing that these rappers can do is to grow up WITH their current fans. Trying to act younger than you are (*cough* Jamie Foxx) doesn’t really go well, but showing your fans that you are in the same place in life as them is what keeps them fucking with you. I have no idea if this is the answer, but I know that these rappers are at least living the dream right now.

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Weekly Idol ( Jimin )

REQUEST — Jimin oneshot when you’re in a girl group, and Weekly Idol invited your group and BTS. Everyone tease Jimin and you because Jimin said you were his ideal type and you mentionned that you liked Jimin’s laugh. Wow I’m sorry it’s so confusing ! Thank u!

( random girl group — Y/G/N )

A/N — I googled random Korean names but you can just pretend it’s other names when you read it. I made Y/G/N a 4 member group so I don’t have to look for so many Korean names hehe.


“Welcome to Weekly Idol! Today we have (Y/G/N) who recently made a comeback! Let’s welcome them in!” Hyung Don and Defconn clapped as your recent comeback song played. All of you stood in one line and faced the camera. Your group’s leader, Sun Mi, started the greeting. “1,2,3. Hello, we’re (Y/G/N)!”

Hyung Don faced your group, “How’s it like with your new comeback? Are you girls the top dog now? All the boys fainting from seeing you?”

The four of you laughed while shaking your heads. “(Y/N), I’ve heard that you’ve been catching quite some attention from some male idols?”

Your eyes widened as you looked at the two MCs. “Really? I’ve never heard that.”

Defconn nodded his head and clapped his hands together. “Do you know Bangtan Sonyeondan?” Your whole group nodded your head in response. “Jimin from BTS actually said that you were his ideal type.” Hyung Don continued.

Your members squealed teasingly as they smacked you in the back. Feeling embarrassed, you covered your cheeks while looking at the 2 MCs in disbelief. “Are you sure?” You questioned them and they nodded their head.

“Yes! They said it the last time they came on Weekly Idol.” Defconn confirmed. Hyung Don smiles cheekily, “Well now that you know you’re his ideal type, name one thing you like about Jimin! Go!”

You thought as quickly as you can, your brain scanning through the performances you’ve seen and backstage interviews. “I like Jimin’s laugh.” You answered. Your leader teasingly hugged you, “Our (y/n) is growing up now.”

“You’ll thank us later for that.” Defconn spoke and you looked at him in confusion. Hyung Don and Defconn looked at the cameras and announced something that none of you were expecting. “Now on this weekly idol, we have another guest who made their comeback recently as well! Bangtan Sonyeondan!”

All of you clapped as you watched them enter the scene and you bowed at each other in respect. Your mind was in a mess but you were trying not to show it. First they tell you you’re his ideal type? Then ask you what you like about him on television? And now they’re right in front of you!

After they made their introduction, the 2 MCs spoke. “Jimin why are you at that end? Come stand beside Hyung.” Defconn gestured the male to stand beside him and he listened obediently. “(Y/n), come stand beside me as well!” Hyung Don called you. Shyly, you swapped placed with Soon Bok and stood beside the MC.

“Defconn, as MCs we should stand in front right?” Hyung Don faced his partner who nodded his head in agreement. “You’re right. Come on let’s stand in front.” They two walked up, leaving an empty space between you and Jimin. You were feeling very nervous and attacked, you avoided making eye contact at all cost.

The two turned around to face both groups, “Ah the empty space is so awkward. Can you guys close it up?” They teased; everyone was laughing loudly except for the two of you. “Jimin-ah! Move in!”

“Yea (y/n), close up the gap!” Your members teased you openly. You were mentally killing them already, to you, they were already dead.

“So Jimin what’s it like standing next to your ideal type?” Jimin just gave a shy smile while opening his mouth but no words came out. Jimin was nervous but mostly embarrassed from what happened. He was frozen when they told you that you were his ideal type. Jimin felt unusually very happy when you said you liked his laugh.

Not knowing what to say, he let out an awkward laugh. Hyung Don gasped and looked at you, “(y/n)! (Y/n)! Jimin laughed! Was it nice?”

You laughed aloud in embarrassment, stepping back from the group. “Ah it’s so fun to tease Hyung.” Jungkook clapped. “Jeon Jungkook!” Jimin glared at the group’s maknae.

The MCs moved on to the different sections, both groups successfully passed Random Play Dance. You felt nervous the entire time, you could feel that he was looking at you. You didn’t say it to anyone but Jimin was your favourite from BTS. You liked his personality, his laugh, his appearance. Maybe he was also your ideal type? But you obviously couldn’t say that.

The food arrived and you were all about to eat when Hyung Don spoke. “Should Jimin feed (y/n)?” You froze after what he had said. You knew from the very moment when BTS walked in, they were going to tease the two of you—a lot. You mentally prepared yourself for it but you felt so shy with him there.

You looked up and made eye contact with Jimjn who gave you a small shy smile which you returned. “Aw look they made their first couple contact!” Hyung Don gushed and everyone followed. You turned to look at your leader who seemed to be enjoying it a lot. You playfully glared at her who just returned an innocent look at you.

Luckily, they didn’t push Jimin to feed you, if not you would have died from embarrassment already. Defconn took the infamous lie detector, you saw how it worked. You figured as long as you stay calm it’ll be accurate.

“V why don’t you go first.” He passed it to V. “Do you think Jimin and (y/n) will make a cute couple?” V smiled cheekily and looked at Jimin who was giving a subtle glare at his friend.

“Yes!” He answered cheerfully. You all waited for a brief moment before there was a ‘sing’ sound. “He isn’t lying! They’ll make a cute couple!” The two MCs announced loudly and almost everyone was cheering and clapping. The lie detector was handed to Jimin and he was talking V about the lie detector. “Just stay calm!” V told him.

“Do you think (y/n) is the prettiest here right now?”

Jimin laughed shyly and glanced at you to see you looking directly at him. “Y-Yes,” he answered quietly but loud enough for everyone to hear. Jimin was telling himself to stay calm while he waited. On the other hand, your heart was beating very fast. You wished you could’ve met Jimin under different circumstances so that you two could be friends normally. However, you figured that now it was going to be more awkward whenever you two meet.


“IT’S TRUE!” Hyung Don exclaimed. Your group members laughed while nudging you playfully. “Woah! Woah!” J-Hope was gasping while looking at Jimin playfully.

The lie detector was handed over to you. “Do you think Jimin is boyfriend material to you?” Defconn asked and your eyes almost popped out from its sockets. Jimin was looking at you with a small smile on his face and he looked so handsome just sitting there you could’ve died.

“Say no! Say no!” Your leader whisper-yelled.

You turned to hear and replied, “Say no?”

“Just say it!” Soon Bok nudged you and you immediately said no, facing the MCs. Jimin felt a bit hurt when you said no although he knew you were being forced to by your group members.

Suddenly, you screamed and immediately jumped up from your seat. “It’s a lie!!! Jimin is boyfriend material!!!” Everything broke loose after that, your members and the members of bangtan were running around screaming 'oh my gosh’ while the two of you sat frozen in your place.

“Both Jimin and (y/n) are the main vocalists right?” They asked after everyone had settled down. You nodded your head, looking at MC, preparing yourself of what’s to come. “Why don’t they do a duet here on Weekly Idol?”

“They need time to rehearse though.” J-Hope joined in. Defconn got the two of you to stand up and brought you to the side. “You two can take off your microphones and rehearse. We’ll call you back soon okay?” He smiled, patting you two on the back.

The two of you were backstage, realizing that you two actually had to perform a mini duet. “What is this.” You breathed out once Defconn walked back to the others to continue the segment. Jimin shrugged, “I guess well… I should introduce myself properly first. It’s nice to meet you, I’m Jimin.”

You smiled and shook his hand, “It’s nice to meet you too, my name is (Y/N).” The two of you chose a duet song and prepared it for 2minutes before they called you back into the scene.

“The staff has already prepared 2 mic stands for you. Let’s clap for the new couple duet!” Everyone cheered happily for the two of you. You two sang (a duet song) acapella version while everyone was actually silent for once, enjoying your short version. Once you two finished singing just the chorus, they clapped enthusiastically for the two of you. “Wow their voices really blend very well don’t you guys think so?” Hyung Don asked the other members who were just as mesmerized as the MCs.

“Thank you.” The two of you bowed shyly. Defconn pointed towards the camera and said, “This is a sign that these two need to make a duet song together soon.”

“And appear on We Got Married!” Hyung Don added and everyone laughed again. 'Back to teasing again.’ You thought to yourself.

Soon, you were down filming for Weekly Idol and they brought you to the lounge room to have snacks before heading to your other schedules. “Hey (y/n)!” Jimin called out your name as you walked out towards the lounge room where your group members were.

“Oh hi Jimin.” You greeted him with a bright smile, ignoring your loud thumping heartbeat. He smiled at you while rubbing the back of his neck, “I was thinking if we could exchange numbers or something? To you know… Keep in contact? If it’s alright with you I mean you don’t have—”

“It’s fine Jimin.” You laughed, finding his nervous side really cute, “I’d like that.” Jimin flashed a happy cheerful smile at you, taking out his phone and handed it to you. “I’m sorry if it was so awkward during the filming awhile ago.”

“Nah it was fine after awhile. Plus, I’m honoured that I’m your ideal type.” You decided to tease him. Jimin laughed, “And I’m honoured you like my laugh.”

“So… What makes me your ideal type?” You smirked, playfully nudging him. Jimin shook his head smiling at you. “Now that’s a secret.” He winked at you, making you blush slightly.

“Oh I didn’t get the chance to tell you this earlier but you have a really sweet voice.” Jimin complimented you. Your heartbeat quickened as you looked up to meet his eyes. “I liked your voice a lot too.” You returned the compliment.

“Hopefully one day we can sing together again!”

“I’d like that.” You nodded your head and he grinned cutely at you.

“Let’s join the others for snacks?” He gestured to the lounge room. You nodded your head, smiling at him. “Yea sure.” The two of you entered the room together, only to receive more teasing from both your group members.

“It’s our new couple!!”

Let’s just say that their sentence came true, and so did the duet plan suggested by Defconn.

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Born singer (3D version)
Born singer (3D version)


~ this song… wow. just wow. i really REALLY love the chorus. and the curse words :P 

BTS - Born singer (3D version)

listen with good headphones for the best quality
or, if you’re wearing earbuds, listen with both buds :)

enjoy your four minutes in heaven ^.^

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anonymous asked:

Dou u know if LWYMMD have official single cover?i saw some before but i don't if it true…thanks

no its the album cover on the artwork, afaik

Anonymous said:This is by Far her best 1st single release as English lit teacher and geek I tell you the symbolism in the song is off the charts and that Pre-Chorus is just wow and have you notice the closing door in the lyric video with I got harder I got smarter GENIUS,and as far as bad review goes well if some one calls me out for my bullshit I would Not give them a good review would I ;-) .

i absolutely agree. the symbolism is on so many levels i could write essays. Well i have actually !! haha Sorry To My Friends. 

Anonymous said:I don’t know about you but I’d like very much to share my life with ‘that hot Joe kid’ he’s looks and sounds like pretty much an adult to me. Jealous pple are so transparent…

hahahah i missed this one last night cause i fell asleep but yes. transparent and just a hater. 

Anonymous said: I don’t see how an artist who sells 200k-300k their first week wouldn’t be #1 When every artist on the current charts is selling 30k-50k a week.

oh she will get that spot.

Anonymous said: Oh wow Joseph Khan said that they started to create the concept and plan for the music video in January and shot in May. I guess she had finished the album already at the start of the year if she knew what the first single was. Did we miss any clues of her shooting in May?

i dont think she necessarily finished the album and selected all the songs  or as nec done writing, even though she knew the lead single. Anyway, yeah there was that guy who commented on ig about her having shot the most $$$ mv of all time that past week in LA, this was right before mother’s day when tmz caught her at her mom’s house. 

Anonymous said:I’m worrying about belle too. She has stopped posting before the end of the trial and yet she was covering it actively. Then nothing about the verdict and nothing about Tay’s new single. It’s really really weird. Her last post about never forgetting is weird too.

so 13 days ago. hopefully she is back soon. sometimes people take breaks…? @belleswift17 come back be here people are worried girl!! 

Anonymous said:What time do the vmas start? And what time do you think Taylor will present the video?

5pm pst/8pm est and it’s supposed to be near the beginning

  • money: basically just take it. take all of it.
  • hey everybody: we're all broke as fuck from buying 5sos shit but yo we can still be rich
  • permanent vacation: michael
  • jet black heart: fucks me up every time
  • catch fire: luCAS ROBERT HEMMINGS
  • safety pin: what a jam
  • waste the night: oh shit im gonna waste the night listening to this one ok the drums are wonderful and the chorus is so wow i just love it so much
  • vapor: love it but u cant fit me inside ur vape pen sry
  • the girl who cried wolf: i lyke this a lot
  • broken home: i was so unprepared for the amount of emotion in this song and the amount of emotion that flows out of me when i listen to it yall you can literally hear how much this song means
  • fly away: the drums fuck me up and this is just such a jam okok
  • airplanes: this song starts off with michael wow just fuck me up already ! BUT ALSO DAMN THIS SONG SOUNDS SO GOOD AND FEELS EVEN BETTER
  • san francisco: the second verse of this song is the cutest thing ive ever heard and the entire song is a religious experience
  • outer space/carry on: religious experience #2, outer space gets me goin and those are real ocEAN WAVES AND THEN THERES CARRY ON AND ITS BEAUTIFUL
  • sgfg as a whole: this album is my new favorite thing ever. the interludes are really relaxing and theyre such nice transitions between songs and every single song brings so much to the table. 5sos have matured so much since their self-titled album..their voices are so much stronger, the lyrics are so powerful, and this album is incredible.