the chisel was used for good!

As we get older, as we leave home, we form for ourselves an independent identity, no longer impressed upon by families. We take the last shape they crafted, a partially chiseled stone sculpture, and we are left to try to finish the work ourselves. Hopefully, they have provided good tools. Hopefully, the world teaches us how to better use them. And for the rest of our lives, we are gently hammering away at the curves and crevices of the great masterpieces that are our lives. Sometimes, as we work, we become less recognizable to the families who first shaped us. They critique the craftsmanship, the artistic direction, they worry too much has been cut away or that, quote, ‘those arms just don’t look proportional.’ In some cases, they no longer recognize us for the adults we are. Family expectations are high. But underneath it all, there’s love, and worry, and a knowledge that you will do right for yourself. Your family may not trust that knowledge, but they know they have to try.
—  Welcome to Night Vale, episode 99, “Michigan”
I wonder what other family mottoes are,“ Emma mused. ’‘Do you know any?”
“The Lightwood family motto is 'We mean well”’.
“Very funny.”
Julian looked over at her. “No, really, it actually is.”
“Seriously? So what’s the Herondale family motto? 'Chiseled but angsty’?”
He shrugged. 'If you don’t know what your last name is, it’s probably Herondale’?“
Emma burst out laughing. ’'What about Carstairs?” she asked, tapping Cortana. “ 'We have a sword’? 'Blunt instruments are for losers’?”
“Morgenstern,” offered Julian. “When in doubt, start a war’?”
“How about 'Has even one of us ever been any good, like ever, seriously’?”
“Seems long,” said Julian. “And kind of on the nose.”
They were both giggling almost too hard to talk.
—  Cassandra Clare, Lord of Shadows


Kili always loved tattoos. When he was younger he used to just stare at Dwalin’s scalp and hands, ignoring the dwarf’s attempts to explain him, for the third time, that wooden swords were dangerous too. What Kili wasn’t really fond of was pain. That’s why Fili hushed his complaints almost every ten minutes, while he tried to get a good job and poked lightly his brother’s skin with the chisel. So concentrated to stifle his own (excessive) whines, Kili watched his brother’s work only when finally done. He grimaced, confused  as to why Fili had made his exact same tattoo, at first he thought about mocking him for lacking of imagination. But Fili’s words interrupted him “So they’ll know to whom return your ugly mug if you get lost.” Kili froze but then smiled back at his brother, almost a sad smile that, for once, lacked of any mischievous emotion but affection.

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I hate when people try to pretend that all the Batboys look identical. I dislike it when comic book artist, purposefully or not, draw them all so it looks like they’re all actually Bruce’s kids. The best part of Batman is that they’re not related, they’re all a bunch of lost, weird kids who somehow have made an awkward family together. By drawing them the same look and body type, it negates the individual aspects of the boys and their highlighted talents.

Dick is smaller than Bruce in both height and weight. He’s not very buff, he’s incredibly lean and flexible, able to move in ways Batman can’t. His skin has a lightly dusty quality to it, a remnant of his Romani heritage he’s never quite forgotten. Most people mistake it for a perpetual tan, he doesn’t elaborate that he comes from mixed parents. He’s handsome in a very conventional way with his boyish good looks being appreciated by most everyone he meets. He’s not trying to impress anyone except he is so he takes good care of himself and covers any visible scars he has. His hair is floppy, a little long at his bangs and neck, thick dark black with a light wave to it. He has wide, smiling eyes of a deep midnight blue color. In the right light, they can be as black as night or shine like sapphires.

Jason is tall and as big as a house. He’s incredibly strong and durable and his body reflects that. He can’t move as well as Dick but he’s learned to use his large size to his advantage. His skin is medium white, covered in scars and calluses. If he’s out in the sun for too long, a splash of freckles appear across his nose and cheeks. He’s handsome in a dangerous way, like how a coiled snake carries it’s own elegance. If he put more effort into it, he could use his chiseled good looks but doesn’t bother with such things. His hair is thick but more wiry, it never lays perfectly on his head and is always sticking up somewhere. It curls slightly on the ends. His eyes are lidded and a confused blend of blue and green with some brown in there too, as if they couldn’t decide on a color. After his resurrection, he swears his eyes are much more green than before, it could just be his imagination.

Tim is short and not overly muscled, but he is proportional. He is the smallest of the adult boys and he knows it, instead of beefing himself up, he hones his muscles to be more accurate and graceful. He can move incredibly fast and twist his limbs in seemingly impossible manners. His skin in very pale, no matter how much time he spends in the sun, he burns rather easily and is constantly putting on sunscreen. His face is taunt and angled as he’s just finishing the last of his adolescence. He’ll eventually grow into it but he won’t have Dick’s attractive features. His face is always marred by dark circles with his brow perpetually wrinkled in thought. He keeps himself tidy and neat, not so much for himself but for appearances. He appears as nicely as is required, he doesn’t mind that people note how absolutely exhausted he looks. His hair is softer, more fine than his brothers’. It falls in soft waves when he goes too long without a cut. His narrow eyes are a steely blue-grey, strong and piercing.

Damian is still in the midst of childhood but eventually already his body is showing signs of being tall and well built. He won’t be as heavily built as his father, taking more after his mother’s lean muscled form. A nice balance between Dick and Bruce’s body type. His current size means he has a great number of advantages and disadvantages, he tries to fight like a bigger man until he is forced to adjust to his small physique. His skin is dark and tanned, a mark of his mother’s heritage, he very clearly stands out against the other bats. His face is still rounded with youth but already is beginning to hollow out from his exercises. He’ll grow into his father’s strong jawline and become effortlessly attractive, though like Jason, he pays no mind to it. His hair is short and cropped, thick and coarse so it look ill-kempt if he lets it grow too long. His eyes have an Asian fold to them, highlighting his foreign features. Deep forest green eyes, the exact color of Talia’s, gaze imperiously at the world.

So you want to go Rockhunting! (or rockhounding or pebble-picking or whatever. You want your pockets to be heavy and full of treasures and to have sand and grass seeds in your shoes! This is cause for celebration.)

What do you need??!?

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[on meeting co-star Henry Cavill for the first time] I was overwhelmed by his good looks, his chiseled body, his muscles, pretty much everything. There was the whole package there - Armie Hammer

[Cavill on working with Hammer] I’ll be honest, it was really hard keeping us apart on set, I mean, it was like velcro. You know, just, once we were together the chemistry was there - Henry Cavill

HAMMER: We’ve done everything together. We’ve been on speedboats together, I’ve been on the back of his Vespa riding around Rome. We’ve got to do a lot of fun stuff. It was really nice, yeah. We had a nice bottle of Chianti.

CAVILL: Speaking of chemistry.

HAMMER: We didn’t have chemistry before Rome, I’ll tell you that.

CAVILL: We’ll always have Rome.

These two love giving each other a hard time and being cheeky with each other. Hammer mercilessly flirts and Cavill acts aloof and plays hard to get but loves it.

the afternoon, the evening; the cups, the tea

Title: the afternoon, the evening; the cups the tea
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Rating/Length: PG-13 / ~14,000
Summary: They don’t have much time, but Chris and Darren find a few days to hide away during the Carnival of Basel in Switzerland.

This story exists as a part of the Prufrock ‘verse, but can be read as a stand-alone fic.

Written for @fandomtrumpshate, auction bid won by @stopandimaginelove. Thank you to @accidentalacoustics and @alittledizzy for putting their eyes on it.


among some talk of you and me…


“You’re crazy.”

“You say that so often I think it means I love you.”  Darren looked up from his laptop with a grin.  Chris sat on the other end of the couch, frowning at his own glowing screen and not responding.  Darren scrunched his nose. “Not so much?”

“This is a Bad Idea,” Chris commented instead, tapping at the keyboard with impatient fingers.

“Did you say that with all caps, or did I just hear it that way?”

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Pairing: Reader x Ivar
Warnings: let’s see…death, murder, blood, swearing, NSFW
Summary: Reader knows what Margrethe told Sigurd and wants her to pay for it with Ivar’s help.

This is part one.

Tagging: @squirrelacorngliterfarts @captainpoopweinersoldier @underthenorthstar @mizzvengenz6661 @whenimaunicorn @lordavanti @ivartheboneme @pagan-raider @synnersaint

I broke through the thick brush, jumping and just clearing a few small boulders at the very edge of the forest clearing. I panted heavily, a smile on my face as I made the chase, catching up much quicker than I thought.

I followed close behind the flowing cream dress of Margrethe, she screamed out loud when she turned to look at me over her shoulder. No doubt to see just how close to her I was getting after a good 10 minutes of running. Though she probably knew that already, as my boots pounded into the ground, while she ran barefoot.

With the smile still planted on my now hot face, I got close enough to almost reach out and touch her dress. Instead, I took a chance and lunged out, tackling her to the ground with a hard thud.

She whimpered into the ground, half at my full weight landing on her and half that she was tired of running, I guessed. I caught my breath for a few seconds, breathing in her salty skin and hair. I held onto her thin dress tightly so she wouldn’t get away again.

She really thought she was going to get away from me. From us.

“Ivar! Over here!” I called out into the cool night air, my voice was rasped and scratchy from running. I breathed harshly into the back of Margrethe’s hair, my nose pretty much at the nape of her neck, while I waited for Ivar to show up.

I soon felt the low rumble and thudding of Ivar’s chariot getting closer, a few pebbles bounced lightly next to her blonde hair. I sat up with my knee pressed to her back and just in time to see Ivar shouting at his horse loudly, slapping the reigns like a madman. Which he was.

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Who is in Control - Part 6

10 years ago, you and Tony Stark met and he adopted you.
Today, you are his heir and the newest member of the Avengers.
Your first mission? Help Bucky Barnes.
Oh boy, you wished things were this simple.

Word counting:  1600+
Notes: Keep in mind: Age of Ultron Never happened here. Gifs are from google or tumblr.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Mutant!Reader
Present characters: Female Reader, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, OMC Patrick O’Malley
Chapter: 5/??
Chapter name: You Trust Me
Warnings: Semi-nudity (Is it a warning? I don’t know); reader is a bit sassy; telekinesis display; poor Patrick never gives up. It’s an incredibly soft chapter guys, don’t worry. 

 Series Masterlist

It took almost an hour for Bucky to find Y/N, and she was literally in the middle of the massage Tony had scheduled the previous night.

He came into her room without caring about the guy massaging the woman and sat down on her bed.

“You trust me.” He stated.

Y/N smirked.


They went silent for a while, until she interrupted the masseuse.

“You can go, thank you” She said, wrapping herself in the towel while getting up.

After the man left, she was finally alone with Bucky, who refuse to look in her direction, and didn’t fail to notice he had quite a lot of blood in his cheeks.  

“We’re going shopping, so we can buy you new clothes.” She told him. “Half of your clothes are from Steve, and the other half are older than my father. The only exception is your uniform, and you hardly ever wear it.”

He wasn’t looking at her, so she grabbed his chin and fixed his piercing eyes on hers.

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“I won’t bite you if you look at me, Bucky.”

He stood up and walked away, leaving the Stark alone, and she sighed.

“J.A.R.V.I.S.” She called, letting the towel fall.  

“Yes, miss?”

“I’m leaving in 30 minutes.” She told him. “I’d like my car to be ready.”

“Which one would you like?”

“Pick your favorite.”

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His Queen [M]

BTS Yoongi / Words: 3186 / Warnings: smut 
Anonymous requested: 
can you write a smutty mafia boss! yoongi au where he is known to be the most heartless person alive who will kill anyone in an instant but when he comes home to his wife he treats her like a queen and is the fluffiest person alive and would do anything for her? sorry this request is long
A/N: this has been sitting around for weeks and i needed to finish it oh man sorry this is poor quality 

Min Yoongi.

A name synonymous with deadly. A name that sparked fear into the hearts of grown men when it was murmured under hitched breath as an icy presence floated through an opening door. One that made law enforcement question their authority, as it was so elusive that nobody was sure that there was a face to go along with the three cursed syllables. There were many stories, and nobody knew which were true and which were rumors, no matter how outlandish the tales seemed because that man was said to be capable of anything. The name carried so much power that it was used as sparingly as possible, so not to potentially crush those that dared to utter it.

And Min Yoongi found that almost comical.

Any time he stepped foot into a room of associates, they’d fall silent and drop their gazes to the floor. Nobody defied him unless they didn’t value their existence, which Min Yoongi was was particularly good at erasing. He was the most influential, most cutthroat, most terrifying man in the industry. He was a young, self-aware genius that always got his way, and nothing could even begin to chisel at his ruthless reputation.

But, then again, everyone has their weakness.

Even Min Yoongi.

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anonymous asked:

Okay, so I've been trying for an hour now and I'm starting to get annoyed. Tell me, oh wise Atomi-Cat, how do we draw faces from the side? -Karmen

I was hoping to find a tutorial that goes in depth a bit better, since I don’t feel like I’m the best at explaining stuff like this. Can’t seem any that I was looking for, so I’ll do my best.

First part is the general proportions. The cranial mass (the circle part of the head), takes up about 2/3ds of the head, while the jaw only takes up 1/3. When laying down your guides, first start with a “t”. this will help you lay down where the brow line should be on the face. Next is the lay down the rest of the guides, starting with the base of the base of the nose and hairline. Understanding where the base of the nose is will make is easier to figure out where the mouth and top of the chin need to be, as well as the right position for the eyes. The hairline tends to be about halfway between the top of the head and the brow line, while the base of the nose is either on or a little above the base of the circle. For the ears, the top of the ears tend to be on the same level as the eyes, while the bottom of the ears are on the same level as the base of the nose. Both the lips and the chin usually don’t extend past the tip of the nose.

. Something that I was taught in college was to understand that anatomy always follows a pattern, and for the face, it’s no different. Both the body and facial structure sort of mimic this zigzaggy motion, as if someone was stacking a bunch of blocks on the edges of one another, if that makes any sense. At least when designing more realistic-looking faces, it might help to keep that in mind.

I guess lastly, is how the look of a portrait may vary between men and women. Men tend to have more sharper features (square jaw, more chiseled-looking brow and nose, etc. ), while woman tend to have more softer features. Thankfully for this part, I did find a good link, and I think this person explains the differences better than me.

I did also find a tutorial that goes over some of the things I talked about, though most of what it says is things I already said here. But, it does show some different ways of how the same guides can be used for different character faces - both realistic and cartoony.

Anyways, that’s all I got for now. I hope this helps. ^^


The Skyline was a Witness

by Pia Francisco (@piahautea​)


Evenings are never wallowed in with sunlight. Everything’s always dark. Only a slice of the whole is bathed with the warm light coming from the sky. Everything else is dazed. But that night, I found you. A beautiful boy who tried stitching together my broken parts. It’s impossible, I know. Because how can you let yourself fall in love with your heart still fresh from the wreckage? I can’t tell love from right, or right from love. But that night, the horizon was in favor of us. And if it wasn’t love, it must have been something close to it. Only the night could tell because it was, after all, watching us figure it out ourselves. (Caution: ‘Short’ story ahead)

Here. This is where I found you.

The rooftop of my apartment building. Saturday night. 11:05 PM.

You sat on one of those metal benches. You were wrapped around in black from head to toe. Your face was looking skyward. You slipped your empty hand off your jaw and you rested it on top of your knee. Your jawline. It looked like it could scar my hands if I tried to touch it. I meant that in a good way, of course. It was well-chiseled.  Like you were made for museums. The other hand held a cigarette and I could tell just how much you’ve been meaning to throw it off to the ground. Not to the rooftop grounds, though. The twenty-floors-below sidewalk ground. But of course, you wouldn’t.

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Apocalypse - Jaebum (Day 72/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

To view the masterlist of drabbles for the challenge, click here

Prompt: Apocalypse
Member: Jaebum x Reader
AU: Zombie!AU

Word Count: 1497

You reloaded you gun and checked to make sure all of your weapons were in place. The knife you usually used was getting dull and you made a mental not to sharpen it when you returned.

“You ready, Jae?” you called out, throwing your backpack over your shoulder and filling up your canteen with the little water you had left. You heard shuffling and then Jaebum was behind you with his own bag and a protein bar in his mouth.

“Yea, lesh go,” he said through the food in his mouth, ruffling your hair and heading out the door.

You never thought that you would have a partner like Jaebum in the zombie apocalypse.

In your mind it was always a family member or your roommates or your friends. But when the outbreak happened, you had been at the market near school. Needless to say, you were all alone for the first few days, hiding out in the basement of the store and waiting for someone to come and rescue you.

When it was clear that wasn’t going to happen, you took matters into your own hands and decided to leave the safety of the basement and venture out into the world. Thankfully, the store also sold sports equipment and you armed yourself as best you could with a baseball bat and some kitchen knives.

That was when you had first met Jaebum.

You had almost killed him when he ran over to pull you out of the way of a zombie, and you had watched from the ground in awe as he stabbed it in the head with his knife seamlessly. You half expected him to just walk away and leave you to die after that, but he hadn’t. He had helped you up, asked for your name, and asked where you were going.

When you had told him that you were trying to get back to your campus, he had immediately told you it was a bad idea and that there were more zombies there now than regular people. After that, you really didn’t know what else to do so you decided to tag along with Jaebum and try to get back to your home.

It was far from the campus, but since you both came from the same small town you decided to head that way anyways. It was tough at the beginning and food and water were always priorities, but you slowly began to like Jaebum. As a friend. As a protector. And maybe even something more than that.

You had stolen some guns from a sporting goods store and together you learned how to shoot them, using old bottles as target practice. You slayed zombies together and eventually became quite a good team. After a few weeks of travelling, you knew his ticks and quirks when he was in a fight and were able to cover for him quite well.

Now, you were running out of food so you had to leave the comfort of the abandoned building you had been hiding out in to try to find some source of food.

“There should be a small town a few miles from here,” you said, looking down at the map and compass that you held in your hands. “We can see if it’s been looted. If not, we can grab some things and then keep walking,” you suggested. Jaebum nodded and looked down the road.

“We should also see if we can find another car,” he said, referring to the last car you had that had run out of gas quite quickly. It was harder to find a car than you had thought; most of the stranded cars were either half empty, crashed, or filled with a family of zombies.

“Agreed. For now, if we keep following this road, we should be able to get there,” you mumbled, leading the way down the silent road.

It was funny how the world around you hadn’t seemed to change at all. There were still birds chirping, sun shining, and wind blowing. Right now, you and Jaebum were walking along wide stretches of open land on either side of the road – the best place to be to avoid any unwanted zombies.

When you came up to the small town, your eyes scanned the area for any zombies, but you relaxed when you didn’t see any. You tried to be as quiet as possible, knowing that the noise attracted them.

“There,” Jaebum said, pointing to one of the shops. The sign was almost unreadable, but from the grocery carts thrown about outside of it, you were sure that it was the town’s store. You and Jaebum jogged over and you both peeked in through the glass windows.

“I don’t see any of them,” you mumbled. Jaebum hummed in agreement and then you both took a few steps back and began walking around the building to check if there was a back door. Once you had done a perimeter check, you stopped and turned to each other.

“Okay. Let me break the door down and then I’ll go in first. We’ll do a whole sweep of the place and then we can grab what we need. Don’t use the guns, just stick to the knives. There’s not telling how many are in there and we don’t want to attract any more from outside the store. The last thing we need is a horde coming our way. Cover my back?” he explained, stating the last comment as a question. You nodded in understanding and then shot him a small smile.

“Always,” you said, making his straight lips flicker into a smile as well as he turned towards the store. Your heart pounded from a combination of being able to make Jaebum smile as well as the possibility that the store was overrun with zombies. You tried to ignore your feelings and pulled out your knife, getting ready.

“On three. One….two….THREE,” Jaebum said, not shouting, but raising his voice a little. He barged the door open, and immediately held up his knife, glancing around for any signs of movement. You jumped into the store after him, going back to back and looking around.

There was silence for a moment but then you heard the unmistakable moan of a zombie and you immediately split up, you going left and Jaebum going right as you looked at the four zombies that were pouring out of the back room. As luck would have it, three began to turn your way and only one went to Jaebum’s side.

They were rotting even faster than usual, and as they staggered towards you, your heart beat a million miles an hour in your chest. You tried to calm your breathing as you attempted to formulate a plan.

You quickly stabbed the first in the head, avoiding its flailing hands and letting it fall to the ground. It began to bleed and the foul stench nearly made you vomit. The first zombie acted as a small barrier and the zombie behind it tumbled over it, making it an easy next target. However, as you bent down and stabbed its rotting head, the third zombie toppled over the two fallen ones and reached out for you.

You toppled backwards, your knife still clutched in your hands as the zombie now crawled towards you. You tried to stand, but the blood on the floor from the first two zombies made you slip back down. Just as it was about to reach you, you heard a splat and it stopped moving.

You sat on the floor panting, looking at Jaebum who was standing above you, his knife still stuck in the zombie’s head and you were brought back to the first time he saved your life.

“Jaebum…” you stated, still breathing hard while you lay on the floor. Jaebum pulled his knife out of the zombie’s skull and then turned towards you.

“You okay?” he asked, reaching an arm down to help you up. You took it and held it for a second before pulling yourself up. You looked up at his dark eyes that were filled with concern. He was also slightly out of breath and you watched a small bead of sweat drop from his hair, frame his chiseled jawline and fall onto his neck. You quickly pulled you hand away from his and nodded.

“Yea, I’m fine. Thanks,” you added, feeling the heat rush to your face. Thankfully, you were still so red from fighting the zombies that you didn’t think he would notice.

“Good. Let’s get some food and then check out the gas station. I think there might be a car we can use,” Jaebum said, nodding at you and ruffling your hair once more before walking around the store. You took a deep breath and then smiled lightly as you looked through the shelves as well.

Every day was an adventure when you were in the zombie apocalypse with a guy like Jabeum.


Modern!Ezio x Reader


Once again I do not speak Italian (I wish😫) so if anything is wrong or doesn’t make sense my bad.

Damn it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Ezio in action. This made me wanna break out AC 2. 

Things between you and Ezio have been….awkward, to say the least. You thought it was only on your part though, because Ezio wasn’t giving you any hints he felt the same. It was almost as if he hadn’t said he wanted more from you. Had he moved on that quickly? Did he realize you were right and was back to being content?

You couldn’t help feeling like that. Now that you knew how he felt, you questioned every little action of his during sex. Was his affection simply from the intimate act, or was he pushing for more again? Would he ambush you with a confession again? If so when? Your mind raced with questions every time he came around now. 

Another aspect of it was you were fighting yourself. Don’t hold on to him too long and send the wrong message. Don’t lose yourself in his kisses too much. Be careful of what you say so you don’t send the wrong message. You were policing yourself left and right because the truth was, you wanted to do all of those things and more. You were just scared because of who he was. 

Nevertheless here you were, Friday evening, wearing an impossibly tight red dress. Ezio admitted on several occasions you drove him crazy in red, and you’d picked the dress with that in mind. You just wanted to get back that carefree intimacy you’d had with him before. He’d invited you over for dinner, which you figured was code for good food and better sex. You decided to use the opportunity to roll things back into place. 

You knocked on the tall metal door of Ezio’s apartment and tried to quell the few butterflies in your stomach. This was a new thing too, getting nervous around him. 

Ezio opened the door in a dark button down and casual slacks. You bit your lip when you caught a peep of chiseled chest through the top undone buttons of his shirt. He smirked when he caught your roving gaze. 

“Bella? I was beginning to think you weren’t coming.” 

“I’m sorry. I hope I’m not too late, the traffic was hell.” You entered when he stepped aside. 

“Senza Senso! It’s fine, perfect even.” He kissed your hand with a gentle smile.

“Good.” You returned his smile.

Your eyes scanned the expanse of dark colored refinery surrounding you. You had only been there a few times, as he mostly came to your place, and you’d never get over how luxurious his place was. All modern and sleek with the moon completely visible in the wall of floor to ceiling windows. His apartment was the very essence of him. 

“Let me take your coat.” His voice interrupted your impressed glances. 

“Thank you.” You started to slide your long black coat down your shoulders only to stop when a woman appeared in the foyer. 

The dark haired woman’s eyes widened considerably, before a familiar looking smirk settled on her face. 

“Madre she’s real! Mio dio.” She laughed clapping a hand over her heart. “I’m Claudia, his sister.”

“Hi, I’m (Y/N).” You gave a small wave in her direction. 

Ezio hadn’t said a thing about guest. He hadn’t said anything other than he wanted you over for dinner at eight. 

“What do you mean she’s real? You think I have to lie about seeing a woman?” Ezio regarded the woman with clear annoyance. 

“It’s just she’s so pretty, and probably smart. Why would you want my idiota brother?” 

You laughed. You didn’t speak Italian, but you didn’t have to for you to get what she’d said. 

“Probably for the same reason you were sneaking out of your room in high school. I wonder if mama and papà know about the good child’s secrets.” He replied coolly. 

The girl’s nostrils flared and before you knew it they were embroiled in a heated argument. You could only understand them when they let a word of English slip, but you were enjoying it nonetheless. 

A petite woman with a brunette bun and a frown on her face entered from a side room. She clapped her hands loudly and the two instantly went silent. 

“Imbarazzante.” She shook her head and then her gaze settled on you. 

You felt self conscious under her sharp gaze. You didn’t often feel this way, being a model had really boosted your self confidence. Not to mention, working out to maintain your shape had left you being able to pull of so many different looks. This woman, however, shattered that with one wizened look. You then remembered how slinky your dress was. You shook the jacket up onto your shoulders again. 

“She’s beautiful figlio, you did good.” The woman, who must’ve been his mother, placed her palms on either side of his cheeks. 

What had he told them about the two of you? They seemed to think you were together. You didn’t even know they were going to be there. You hoped Ezio hadn’t included you in something that was family related. You would’ve been fine with rescheduling.

“Take her coat, don’t be rude. I raised you better than that.” She dropped her hands after patting one cheek roughly. It was almost a slap. 

“Si, madre.” He ground out. 

You giggled at his childish tone and expression and he pinched you when he removed the jacket. 

“Haha bella, enjoy tonight’s comedy stylings at my expense.”

“I am…idiota. I’m using that now by the way.” 

Claudia’s face lit up and she laughed loudly. “Yes! I’ll gladly teach you more. This is our mother.” 

“Mrs. Auditore it’s so nice to meet you.” You extended your hand. 

“Please, call me Maria mio caro.” She embraced you instead. 

“You two be useful and introduce her.” His mother dusted her hands on the apron around her waist and turned back into the room she’d come from. 

“I’ll do it. I mean look how long it took you to introduce her to us in the first place.” Claudia waved him away and hooked her arm through yours. 

She led you into the living room where 3 males were seated on the expensive furniture, talking. A scowling Ezio followed you two and stole you from his sister. Before you knew it, you’d been thoroughly introduced to his two brothers and father. 

Federico the eldest brother, was twice as flirtatious as Ezio. You wouldn’t have even believed that was possible before you met him. His smooth words had you feeling like a teenage virgin, instead of the experienced grown woman you were. He was especially taken with your choice of dress. 

Their father Giovanni cautioned him against flirting with his brother’s date, only to be more devastating than he was. Ezio and Federico had no choice but to be handsome heart killers with him for a father. 

The youngest Auditore child, Petruccio, was incredibly sweet. He’d been homeschooled due to his health and was very smart. He’d been delighted when you were able to bounce random facts back and forth with him. He admitted to missing the museums back in Italy and before you’d known it, you’d offered to help him find some good ones in California. 

All-in-all Ezio’s family was very warm and welcoming to you. Each of their memorable personalities surrounded you, and you found yourself having an amazing time. One thing kept nagging you throughout your conversations. You knew the night would be perfect if it was real. Once again, you questioned yourself on what he’d told his family about the two of you? 

Before long, his mother entered the room to announce that dinner was done. You followed his family into the dining room and Ezio seated you next to him. 

“Ezio you didn’t tell me you were having your family over. I wouldn’t have intruded.” You kept your voice low, not that it mattered, his family was engaging in conversation about the food. 

“Che cosa? You’re not intruding, I wanted you to be here.” He uncorked a nearby bottle of wine and filled your glasses.

“I would’ve liked to have known at least.” 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think you would mind. I just really wanted you to be here.” He gave you that warm smile that always made your stomach drop.

You tried (and failed) to stifle a smile as you turned to your empty plate. 

Ezio’s mom had outdone herself. Authentic Italian food was laid in an amazing spread before you. Your manager would be pissed if he knew, but you couldn’t find a single fuck to give about it. The conversation didn’t stop, once over dinner. His family was interested in your career and thought it was adorable that you’d met at a photo shoot. His parents stressed how happy they were Ezio had settled his roving eye and you just smiled and nodded at that. You wouldn’t lie no matter how much you liked them. You and he weren’t dating. 

Once dinner was done Claudia volunteered to bring out dessert and give her mom a rest.

“(Y/N) could you give me a hand?” 

“Sure.” You nodded and slid back in your chair. 

Ezio’s fingers brushed across the bare skin of your thigh before you rose, causing you to shiver. 

“Hurry back mio caro.” 

You gently pushed his head once you were standing. “You’ll live.” 

He laughed along with his family as Petruccio noted you were already fitting in. 

“My brother is in love with you, you know.” Claudia flipped the light switch, flooding the expansive kitchen with light. It wasn’t a question. 

You paused, running a hand through your hair. “Oh wow…” 

“I know, it’s not my place. However, I also know I love my brother and I want to see him happy.” She walked over to a beautiful glass cake dish placed on the counter. 

You were silent, having a feeling she wasn’t done speaking. 

“He’s never been serious about a woman before and he’s certainly never brought one for us to meet. Our parents have been frustrated with him for a long time. Papà offers him a role in the family business he goes into modeling, he has nice women he gets along with and he runs from them, he goofed off in school and coasted through his classes.” She stacked some gold rimmed plates from the cabinet. 

“He’s never brought a woman home before?” you had a hard time believing that about playboy Ezio.

“No. I mean there was this one time me and mama came over without notice, and a leggy blonde was running around the apartment. I don’t think he wanted us to meet her though.” Claudia laughed at the memory and then she sobered once she realized she probably wasn’t helping her case. 

“He’s serious about you though, and we can all see that. He explained to us that you weren’t official. Now maybe my parents don’t know but I do, I get it. You’re fuck buddies,” She chuckled at your horrified expression. “I’m not judging you. Ezio told us you’re not sure if you should go there with him.” 

“I was wondering what he told you. You guys treated me like we were already…” you rubbed your arm.

“Dating?” she raised an eyebrow. 

“Well yeah.”

“Hopefully, soon enough you will be.” She handed you the plates before taking the cake dish. “Give him a chance hmm amico? I know why you’re worried, but I don’t think you should be.” 

You followed Claudia back into the dining room, all the while your mind racing with what she’d said. Were you really the first girl he brought home? You knew how important his family was to him, if the way he spoke about them was anything to go by. He’d told his family about you and had you come to meet them, all this and you two weren’t even dating. Was he really trying to prove to you that he was serious? You had expected him to drop it, but in hindsight that was out of character for him. He’d made it clear he wasn’t giving up. Did you really want him to? 

You set the plates on the table before turning to Ezio. “Can I talk to you?”

He looked slightly worried but nodded. “Of course bella.” 

He gently took your arm and led you out onto the balcony off the living room. 

You glanced down at the city below, well aware of his warm gaze on you. “I know what you’re doing.”

“Hmm? What’s that?” he feigned ignorance turning his gaze onto the city as well. 

“You think you can bring me up to your fancy tower, introduce me to your family, and I’ll just fall in your arms?” 

He turned to you quickly, his face in a state of panic. “No I wasn-“ 

“It’s working.” You took his chin between your thumb and forefinger and brought him down to kiss him. 

You waited until Ezio got over his initial shock and started kissing back, before you slipped your arms around his neck. His kisses held a note of desperation that you hadn’t ever felt before. It only made you want to draw closer to him. 

“Wait bambino, wait.” He gently removed himself from you, though he slid his hands down to cup your waist. 

“Hmm?” you murmured, your lips already kiss-swollen and your eyes glazed over. 

“I don’t know what Claudia told you, but I wanted to talk to you about this later myself. I wasn’t trying trick or pressure you.” 

“You just wanted to show me you’re serious right?” you asked, trailing your fingers over the back of his neck. 

He shivered and nodded. “Si.”

“I appreciate you letting me into your world. I know how important your family is to you. Ezio I need you to promise me something.”

“Anything bella, name it.” He pressed his lips to your forehead and smoothed back your hair. 

“Don’t hurt me. I want to be with you so I’m going to trust you, please don’t hurt me.” Your hoped your eyes conveyed to him how serious you were with your request. 

“I swear to you I’m yours. I won’t let you down mi amore.” He pressed his lips to yours and you breathed sharply returning it. 

He cupped the back of your head, threading his fingers in your hair. You felt dizzy as he deepened your shared kiss. He broke away after while, giving you the chance to breathe, and started trailing kisses down your neck. He pressed you against the solid railing of the balcony, and the rush of the night air was a contrast to the heat he was creating. 

“Don’t think this dress went unnoticed.” He fingered the thin straps of your dress. 

“I would hope not, it’s obvious who I wore it for.” You gasped when he tugged at a strap lightly with his teeth. 

A loud banging on the glass made the two of you leap apart. Claudia and Federico were grinning and mouthing dirty things to the two of you, while his parents were shaking their heads and smiling. 

“Merda.” Ezio hissed, running a hand through his hair. 

“Better not let them see that.” You giggled, eyes roving over the obvious tent in his pants.


End Notes:

I thought this would be a perfect way for Ezio to prove he was serious about the reader. I know he’s fiercely loyal to his fam so.

4x19 coda fic

Here, have some Trip/Simmons friendship feels because they wouldn’t leave me alone (seriously, I was trying to sleep last night but had to wake the heck up in order to jot this down). 

(Ps I haven’t really had too much occasion to write Trip before, so I hope I did him justice!)

Set directly post 4x19


There’s still a ways to go until they return to the Framework’s version of the Playground when the companionable silence that had descended between them is broken by Trip starting carefully, “Been meaning to ask you…”

Jemma glances up curiously, wondering what in the world this faux (but so, so lifelike it makes it difficult to remember) Trip would have to ask her when – for him, at least – they’ve just met. “Yes?”

Trip doesn’t answer right away, and instead stares contemplatively at the night sky visible outside the quinjet. Finally, he admits, “Ward mentioned it to me – I think he wanted me to be cautious with my trust.” Pausing there, he turns to meet her curious gaze and asks plainly, but also quite gently, “You love him? The Doctor?”

Jemma inhales sharply, fighting back the automatic urge to snap that the man she loved could never be the monster currently wearing his face. However, Trip isn’t accusing her of anything, isn’t questioning her or her sanity as Ward and Mace had. He doesn’t deserve her frustrated anger at the whole situation, at the robotic mastermind behind it all. So, instead, she simply repeats, “Yes,” and waits for his reaction.

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Welcome to Fitblr - 7 things you F***ing need to know.

On a side note

I don’t know how to tell you this so that you’ll listen

maybe if I swear in the title. 

I want to take a quick moment (haha. Me. quick. HA!) to talk to the newbies. To the folks just starting out on this journey. To the people who have had enough… for real this time! 

The thing is, I’m going to tell you a bunch of things you already know and unless it is “for real this time” FOR REAL AND HONESTLY you are going to blink, stop reading this post half way through and move on to the quick-fix detox tea companies that post pictures of unrealistic “skinny” people and promise you a handful of lies. If that’s you, you aren’t for real this time. Good luck though and when you figure out that you aren’t going to lose 100 lbs in a week for that perfect chiseled beach look - come on back. We’ll be here. 

For those of us on the “for real this time” trail, there are some things I want to tell you and you’ve probably heard them a million times before, but maybe this time a lightbulb flickers over your head and you have a brilliant AHA! moment all because of me. Probably not, but maybe. And maybe you are sitting there wondering who the hell I am and how I can possibly tell you what to do. First, I am not telling you what to do. I am telling you things I know FOR ME. Do they apply to you also, Maybe!

So who am I? I am just like you. My name is T. I am a blogger and a fitblr and a runner (ha!) and a swimmer (ha!) and a weight lifter (ha!) and a kickboxer (ha!) and a god-damn-zen-master (ha!) (or so I have been told - because here in my world, EFFORT IS EVERYTHING! I THINK THEREFORE I AM! I have nearly 500 followers which is breadcrumbs in the blogger world but HUGE to me and  much to my chagrin a bunch of them are porn blogs I can’t seem to make go away… sigh.

My highest weight was 220 lbs. My current weight is 206 lbs. My body fat % has dropped from 45% to 40%. I have been working, steadily on my fitness for almost two years. When I started, I knew nothing. I was sore, tired, sick and lazy. I’ve been working on this for two years, and yeah, it got a bit easier, but I still have to work at it every single day and today when I woke up sore and achy and tired I knew I wanted to share this with you. 

Things the new-to-this need to know (or things the old-at-this needs to be reminded of): 

1. Don’t expect it to be easy - remember how I talked about quick fixes and detox teas. THEY ARE ALL LIES. This is not going to be easy, not even a little bit. Prepare yourself for hard, then expect harder. You’ll probably cry. You’ll probably quit. You’ll probably cry. Keep going. 

2. Don’t expect it to be easy - people are going to tell you all kinds of things. “I lost the weight and didn’t change my diet”. “Oh, I just woke up like this.” “Take this pill” “I don’t eat carbs” bla bla bla. People are going to downplay your effort and success. One of the hardest parts of your walk down this path is comparison. COMPARISON IS AN ASSHOLE. FUCK COMPARISON. YOU DO YOU. (I can’t make my capital letters any bigger…) YOU. DO. YOU. Everybody else has their own journey and 80% of them are going to lie to you because they don’t want you to know the before. YOU.DO.YOU. 

3. Don’t expect it to be easy - your body is going to tell you that you can’t do it. It is going to tell you that it is tired and sore and incapable. THAT IS NOT YOUR BODY. That is your brain. Your body is far more capable than you are giving it credit for and the first time you feel your body accomplish something you didn’t think it could accomplish will give you a type of confidence-boosting-euphoria you will never find in any fucking blueberry-acai-grapefruit-organic-detox-cup-of-overpriced-water-lies. Keep going. 

4. Don’t expect it to be easy - I bet you have a goal weight. You have a plan. You are going to do this this time because you have written it down on a piece of a paper and you are going to lose 20 lbs and you are going to look beautiful and you are going to be able to go onto a beach in a bathing suit and that person is going to notice you because you are really-really-ridiculously good looking now. Find that piece of paper. Got it? BURN IT! 

  • You are already really really ridiculously good looking. I know we say that all the time here at Fitblr Central and we are going to keep saying it until you also start saying it. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOU ARE GOOD LOOKING. YOU.DO.YOU AND THAT IS AMAZING! Own that shit! Flaunt that shit! 
  • You don’t need to lose 10-20-30 even 50 lbs. Oh? Your doctor said you need to for your BMI? Fuck the BMI. More bullshit. You don’t need to lose weight. YOU NEED TO BE HEALTHY! YOU NEED TO FEEL STRONG! (You may need to lose fat) but you 100% DO NOT need to lose weight. A lot of my posts are tagged with #duckthescale (an autocorrect faux pa I retained and use regularly) and I mean it. Fuck the scale. Who gives a shit what you weigh? BE STRONG! BE HAPPY! BE HEALTHY! BE FLEXIBLE! BE COURAGEOUS! BE KIND! BE CONFIDENT! BE A FIGHTER! BE NICE TO YOURSELF! Don’t make your goal your weight. please. You will end up disappointed. Focus on literally a million other things, not that useless number. 
  • Unlearn everything you thought you know. You KNOW  a lot of things. Dr. Oz. Oprah. Advertisement. Healthy and Beauty products. The people on that TV program with the catchy song and the spokes-person who looks like an angel; all of these people have taught you a lot of things. Forget them all. My favorite quote of the moment is: “I’m still learning. I’m still unlearning.” It is way harder to unlearn all the crap you’ve been “taught” than it is to learn the new stuff. 

5. Don’t expect it to be easy - you will need to wade through piles and piles and piles of overwhelming information. You will talk to hundreds of people who offer you advice (good) and advice (bad) and opinions (both warranted and un-requested). You will need to learn which advice is worth listening to. Here’s a tip: most of it isn’t. Read. Research. Talk to professionals. Talk to people in community groups and social media who can help (be careful who you listen to). Find people you trust and trust your instincts and don’t expect it to be easy. Find what works for you. You’ll get there.  

6. Don’t expect it to be easy - go slow. Don’t start out at 400 horsepower straight out of the gate. You’ll just break something. Take it slow. If it means you spend the first 2 weeks at the gym walking on the treadmill doing a weird book-reading juggling act while trying to secretly spy on all the gym goers using the equipment so you can hopefully figure out what this shit show is all about (true story) then do that. Just go slow. The Rock once said “for the first (enter timeline) I just went to the gym, sat there, and read a magazine. It’s about building the habit” (not his exact words but you get the idea) That really stuck with me. Build the habit however you need to. Remember:


7. Don’t expect it to be easy - BE KIND TO YOURSELF. This may be the hardest thing you do. Forgive yourself. Recommit every morning if you have to. If you take 5 steps today, take 6 steps tomorrow. If you skip a day, start again tomorrow. Be patient. Work hard, always. Love yourself first and please please please be KIND to yourself always.


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Prompt: Reader is a licensed Chiropractor/Masseuse  (Female who gives massages, or Masseur if you’re a male) and helps Bones relieve some work-given tension while having a nice talk.

Warnings: Implied nudity but not in a sexual way

Word Count: 3,432

A/n: This one was fun to write :) And can I just say how one of God’s greatest creations is men’s back muscle? Sweet Jesus

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The Court of Public Opinion - Prologue

“Ding!” Charlie’s cell phone rang as he looked down and smiled. One more for the books. 

He looked at his phone to see an image of an attractive man rotating slowly on the screen. Charlie almost spit out his coffee. They were never this good looking. He used to look through their profile to find out exactly what they did wrong, but now he usually skipped past all the details to fulfill his fantasy. He looked perfect, big muscles and a chiselled handsome face. 

He started where he always did and zoomed in on the mans stomach. A perfect stomach to many with abs proudly displayed under a fine layer of hair.  He licked his lips as he got to work. He got to work on the belly and clicked on the belly button. Using the fat slider he began to bump up the belly fat and watched as the mans beer belly starting to inflate bigger and bigger. At first his abs looked mildly bloated, then the abs softened and began to droop. His belly button deepened and began to look softer. Then it became more pronounced. All impressions of his abs disappeared as it became a belly. Then a beer belly. Then a pronounced beer belly that gave the impression that his favourite exercise was bring the beer to his mouth. He tried to stretch it forwards further when he heard the buzz. “karma limit exceeded.” He sighed. He never had enough to do what he truly wanted. Maybe it was the fact this man was so handsome that everyone wanted to get their hands on such a fine specimen. nconstitutional. Others 

He licked his lips as he pulled back to marvel at the figure. He looked almost comical. A big buff man with an absurdly large beer belly on him. Whatever he had been before, there was no doubt that now he looked like a beer bellied ex-jock. 

He wished he could do more. Maybe give him a big beard. A nice soft chest? A bald head? Given enough karma he could’ve turned the man into his ultimate bear fantasy. Maybe age him up to make him more weathered and make the changes harder for him to lose. But he did his part. And this man would feel the full effect of his punishment carrying this keg around. 

At first this form of punishment had been laughed at. Some claimed it unconstitutional- taking away a persons control of their own appearance seemed insane. But it had worked. With crime at an all time low, many wondered what would happen when they ran out of convicts. But no one thought about that. 

The knock at the door brought him out of his fantasy as he sighed and walked to the door. Dressed only in his bathrobe and an old pair of breifs he stifled a yawn as he lazily slung the robe around his small but noticeable belly which had seemed to crop out of nowhere. Guess the fantasy could only stay a fantasy before the overeating and extra drinks caught up to him. He just hadn’t felt the need to get back in shape after Chad had left him. 

With a grunt he opened the door and was shocked to see the men in black on the other side. Before he could even back away from the door they grabbed him, and spun him around slapping a pair of handcuffs on his wrists. 

“Charlie McGuire? You’ve been found guilty in the court of public opinion. Prepare for your public trial.” The last thing he could feel was the black cloth as  as it was pulled down over his face and the thick smell of gas knocked him out.