the children on the russian rich

Well I met a lady with what could be deemed the fabulous life. She’s a entertainer, model and socialite and dabbles in other things. She modelled for many of the large French fashion houses before she left the industry due to exploitation. But from there, her life has been about endless travel; Cap Ferrat, Mykonos, Los Angeles, Monaco, Zurich, St Barths, attending events, and her side business. To top it off, she has the glamour and good looks of a Victoria Secret model.

She talked about her desire for children years back but she really got the “glamorous” life she wanted anyway. I’m not one to downplay somebody’s success, but I guess she crafted the person she is for the lifestyle she wants. Culture here is ostentatious. Especially the Russians .The Russians give no fucks, they will have five yachts if they want to!!! I think that’s why rich people gravitate to these places, they want to be around people who don’t make them feel bad for stunting lol. Reminds of an interview I watched with a British billionaire who stated that British people will judge someone for having a Bentley whilst in other places they view it as inspirational.

I’m somewhere in the middle. Greed is despicable, there’s more to life than what you own. But life’s too short to pretend I like struggle living or that comfort and stress free living are bad things. Also can I just say, if you want to get into the international luxury/design industries of any kind or would like to network in Europe: learn either Italian/French/German and even Russian potentially. Doors will open.

Princess Maria Antonovna Naryshkina by Joseph von Grassi, 1807

Maria Antonovna Naryshkina (1779-1854) - was born in 1779 as a daughter of Polish prince Antoni Stanislaw Czetwertynski-Swiatopolk. Her mother died when she was 5 and her father was beheaded during a polish uprising in 1794. Her stepmother asked Catherine the Great to save her and her 5 children and allow her to leave for Russian court. Catherine received the family and made 15 year old Maria a lady-in-wating. In 1795 when she was 16 Maria married Russian courtier, prince Dmitri Lvovich Naryshkin, who was 37 at that time. It was an arranged marriage and a good one for Maria, since the prince was very rich.  In 1799 she caught the eye of future Tsar Alexander I, then - Grand Duke Alexander (1777-1825),  who made her to his permanent mistress, and she remained in this position (with her spouse’s agreement!) fifteen years long. Her nickname in St.Petersburg’s high society was “Aspasia of the North”, emphasizing her status of the ruler’s beloved. British ambassador at Court Philip Vigel wrote: “Her [Maria’s] beauty was so ideal, that she look almost artificial …. Her beautiful face and lovely figure contrasted even more with her simple fashion.” Maria Naryshkina was not interested in politics, did not ask the Tsar for financial support and did not press him to leave his wife. It is believed that three children out of six that Maria and her husband had were fathered by the Tsar, however the paternity could not be certain. Neither the Tsar, nor Maria were faithful to each other. A contemporary remarks upon an occasion when the Tsar visited his mistress unexpectedly only to find his own fligel-adutant in her room “in such position, that it left no doubt of the nature of this relationship.” Alexander however choose not to punish his officer and is said to have remarked: “You know that how many tragedies i had in life and my only consolation was the love of Maria Antonovna. But taking away her heart you deeply saddened me, but i will not have revenge. The friendship we had from no one will be over, but you may remain in my service. Your shame will be your punishment.” After her relationship with the Tsar run it’s course Maria Antonovna asked for permission to leave the country to improve her health. She was granted such permission and remained on good terms with Alexander till his death in 1825. 

Why is this series under appreciated? It literally has everything modern society is looking for in media

Can I  just talk about how great the Artemis Fowl series is for character diversity (besides other things) especially because it’s difficult to find works with good diverse characters written for an audience of 8-13 year old boys? (You know, the audience for Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, or basically most of the best series ever)

So the main character is a 12 year old kid with an IQ of like 5000 and a bitchy attitude. As well as this he frequently gets manicures, is such a poor marksman he ‘couldn’t hit the backside of a stationary elephant’ and is so lazy about physical exercise the only sport he’s willing to do is horse riding because ‘the horse did most of the work’. He also exclusively wears Armani suits.

His only friend is his bodyguard, Butler who is a massive muscleman with an extensive weapon collection and whose favourite film is ‘Some Like It Hot’ and has to constantly follow Artemis on all these immoral schemes like ‘fgs’ and tries to encourage Artemis not to be such a cold hearted little bitch.

So the good guy (did I mention that it’s written from the POV of the villain!!!?) is this female black police officer called Holly who lives underground because she is actually an elf and she is like a law unto herself, she has never read the rule book to anything and mainly just decides to wing it on every mission and has previously ballsed up a lot of jobs and is worried about her career. She has a weird emotional attachment to her stun-gun and works with a cowardly but brilliantly intelligent centaur.

In addition to these primary characters, there’s Butler’s little sister Juliette who quit her bodyguard training to become a professional wrestler. There’s Trouble and Grub Kelp, two brothers, the first of whom is super serious about moving up in his career and the second who legit cries over a hangnail while on a mission. There’s also Artemis’ mother, Angeline Fowl, who spends most of the first book in a state of depression bordering on insanity due to the strain put on her from her husband’s criminal line of work and his eventual disappearance. Which moves me on to Fowl Sr, a criminal missing presumed dead from dodgy dealings with the Russian Mafia and who raised his son to be a businessman with a love of gold and criminal tendencies. Also the longest running villain (Artemis reforms steadily (with some regression) throughout the series) is a psychotic female pixie. Who is a genius.

This series is just… Gold. If you’re a kid, read it, if you’re still pretending to be a kid read it, if you’re a parent, read it to your kid fgs it has traditional and non traditional representations of male and female characters, complex, important female characters, and characters who are (but not defined by) suffering from a mental illness (which I might point out is not romanticised or glorified) a POC, old and young (youngest at 2 and idk who the oldest is but Butler is getting on in years and he has to accept the limitations of this often and it’s quite heartbreaking). Also there’s very little romantic plot (besides from I think Holly and Trouble going on a cheeky date) and romance is not used to motivate the female characters (but is at one point used to motivate a male secondary villain). Also you learn a SHIT TON reading it. It’s set all over (and under) the world, so there’s minor characters from many nationalities. I never knew I needed a basic knowledge of the Russian Mafia at the age of 12 but I got it anyway. There’s action, a little romance, parenthood, being an older sibling, grief, stigma, lots of intellectual outsmarting, complex humour and (literally) fart humour, sarcasm wars, complex friendships and working relationships, rich Irish brats and an actual metric ton of pure gold.

Like seriously, kudos to Eoin Colfer, the genius mind behind this series.


27th June 2016 marks the 117th birth anniversary of Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna of Russia, third daughter of the last Emperor Nicholas II

When I first knew the Grand Duchess Marie, she was quite a child, but during the Revolution she became very devoted to me, and I to her, and we spent most of our time together. She was a wonderful girl, possessed of tremendous reserve force, and I never realised her unselfish nature until those dreadful days. She too was exceeding fair, dowered with the classic beauty of the Romanoffs; her eyes were dark blue, shaded by long lashes, and she had masses of dark brown hair. Marie was plump, and the Empress often teased her about this ; she was not so lively as her sisters, but she was much more decided in her outlook. The Grand Duchess Marie knew at once what she wanted, and why she wanted it.

Julia Dehn: The Real Tsaritsa

The third sister, Maria, was a shy child who suffered later from being piggy in the middle between her two older sisters and her younger siblings. Her mother may have coupled her with Anastasia as the “little pair” but as time went on Maria occasionally found herself adrift from Anastasia and Alexey - the more natural little pair - and she sometimes felt she did not get the love and attention she craved. Her strong phsysique made her seem rather ungainly and she had a reputation for clumsiness and boisterousness. Yet for many who knew the family, Maria was by far the prettiest, with her peaches-and-cream complexion, her rich brown hair and an earthy Russian quality not possesed by any of the other children; everyone remarked on her eyes that shone “like lanterns” and her warm smile. She was not especially bright but had a real gift for painting and drawing. Mashka, as her sisters often called her, was the least affected by any sense of her station. She “would shake hands with any palace attendant or servant, or exchange kisses with chambermaids or peasant women whom she happened to meet. If a servant dropped something, she would hurry to help her pick it up.” … Of all the sisters she was the most open-hearted and sincere and she was always extremely deferential towards her parents. Margaretta Eagar felt that she was Nicholas´ favourite and that he was touched by her natural affection.

Helen Rappaport: The Four Sisters

Seriously, people are offended by South Park??! List of offensive South Park topics...

You do realize what show you’re watching, right? I haven’t watched the new episode yet, but chances are its problematic as fuck. If you haven’t noticed, South Park doesn’t discriminate who it makes fun of. They rip on everyone including themselves, each other, and their own show. 

South Park had offended / made fun of/ joked about…

  • Everyone in the LGBT community, Blacks, Whites, Asians, fat people, Jews, “sluts,” Christians (mostly the catholic church, the priest, pope etc…), Scientologists, woman, men, sexual harassment, Native Americans, Democrats, the entire country of Canada and its people, Gingers, gender reassignment surgery, poor people, cops, Apple products, Al gore, Bush, Obama, Hilary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Magic Johnson, aids sufferers, ADHD, aspergers , Selena Gomez, Barbara Streisand, Tom Cruise, R Kelly, Kanye West aka Gay fish, the mentally handicapped, the physically handicapped, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Mexicans, doctors, lawyers, abortions clinics, mariachi bands, people who drive hybrid cars, San Francisco, the FBI, the CIA, the FDA, men with small penis, IT guys, cable providers, Katrina victims, Naggers, animal activists, the rain forest, zip lining tour guides, people from New Jersey, rednecks, vegetarians, gluten free dieters, Boy Scouts of America, 9/11, Pokemon, The Food Network, Broadway, teachers, psychologists, schizophrenia, disassociate identity disorder, Taylor Swift, Facebook, pot head towels, cynical people, people who overuse curse words, motorcyclists (aka Fags), wikileaks, Jessie Jackson, Michael Jackson, Steve Irwin, Yo Gabba Gabba, Miley, Justin Bieber, Jonas brothers, Disney, WWE, Billy Mayes, people who have publicly shit their pants, prostitution, Helen Keller, South Park itself, Walmart, the homeless, Mormons, rich people, white privilege, Anne Frank, gamers, Big tobacco, Michael Moore, home security systems, business start-ups, the redskins controversy, football safety, global warming, Oprah’s Vagina, Oprah’s asshole, Alcoholism, conspiracy theories, capitalism, cosmetic surgery, parents who purposely infect their children with chicken pox, herpes, people who have an ass for a face, whale wars, missionaries, Russians, the british ETC….

AND I made this list off of the top of my head. (watched alot of SP when it was on Netflix…good times good times.) If you actually get offended by South Park, then you doing it wrong and you need to stop watching


ohhh….I’m sorry, we can’t do anything to help you….


Unrelated side note: The South Park gif game is so F’in strong