the chilly dog

It was Dad’s birthday yesterday. He would have had 83 candles to blow out… Instead, we brought him Pansies and then went to Easterbrooks for hotdogs. It was a favorite way to wrap up a visit to the cemetery and also his preferred birthday food. The Easterbrooks “Che-Che Dog” - 12" of gooey melted cheese and chilli was his usual… He was always pleased with himself when he managed to eat it, and not wear it…

Being Best Friends with Damian Wayne, Jon Kent & Billy Batson Headcanons

A/N: I tried to get it all accurate, even did some research.


Being best friends with Billy Batson / Shazam, Damian Wayne / Robin and Jon Kent / Superboy would include:

> Being best friends with Damian to begin with and that was hard work as it was. You didn’t need anymore hassle but of course, the world had other plans.

> Meeting Jon next when Superman and Batman introduce him to Damian and yourself since you were nearly always together.

> Hearing about their extracurricular activities early on and thinking it was cool at first before realising all the trouble that came with it.

> Getting to visit the Watchtower and being left with Shazam whilst Batman, Superman and their juniors went to discuss a mission. After half an hour, Shazam thinks you’re amazing and clearly trustworthy based on your friends.

> Drags you off to show you something, and suddenly he’s not Shazam anymore, he’s a boy round about your age if not a little older.
“You’re not even -!”
“YOU’RE A -” The stranger clamping a hand over your mouth before you can finish.
“I’m Billy Batson, can you not reveal my identity to the whole Watchtower?!”
“Sorry, it was unexpected. (Y/n) (L/n), best friend of Robin and Jon apparently.”

> Damian coming back to his best friend bonding with Shazam and being kinda jealous. How many people was he going to have to share his best friend with?
“You better visit me in Gotham!”
“Count on it (y/n).”
“I cannot leave you alone for 5 minutes…” Robin muttered, soon joined by Jon.

> Regular visits from Billy and becoming best friends in record time.
“Technically you’re the youngest member of the Justice League.”
“I know right, too bad only Batman, yourself and probably Robin know that.”
“If you look it at my way, you’re fooling nearly the whole Justice League whilst working alongside them. That’s pretty badass.”

> Being ditched more times than you can count by all of them. They’ve got hero work to do after all.

> When Damian and Jon have to team up, they regretfully leave you to your own devices.
Calling you soon after to make sure you’re ok.
“It’s Damian, are -”
“Put (y/n) on speaker would you?” Damian sighing but doing as Jon asked.
“Where are you? We just got back.”
“Well I’m sorry but someone had to cover for you idiots!”

> Being the master of cover stories at school, activities or on trips. The boys actually growing concerned about how good you’ve become.

> Occasionally using the cover stories to take revenge.
“(Y/n)?! I did not eat too many chilli dogs and get… you know! I was called in.”
“That’s what you get for ditching me without a message telling me that you can’t make it Batson.”
“I bet you’ve never done this to Robin.”
“Why do you think I text every time I have to cancel Batson?” Robin responded, amused by the current situation.

> Saving on bus fair because 2 of your best friends can literally fly you to wherever you need to go if they’re not busy.
“We’ve got to get to Gotham to meet Damian so I better go.”
“I’ll fly us over, don’t worry (y/n).”
“Are you sure, it’s kind of a long way.”
“No problem, Superman’s son remember?”
“Then we’ll stop off at the sweet shop first.”
“To get donuts for a mid flight snack to give you more energy. Yes, I know you get it from the sun but still, they’ll help.”
“Thanks (y/n).”

> Being held hostage this one time at the age of 17. Penguin thinking you’re of interest to Robin since he visits you every other night.
“I’ve got you’re little lover here Robin, and I’m going to need a way to kill Batsy if you want them back.”
“Oh oh - hah no! Robin is my friend!”
“That’s what they all say little birdie but I’m betting he’s your boyfriend.” Penguin cackled to himself.
“Pffft, no wonder you lost your fortune - you suck at betting.” You muttered under your breath.

> Shazam and Superboy coming to your aid alongside Robin.
“Why the hell did your boyfriend bring company?!” Penguin screeched sending his henchmen after them.
“Wait, are you two together?!” Came Jon’s voice.
“Can we focus on saving the hostage for now?” Robin started.
“How do you get yourself into these situations (y/n)?” Shazam commented, smirking at you.
“Having you guys as my best friends, that’s how.”

> Borrowing Billy’s hoodie when he’s not using it because that’s what best friends are for.

> All of them looking out for you in some way or another, you always having their backs if they need it.

> Confiding in all of them and them doing the same, talking about their powers and trying to conquer any of their weaknesses.

> Trying to persuade Damian to tell Billy his identity since Jon has told him and vice versa. You still have a long way to go but you respect Damian’s decision and don’t push him about it.

> Not really hanging out as a group because you all live in different areas and have your own business to attend to. Seeing Damian and Jon as a group on some occasions.

> Getting separate visits from each of them though, but seeing Damian more often as you both live in Gotham and he has been your best friend for the longest.

> Getting woken up in the middle of the night just because they’re your best friends and you won’t kill them.
“Dami, it’s 1am!”
“We’ve been up at later times of the night and I usually check in with you.”

“Jon, isn’t your dad going to wonder where you are?”
“Nah, I wanted to see how you’re doing.”

“You’re way too good at sneaking out Billy.”
“Anything for you (y/n), besides it’s boring back home.”

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If your cool with it, can you do some headcanons of Newt trying to help his girlfriend on her period please? I feel like I'm dying and need my precious cinnamon roll lol.

  • trying every spell in the book to find ways to help you feel better
  • like literally - the man had grown so accustomed to taking care of ovulating creatures that he had his own separate journal full of his findings for the topic
  • but unfortunately, he found out too late that laying on hay painted with gold leaf didn’t work the same wonders on humans that it did to pregnant Nifflers
  • but he was nothing if not dedicated - he created a brand new journal, appropriately named Red Disaster Manual
  • headaches were an easy fix - he’d figured to first cast a quieting charm, encasing the room you were in with a protective barrier that muffled outside noises
  • next came cramps - he had charmed a special heating pad that was perpetually warm, and always at the exact temperature your body needed
  • the weird food cravings were a bit more difficult
  • he couldn’t just “abracadabra” the food there, and “didn’t I tell you never to use that word!” he’d whimper, pulling his head out from between his knees as he had dropped to the floor, afraid of the killing spell you’d nonchalantly moaned
  • no, for this task he would have to actually go outside and retrieve the food items
  • sometimes it would be an easy request, like some of Jacob’s pastries
  • others would be near impossible to get, like a certain chilli cheese hotdog from a Brooklyn vendor who did a circuit of certain streets on certain days
  • Newt was very confused by it all, but he cared so much for you that no task was too hard to execute
  • he’d often come back, arms full of groceries and freshly made food in take-away bags only to find you sleeping
  • he’d huff, a little annoyed, but ultimately glad to see you so peaceful
  • climbing into bed, he’d wrap his arms around you, pressing a kiss to your neck and snuggling in
  • that night, while you nibbled on reheated chilli cheese dogs and other yummy snacks, he’d underline in his special journal for the seventh time the most helpful tip he had discovered for when you were on your period:
  • sufficient cuddles and kisses

Today’s episode was kind of bland since it was a recap but we got to know a few more things about Ema, which is nice

  • she has an appetite as evidenced by that she ordered two chilli dogs; assuming she actually did eat them but given that she was using a civilian guise, she likely did
  • the other characters regard her as a treasure hunter (the pigeon and the frog)
  • given that were fees were expensive, she is almost certainly purely motivated by greed and money 
  • she will happily play up her beauty and vanity - I suspect this is part of a larger persona she uses online and in real life
  • she is a fidgety sitter; she is constantly shifting her legs and she seems to prefer sitting with one leg crossed over the other
  • she still doesn’t know what the incident was 10 years ago. Given that we know she is a very talented hacker, that might mean this incident was kept very hush hush
Sonamy One shot -

A/N - 

Sonic Boom Sonamy fluff. Amy is behaving oddly, and Sonic starts freaking out. 

It was a pleasant day in Hedgehog village, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, Eggman was attacking.

“I’ll be a back you blue buffoon!” Eggman yelled as he retreated to his lair.

The team cheered happily.

“Another victory for team Sonic!” Sonic yelled as he high fived his fox friend.

“Who’s hungry?” Tails questioned, “That battle’s made me starving, anyone up for Meh Burger?”

“Sounds good buddy, I could go for a chilly dog about now.” Sonic replied as he patted his stomach.

They began walking, before one of their team mates spoke up.

“Actually guys I’ve got to…I’ve got a thing, I’ll see you later.” The pink hedgehog said quickly before running off.

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Picture This ~ Sonamy One Shot

A/N -


Sonic has a picture of Amy tucked away, and he accidentally drops it.

The picture [ X ].

“I got it!” Sonic shouted jumping to hit the incoming ball.

The team where enjoying a game of volley ball, one of their favourite past times. It was Sticks, Knuckles and Tails verses Sonic and Amy. Sonic and Amy where in the lead and had just scored another point.

“Yes! Another point for team Sonamy!” Sonic shouted.

Amy cheered and gave sonic a high five.

“Aren’t they adorable.” Sticks said flatly.

“Come on guys, I think we know you’ve won, let’s go get some food.” Tails said frustrated with another loss for his team.

“Good idea buddy.” Sonic said happily.

They began walking, when Knuckles noticed a piece of paper on the floor, he knelt down and picked it up. It was a picture, a picture of Amy. She wasn’t looking at the camera, she was looking off over the ocean. It looked as if she wasn’t even aware the picture was being taken.

 “Hey guys wait up! I just found a picture…” Knuckles shouted as he ran towards his friends.

 But before he could finish the picture was out of his hand.

 “That mine.” Sonic said quickly as he stuffed the picture into his scarf.

 Sonic couldn’t even look at Knuckles, he didn’t want to even know the expression that was on his face. What he didn’t see was a look of confusion that melted into a massive grin.

 “Oh, is it now.” Knuckles said in a teasing voice.

 “What was it Knuckles?” Amy questioned.

 “Nothing. It was nothing. Let’s go to meh burger, I’m starved.” Sonic said walking off towards the restaurant.

 The group caught up with Sonic, with Tails and Knuckles bring up the rear.

 “So, what was the picture you found?” Tails asked quietly.

 “It was a picture of Amy, she was sat looking at the ocean, and I don’t think she even knew she was being photographed.” Knuckles said describing the image, to the best of his memory.

 “You’ve got to be kidding me! And he just carry’s that around with him? Why on earth hasn’t he asked her out yet?” Tails complained.

 The fox was getting incredibly tired of the two hedgehog’s painfully obvious feelings for one another. It was so obvious that they liked one another, so he couldn’t understand why they couldn’t tell each other. It was very frustrating. He just wanted to see his friends happy.

 “You’ve got me dude, I mean he’s carrying that around with him, so there’s no doubt in my mind he likes her.” Knuckles said as he watched the two hedgehogs interact with one another.

Suddenly Sonic stopped and looked back at the two men walking slowly behind the group, he spoke to the girls then ran over to them.

 “About earlier…” Sonic began flatly. “I’d appreciate it if you kept what you saw to yourself.”

 “My lips are sealed…I told Tails.” Knuckles explained grinning sheepishly.

 Tails laughed nervously, as the blue hedgehog directed his attention to him.

 “Look guys, she can’t know.” Sonic said stepping in front of them both.

 “Why?” Knuckles asked confused as to why the pink hedgehog wasn’t allowed to know the truth.

 “Because! Please guys just keep this to your self’s.” Sonic sounded desperate, it was actually a little painful to hear.

 “Fine!” They replied in unison.

 Internally Sonic was having a mini freak out. He dropped the picture, how could he have been so careless. What if Amy had found it? She would think he was creepy carrying around a picture of her, let alone it being one she didn’t even know existed.  Tails could keep a secret he knew that, what worrying him was that Knuckles knew. He wasn’t the best secret keeper, Sonic shuddered remembering all the surprise parties that had been ruin by Knuckles accidentally letting the secret slip.

 “Guy’s come on!” Amy shouted to the three men trailing behind her.

 Sonic gave a solitary nod to the men and then sped up to catch up with the girls. They found an empty table at Meh Burger and ordered there food.

 “So, what shall we do after this?” Sticks asked before tucking in to her food.

 “I was thinking we could go back to the beach.” Sonic suggested.

 “Why? So you can take more pictures of…uh I mean…” Knuckles blabbered.

 “What are you talking about Knucks?” Amy asked the flustered echidna.

 “Me oh nothing. You know me, sometimes I just say random stuff. Like Sonic carrying around a picture of you, why would I even say something like that, who knows?” Knuckles jabbered on and on, trying to dig himself out of a never ending hole.

 The whole team froze, Amy switched he attention to the blue hedgehog who was sat frozen solid, dripping chilly from his chilly dog. He stared back at her, what was he meant to do? His flight or fight instincts kicked in. He chose flight. Sonic darted off as fast as he could, leaving a very stunted group.

 “He…he what?” Amy stuttered

 “What? Sonic, nothing. Knuckles was just joking. Right Knucks” Tails said trying to laugh off the situation. It failed to work.

 “Hehe…yeah.” Knuckles smiled sheepishly.

 “He carries a picture of me?” She said standing and looking off into the direction Sonic had ran off to.

 “Hey, don’t you have a picture of Sonic in your purse!” Sticks said remembering their trip to the volcano.

 “Sticks!” Amy snapped, she didn’t want the world to know her secret.

 “Oh for crying out loud you two are so frustrating! Just go find him Amy.” Tails shouted slamming his hand down onto the table.

Amy jumped at the fox’s sudden outburst but nodded and ran off following in Sonics footsteps. She ran around frantically, looking everywhere she could think of, but couldn’t find him anywhere. After what felt like hours she gave up, she’d just have to look for him tomorrow. She walked home in defeat. When she finally arrived she found Sonic sat on the step outside her door.

 “Sonic?” Amy said approaching him slowly.

He stood up and walked over to her. He rummaged in his scarf and dug out a small piece of paper and past it over to her. It was a picture of her, looking out over the sea. She saw a date scribbled on the bottom, it was from a day she’d spent with Sonic on the beach. It had been a wonderful day, just the two of them, enjoying each other’s Company. But she wasn’t aware of the picture.

 “I’m sorry.” Sonic spoke softly, snapping Amy out of her memory.

“For what?” Amy responded surprised.

 “For not telling you, and for being creepy, and for….” He began listing off things.

 Amy stopped him by pulling him into a heartfelt hug.

 “You’re not a creep Sonic! This is the most romantic thing you’ve ever done.” She said holding him tightly.

 At first he hadn’t registered what was happening, but slowly he wrapped his arms around the pink woman. His heart erupting in is chest.

“Plus I have a picture of you in my bag so we’re both creeps.” Amy said as she nuzzled into his chest.

 Sonic chuckled, “We’re not very good at mushy stuff, hyh.” He said resting his head on the top of hers.

 “No I guess not.” He heard her reply softly.

 “Ames, I’m only gonna say this once, so listen up. I like you a lot, and I wanna be…um…well you know.” He stated.

 He was pretty proud of himself, he was never very good with feelings, but he thought he’d got his point across pretty well.

 “I like you a lot too, and yes I’d like that to.” Amy responded pulling back so she could look up at her blue love.

They both lent into one another touching lips softly. They pulled apart, Amy took Sonic’s hand in hers and pulled I’m into her home, closing the door gently behind them.  

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Hello everyone. Hope you enjoyed this new one shot. Its a little longer than my usual one shot but ah well. I drew a little picture to go along with this one, [ X ]. Tis the photo of Amy that Sonic keeps.

Sorry about my spelling, dyslexia makes me sad. 

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