the chorus is great

Song: Hey Lover
Artist: Blake Mills
Year: 2010
Why it’s Dope: Great production that is warm and vivid, catchy chorus that is laid-back and fun, solid guitar lines that are memorable and relaxed, and interesting lyrics that add a worthwhile wrinkle to the tune.

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American Beauty/British Psycho

Pairing: Draco x American!Reader

Requested by @kekerocks154pinkHi :) can I have a dracoxreader imagine where the reader is American and when she gets sorted into slythering Draco is super flirty & reader just like bitch please on the outside but inside she’s like OMFG!! please and thanks 😊

A chorus of jittery anticipation ripples through the Great Hall like disrupted water; rhythmically accompanying the percussion of your thumping heart. 

“An American?” “The hell are they doing here?!” “They’re not aliens, Ronald.” “I don’t like Americans.” “Stop being so unjustifiably bigoted!” Fragments of unrepressed converstations reach your pounding ears. Naturally, your confidence plummets. 

Gently resting your aching forehead against the oak doors, you revel in the coolness it provides. You’d been at Ilvermorny for the most part of your school years and had become greatly fond of the magic school. Unfortunately however, your parents had decided to now send you here as apparently, Hogwarts is considered to be the most “desired” school to send your child to.

A firm hand grasping your shoulder jolts you from your position. You look back to see the sympathetic, albeit stern, face of Professor McGonagall.

“It’s time for your sorting, Miss (Y/L/N).” she gestures authoratively. You nod shakily in reply. Pausing momentarily, you let the agonisingly loud buzz of chatter eliminate all the stress and anxiety coursing through you. Mindfulness: handy method of keeping unwanted thoughts at bay. You heave in a deep breath before composedly striding through the Doors of Inescapable Judgement.

“SLYTHERIN!” the oddly charismatic Sorting Hat bellows to the room. The table to the far right erupts in cheers and applause. You don’t miss the sanctimonious smirks emitting from them as you elegantly stride towards it. 

You catch the piercing gaze of an unquestionably handsome Slytherin boy not too far from where you’re stood. Conveniently, a vacant seat lays oposite him. 

Your delicate face holds a slight smirk as you saunter towards the seat and sit gracefully. The and the infuriating pointing begins. The Slytherins surrounding you stare reproachfully. Almost as though they’re assessing and judging every aspect of you; though undoubtedly interested in what qualities you may possess. Dirty looks and silent sneers are shared between one another and directed at you. You growl quietly under your breath. 

“I’m Malfoy, Draco Malfoy.” The platinum haired boy which had intrigued you only moments ago regains your attention. You drink in his angelic-seeming figure, closely. From the impeccable strands of his platinum hair to his cobalt irises which bind you into place; almost like the feeling of being put under the petrification spell.

You raise your eyebrows slightly. Use of his surname before his first…If you’re to guess, you’d say that he comes from a rather well-known family, possibly even feared, and is proud enough that he flaunts whatever power comes with the name. That, and he’s most likely an arrogant prick. Well, a debonair one at that. 

(Y/L/N), (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” you mimic teasingly. There’s something you can’t quite place about him that you find mysterious.

He rests his arms upon the mahogany table and leans closer to you. Dazedly staring transfixed as a seductive smirk spreads across his face, you barely catch his words.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, (Y/N).” he says lowly. The drum in your chest resumes its frantic performance. For fear of blushing and allowing his devilish antics to get to you, you fold your arms in indignance. 

“Likewise.” you say with a hint of sass. 

Disbelief and wonder consume your expression as a vast assortment of ambrosial foods. 

“Do they not teach magic at Ilvermorny?” Draco laughs. The Slytherins within ear-shot snigger in response.

“Well aren’t you funny?” you say dryly in a manner of well disguised awe at the sound of his laugh.

“Apparently so.” he smirks evily. He lifts a pale hand and brushes a lock of your (H/C) hair behind your ear while leaning closer. “So tell me then, what do they teach you there?” he asks huskily. 

The table erupts into demeaning laughter at his question. This time you can’t hold in a blush at the suggestive smoothness which seems to just emit from him.

You watch him move away slightly and stare at you with a daring and triumphant expression. After a moment you say, “I gurantee a whole lot more than you’ve ever experienced.” you smirk and wet your lips slightly. The Slytherin’s all chime in with, “oooooohhhhhs” at your comment and you cock your head slightly at Draco who seems to be at a loss for words. 

This time it’s you who leans in, “I suppose I could help you learn, sometime. Granted you can keep up with my pace.” you mutter seductively and then continue eating as though nothing is out of the ordinary. 

Though when you look up at Draco, you can’t help but snigger at his dazedly shocked expression. 

songs i repeat listened to this year (like sometimes ¾ times in a row cus i liked them so much)

Porches - Mood

the electric keyboard @ the start made me wanna hear it 50 times when i 1st heard it

Blouse - Into Black

the start guitar!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!! best 2010s goth song ever

The Sundays - Can’t Be Sure

i love her voice!!!!! and the last minute of this song kills me its so happy

Cigarettes After Sex - K

just released like a month ago wen i 1st heard it i loved it. lyrics r kinda cringe (like most of their songs) but dam if this isnt one of the nicest songs to come out of this year its really calming

Pure Bathing Culture - Pendulum

i 1st heard this like 5 months ago n didnt like it, but came back to it a few weeks ago and its actually really good. great dream pop chorus!!! (fuk tumbler doesnt let me put any more videos in)

Airiel - In Yr Room

even tho its like 9 minutes long, ive listened to it 15 odd times now becuz its so good and doesnt feel that long at all. its the best post-90s shoegaze song for me to be honest, check those guitars!!!

the all-beautiful

the all-beautiful
distance of
the evening landscape,
free in it’s peaceful evil,

being bathed with
the greatness of flowing
blue, breathed

the humming
chorus, whispers
of birds calming
themselves long into
the evening,

with a slight bending
of the branch
where the weight adds to
the balance of everything

It has become restful
there are no angels
in any form there
is no heaven, only
the eyes wandering
as their own sky,

the thousands
of hearts gathering
at and below
their existence,

in the solace
of darkness

a single word
to say,
it dreams on.

Let me tell you about the women that I be chilling with
Told me nobody love her and so she cut her wrist
Not enough for the hospital but cut it close
That’s why she want to get high because she’s feeling low
Told me pour me a vodka, pill and little smoke
So I could numb her insides and we will never know

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my favorite part of great comet is when the chorus says “pierre the cuckold sits at home, the poor man” and then pierre turns to the audience and says “no, I am enjoying myself at home this evening!” and then natasha starts talking about how hot hélène is like surprise they’re all gay


Friday, January 13: Anthrax, “The Enemy”

Spreading the Disease was chock full of lovable and enthusiastic traditional metal, with “The Enemy” especially standing out as one of Anthrax’s great dark horses.  Before they went straight thrash on Among the Living and firmly rooted themselves among the Big 4, Anthrax was happily storming the gates with a more straightforward chugging sound whose only real nods to thrash came in the form of gang-vocal choruses and Charlie Benante’s trashcan drumming, and even if their legend would be defined one album later, Spreading the Disease remains one of their best albums, as well as perhaps their most likable. “The Enemy” was a bit simplistic in its description of Nazi Germany, but Scott Ian got the essential points down, and Joey Belladonna delivered his finest vocal performance singing these lines.  But although Belladonna was a hell of a find, the glory of this song was found in the charging primary riff and belligerently fist-pumping chorus: Anthrax would write many great moshers in their career, but “The Enemy” was one of their best epic headbangers, as its seemingly smooth vocals gave way to an ominous bridge before slamming into that amazing chorus. And connecting it all was the band’s genuine love for this style of music, which not only gave the tune an infectious energy, but made it truly come alive.  Heavy metal in the mid ‘80s simply didn’t get much more enjoyable than this.

Paulette Goddard Filmography


Berth Marks

The Locked Door (uncredited)  


City Streets (uncredited)

The Girl Habit

Ladies of the Big House (uncredited)


The Mouthpiece

Show Business (uncredited)

Young Ironsides (uncredited)

Pack Up Your Troubles  (uncredited)

Girl Grief  (uncredited)

The Kid from Spain  (uncredited)


The Bowery

Roman Scandals  (uncredited)


Kid Millions (uncredited)


Modern Times

The Bohemian Girl (uncredited)


The Young in Heart

Dramatic School


The Women

The Cat and the Canary


The Ghost Breakers

The Great Dictator

North West Mounted Police

Second Chorus


The Golden Hour

Hold Back the Dawn

Nothing But the Truth


The Lady Has Plans

Reap the Wild Wind

The Forest Rangers


The Crystal Ball

So Proudly We Hail!


Standing Room Only

I Love a Soldier




The Diary of a Chambermaid


Suddenly It’s Spring


An Ideal Husband


On Our Merry Way



Bride of Vengeance

Anna Lucasta


Bandit General


Babes in Bagdad


The Girl in Room 17

Sins of Jezebel

Paris Model


Charge of the Lancers

The Stranger Came Home


Gli indifferenti

I feel like Mr. “Use the fucking comms” Sirus would get along great with North “Set your goddamn trackers” Dakota.

They’re both purple and snipey. it’s great. Best pals.

Now give me a chorus AU where North is alive instead of Wash and it fucks up Felix and Locus especially because bad at hiding emotions.

The Goblin Cleaver

Andrea was a lady fair, her eyes were bright and sure.

Yet she’d out-wrestle any bear who dared to challenge her.

Yes, Andrea was strong of arm but just as strong of heart.

When goblins sought to do us harm she bravely did her part.


She said she’d kill the goblins and I did not believe her!

But she has saved us all because she is The Goblin Cleaver!

(End of Chorus)

As soon as she was in the cave the goblins did attack!

She knew that this could be her grave if she didn’t watch her back.

She smote the goblins one by one and sometimes five by five.

And when her great attack was done no goblin was alive.


But yet, there was just one more thing to do, she understood.

She must defeat The Goblin King to end the threat for good!

The Goblin King was very tall, taller than mountain peaks!

His flesh was like a meaty wall, immune to sword techniques.


She climbed right up a massive thigh and up his flabby chest.

A weakness she could plainly spy, an ending to her quest.

His skin, it’s true, was tough as stone but big and soft, his eye.

So when she’d climbed up to his head, The Goblin King did die.



This is one of those songs I couldn’t stand on first listen. That chorus is just so great though. Just ignore their hair lol.