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Could you maybe draw Sirius and Remus in the night of their reunion after Harry and Hermione have freed Sirius? Maybe the two of them could stand by the willow and look down at Hogwarts and talk about old times? Thank you and it's fine if you don't do it :) thanks so much for taking requests❤💫

wHOOPS and here comes the angst train



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Okay I just found your "commuters from different schools" Klance AU and it is currently my favorite thing! Idk if you are planning on doing more, but it would make my life if you did(not to push you or anything, it's chill if you don't). I just love a protective Keith, so even if you don't make more of that, even just another protective Keith and innocent lance would make me happy! Also I just found your account so I don't really know if you take suggestions, so sorry if I am over steping!

I love each and every one of you.

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And yes, yes you can expect more art (and quite possibly a lil fic)

I’m currently working on a comic and I totally wanna flesh out some more of the AU ! 

Thank you for all your sweet messages!! 


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Murdering me with that domestic shinsou scenario I'm crying, could you write one about when his s/o was pregnant?

I’m on a Shinsou kick, plus I also like this psychic s/o that I paired him with. Also I hope Shinsou isn’t too ooc. I tried.  

You know something? Being pregnant is really, really hard. The media lies. It does. It’s not all maternal glows and cute pregnancy photos. No, if you aren’t barfing your brains out, then your baby is fitfully kicking at your ribcage keeping you up for hours at a time. And between an aching back and your swollen ankles and the constant fluxing of your hormones, you barely have the energy to even think about keeping your Quirk in check. So one would have to forgive you for every unlucky mirror and unfortunate lightbulb that happened to cross your path because being pregnant is really, really damn hard sometimes.

Shinsou climbs down from the short ladder with the box of lightbulbs tucked under his arm. He walks over to the switch on the wall, giving it a few flicks as a test. This has been the fifth time he’s changed this light this week, not that he’s counting. Shinsou places the extra bulbs back into the spare closet. Just as he collapses the ladder, the hallway lights begin to flicker ominously. He raises an eyebrow as the intensity of the light increases, burning brighter and brighter and brighter until it hurt to look at. Shinsou squints his eyes and turns his head as the glass breaks.

“(Name)?” he calls out as he carefully picks up pieces of shattered glass, “Are you okay?”


“What’s wrong?”

“Being pregnant sucks, Hitoshi.”

He chuckles, tossing the broken bits of lightbulb into a nearby trashcan. He wipes his hands on the back of his jeans before walking into your shared bedroom and leaning against the door frame. You are curled in as tiny a ball as your stomach would allow as you hover above the bed with several other objects orbiting around the room, trapped in your psychic hold. Shinsou steps by the floating clock, stopping and standing next to the bed. 

“I bet it can’t be easy,” he says.

“It’s not.”

He steps onto the mattress and holds his arms a few centimeters underneath you. You peek over at your husband with your tired eyes. He is standing with his arms out to you, smiling his crooked grin. 

“Wanna come down?”

You shrug your shoulders, but float down into his arms anyway. Shinsou cradles you, carefully sitting down the bed with you snuggled against him. You shift so that your back is pressed against his chest, head leaning against his shoulder. Shinsou presses a kiss to your temple as he brings his hand around to rub your round stomach.

“Hitoshi, I’m sorry to say this, but I think I hate you.”

“You hate me?”

“You knocked me up.”

“That I did.”

“Yeah, and because of you I’m huge and gross, I’ve been eating nothing but tuna mixed with yogurt, my back hurts like hell, my boobs are always sore, I can’t get comfortable so I don’t sleep, and I swear I have no idea how my Quirk works anymore. This is all your fault.”

“I’m sorry, (Name). I know it’s gotta be tough, but I know I appreciate it. And I’m sure Hanshin appreciates it too. Is there anything I can do for you?”

His hand is still on your belly, rubbing smooth, calming circles and massaging your sides. Your eyelids start to feel heavy, the tension in your shoulders leaving as you fall into the warmth of his body. There is something so comfortable and safe about being in his arms like this with his hands on your stomach. You swear you can even feel your baby start to relax under his father’s gentle touch. Shinsou smiles to himself when he sees the objects in the room carefully float to the floor. He presses another kiss to your temple.

You hum, “Maybe tell your son to be nicer to me and tell him to let me sleep once in a while. Oh, and I want more tuna and yogurt. Maybe the peach flavor this time. The kind with the little chunks in it.”

“Sure thing. I’ll go to the store for you, but maybe you should rest first.”

“Thanks, Toshi. That’s a good idea,” you mumble tiredly as you slip into slumber, laying against your husband, “And I don’t really hate you. I love you.”

Shinsou chuckles, “I love you, too, (Name).”



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Zoë Kravitz - DIOR HAUTE COUTURE, jewels TIFFANY & CO 
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