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Beauty and the Beast | Adaptions | Britannica’s Tales Around the World

This animated children’s educational series by the company behind the Encyclopedia Britannica presented one well-known fairy tale each episode, accompanied by two lesser known international versions of the same story.

The 1990 premiere episode featured a nine-minute short version of “Beauty and the Beast”, as well as the Chinese counterpart “The Chinese Parrot” and the Inuit story “Sedna”. The series is close to the original story, and also has a very scary-looking Beast.

Hetalia Theory;Yao’s true relationships- Japan/America

I’m going to use the quote” You be good, see you tomorrow, i love you”, as a basis for this arguement if you don’t mind. This quote is similar to something a parent figure would say to their child, and Yao still keeps the memories of their first moments together as close to his heart(in secret) as he can. Now let’s get on to Parrots, Parrots in Chinese culture are most closely related to Guanyin, the goddess of mercy and compassion, the ladder of which this quote represents, also this quote was said, wait for it, by a parrot. 

Take into consideration though this  quote, “In front of the great wall, the sun rises again”, and the fact is Japan is east of China, and that’s where the sun rises. The “Great Wall” besides the actual one, is referring to a metaphorical wall, that circumstances built between them, and The great wall ends in the east, symbolizing optimism for a better relationship. 

One more thing, the line” on the banks of the Yangtze, there is a single caged dove” has multiple layers to it. For One, the end of the Yangtze eventually leads to Kagoshima. Yao couldn’t say there was a single caged dove, if he didn’t see it himself, and if someone sees a dove, it should remind them to reconnect with their spirituality/ loved one/Japan. But the cage  represents The CCP, and their prosecution of spirituality/ condemnation of all things Japan related.

Perhaps i’m over analysing this,  maybe i’m just silly

i’ll get to America Later