the chisel was used for good!

I love BNHA a lot in general but one of my highest praises is for how they handle Bakugou.

Like, the “cool, angry, top-of-his-game rival character who hates the protagonist” is dime-a-dozen in shonen series. That’s who Bakugou is. And its real common to toss a set of rose-tinted glasses on every other character so they all see Rival Guy as cool and amazing and admirable. That way the protagonist has to work extra hard to beat his rival AND prove himself to everyone else, who all just blindly adore Rival Guy.

And BNHA…doesn’t do that. BNHA lets everyone understand that Bakugou is an asshole. He’s strong. He’s talented. He’s a force of nature. The other kids know this, but theyre not blinded by it. They understand he’s unfairly cruel to Deku. They know his ego is a problem. They’re not scared of him or dazzled by him. They take notice when he’s being a problem. They call him out. They tease him.

There’s the bus scene in early season 1 where Deku’s cowering in shock because Good god, these kids have the nerve to mock Bakugou. Because the kids in Deku and Bakugou’s old school were a lot more like the typical shonen characters. They let Bakugou get away with his awfulness because he was Bakugou. The UA kids are a different cut though. They don’t care Bakugou was #1 in the exam. They don’t care that he’s Bakugou.

And heck, half of Bakugo’s character arcs involve him hopping from one angry existential crisis to another, because he’s not always the best, because he can’t win everyone over to his side with confidence, because he can’t accomplish every single thing his inflated ego says he should be accomplishing. The audience witnesses him meet resistance and hardship and consequence for being an egotistical, hot-headed bully. He faces real-world honest consequences for being that kind of terrible person.

Bakugo hasn’t had one definite character-redeeming moment–no “oh you talked sense into me and now im Good™ “. But as the manga goes on, he’s become less volatile, less cocky, less eager to harass Deku. He still is an asshole, but he’s changed. I have a lot of respect for how it’s been handled. Slowly, progressively. His ego has been chiseled down by personal failures, by witnessing how his cocky confidence does harm to himself and others. 

I love that BNHA doesn’t let the cool, powerful, rival character just have his way. I love that BNHA doesnt just whack Bakugo with a single character-redemption arc and pull him through the other side. I love that BNHA shows us what things are whittling down Bakugo, that they take a metaphorical spray bottle to him again and again, pushing him into something less cruel than he was.

And it’s really good.

21 Recommended Books for Writers

As I’ve talked about on my blog several times, an important part of growing as a writer is learning about writing. For years I’ve wanted to compile a list of writing books I’ve read, liked, and recommend. Today I’m happy to say I now have that list to add to my blog (perfect timing for anyone who likes summer reading). I’m sure over time, this list will be added to.

Many writers I’ve talked to have read quite a few of these books. How many have you read? And is there one I need to look into? (You can comment at the bottom).

If you haven’t read any of them, cool. Now you have a list to chose from should you ever want to.

Hundreds of books have been written on the art of writing. Here at last is a book by two professional editors to teach writers the techniques of the editing trade that turn promising manuscripts into published novels and short stories.

In this completely revised and updated second edition, Renni Browne and Dave King teach you, the writer, how to apply the editing techniques they have developed to your own work. Chapters on dialogue, exposition, point of view, interior monologue, and other techniques take you through the same processes an expert editor would go through to perfect your manuscript. Each point is illustrated with examples, many drawn from the hundreds of books Browne and King have edited.


What makes a good story or a screenplay great?

The vast majority of writers begin the storytelling process with only a partial understanding where to begin. Some labor their entire lives without ever learning that successful stories are as dependent upon good engineering as they are artistry. But the truth is, unless you are master of the form, function and criteria of successful storytelling, sitting down and pounding out a first draft without planning is an ineffective way to begin.

Story Engineering starts with the criteria and the architecture of storytelling, the engineering and design of a story–and uses it as the basis for narrative. The greatest potential of any story is found in the way six specific aspects of storytelling combine and empower each other on the page. When rendered artfully, they become a sum in excess of their parts.


Bestselling author David Farland has taught dozens of writers who have gone on to staggering literary success, including such #1 New York Times Bestsellers as Brandon Mull (Fablehaven), Brandon Sanderson (Wheel of Time), James Dashner (The Maze Runner) and Stephenie Meyer (Twilight).

In this book, Dave teaches how to analyze an audience and outline a novel so that it can appeal to a wide readership, giving it the potential to become a bestseller. The secrets found in his unconventional approach will help you understand why so many of his authors go on to prominence.


How do you create a main character readers won’t forget? How do you write a book in multiple-third-person point of view without confusing your readers (or yourself)? How do you plant essential information about a character’s past into a story?

Write Great Fiction: Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint by award-winning author Nancy Kress answers all of these questions and more! This accessible book is filled with interactive exercises and valuable advice that teaches you how to:

   Choose and execute the best point of view for your story
   Create three-dimensional and believable characters
   Develop your characters’ emotions
   Create realistic love, fight, and death scenes
   Use frustration to motivate your characters and drive your story.


The road to rejection is paved with bad beginnings. Agents and editors agree: Improper story beginnings are the single biggest barrier to publication. Why? If a novel or short story has a bad beginning, then no one will keep reading. It’s just that simple.

In Hooked, author Les Edgerton draws on his experience as a successful fiction writer and teacher to help you overcome the weak openings that lead to instant rejection by showing you how to successfully use the ten core components inherent to any great beginning.

Plus, you’ll discover exclusive insider advice from agents and acquiring editors on what they look for in a strong opening. With Hooked, you’ll have all the information you need to craft a compelling beginning that lays the foundation for an irresistible story!


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I wonder what other family mottoes are,“ Emma mused. ’‘Do you know any?”
“The Lightwood family motto is 'We mean well”’.
“Very funny.”
Julian looked over at her. “No, really, it actually is.”
“Seriously? So what’s the Herondale family motto? 'Chiseled but angsty’?”
He shrugged. 'If you don’t know what your last name is, it’s probably Herondale’?“
Emma burst out laughing. ’'What about Carstairs?” she asked, tapping Cortana. “ 'We have a sword’? 'Blunt instruments are for losers’?”
“Morgenstern,” offered Julian. “When in doubt, start a war’?”
“How about 'Has even one of us ever been any good, like ever, seriously’?”
“Seems long,” said Julian. “And kind of on the nose.”
They were both giggling almost too hard to talk.
—  Cassandra Clare, Lord of Shadows
“I wonder what other family mottoes are,” Emma mused. “Do you know any?”
“The Lightwood family motto is ‘We mean well.’  ”
“Very funny.”
Julian looked over at her. “No, really, it actually is.”
“Seriously? So what’s the Herondale family motto? ‘Chiseled but angsty’?”
He shrugged. ‘If you don’t know what your last name is, it’s probably Herondale’?”
Emma burst out laughing.
“What about Carstairs?” she asked, tapping Cortana. “ ‘ We have a sword’? ‘Blunt instruments are for losers’?”
“Morgenstern,” offered Julian. “ ‘ When in doubt, start a war’?”
“How about ‘Has even one of us ever been any good, like ever, seriously’?”
“Seems long,” said Julian. “And kind of on the nose.
—  Lord Of Shadows, Cassandra Clare

Pairing: Peter Parker x Barton!Reader


Can I get a request where the reader is Clint’s Daughter and it’s reader x Peter?            

Peter has created a chatroom: hello my beautiful girlfriend that i love so much

Peter has added Y/N.


Peter: Me last night when you wanted me to help you design your new suit.


You: Me last night when you showed me designs you made just for me.

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As we get older, as we leave home, we form for ourselves an independent identity, no longer impressed upon by families. We take the last shape they crafted, a partially chiseled stone sculpture, and we are left to try to finish the work ourselves. Hopefully, they have provided good tools. Hopefully, the world teaches us how to better use them. And for the rest of our lives, we are gently hammering away at the curves and crevices of the great masterpieces that are our lives. Sometimes, as we work, we become less recognizable to the families who first shaped us. They critique the craftsmanship, the artistic direction, they worry too much has been cut away or that, quote, ‘those arms just don’t look proportional.’ In some cases, they no longer recognize us for the adults we are. Family expectations are high. But underneath it all, there’s love, and worry, and a knowledge that you will do right for yourself. Your family may not trust that knowledge, but they know they have to try.
—  Welcome to Night Vale, Episode 99, “Michigan”

I actually stayed up last night thinking about the bros weapons in that solarpunk/steampunk verse and came to the conclusion that I desperately want to keep the hammers. so yeah. hammers.

the way marios hammer is designed he can light it on fire anytime. luigis is actually pretty tricky bc electricity isnt as straightforward as fire, but I imagine it can jumpstart any kind of machine that runs on electricity bc nintendo logic

their secondary weapons would be something they use along with their hammers. marios is a pick (chisel) and luigis is a pair of pliers. 

yes I am invested in this why do you ask
One Direction Producer Julian Bunetta Talks Working With Solo Niall, Harry & Louis
One of the first times Julian Bunetta met Hey Violet, the superstar producer and rising band partook in a game called What Are The Odds?

[excerpt of just 1D references]

“About six years ago, (current Syco music head) Tyler Brown was an A&R and he said, ‘Hey, do you want to try working with One Direction on their second album?’” (2012’s Take Me Home). “It sounded interesting to me, so he put me in touch with Jamie Scott and him, me and John Ryan wrote two songs. The label liked them, the band liked them, and we flew to London to record them.” From there, Bunetta helped bring One Direction’s bubblegum pop vibes into more refined, adult contemporary territory. Becoming their go-to producer starting with 2013’s Midnight Memories, Bunetta helped mastermind a majority of the group’s tracks, forging a strong creative relationship and a deep bond with the group of teens-turned-international superstars.

“We spent a lot of time together over the course of four years and we’re all really good friends, so I definitely knew where all their influences would later lead them,” says Bunetta of the diverging paths the members have taken with their respective solo releases. “I didn’t think for a second that Liam (Payne) was going to make a rock album or that Niall (Horan) was going to make a R&B album. It’s unprecedented what they’re doing; they continue to change the rules of what it means to be in a group. For all of them to have solo success is just so fucking awesome.”

…Bloomfield explains “We saw that with One Direction too. He has an incredible connection with artists and builds an innate bond. They trust and respect him.”

Perhaps that’s why Bunetta’s name and influence has seeped into One Direction’s respective solo forays, whether it’s co-writing the stand-out Harry Styles track “Two Ghosts” (“That song is a special one. We did that a little while back and it’s really wonderful to have it come out”) or plotting an upcoming session with Louis Tomlinson. In addition, Bunetta has also worked closely with Niall Horan, including co-writing his rising hit “Slow Hands.” “We were in the studio and I had a bass on with a drum loop. We started playing these notes and it felt good. Niall was singing along, mumbling some words and it sounded like he said ‘slow hands’ at one point. We were like, ‘What’s slow hands?’ We kept on chiseling away and wound up having a good back and forth with it.”

According to Bloomfield, Bunetta immediately realized they had something special. “He called me straight after the writing session and said, ‘Dude, we wrote a killer song today – a smash!’ So I said, ‘Great, tell me more! What’s it about?’ He said, ‘It’s sexy and cool, about slow hands and sweat on dirty laundry.’” Bloomfield was skeptical. “The truth is it took us a moment to get our heads around ‘Slow Hands’ and to fully grasp its potential, but he called it immediately,“ Bloomfield says. "He has this quality of being a highly creative type with an objective ear. That’s a rare pairing.”


Kili always loved tattoos. When he was younger he used to just stare at Dwalin’s scalp and hands, ignoring the dwarf’s attempts to explain him, for the third time, that wooden swords were dangerous too. What Kili wasn’t really fond of was pain. That’s why Fili hushed his complaints almost every ten minutes, while he tried to get a good job and poked lightly his brother’s skin with the chisel. So concentrated to stifle his own (excessive) whines, Kili watched his brother’s work only when finally done. He grimaced, confused  as to why Fili had made his exact same tattoo, at first he thought about mocking him for lacking of imagination. But Fili’s words interrupted him “So they’ll know to whom return your ugly mug if you get lost.” Kili froze but then smiled back at his brother, almost a sad smile that, for once, lacked of any mischievous emotion but affection.

Please do not edit or repost.

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I hate when people try to pretend that all the Batboys look identical. I dislike it when comic book artist, purposefully or not, draw them all so it looks like they’re all actually Bruce’s kids. The best part of Batman is that they’re not related, they’re all a bunch of lost, weird kids who somehow have made an awkward family together. By drawing them the same look and body type, it negates the individual aspects of the boys and their highlighted talents.

Dick is smaller than Bruce in both height and weight. He’s not very buff, he’s incredibly lean and flexible, able to move in ways Batman can’t. His skin has a lightly dusty quality to it, a remnant of his Romani heritage he’s never quite forgotten. Most people mistake it for a perpetual tan, he doesn’t elaborate that he comes from mixed parents. He’s handsome in a very conventional way with his boyish good looks being appreciated by most everyone he meets. He’s not trying to impress anyone except he is so he takes good care of himself and covers any visible scars he has. His hair is floppy, a little long at his bangs and neck, thick dark black with a light wave to it. He has wide, smiling eyes of a deep midnight blue color. In the right light, they can be as black as night or shine like sapphires.

Jason is tall and as big as a house. He’s incredibly strong and durable and his body reflects that. He can’t move as well as Dick but he’s learned to use his large size to his advantage. His skin is medium white, covered in scars and calluses. If he’s out in the sun for too long, a splash of freckles appear across his nose and cheeks. He’s handsome in a dangerous way, like how a coiled snake carries it’s own elegance. If he put more effort into it, he could use his chiseled good looks but doesn’t bother with such things. His hair is thick but more wiry, it never lays perfectly on his head and is always sticking up somewhere. It curls slightly on the ends. His eyes are lidded and a confused blend of blue and green with some brown in there too, as if they couldn’t decide on a color. After his resurrection, he swears his eyes are much more green than before, it could just be his imagination.

Tim is short and not overly muscled, but he is proportional. He is the smallest of the adult boys and he knows it, instead of beefing himself up, he hones his muscles to be more accurate and graceful. He can move incredibly fast and twist his limbs in seemingly impossible manners. His skin in very pale, no matter how much time he spends in the sun, he burns rather easily and is constantly putting on sunscreen. His face is taunt and angled as he’s just finishing the last of his adolescence. He’ll eventually grow into it but he won’t have Dick’s attractive features. His face is always marred by dark circles with his brow perpetually wrinkled in thought. He keeps himself tidy and neat, not so much for himself but for appearances. He appears as nicely as is required, he doesn’t mind that people note how absolutely exhausted he looks. His hair is softer, more fine than his brothers’. It falls in soft waves when he goes too long without a cut. His narrow eyes are a steely blue-grey, strong and piercing.

Damian is still in the midst of childhood but eventually already his body is showing signs of being tall and well built. He won’t be as heavily built as his father, taking more after his mother’s lean muscled form. A nice balance between Dick and Bruce’s body type. His current size means he has a great number of advantages and disadvantages, he tries to fight like a bigger man until he is forced to adjust to his small physique. His skin is dark and tanned, a mark of his mother’s heritage, he very clearly stands out against the other bats. His face is still rounded with youth but already is beginning to hollow out from his exercises. He’ll grow into his father’s strong jawline and become effortlessly attractive, though like Jason, he pays no mind to it. His hair is short and cropped, thick and coarse so it look ill-kempt if he lets it grow too long. His eyes have an Asian fold to them, highlighting his foreign features. Deep forest green eyes, the exact color of Talia’s, gaze imperiously at the world.

Blind Devotion

Bucky x Reader

Summary: She’s afraid that Bucky’s going to leave her, but he loves her too damn much.

Word Count: 5.2k+

Warnings: a boatload of angst, a boatload of fluff, language, and some vague smut and mentions of sexy times idk just read it, it’s a lot. it’s also unedited because i’m a lazy shit

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

It had been seven years since Bucky’s name had been cleared since the events in Vienna and getting pardoned by the US government. It’s been seven years that he’s been home and he’s been so incredibly happy. It’s also been four years since we’ve been married and retired from our hero days.

Four years of waking up to the sound of the love of my life’s snores. Four years of tackling him awake with kisses and affection. Four years of our forever lives together and I couldn’t be happier. We lived in a gorgeous three bedroom apartment in Brooklyn with large glass windows covering the entire foyer on the eighth floor of our complex. Now that I’m no longer an Avenger, I use my time and knowledge at the children’s hospital as a registered nurse. I’ve always wanted to be a nurse, I even went to school for it before Doctor Helen Cho recruited me onto her Avengers task force ‘clean up’ team, which roughly translates to making sure that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were healthy and not injured. Bucky now owns a gym with Sam and Steve and he loves it. I love how he loves it because I love him.

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Shadowhunter Family Mottos
  • Emma: I wonder what the family mottos are. Do you know any?
  • Julian: The Lightwood family motto is 'we mean well'
  • Emma: Very funny.
  • Julian: No, really, it actually is.
  • Emma: Seriously? so what's the Herondale family motto? 'Chiseled but angsty?
  • Julian: 'If you don't know wat your last name is, it's probably Herondale'?
  • Emma: What about Carstairs? 'We have a sword'? 'Blunt instruments are for losers'?
  • Julian: Morgenstern. 'When in doubt, start a war'?
  • Emma: How about 'Has even one of us ever been any good, like ever, seriously'?
  • Julian: Seems long, and kind of on the nose.
  • -Lord of Shadows; Cassandra Clare
A Man of Means Feat. Getthicker

“Size is intimidating and fitting for a man.”

           I said this to Jacob one night after we met. I hadn’t expected him to grow on me as much as he had, but I guess that’s what happens when you stop expecting things to just happen.

           At first, I didn’t like the idea of being fat. Frankly, I just hated being skinny. It’s weird: in today’s society, where everything is wrapped around being skinny and who weighs less, to actually hate yourself for being skinny. Sure, you can wear more form fitting clothes and you are more attractive to a larger population, rather than being attractive to a smaller chunk of people for being a bigger portion of man.

           What caused my inner self-hatred was high school. I was bullied pretty harsh, and not for being a dork. I was actually a little popular. I was handsome, made people laugh, played some sports here and there. It was my size that got me picked on. Being close to six feet and weighing one hundred forty-five pounds made it easy for certain jocks to target me. I had no meat on my bones whatsoever, which meant I was all skin wrapped tightly over my exposed ribs, no ass, and absolutely no muscle. I would go home, broken and bruised, confused as to why I was being picked on. Bobby was chunky and had stretchmarks. Why wasn’t he picked on for being overweight? Why wasn’t Henry ridiculed for taking steroids and shrinking his balls? Why was skinny bad?

           After years of torment, I went to college, which opened up a brand-new door for me: body acceptance. While it wasn’t perfect, I saw men and women of all shapes and sizes, owning their bodies and saying, “fuck you” to anyone who tried to make them think differently. At this point, I wasn’t seeking a larger frame. That came years down the road when I graduated and started working in an office up in Manhattan. After two years of working there, we got a new coworker who I unfortunately had to work close with: Bobby from gym class. While the years hadn’t changed me at all, they certainly had changed him. He had only been chunky in school, what with his round belly and soft chest, thick thighs and round ass, but now he was simply fat. Somehow, he managed to squeeze his huge gut into a suit and tie, without bursting any buttons. We took one look at each other, me remembering years of torment in the locker room, and him laughing in my face.

           “Holy shit, is that you Slenderman? Haven’t you gained any weight yet?”

           At home that night I made myself a vow: I needed to be bigger. I couldn’t be skinny any longer.

           After doing some hours of research, I found the perfect diet. If I had it correct, I had to eat a lot of protein, rice and breads, snack during meals, and overdue it on meals. It couldn’t be too hard to gain weight.

           After a few weeks, I managed to gain three pounds. The added weight was hardly any difference to my body. I was already pushing myself to eat more at dinner, snack periodically through work days and at home, and upped my junk food intake. What would it take?

           That’s when Trent showed up. He was a new client at work, and his good looks made him the envy of every man and the desire of every woman. Luckily for me, he was gay. Trent was very muscular, having worked out five days a week for several years. The sleeves of his dress shirts were always being tested by the size of his arms, his chest threatening to pop out of his shirt. And don’t even get me started on his perfect chiseled ass.

           We hit it off well, and while none of us were looking for a relationship, that doesn’t mean we didn’t spend a lot of time in bed.

           One night, while I was eating out his perfect ass, he said to me,

           “You know, we could get some meat on you yet.”

           Lifting my face from his cheeks, I questioned what he meant.

           “I do know a guy. He’s how I managed to get this big. Through a better diet and some chest and arm exercises, we could easily get you swoll.

           Before I could question his questionable methods, he reached behind, grabbed my head, and placed my face back between the globes of his ass. He did want me to eat after all.

           While I cannot say what his methods were, I can say they were effective. Armed with one hell of a protein shake three times a day (sometimes sneaking a fourth), I managed to pack on some serious weight. Within a year and a half, of dieting the right way, and lifting weights and boxing, I had developed strong arms, and big chest, and surprisingly not-regrettable, a nice ample belly. When Bobby took his eyes off his internet porn to notice my transformation, he was astounded, and didn’t even say anything to me. I was definitely a man of bigger means. I loved how big my everything was, and even my ass seemed to grow too. While I was sad that Trent found himself a man who wasn’t me, I continued to work on my body with the tips and training he had given me.

           One night, a few friends and I were at a local bar, and I was knocking the beers away (beer is good for the belly too, just an FYI), when a few guys from high school wandered in with Bobby, who was pissed that he had gotten fired and I took his spot in the company. And like any cliché bar scene, it ended with them ganging up on me, and a massive bar fight ensued. I found myself running towards the subway, my fist throbbing and Bobby’s blood on my shirt. All I did was break his nose, but the whole scene made me sick and I took off. Much to my dismay, being bigger didn’t help the scrawny kid in me be any tougher or manlier.

           It was that night on the subway, drunk and in pain, that I met Jacob. He was, and still is a nurse, and offered to bandage me up and walk me to my apartment. Funny enough, we also lived in the same apartment building!

           We talked for the next several weeks, including me telling about my recent transformation. Jacob himself was a smaller guy, only five-seven and one hundred fifty pounds. He congratulated me on my new body, and helped me see that I didn’t need to be big to be masculine or anything.

           Surprisingly, eating at different restaurants a lot and quitting the gym made me gain even more weight. My arms and chest fleshed out with the new pounds, and my belly grew also, while growing outward and developing love handles, my belly also began to drift south with the new girth.

           One night, I was pretty drunk and Jacob and I began to get frisky on his couch. My shirt came off, revealing a tight-fitting tank top, with my gut almost fully secured in its material and my nipples, hard and sensitive poking through. While I was a bit too drunk to move, his hands rubbed up and down my soft body, pulling my tank over my head and kissing all my fat and teasing my stretchmarks.

           “I just love your body babe,” he said between kisses to my tummy. My pants soon peeled off onto the floor and he sat on his kneed in front of my engorged cock. As he grasped it with one hand and lowered his lips to my head, he looked up at me. In those few seconds, it seemed he was drinking in my chubby body, examining every roll, my patch of dark hair between my chubby man tits, and my belly.

           He slowly licked up my shaft.

           “Grow for me,” he said.

           In my drunken daze, I asked confusedly, “What?”

           He licked again, teasing the area right at the underside of my dick head, “Grow for me. Be bigger for me.”

           He repeated this several times until the idea of overpowering him washed over me and I shot on his adoring face.

           From then on, I was an eating machine. I would snack on McDonald’s and Burger King instead of on chips and nuts. I would eat two, if not three or sometimes four extra helpings at dinner. My shakes began to increase in volume and consistency throughout the days. After weeks of this, I was convinced I could feel the fat being poured into my body. My gut and tits grew immensely, making me look like a macho ex-jock. Jacob loved to pull down my shorts and rim my fatter ass no matter where in the apartment we were. He loved the challenge of finding my hole between my round cheeks.

           In bed, I was a fucking beast. While I couldn’t find my own power when it came to my bullies, man did I put it to good use on him. I love being the bigger of us two, me being able to easily overpower him with my girth. My whole body shakes and jiggles while I fuck my tiny man, and I love watching his thin frame ride me. He will grab onto my chest with both hands while he slams down onto me, loving all of my body with his smaller one.

           One day, I hope to have a gut big and round enough so when I get him on all fours and pound him, but belly will rest on his back while I give him everything I have.

           It’s true that size is intimidating and fitting for a man. And I finally am beginning to feel like the man I was supposed to be.

Flesh (G.D) SMUT

Request: “Hi, hello, wanna know what you should write? You should write a gray smut based off the song “flesh” by Simon Curtiss okay byyyyyye”

Warnings: SMUTTTT, Bondage, Daddy kink, Fingering..yeah dirty stuff ;)

Song: “Flesh” By Simon Curtis

Originally posted by punishmedolans

It’s what you craved. The feeling of Grayson’s skin against your own. It left you a moaning mess, so when you both found yourselves in your shared bedroom, you couldn’t help but beg for him to do things to you. Things that some people wouldn’t approve of…
“Gray..” You whimpered as he rubbed his knee against your crotch area. “Shhh princess.” He hummed and sunk his fingers into the waistband of your jeans, nails digging into the skin of your hips as he slowly tugged them down.

Push up to my body
Sink your teeth into my flesh
(Get undressed, ta-taste the flesh)
Bite into me harder
Sink your teeth into my flesh
(Pass the test, ta-taste the flesh)

Grayson admired the fading hickies on your neck, all different shades in the stages of bruising as he tossed your jeans to the side. The sight only spurred him on to leave more marks, to claim you as his. Which you already were, but that obviously wasn’t enough.

Finally, he released his vice-like grip on your hips long enough to finally discard your shirt, pulling it up and over your head before tossing it away. Immediately, his hands were back to shoving your hips against the wall, holding you in place as his knee rubbed against your throbbing heat. The moan that left your lips caused Grayson to smirk as he leaned down, ghosting them over your bare collarbone.
“Fuck, Gray. Please.” You pleaded which made Grayson chuckle huskily, his front teeth taking a small bit of skin and nipping sharply, hard enough to elicit a gasp from you.
“Tell me, babe. What do you want?” Grayson’s voice was husky and rough, making you clench your legs together in an attempt to stop the throbbing feeling in your panties.
“I want you, oh my god. Please, stop teasing.”

Hold me up against the wall Give it ‘till I beg, give me some more
Make me bleed, I like it rough
Like it rough
Push up to my body
Sink your teeth into my flesh

Grayson laughed once more and removed his lips from your neck, trailing them towards your own. His bruised lips moved against yours softly, you ran your hands up and down his chest then grasped a handful at the hem, tugging on it as if to tell him you wanted it off. In one swift movement, Grayson detached his hand from your hip and grabbed both your wrists, pressing them up against the wall directly above your head. You whimpered against his lips and thrusted forward with your hips, he pressed your hips down further against the wall as the kiss deepened. “You need to use your words baby, you have to beg for it. Earn it.” Grayson mumbled against you.
You whined in response, thrusting forward once more to feel Grayson’s throbbing length through his jeans right against your front.
You just wanted his pants off, to be able to properly grind against Gray without the rough texture of clothing in the way.
“Baby, I need you. Bite into me, fuck me, push up to me. Make me scream, beg for more. Tie me up, fucking choke me.” Your words made a grin etch upon Grayson’s face as he lovingly traced your sides, “Whatever you want, babe.”
Grayson opened his mouth and leaned down to your throat, licking and sucking a red mark onto your skin, occasionally biting the raw skin there which drew loud moans from your lips. He released his grip on your wrists to undo the button of his own jeans. You gasped when you felt his hard on poke at your inner thigh. Grayson then grabbed your panties and tore them off, listening to the relived sigh that escaped your lips when you felt the tip of his cock rub at the entrance of your folds. “You’re not allowed to touch yourself, understand?”

Hold my arms above my head
And push my face into the bed
Cause I’m a screamer baby
Make me a mute

Immediately you nodded, your pupils dilating as you caught a glimpse of how big Grayson’s length was. You’ve had sex with him before, but it still took a lot to get used to his size, it wasn’t exactly very easy to adjust to. “Yes daddy.” You replied and Grayson nodded, reaching down to grab the hem of his shirt to toss it up and over his head, revealing his chiseled body to you.
He leaned forward to press an appreciated kiss to your jaw as you kicked off the torn pieces of your panties from your feet. “What’s my name?” Grayson asked as he cuffed the side of your face with his hand, his thumb brushing against your cheek. “Daddy.” You breathed as Grayson nodded in approval. “Good girl. You’re always such a good girl for me, you know that?”
Grayson unclasped your bra and pulled it off, leaning down to capture a hardened nipple into his mouth.
He pressed the tip of an index finger against your slick folds causing you to gasp in delight. Grayson smirked in response and brought his hand back up to your mouth, you opened it and he stuck his finger inside. You fluttered your eyes as your swirled your tongue around his finger, tasting yourself. “How do you taste baby?” He asked and removed the finger from your mouth. “Amazing.” You replied and licked your lips hungrily. “Hmm, maybe I’ll just have to see for myself.” And with that said, Grayson pried your trembling thighs apart and you shuddered at the cold air gushing against your clit. He pressed a finger into your folds and used his thumb to draw small circles over your clit. You moaned as he leaned forward, his hot breath making you want to just shove his face into you. “Can I touch you? Please daddy?” You whispered as he inserted a finger. “Go ahead.” Your hands found his hair and you gripped his brown locks as he added another finger, his tongue lapping up your juices. “Gray- Grayson fuck!” You moaned as he removed his mouth from your clit, “Want another finger?” He asked, to which you nodded frantically. “Use your words sweetheart.”
“Please daddy, please add another one.” You begged and Grayson complied, shoving a third finger into you. You removed a hand from Grayson’s hair and slid it down to your clit, beginning to rub it to please yourself even more. “What did I tell you? No touching yourself.” You whimpered and removed your hand from your throbbing heat, returning it to grab Grayson’s hair. You grinded your hips against his tongue as his fingers worked their magic inside of you. “Gray..I’m close.” You breathed and rolled your hips in steady movements. Grayson abruptly removed his fingers and stood up as you whimpered.

You put your hand up to my neck and feel the pulse
Beat, beat, beat, beat
It’s like a trigger getting ready to shoot

“Get on all fours. Right here, on the floor.” The command was followed through immediately, and Grayson couldn’t help but to grin as he picked up a tie as he watched you wiggle your behind for him in excitement. “Now, chest on the ground, hands behind your back.” He used his tie to secure your hands against the small of your back, in which he tugged on a few times to ensure that you couldn’t escape.
Two fingers were pushed you suddenly and you moaned in response, your hips pushing back against the digits in search of more.
Compared to Grayson, two fingers were nothing. So, Grayson began with a fast pace, his fingers repeatedly pushing into you, eliciting many, many moans. Two became three, then three became four, thoroughly stretching you out to accommodate his size.

Wanna wrestle with me baby?
Here’s a sneak little peak
You can dominate the game
Cause I’m tough
I don’t play around that often
When I do, I’m a freak
So you better believe
I like it rough

Looming over your back, Grayson keeps his fingers deep inside of you, steadily pressing and rubbing over your g-spot, he bit gently into your shoulder blade and you gasped in pleasure.

“You like that? You wanna come for me, just like this? Or do you want my cock inside you?” In the beginning, Grayson wasn’t very fond of dirty talk, but now he found he was a natural at it. He enjoyed murmuring dirty words into your ear, watching how they affected you and you did as well. They made you want more and they made everything way more exciting.

Hold my arms above my head
And push my face into the bed
Cause I’m a screamer baby
Make me a mute

“Fuck, both. Please Gray, I wanna come, please.” You whined as Grayson peppered soft kisses along your back.
Grayson curled his fingers right into your g-spot once more and the pleasure was so intense that your thighs trembled, your toes curled, and your back arched like a bow.
Satisfied with the outcome, Grayson untied your hands and allowed you to regain your composure before instructing you to stand up. “I want to fuck you against the wall.” Grayson commanded and shoved your hips against it once again, his lips clashing with your own.

Hold me down
And make me scream
Lay me on the floor
(Me on the floor, la-la-lay me on the fl-oor)
Turn me on
(Turn me on)
And take me out
(Take me out)
Make me beg for more

Grabbing your wrists once more, he tied them above your head and you whimpered into his mouth. “Hush princess.” He cooed into the shell of your ear as he slowly entered you. He immediately found a rough and fast pace that left you a moaning mess.
“Fuck, oh fuck, please.” You tipped your head back, face thoroughly flushed as Grayson pounded into you so hard your body jolted with each thrust.

Gray leaned down, littering hickies on your neck, collarbone, breasts, and shoulders. Anywhere he could reach with ease, claiming you, his.
“You’re gonna make me come again, please, Gray.” You squirmed in his grasp, panting heavily, your body already highly sensitive from your last orgasm. In response, Grayson’s hand trailed up until it was enclosed around your throat, pressing down just hard enough to make breathing a difficult task. You clenched your eyes shut as your back arched off the wall, Grayson’s other hand reaching down to give you a harsh slap on your backside.

You put your hand up to my neck and feel the pulse
Beat, beat, beat, beat
It’s like a trigger getting ready to shoot

The first orgasm was intense, but the second pulled a scream from your lips, tears escaping your eyes in pleasure as you grinded your hips against Grayson. Your eyes saw white and your body trembled Grayson continued taking you roughly.

Hold me up against the wall Give it ‘till I beg, give me some more
Make me bleed, I like it rough
Like it rough
Sink your teeth into my flesh

He pounded into you until he was finished, and released your throat. “Fuck Y/N.” Grayson moaned as he buried his head into the crook of your neck. He reached a hand up to get rid of the ties and your hands immediately encircled around his torso to hold him up. “I love you.” You said softly, nuzzling your face against his chest, listening to his calming heartbeat. All you wanted to do now was cuddle with Grayson and sleep for the rest of the day.
“I love you too. More than you know.” Grayson breathed out as he reached down to lift you up bridal style. “I’m not sure if you can walk right, so I’m just going to put on a hot bath for you.” Grayson pressed a soft kiss to your temple and gently set you down onto the bed. You hummed in response and grabbed the blanket, tossing it over your exhausted body. Grayson returned a few minutes later. “Alright, I got the bath running-”
He smiled softly to himself as he spotted you already asleep on the bed. “My beautiful girl.” He murmured softly as he crawled into bed besides you, spooning you under the covers. “I love you.”

Second Chances || 01 (A)

Word Count: 4.9k
Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Angst, Smut, College!AU
Synopsis: You run into your ex-boyfriend, Jungkook, at a frat party one night. Tension builds between the both of you once again after another argument about his infidelity. Will you finally look past his mistake and forgive him, or will you go on forever hating him?
A/N: Thanks so much to the lovely @seoulscapes for beta-ing my first fic! This series will have about eleven chapters to it and will be updated as time goes on. Feedback is always appreciated! Enjoy the first chapter of my “Second Chances” series!

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[on meeting co-star Henry Cavill for the first time] I was overwhelmed by his good looks, his chiseled body, his muscles, pretty much everything. There was the whole package there - Armie Hammer

[Cavill on working with Hammer] I’ll be honest, it was really hard keeping us apart on set, I mean, it was like velcro. You know, just, once we were together the chemistry was there - Henry Cavill

HAMMER: We’ve done everything together. We’ve been on speedboats together, I’ve been on the back of his Vespa riding around Rome. We’ve got to do a lot of fun stuff. It was really nice, yeah. We had a nice bottle of Chianti.

CAVILL: Speaking of chemistry.

HAMMER: We didn’t have chemistry before Rome, I’ll tell you that.

CAVILL: We’ll always have Rome.

These two love giving each other a hard time and being cheeky with each other. Hammer mercilessly flirts and Cavill acts aloof and plays hard to get but loves it.

Easing Them In: 5 Ways To Gently Inform Your Children That Their Pediatrician Got Buff

Telling your kids that their pediatrician got buff is one of the most difficult conversations a parent can have. Use these tips to help gently break the news in a way your children can understand.

1. Become buff yourself to get them used to seeing strong adults: One of the most straightforward ways to ease your kids into the idea of having a buff pediatrician is to become jacked as hell yourself. Build yourself up into a hulking colossus of twitching muscle and bulging veins to create teachable moments leading up to your kids’ next doctor appointment. Use simple, matter-of-fact language to tell them that their doctor’s body will look similar to your body, explaining that it’s perfectly natural for a grown-up to become huge and glistening, and that they didn’t do anything wrong to make it happen. Your kids will likely have some awkward questions for you, and it’s important that you answer them in a calm, direct manner so that they don’t feel ashamed or frightened.

2. Set up a scavenger hunt with your kids’ buff doctor at the end of it: The day of your kids’ next checkup, devise a strong-pediatrician-themed scavenger hunt around your town, with a final clue that leads your kids to their doctor’s office, where their doctor will be standing outside in a spandex tank top and workout shorts, his newly acquired musculature on full display. By structuring their first encounter with their buff pediatrician as the culmination of a fun game, you can turn an occasion that they might otherwise be dreading into a special treat. Then, instead of feeling intimidated by their doctor’s carved-from-marble torso, your kids will be clamoring to see his muscles up close and will want to gleefully rub their hands up and down his spectacular, rock-hard abs.

3. Introduce them to a man with a 150-pound scrotum tumor to teach them the importance of having a doctor who can lift heavy objects: Chances are your kids have never considered the benefits of having an incredibly buff doctor, but if you introduce them to someone with a malignant scrotal growth of such staggering proportions that simply hoisting it up to perform a basic medical examination requires the leg and core strength of an Olympic deadlift medalist, they’ll quickly realize that it is, in fact, a very good thing to have a pediatrician who’s built like a goddamn tank.

4. Take them on a trip to a strong pediatrician conference: Bring your children to a large professional gathering of muscular pediatricians in advance of their next doctor’s appointment so they can see that it’s normal for pediatricians to be buff. It might be a little upsetting at first for them to see so many medical practitioners flaunting their chiseled bodies in one centralized place, but once they meet some of them and realize that they have no interest in using their immense physical power to administer shots or other routine treatments in a more forceful and violent fashion, they’ll start feeling more at ease about their upcoming checkup with their own doctor.

5. Read them the story of The Scrawny Medicine Man Who Became Enormous: There are lots of children’s books out there designed to help children process the reality of their doctor getting buff, but the all-time classic is definitely The Scrawny Medicine Man Who Became Enormous. The book tells the story of Dr. Winnie McSkinny, who starts off so frail and lanky that the weight of her stethoscope makes her topple over but who then gradually packs on more than 500 pounds of lean muscle mass so that, by the end of the tale, she can perch up to 12 child patients at a time on her powerful forearm and administer each of their checkups simultaneously. Some other great stories to check out include the informational pop-up book Why Does Lactic Acid Make My Doctor’s Muscles Sore? and, for older kids, the Sturdy-Armed Healer trilogy.

So you want to go Rockhunting! (or rockhounding or pebble-picking or whatever. You want your pockets to be heavy and full of treasures and to have sand and grass seeds in your shoes! This is cause for celebration.)

What do you need??!?

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