the child screaming for them to let her go

The Two Of Us || Min Yoongi

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Word Count: 2.3k

Genre: Angst

Happiness was something you couldn’t afford. It was something that only the lucky got and somehow you turned out to be just another unlucky fool. Happiness was overrated anyways. All it meant was that you got to live your life without trial and error, without pain, without hurt, and god you wanted that so badly. All you wanted was for a chance to be happy, and not feel the ache in your chest that you felt now.

There was the thought, that maybe you never would be happy. Maybe you were destined to live a life of loneliness and pain, and never overcome it despite how hard you tried. Maybe you were never supposed to make it over the mountain and just continue falling down like you had been your entire life.

You thought for a while, that there was finally an end to the pain, and you had found it in a man named Min Yoongi. Everything with him had been perfect. Nights and days were meaningless to both of you as you had each other. Everything you ever needed could be found in one another, and that was how the both of you lived during your relationship.

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Arkos Pregnancy Au

here it is folks. What started out as a way of making me feel less depressed spiralled out into this beautiful au.

are you ready??? (also please keep in mind that I only did some research into pregnancy so if something is wildly inaccurate its because I’m lazy)

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  • Sakura: Tomatoes! Sasuke-kun, these tomatoes are on sale! Let's buy them, I want them! I want to eat all of them!
  • Sasuke: (smirking) Hn, you are carrying my child for sure.
  • -a year later-
  • Sasuke: Sarada, papa has a healthy tomato soup for you! Open your mouth, princess.
  • Sarada: ...
  • Sasuke: Come on, you're going to like it, I promise!
  • Sarada: (swallows) ...
  • Sasuke: Well? It's tasty, right?
  • Sarada: (spits the soup into Sasuke's face and flips the bowl)
  • Sasuke: ... (screaming internally)
  • Sakura: (secretly laughing her ass off in the kitchen)

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I'm fucking laughing because in my mind the next thing Angus knows is that he just wakes up on the fucking Moon because he was asleep and they couldn't just leave the kid unattended. There's a lot of screaming because the THB's brought a literal child to the moon What the fuck. Taako or Magnus probably shushes them because the kid is asleep and Humans need that shit.

I write one little post about Angus picking up the Oculus and suddenly an AU happens okay fine let’s roll with it.

The Director, slumped heavily on her throne, gaped at the three that were somehow her star reclaimers. “I have. So many questions,” she raised her hand to halt all of them from speaking at once. “One at a time, please. Magnus, I just know I’m going to regret this, but unfortunately I am incapable of asking anything besides: why do you have a child?”

Magnus held up a small boy made smaller by the heavily muscled arms he was curled in. “This is Angus!”

“The pleasure is all mine now why is he here.”

“We couldn’t just leave him unconscious on the side of the train tracks, Director!” Magnus protested, as if somehow she had suggested it. “Can we keep him?”

“Do…do you think he’s a dog? Is this revenge for the Bureau’s policy of animals on the moon? It is, isn’t it.”

“I promise to take care of him! I’ll feed him and take him on walkies and play with him on the quad and everything!”

“Aaaand the prophecy has been fulfilled.” The Director sighed and turned to address the Reclaimers’ cleric cleaning…something out of his ear. “Merle: could you not do that please and explain what transpired on the surface?

He flicked the…something away (The Director shuddered from a distant memory of a small ship and very close quarters) and adjusted his belt like a small-town lawyer about to present a spellproof case made of witty country aphorisms. “Well, Director- like you ordered- when we got down to Rockport, we went undercover at the train station.” He cleared his throat and…oh gods, starting speaking in a horrid and unconvincing Scottish accent. “Ai cleverlee prasented ma-self as Leeman Kessler-”

Hiding somewhere behind Magnus, Taako shrieked. “OH GOD IT’S BACK.”

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Rated: T

Pairing: Severus X Reader

summary: You and Severus are deciding on who would be your child’s godfather. It turns into a fight.

by: bigeyes-redmouth

A/N: What can I say…I like an angry Snape.

“Absolutely not.” 

“But Severus-“ you began to protest, watching with crossed-arms as Severus paced back and forth across your living room. Your dog, a little cocker spaniard named Sonata, watched him as well with a tilt of her head. 

“I will not have that frothing beast be the Godfather of my child,” Severus snarled, glaring at you. You felt a kick and pressed soothing circles across your swollen stomach. You glared up at your husband. 

“And you think Lucius Malfoy is a better fit?” You said, trying to rein in the building anger that was trying to claw out from your chest. Your maternity witch had warned you to keep negative emotions down to a minimum, and you were trying, but she clearly knew nothing about being married to a man like Severus Snape. It was fucking impossible. 

“Obviously,” he drawled, crossing his own arms. You scoffed. 

“Yes, the man that has been trying to kill my goddaughter and her friends since second year and his horrid son who never lets her forget how inferior she is to them, definitely a perfect father figure for our child,” You said, rolling your eyes. 

“At least he will be able to financially provide for our child.” 

“That won’t matter if he’s going to end up turning our kid into a fucking psychopath!” 

“Better a psychopath than a bloody monster.” 

“Remus is not a monster, you sanctimonious prick!” You screamed, finally managing to stand up from the couch to meet him head-on. 

Severus sneered back at you. You could feel the blood rushing to your head, your hands twitching to hex your husband into oblivion.   

“Remus Lupin is ten times the man that Lucius Malfoy and the rest of your death-eater friends could ever hope of being,” you said, your eyes filling up with tears. “and the fact that you keep disparaging him for something that he has no control over-“ 

Severus leaned in close, his obsidian eyes cold and angry.   

“Then maybe you should have married him instead,” he hissed, before sweeping out of the room. The door slamming shut. 

You stood for a moment, staring after the closed door, your chest heaving as you tried to process the last couple of minutes. Slowly, you made your way to the couch. Sonata jumped up beside you, pressing her little head against your belly. You burst into tears. 

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angsty theory

A woman shushed her baby trying to stop his wails from the horrifying sounds of lazerguns.

“You know this is the only way we can save him.” A man behind her said.

“ I know , I know.” she replied fighting back tears.

The man held her and kissed their baby. Carefully, they placed the baby in a small spaceship and sent them to earth.

The small spaceship crashed in the middle of nowhere. Luckily for the baby, a woman saw it and ran to see and– WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?! There was a baby. She looked around for someone, some clue and on the outer surface of the small spaceship there was a carving.

K        ogane

…Kogane ?

She opened the space ship and took the baby. There was a message. She read it  but nothing that could help her really understand the situation. She ended up taking care of baby “Kogane.”

Years later…

Keith was a kid who always spent time on his own, gazing at the stars. The woman felt her heart break everytime she saw him staring at the nightsky. It’s almost like he knew…

Oneday, she couldn’t take anymore and decided to tell  him.

“Keith… I’m sorry , there’s something you should know about … About your parents… Your real parents. They did not die in an accident like I told you.”

The conversation took a lot of explaining everything and it ended up with the message that the woman found inside the ship.

“Mom, Dad. We’re under attack. Please take care of yamir. Takashi and I WILL  comeback to get him.”

“This means… They might still be there! They might be alive!”

Later on, keith joined the garrison in hopes tha he’ll reach space and find his lost parents.

Keith was sixteen when he heared about TAKASHI ShirOGANE. He thought: ‘MAYBE JUST MAYBE, HE’S MY FATHER.’

But only disappointment met him. The man was a student and he was still so young to be his father…

But that was how keith and shiro knew each other. Keith saw Shiro and he had the saddest look on his face which left Shiro slightly concerned.

Keith explained that he wants to find his parents who might be working at garrison or maybe in space. Shiro found it intriguing and wanted to help this kid as much as he could so they often trained together before the Kerberos mission where Keith lost Shiro.

But later on, he finds his friend and they become the Paladins of Voltron, together with new found friends.

Keith at 25 had been hardened by the years of fighting. Defending of the universe wasn’t really a simple task. But he’d fought as hard as he could and is still fighting.

Everyone knew their roles and were much more careful in their missions. Keith would dare say nothing could faze them now.

Except something did faze them.Pidge and Shiro were suddenly having a baby. Everything was a big mess. But they still fought and won battles even without Voltron. That was a common occurance now for the Lions. But they had to choose their battles, had to be more careful.

There was one particular battle they could not avoid though.

The castle had been tense. Pidge was going into labor. Shiro had been the most terrified, walking around in circles. Everyone was anxious.

After a long night of hearing pidge’s screams and occasional curses, it finally came to end when they all heard the baby crying.

Shiro quickly ran into the room. The rest waited for allura to let them in and when she did, they saw Pidge holding a baby with the warmest smile. Shiro held her and he, as well, could not take his eyes of the new born child. And everyone was just relieved and glad that it all went safely. Everything went silent for a moment, as if the world stopped just for this child.

It was Lance who went on to break the this silence"What you gonna name him???“ Lance asked,drawing closer to them.

"Yeah. We need to give him cute nicknames, shower him with love and everything.” Hunk followed.

“Well… Shiro and I thought that maybe we can choose a name that’s not from Earth.” Pidge said as she glanced at Allura .

“Oh! You want me to pick. Well…? Alfor?”

“I knew you would say that.” Pidge fought back giggles.

“How about Marius? Fellark? Petron? Kryster? Alyxius?” Coran suggested along with many more other 'tough men names’ that didn’t seem to fit the small baby.

“Coran, choose something that will fit this small tender child.” Hunk countered.

“Well Hunk, he will grow up to be strong and tall like Shiro so he equally has to have a strong and stout name.”

“Mostly boys in our family look like their moms or people from their mother side. The uncle, sometimes… Maybe, he’ll be like Matt?”

“How about Yamir?” Allura who kept silent had been deep in thought and undisturbed finally decided to speak.

“Wait! I think that’s a name on earth too. It means… Moon or something. Not sure.” Hunk mentioned. He is very much into the naming process.

“On Altea, it means 'always loved’.” Allura explained.

“I like it.” Pidge agreed as she looked at Shiro for affirmation.Shiro smiled at her and said, “ I think Yamir Shirogane sounds good.”

-fast forward-

The castle was under attack. The Galra had not been this aggresive before. It was no longer safe for a child to stay in the Castle of Lions.

Pidge and Shiro carefully put Yamir in a small space pod, put a message inside meant for Pidge’s parents,

even carving Pidge’s name into the pod.Katie Shirogane Everyone watched Yamir for the last time.

Pidge was fighting back tears. Shiro was telling her it was the only way. Lance and Hunk couldn’t help but cry.

And Keith…

Keith was silent.
He was dying inside now.
The message ran through his mind.'K  ogane.’ 'Takashi and I.'Alll the pieces came together…He was never alone.

They were right here all along.

Keith brokedown crying. He locked Shiro and Pidge into a tight hug. Hunk and Lance joined in, thinking it was to console the couple but there was always more to that hug for keith.

There was a reason why he was so emotional at that moment.'If only you knew…’ He tells himself,keeping this discovery hidden in his hands

They all say their goodbyes to Yamir. But as the pod was sent into a wormhole, the castle was attacked.The integrity of the portal had been compromised.

They could not control where it was headed to. It could even been in the wrong time or the wrong place with the wrong people.

They did not know.

And it broke them.

They were all crying. The team adores Yamir and Shiro and Pidge loved their baby more than anything in the universe.

Keith walked to pidge the two. He told them not to worry.

“You’ll meet him again and he might face bad times in his life, he might cry alone at night but in the end he’ll be the happiest son in the entire universe because you’re here with him…

Keith brings out a small paper hidden in his chest. It was crinkled and old.Faded but still readable, a message was written:

"Mom, Dad. We’re under attack. Please take care of Yamir. Takashi and I will comeback to get him.”


so someone asked me if i had any headcanons about shiropidge future kids and yes i actually do but it’S THE WEIRDEST THEORY EVER
i wanna thank @sapphiresoulmate who wrote this for me because ………. i cant write ;w; 
and guess what song fit perfectly for this au ?

Erased OP & ED - “Re:Re:" 

and why keith can open  galra doors and all that ? maybe it’s an effect from what they did to shiro ?
i mean c’mon keith is the ultimate mix between shiro and pidge , the way he looks and his personality it’s just
………..the weirdest theory i had and i like it
welp enjoy the angst
hope you like it


Heyyyaaa can I get a scenario with taeyong when we have twin baby girls and he comes back after some long tour and sees them and you can also put smut in there if u want it’s up to you honeypie k thankyouuuu x 

You can’t be any happier when your husband finally comes home.

me: the worst at doing scenarios on time
you guys: keeps in sending scenarios.
this one is legit from like, two months ago what are you doing people… i’m the worst. hopefully the anon who sent this in likes it ^^

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Welcome to Night Vale episode 109 A Story About Huntokar thoughts

Warning spoilers














AND MY WIFE (Tamika Flynn)



Okay now that I’ve got that out of the way..

The episode was beautifully crafted and gave me a better insight to Cecil, Night Vale, Huntokar, and everything that has been going on.

The weather was really awesome and I can’t wait for the next episode. Maybe they’ll all find a way to fix this.

“Oxygen” was so hard for me to watch, poor lil Bill all scared and losing air and her face going guh and then her slowly redding out - and then she’s even more scared and almost crying and begging the Doctor to reassure her and screams for her (dead) mother when she thinks she’s getting killed… oh my God, leave that darling child alone, just give her a girlfriend and let her have fun with Grandpa Doctor.

I mean, I’ll be honest, Bill is my most favoritest companion and I do not appreciate them making good use of Pearl Mackie’s excellent crying skills, they need to stick to making good use of Pearl Mackie’s excellent being an adorable ray of sunshine skills.

Don't Give Up

Imagine: JojenxReader

Requested: Yessss

Plot: The reader has the greensight as well, and she sees a rather disturbing vision, which saves Jojen, but puts her in danger (with fluff)

It was a vision. That much you were sure of, seeing as you had the greensight, just like Bran, just like Jojen, the boy you secretly loved. You felt your muscles lock into place, and you were frozen in time. This was what always happened in your visions; unlike Jojen, you didn’t have seizures. You simply immobilized. You were a ghost in your own vision; you couldn’t alter them, or even take part in them. This time, you were in a snowy valley-esk place. And directly before you, on top of a hill, stood a Godswood; the biggest one you’ve ever seen. But it was what happened next that would haunt you for the rest of your days.

“Jojen! Jojen, look! We’ve made it!” You heard a familiar voice call. You spun around in place, to see Bran in his sleigh, being pulled by Hodor, and Meera supporting a very sick-looking Jojen. You gasped, your heart being struck with a flash of pain at the thought of Jojen being that sick. He was already in a very bad condition, so you could only imagine what would happen if he got any worse. That’s when you got a bad feeling about this particular vision. You saw Bran, Hodor, Meera, and Jojen walking towards a cave of sorts directly underneath the huge tree, when suddenly, a rotting hand burst out of the snow, before grabbing Jojen’s ankles, tripping him, and dragging him backwards. “JOJEN!” You heard Meera scream as she ran towards him. Your heart dropped to your stomach as you witnessed them fighting off wights that popped up and out of the snow. You witnessed Bran warging into Hodor, and then Jojen getting pushed away by Meera. He tried to get up, and that’s when the wight stabbed him the first time. You let out a scream, as your heart got ripped into a thousand pieces.  You saw Meera run over, cradling her brother in her arms, as the wights burst into flames. “He is lost! Come with me, of die with him!” A little girl yelled. A child of the Woods, no doubt. “Go with them,” you heard Jojen say to Meera, and you spun around in him to see her plant a gentle kiss on his forehead, before placing the knife she had found at his throat. “NO!” You closed you eyes tightly shut, before falling to the ground, screaming in agony.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Wake up, please! Come on!” You heard somebody calling you from a distance. You jolted awake, your heart beating a thousand beats per second. You felt sweat dripping down your brow, and you looked around to see your arm was bleeding from five little crescent-shaped wounds you had no doubt created during your nightmare of a vision. You were shaking violently, and you looked up to see Jojen holding you in his arms carefully, his eyes worriedly scanning your face. “W-What happened?” You stammered, as he brushed away a single lock of your hair, which was clearly drenched in sweat, before stroking your cheek gently with his thumb. “Seven Hells, (Y/N), you were screaming bloody murder!” He said, clearly wanting an explanation. You just sighed, before sitting up slowly, your head spinning and your heart hurting, “It’s nothing. Just a nightmare.” You felt bad lying to him, but how could you possibly look at the person you loved most in the world, even if they didn’t know it, and tell them you just watched them die?

You saw in his eyes that he didn’t believe you, but you plastered a fake smile on your face, before getting up and helping Meera pack up. “I have a feeling that we’re getting close to the Three-Eyed Raven,” said Bran, smiling. You saw Jojen and Meera smiling as well, so you forced yourself to copy them, to make sure they didn’t suspect anything. On the inside, you felt your heart dying piece by piece. 

After a couple hours, the group had scaled a rather large, snowy hill, and suddenly, when you reached the top, the sight you saw stopped you in your tracks, your blood frozen in your veins; it was the valley from you vision, along with the Godswood, and the cave beneath it. 

“Jojen! Jojen, look! We’ve made it!” You heard Bran shout to the boy trailing behind you. You saw him, and Meera supporting him. You felt the blood leave your face, you heart going numb. You couldn’t say anything, not yet. But the ending of the vision you had came to mind, and in that moment, you decided that you weren’t going to let Jojen die. Not today, not for as long as you lived.

About halfway through the valley, you heard the ice cracking. Suddenly, you heard Jojen yelp, and Meera scream, “JOJEN!” You quickly drew your dagger, and started fighting off the wights as best you could. The one you were currently fighting had a longsword, and it had managed to cut your arm badly. You gave out a scream, before stabbing it through the ribcage, and separating it head from the rest of its skeletal body. It fell limp, and you felt the adrenaline rushing through your veins. Suddenly, you saw Meera about to push Jojen out of the way, but you started running FAST. “MEERA, DON’T!” You screamed, just as Meera made contact with Jojen. You dove underneath him, and he landed on you, and you quickly rolled him off you, just as you felt a sharp, agonizing pain in your stomach. Then another, then another.

Yet, the agonizing scream that pierced the air wasn’t yours. It was Jojen’s. He quickly dispatched the wight that stabbed you, before cradling you in his lap, tears spilling down his face shamelessly. ‘God, (Y/N), why did you do that?! Why?!” He cried, trying to keep you awake. “I saw…..y-you died, Jojen……my vision….” you couldn’t say more, since the pain in your the stomach was agonizing, and it was sapping your life force. He just let out a pitiful sob, before hugging you closer to him, his lips resting by your hairline, “Don’t give up, (YN), d-don’t give up!”. You felt his tears on your skin, and you took the moment t say what you needed to before you went, “Jojen…..I-I lo-love you….” You managed to mumble, your energy sapping more than before, your eyes closing. You heard the boy’s breathing hitch, before you felt something soft brush over your lips; Jojen was kissing you. As much as you wanted to respond, you couldn’t find the energy to. But you were glad that you got to tell him you loved him. As everything was fading away, you suddenly heard, “She can be saved! Get her to safety now, or die with her!” It was the voice of the Child of the Woods. And it was the last thing you heard.

But it wasn’t. You could feel, you could hear people talking. So there was no way you were dead. You heard a soft female voice, and a weak male voice reply. You became a bit more conscious, and you could hear their conversation. “…She’s very weak, Jojen. Chances are that she will die, so don’t get your hopes up,” you heard Meera’s distinguishable voice, but she sounded sad. “You don’t get it, Meera. I love her, and she loved me too. It was the last thing she said to me. She wasn’t supposed to die in my place! She changed both her fate and mine….” You heard Jojen reply, his voice quivering. There was a silence, and in that moment, you decided to stop being rude, “I wish people would wait until I was actually dead before burying me six feet under.” You opened our eyes slowly to see Jojen and Meera standing in stunned silence, Jojen’s eyes filled with tears. ”(Y-Y/N)?” Jojen said disbelievingly, before approaching you slowly. You smiled, before trying to sit up. Only problem; you had half a dozen stab wounds in your stomach, so it was practically impossible to do that. You hissed in pain, and Jojen caught you as you fell backwards. He hugged you tightly, burying his face in your hair, and you heard him mumbling, “I love you, I love you, seven hells, I love you.” You smiled, before pushing him away a bit, only to kiss him. For real this time, “I love you too.”


Based on a convo with @bgonemydear, @ponyregrets, and @reblogginhood about Bellamy as a serial cuddler.  Also, I hadn’t done a 5+1 in ages and felt like it.

Bellamy had not spent the night in his own bed in nearly a week.  

First it was Harper, waking up half of Alpha block with her screams.  Monty was gone on a scouting mission so they had come to get Bellamy instead, and he spent the next half hour listening to her recount what it was like to be drilled into, over and over again.  Bellamy couldn’t help, couldn’t erase those memories, but he could listen.  And when the time for listening was through, he could sit on top of her covers and draw circles on her back until she drifted off.  He spent the night with his head resting against the wall, dozing in fits and starts.

Then it was Monty, back from his scouting mission but unable to close his eyes, visions of his mother’s last moments running on a loop behind his eyelids.  Harper came and found him— she had guard duty that night— and asked Bellamy to look in on him if he had time.  Bellamy always had time for the delinquents, so he knocked softly on Monty’s door and asked if he wanted to talk.  He didn’t, but Bellamy sat down on his bed and patted his thigh, letting Monty rest his head there.  Bellamy ran his fingers through his friend’s thick, soft hair while his breathing evened out and spent another night sleeping sitting up. His neck ached something terrible the next morning but he didn’t regret it, because Monty looked a little better.

“When was the last time you slept?” he asked Miller the following night, because Miller had bags under his eyes and walked like a man underwater.  Miller mumbled something about having a hard time sleeping alone , but Bryan was a sore subject with him these days (and Monty an even sorer one), so Bellamy didn’t push.  But he also stopped by just before lights out and raised his eyebrows in question.  Miller rolled his eyes but lifted up the covers in invitation, so that night Bellamy slept with his arm tossed over his best friend’s sleeping form while Miller snored like an engine with a gear loose.

He was planning on sleeping in his grim, cold compartment that night when he walked past engineering and heard a familiar round of blistering curses.  He walked in to find Raven hissing at a pile of tech, but when he asked what was wrong she just snarled like you’d understand what a polarity meter is at him.  Bellamy shrugged, because she was right— he wouldn’t.  “Want a drink?” he offered instead.  So they picked up some rations of moonshine and went out towards the fence in a dark corner far from the glare of the spotlights and dull roar of the generators.

“I miss her,” Raven admitted, and Bellamy’s throat grew tight.  He couldn’t respond, so he just raised his glass towards the stars and Raven did the same.

Neither of them slept that night, preferring instead to reminisce about those they had lost.  It felt good to have someone to miss her with, if nothing else, but the next morning he was so tired it hurt to breathe.

Bellamy spent the night after that on the ground outside of the tent Octavia had claimed for her own.  She refused to set foot in the compartment she’d shared with Lincoln, and getting her back to Arkadia had been trial enough that Kane didn’t protest when she set up a small tent instead.  She had always had nightmares but Octavia didn’t shriek with fear when she woke— she would wake, frozen in panic, because even as a child, she knew that her screams could end them all.

Somehow, Bellamy always knew when she had one.  Even now.

So he grabbed his blanket and a pillow and moved to the soft spring grass outside of her tent.  Octavia nodded to him when she emerged the next morning, something like thanks in her still-cold eyes.

He was circling his compartment, wondering how Jasper was holding up and considering going to check on him when someone knocked on his door.  

“They’re worried about you,” Clarke announced when he let her in.


“The kids,” she said simply.  “They say you’ve been Goldilocksing their beds.”

“I have not,” he protested, but Clarke smiled gently at him.

“When was the last time you slept?  A whole night through, and not outside or with Miller jackhammering through granite next to you,” she asked.

“So what is wrong with Miller?” he asked instead.  “Is he sick or something?  Is there a family of lumberjacks living in his nose?”

Clarke laughed and climbed into his bed.  She patted the spot next to her and looked at him pointedly.  

Bellamy joined her and laid down.  This felt awkward; more awkward than it should considering just a few nights ago he’d done the same for Miller.  “I can sleep by myself,” he pointed out.

“I know,” Clarke replied, nudging him onto his side.  Bellamy rolled and closed his eyes and for a moment, panic seized him.  The same thing happened every night— panic and grief and fear, all tangled together and roiling his stomach.  It made his chest feel tight and he wanted to leave, to run away, to stay up all night cursing and laughing and crying with Raven or listening to Harper recount her fears.  He wanted to do anything but sleep, but then Clarke curled around him, her arm around his waist and her nose pressed against the nape of his neck.  Her knees rested against the back of his thighs and her chest expanded and contracted behind him.  He made himself copy her breaths, slow and steady, in and out, until the urge to flee had passed.

“See? this is better,” Clarke murmured, and Bellamy covered her hand with his, pinning it to his heart.

It was.

Meant To Meet

So, with a terrible delay, I wrote a thing for @captainceranna. Guys, her Children of the Champions is one of the most interesting things we have in this fandom about a future after Inquisition! And, her amazing art make everything even more charming! Everytime I read and see something about this universe, I’m deeply happy.
Thank you for letting me play with your OCs, I hope you’re going to like this, dear!

Laneda Rutherford X Kieran 

The first time Laneda kisses him, she has the advantage of the surprise. And Kieran gently pushes her away, ignoring her frown and -that was definetely harder - his desire to throw his supposed good sense outside the windows and kiss her back, instead. Slowly. Deeper.
“Why?” the young woman inquires, crossing her arms in a way that reminds him her father, as he had often seen Commander Cullen doing in Skyhold, years ago.
“Because it’s wrong.”
For her. For their mission to save the world.
Kieran mouth twitches in a sour amusement. People has started to call their rundown group the Children of the Champions. And they truly are. A bunch of children determined to step away from their parents’ shadows. The children of the Hero of Ferelden, the Champion, the Inquisitor. Children barely aware of the implications of their mission. The nickname does not apply to him, the son of an unknown witch of the Wilds. He doubts he has ever been a child in the tradtional meaning of the word. But the others? They still are, even if they can’t see it, even if their ages tell him differently. They’re children who picked a path not fully understanding the implications and the dangers. If someone has told him he was going to join them, Kieran would have laughed.He had no wishes to be stuck babysitting them, but then Lea appeared, tousled, angry and willing to let her royal life behind. He wasn’t selfish enough to turn his back on his own sister. Well, a half sister who doesn’t even know they have the same father. But it doesn’t matter, as long she’s there, he will.
How can he explain all of this to Laneda? Tell her that she - and all the others - weren’t supposed to be there, with him? That his mother has trained him for hunting and stopping the Dread Wolf alone? 
He’s a hunter, neither a companion or a hero. His world is different from hers. Darker. Colder. A place the sun doesn’t reach for kissing her golden curls. A place where her laughter risks to disappear. She deserves better.
“I’m too old, Laneda.”

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My younger sister is only 10 years old
And already she knows what it means
To hate oneself and, if you ask her,
She can tell you right away what depression is.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And she comes up to me asking me
Whether or not she is beautiful-
There are boys in her class who whisper
And she cannot find it in herself to keep her head up.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And the weighing machine has become her best friend,
She steps onto it every day 
Asking me if the weight shown on the scale
Is the ‘ideal’.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And when people call her pretty she casts her eyes downwards,
Mumbles a meek 'thank you’ and tells me
She thinks they did it out of courtesy.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And already people are telling her
That 'if you don’t try to dress pretty people won’t like you’-
I’ve seen her look at my dresses and sigh
That she wished she was pretty enough to pull them off.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And when I told her I was leaving to college
She cried for hours and told me that people were right
And that no one was going to stick around to love her
Because she wasn’t what people wanted.

My younger sister is only 10 years old
And her heart has been broken too many times
Despite her tender age and status as a child
And you ask me why I’m climbing on rooftops
Screaming 'let children be children’
Because, what people are taking is their innocence
And my younger sister is only 10.

—  s.r. // my younger sister

RFA with child that wants to be like them in future.

Maybe I will add V/Saeran in future!


- He is very happy to hear that. He cries tears of joy hearing that.

- His eyes brighted at the idea to teach his own child about that wonderful job!

- But he is a little worried that he will mess it up or bore him/her.His son/daughter has to ensure him he is not boring/ he will do fine. 

- Will tell them story how he went to university because of his cousin (involving story about Sally) and how their mother motivated him to continue learning.

- Oh boi, will he talk about you.. how did you two meet.. how much he loves you.. even how you went one day to cinema to watch horror film ( he will say that you were the one who was scared and he protected you, but in reality  he was the one who got scared the shit out of him)

- Litterally takes that kid to his job to show everything to them.

- If there is a pet his child wants/is their favorite. He is going to buy/adopt it (unless its something like tiger lol) He will tell them all curiosities about that animal!

- Will take her/him to zoo, barn, aquarium, forest or even safari! Anything related to animals! Of course if you acccept that kind of trips. Mother’s sentence is very important.

- He will have heart attack if his child  come near dangerous animal. Please dont do this to him. Later on, he wont let her/him go too far without him

- Very fun but anxious/worried 24/7.


- Here we see the most proud parent of the year.

- Seriously. He LOVES the idea to be his child’s mentor.

- Will always be at his son’s/daughter’s performance at school. He will be the one loudly screaming ,, THATS MY BOY/GIRL!” even if its terrible. He will be here for his child.

-  He will practice with him/her a lot. When I mean a lot I mean a LOT. More than 50% bonding with his child is practicing/helping them with their lines but that doesnt mean there is no fun. Remember he is a cool dad.

- He is that one parent that shows everyone their child’s performances like ,,Have you seen her/him? Isnt he/she just the most talented kid you have seen in your life? Look its her/him here!”.

- Straightforward registering his child to theatre/dance club.

-He will make sure they look FABULOUS. Makes sure they are a star above all.

-If any other kid makes fun of them. He will fight them. He will scare shit out of him/her. You will need to calm him or he will fight that kid right there for insulting his precious baby.

Jaehee ( coffee franchise not assistant!):

- She freezes for a moment. Wait are she/he for real?! THATS AWESOME.

- She is very passionate to show you everything.

- Trips to coffee franchise every week! But she/he cant drink it until they are older. She worries for their health!

- Jaehee is impressed that her child wants to continue family buisnsess ( you both are partners/lovers so). Amazed at the fact she/he interest in coffee when she/he is very young.

- Shows them all kinds of coffee beans.

- How can you breed perfect cup of espresso? They know that all thanks to their perfect momma.

- Jaehee wil teach them everything. She is a perfect teacher.



- Just imagine how teacher and classmates were confused by how much she/he knows about coffee.


- Well he knew his child would continue family’s buisness so he is not suprised at all.

- What he is suprised is that he/she wants to be perfect as he.

- Well he might seemed not intrested but oh were you wrong.

- He employed the best teachers that  he ( not his assistant. He shows all interests in his baby by himself.) could find.

- After that, the child is well educated in anything that is related to buisness (including cat buisness).

- He will give him/her advices.

- Although, he wont be so great. He learned his way to sucess on his own. He had to be perfect so it might be hard for him to show it to his child.

- He dont pressure him/her. Despite everything he wants his child to be happy.



- He is excited. Very excited. Please calm down.

- But deep inside he worries for them.He wants them to be safe and this job is very dangerous.

- Still he shows her/him all those cool stuff you can make on computer.

- One day his child scared the shit out of uncle Yoosung by placing a jumpscare in LOLOL file. Seven was very proud of her/him. You werent suprised by that at all.

- Will he talk about floppy disks. He will.

- Shows them memes by the chance.

- Teaches him/her about slang (can you name it like that?) like jk, rofl, idk.

- He talks about new and old computers.

- She/he is a computer expert.

anonymous asked:

If Ashi was ever rough with her children, would she ever have flashbacks to her traumatic childhood at the hands of the High Priestess? And how would she respond?

Ashi would never lay a hand on her kids but say she gets very angry at some point and grabs her child’s arm and is ready to tell them what’s up and scream,she would start and then see the saddened look on her children’s face, she’d zone out and remember the look of her sisters face and the beating each would get.

And remember hers as well, she would get sad and let go of her child’s arm and apologize. She’d tell them to stop misbehaving and to go to their room cuz mom need to be alone. Her children get worried cuz mom was acting distant after the scolding. Of course ashi would talk to jack and he’d comfort her and tell her she’s a great mom. Ashis flashbacks effect her mood, her children and jack go to her after she’s calmed a bit and the kids apologize for misbehaving and they all just hug mommy ashi.

a short story by moi (part two)


(Baby Harry is now 1 year old; Marlene is due to have Remus and Sirius’s baby at the end of the month; Remus and Sirius are finalising the plans for their wedding which they plan to celebrate on November 2nd)

Sirius and Remus helped Marlene up the few steps that lead up to James and Lily’s front door in the cute little village of Godric’s Hollow. Remus looked around at the dark garden, a smile growing on his pink lips.

“It really is lovely here,” he said, running his finger over the leaf of a particularly pretty plant. “Babe, could we have a house like this after BabyPads is born? I’d love for it to grow up in the country, with all of the fresh, open air. It’d be good for my monthly burden too. What do you think?”

“I think that sounds like a purely splendid idea, honey,” Sirius replied, smiling, just as the door swung open, and James appeared with Harry on his shoulders.

“Hey, guys! Come in!” he said, jumping out of the way.

“Come in!” Harry repeated excitedly, wobbling on James’s shoulders. Lily appeared in the kitchen doorway and rushed towards James, an anxious look on her pretty face.

“James! How many times have I asked you not to put Harry on your shoulders? I’m worried he’s going to fall off! Pass him here…” she cried exasperatedly, moving out of Marlene’s way as Sirius helped her into the living room. Remus hung around, making silly faces at Harry while his parents argued harmlessly.

“Oh, come on, Lil! We’re only playing! He’s perfectly safe up here anyway!”

A ginger cat streaked through Lily’s legs and bolted for the door.

“No, Crookshanks!” Lily gasped, lurching forward and swinging the door shut before the cat could escape. She sighed and returned to the kitchen, shaking her head at James and Harry as she went.

“Mama cross.” Harry said, covering his dad’s eyes with his chubby hands. James laughed and lifted Harry off of his shoulders. He passed him to Remus and swept away into the kitchen after his wife. Remus set Harry down on the floor and let Harry wrap his fat fingers around his own index finger.

“Come on, Harry, can you walk for Moony?” he asked, taking a step forward.

“I walk.” Harry mumbled, trying to put his left foot down on the floor. Lily glided into the room from the kitchen, with four glasses of champagne and one glass of ginger beer levitating in front of her. She was carrying a large bowl containing salty nachos with side-bowls of guacamole, salsa and sour cream.

Remus passed Harry to Sirius, who bounced him on his lap as he talked to Marlene. Lily beckoned for Sirius to pass Harry to her, and he did as he was told. Lily sat Harry down in front of her and fed him leftover cheesy pasta from the night before.

“I’m so excited.” Sirius breathed, watching Harry and Lily. “I can’t wait to have my own.”

“Not long now…” Marlene smiled, rubbing her belly. “I’m really glad I chose to do this for you two.”

“So are we.” said Remus, beaming at Marlene. “I don’t know where we’d be now if you had declined.”

“We certainly wouldn’t be this happy,” Sirius nodded, leaning forward and kissing Marlene on the cheek. “Thank you so much.”

“Of course,” she reached for a nacho, and felt a great surge in her stomach. She frowned and pushed herself up off the sofa.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Marlene replied delicately. “I think I just need to go to the toilet. Excuse me…”

Everybody else waited patiently for a few minutes. The only sound was Harry chewing on his pasta or Sirius crunching down on nachos. When a loud shriek came from the bathroom, everybody leaped up and rushed to help Marlene. Lily grabbed Harry, who clung to his bowl of pasta.

“Marlene?” Sirius yelled to the door. “What’s wrong? Why did you shriek?”

There was a click as the door unlocked, and then it opened slowly, revealing Marlene. She stared at them, afraid.

“My waters just broke.” she said. “The baby’s coming early.”

“WHAT?” Remus screamed in a panic. Sirius, Remus and James all began freaking out, which lead to Harry crying. Lily passed Harry to James to calm him down while she took Marlene’s hand calmly and lead her outside.

“Okay, we’re going to take you to the hospital, and you’re going to have this baby. Okay?”

Marlene nodded. “Okay.”

They all got into the car that Lily’s parents had gotten her for her twentieth birthday and drove to the nearest hospital. The doctors refused to allow anyone into the ward whilst Marlene was in labour, since none of them were here family, but they eventually gave in after Marlene screamed at them to let “the people that are actually raising this child” into the room. Remus and Sirius stood on either side of Marlene while she was giving birth, holding each other her hands and letting her squeeze as hard as she needed to.

When the baby was finally born, the doctor lifted it up and showed it to the exhausted trio. “It’s a girl!”

Marlene sighed with relief and continued to pant breathlessly. Remus and Sirius launched themselves into the air with exhilaration, causing the doctor holding their new baby girl to step back cautiously. He passed it to Remus, who gave it to Marlene whole-heartedly.

“You made that,” he said, looking at her and Sirius benevolently. “She’s beautiful.”

Marlene held the newborn baby girl close to her chest. The baby screeched and wailed, but it was bearable because it was beautiful.

“What should we call her?” Sirius asked a few minutes later after the baby had fed. The baby gasped and Sirius cooed at her. Marlene passed her to him as she thought about all of the names they had come up with. Remus moved to Sirius’s side and put his arm around him, his hand snaking around Sirius’s body and touching their baby girl’s tiny foot.

“She’s so beautiful. Our daughter.” he said, a tear leaking from his eye. “She’s going to be wonderfully weird and weirdly wonderful. She’s going to be curious about everything and will never hesitate to ask questions. She’ll be the brightest witch of her age and the damn prettiest. She’ll be the most spoilt girl in Hogwarts but she’ll still be grateful for everything she ever receives. I’m going to love her so much. I’m going to love her with my whole heart.”

He kissed Sirius proudly and then looked back at his new daughter. “I can’t look away, babe, she’s just the most amazing thing.”

“Pandora.” Sirius said. “That’s what we’ll call her. Because she’s wonderful, and beautiful, and we can’t look away.”

“I love it!” Marlene exclaimed. 

Remus looked at his fiancé and grinned. “I love it, too.”

“Excuse me, would you like to allow your friends in now?” A doctor bustled over and asked Marlene, who nodded hurriedly.

Sirius looked at his daughter again, immensely proud of himself. “Pandora,” he and Remus said at the same time.

“Pandora Lupin-Black.” Marlene added as Lily, James and Harry flew into the room. Remus and Sirius looked up and beamed at Marlene, their hearts melting and cheeks turning red as roses.

It was perfect.



4. JokerXReader!

Anonymus: Can you write one where the Joker finds the reader somewhere and she’s crying and he tries to cheer her up?

This one’s for you, Anon, hope you like it! :D 

Everyday the same boring things.

Eating, going to therapy, eating and still got locked up in your prison cell.

Your life was never that good, but this was horrible.

You could hardly remember the time you really had fun.

It’s been two months now, since you were brought to Arkham Asylum, because you killed your boyfriend, he cheated on you severall times and you were sick of his shit.

It drove you crazy everytime you found out about another slut, he got behind your back.

But it was not just him, who got you here.

Your parents weren’t innocent at all.

Physical abuse was a word you heared thousand times a day, in the last three years.

You got several therapists since you were thirteen years old.

Whenever your parents saw you doing something that wasn’t good in their mind, they blamed you.

It  was never called: „Okay we are the parents and did a lot wrong with our daughter.“

It always meant: „You are the one who is curious or crazy. It’s your fault, not ours.“

And here you go, years later, tired of all this shit, and now a new prisoner at Arkham, quiet funny.

It was at the and of your second month in here, when the cell towards yours got filled with someone new.

You always were alone at the end of this corridor, you didn’t miss anyone, the most people here weren’t much of your taste.

Just one or two, like the Riddler or the Mad Hatter, were personalitys you could go with.

They were nice to you, Edward Nygma always got some new riddles for you, when you sat together at the prisoners common room.

And the Mad Hatter told you tales from your favorite Book Alice in Wonderland, ‘cause you reminded him much of little Alice, besides your hair wasn’t blonde.

But this day was a different one.

It was raining outside and you really liked the sound of the rain drops when they hit the ground, outside of this living hell.

It reminds you at freedom, the freedom you missed, since you got locked up here.

Anyways you couldn’t hear the fall of the rain drops, ‘cause the security guards were too loud to hear anything besides them.

You looked up in surprising as they came with six men, weaponed to death and in the middle of them your new cell neighbour.

Which criminal could be so dangerous that it takes six weaponed men to carry him into his new home?

The answer was given, as one of the guards locked the cell towards you and all the others walked back into the corridor.

In the cell stands a tall man, with slicked back green hair and pale skin.

He got black tattoes all over his muscular torso.

„Well, hope you like your new neighbour, (Y/N).“

The guard said, as he catched you starring.

„Joker, (Y/N). (Y/N), Joker. Good luck, sweetheart, he is the worst one in this entire Asylum. Hope he doesn’t bother you that much.“

Than the guard was going his way again and you were alone with the man the entire Asylum was talking about everyday, not matter if he was here, or broke out a few months ago.

You couldn’t tell if you felt like playing or better be a little scared.

Joker starres at you like you starred at him, it felt like hours and you thought your knees would burst every second he starred even more intense, so you decided to sit down infront of the pane from your cell.

Joker begans to move too.

He took a step towards his own pane and puts his hands on it, before he pressed his forehead against the bulletproof material of his own cell and began to smile at you like a total maniac.

You smiled back and wave your hand a little, like a playful little girl.

He was crazy and you already liked him.

Finally someone who was not that kind of a monotonous criminal.

Joker now breathes on his glass panel and wrote something on the fogged surface with his index finger.

How did you get in here, doll? I’ve never seen a pretty thing like you in this rotten walls before.

You place your head crooked and wrote on your pane.

I murdered my boyfriend and my idiotic parents. They thought I was crazy because I wasn’t like they wanted me to be. And my boyfriend betrayed me once enough.

Joker wrote back with a big grin: Such a naughty little girl.

I know, you wrote with a smile which was cute and sexy at the same time.

Weeks flow by and Joker was now kind of your favorite man here.

Your little cell chats got more and more with everyday.

It suddenly started to be really funny at the Asylum since he was your neighbour.

But on this day, everything was just a mess.

First of all the security guards has woken you up at seven thirty p.m, just to bring you to your new therapist.

Doctor Laughlin was her name and she was a total bitch.

You’d never told anything really important in all of your sessions, the therapists knew that you just played with them like a little child does with it’s toys.

But this woman nearly tortured you.

As she didn‘t get from you what she wanted, she ordered to another doctor that you should get tied up on a operating table to get some electroshocks, maybe they would become something useful that way.

But instead of answering some questions you screamed the whole time.

It hurts, more than just bad and you wanted them to let go off you.

You felt like years has gone by, after they finally gave up on you and send you to the common room, because of the two hours free time the prisoners got, everyday.

Your whole body still shivered, as you sat down at a table on a chair far away from the other prisoners.

Tears were running down your cheeks as you felt the aftermaths of your therapy session again in your fingers and in your arms.

You didn’t want that anyone saw you cry, that’s why you sat with your back to the entire room, so you didn’t see Joker came into the room too.

It was the first time he was here since he came back at Arkham a few weeks ago, ‘cause everyone in the security guard thought that it was a bad idea, to let the mass murdering clown stay in contact with other prisoners.

But now they got a long, with the idea to put him in his good old straitjacket.

With his arms tied on at his back he walked through the room, until he saw you huddled in your chair.

An irritated look starts to grow on his face.

Normaly you were playful and smiling around like a little girl, when he sees you, but this was new for him.

„Welcome back, doll“, he smiled in amusement, as he sats down infront of you.

But his smile got frozen in his face, as soon as he saw you crying.

Crap, he hates when people cry.

Why wasn’t she laughing like yesterday?

He wasn’t good with crying people, that’s the reason he always wants them to smile, even when he tortures them.

Crying people made him aggressiv.

But why the fuck was she crying?

He sighed than he stood up from his chair and crouched down infront of you, so you had to look him in his crystal blue eyes, he looked at you with puppy eyes and said: „Why are you crying to your Mr J, doll?“  

„Listen, cupcake. If you don’t tell me what happened, I can’t help you feel better.“

You looked at him, than told him what your new therapist was like and also about the session you made it through.

„Maybe if I tie her up and beats her brain with shock therapie, she wouldn’t look like she got a cane in her ass“, he said hoping to cheer you up, and gave you that wicked grin, what always makes you smile.

The one he gave you at the first time you two met.

And it worked.

You couldn’t do different than just smile and than laugh, as he looked even more crazy, through his eyes.

„That’s a good girl, smile for your Mr J“, he grinned and kissed your cheek.

You laid his arms around his shoulders and hugged him.

He felt a bit strange about it, not because he did not like it that you were touching him, just because he never gets hugged from anyone usualy.

The most people just wanted as much space between Joker and them as possible.

So it’s kind of a premiere.

„You’re smiling now?“, he asks and you do as you let go off him.

„That’s my girl.“

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My Protector

Originally posted by yumyum0range

Request - Hey honey,could u write a one shot Ramsayxreader where he saves ur ass everytime you get into trouble which is quite often cause you can’t handle injustices and don’t let anyone control you(even fewer men)?He protects u and loves because u r different

Pairing - Ramsay Bolton X Female Reader

Wordcount - 1068

Warnings - Strong language, violence, 

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The Other Winchester ~ Prologue

Originally posted by theeconsultingwizard

Warnings: Kidnapping, Death, fire, loss

Pairings: None Yet

Word Count: 502


November 2nd 1983 - Lawrence Kansas

“You?” Mary Winchester says eyes wide as she stares across the room at the Yellow eyed demon. He smirks at her as he says, “Hello Mary,”

“What are you doing here?” She asks as she slowly moves toward her two children sleeping in the crib. Sammy was 6 months old and (Name) who was a year and a half old were lying in the crib cuddling each other.

“I’ve come to collect on our deal; I’ll also be taking her as a consolation prize.”

“The hell you will!” She says as she rushes to her children’s side right as she reaches them she feels something stab her in the stomach. Mary looks down right as he daughter opens her eyes. She forces a smile as she say, “It’s okay baby, mommy loves you.” The little girls (E/C) eyes stare up at her and suddenly start to fill with tears. “MOMMY!” She screams out causing the yellow eyed demon to reach into the crib and grab her. “Let her go!” Mary cries out as she reaches for her screaming child. Suddenly she is thrown against the ceiling peering down at her young son still sleeping in his crib.

“It’s a shame it had to end up like this Mary; you should have just given her up without a fight.”

“What kind of parent would I be if I just let a monster like you take her?”

“One who values self preservation?”

“That’s not me,” Mary says as she winces against the sudden pain in her stomach.

“Oh well I guess I’ll be off now, see you soon.” He says as he wraps his arms around the screaming child and disappears, leaving Mary to burn on the ceiling above her son. When John comes in to check on them he looks up to see Mary on the ceiling and his eyes widen in fear. “Save our daughter please,” She says as she bursts into flames that soon envelope the entire room.

John grabs Sammy and runs from the room as he makes his way to the door he sees Dean come out of his room and handing Sam to him says, “Take your brother outside, Now Dean go!” He runs back into the bedroom but it is too late. Mary’s gone. As he sits outside with Sammy in his arms he vows to find his daughter and get revenge for his wife no matter what.


“Who is this?” Pierce says as he looks down at the little girl who is sitting in the corner her eyes red and puffy from crying.

“This was Mary Campbell’s daughter.” The yellow eyed Demon says as a smirk covers his lips. The little girl looks up at the men and Pierce smirks as he says, “Send her to the red room. She’ll make a fine soldier for Hydra and the apocalypse.”

The yellow eyed demon nods as he reaches down to pick her up. “Do'n touch me!” The little girl yells out as she slaps at the demons hands making everyone turn and stare at her in shock.

“You’re lucky we need you, you little-”

“That’s enough!” Pierce exclaims as turns his attention to the demon. “She is precious cargo, or have you forgotten?” The yellow eyed demon glares at Pierce before turning and stomping out of the room. Pierce glances back down at the little (H/C) girl glaring at him and smirks. “You’ll make a fine asset (Name).”

Will Continue in ~ Winchesters

Scars - Chapter 9

Reader x Yoongi

Warnings: None

Words: 1,074

Chapters: 8 , 10


“(y/n)?”, “Mom”, I sobbed out as I engulfed my mother in a hug. She was shocked because of the state I was in, “(y/n) sweetheart what happened?”, I didn’t answer so she just rubbed my back.

“Honey? Who was at the do-(y/n)?”, my father walked up to where me and my mother were hugging, “what are you doing here?”, “can I stay here? I’ll explain later”, “obviously you can stay, come inside”, my father moved aside to let me in, but I didn’t move chasing him to furrow his brows in confusion. “Erm, dad, there’s someone I’d like you to meet”.

“So you’re telling me you’ve been hiding your pregnancy and the actual birth from us, your parents?!”, my father exclaimed. Ughhhh, I wish I never told them, now I’m going to have an ear full. “I wanted to tell you, I did, but-”, “but? But nothing, we are your paren-, it’s what’s his face, isn’t it?”, “Yoongi?”, my father nodded. I couldn’t lie to my father, “he just wanted to wait for the right time”, “the right time would be the second you found out that you were going to have a human growing inside you!”. He began shouting, scaring Kaia, causing her to cry out.

“Oh darling, it doesn’t matter, atleast we know now, I mean she could have hidden it for years and we would be clueless, now stop shouting and come look at your beautiful granddaughter”, my mother said whilst patting Kaia’s back as she held her. My father looked to my mother and then back to me and point with his index finger, “this conversation isn’t over missy”, I rolled my eyes at my dad, he still treated me like a child.

My father then went over to Kaia and picked her up, she instantly began grabbing at his face and squealing making my father smile, “she’s just like (y/n), isn’t she honey?”, mother asked as she was also grinning at the scene in front of her, “yeah, she is, her face, her mood, everything is just like her”, he was admiring Kaia, he was practically in love with her already.

“That’s the last of the bags”, Hoseok announced, “I’ll get goi-”, “oh no dear, it’s too late to be driving around now, you can stay in our guest room”, “oh no-”, my father interrupted him , “son, I suggest you save your breath, she won’t stop till you accept”.

After I put Kaia down, I went back to the living room to find Hoseok and my dad laughing about something, it was probably some stupid as my mum was rolling her eyes and turning up the volume on the TV to try and block them out. “Hoseok, you got funnier and funnier every time I see you”, I sat down beside my mother, resting my head against her shoulder. “What about me, I am your daughter”, “I have a daughter?, Honey I never knew we had a daughter”, my father’s joke didn’t go well with me as I was already pretty upset.

“For God sakes dad let it go!”, I screamed as I stood up. “I do not need you whining right now I’m already trying to deal with the fact that my ‘boyfriend’, the father of my child, was sleeping with another women for God knows how long!”, my voice cracked at the end, I wiped the tears from my eyes. “You know what I’m tired, I’m gonna go to sleep”, my voice was hushed. I walked off even though my dad called me back.

Later in the night there was a knock at my door, “(y/n)?”, my dad called out, “can I come in?”, “yeah”. I stayed laying as my father came in, he walked over to the bed and sat down beside me. “I’m sorry”, he began combing my hair down with his hand, “it’s okay, you didn’t know, so don’t apologise”, “see this is why no one deserves my princess, god I’m gonna kill him”, “dad it fine, I just want to move on, leave him behind, even though it’s gonna be hard”, he nodded as I spoke, “what about Kaia?”. I sighed loudly, “I honestly have no idea”.

The next day, Hoseok went home, but not before thanking my parents for letting him stay. I woke to hundreds of notifications from Yoongi, calls and texts. I had to hold back from texting him back. I love him so much, and I hate being away from him, but I can’t look at the man who betrayed and hurt me.

My parents were having friends over so I decided to take myself and Kaia out for the day. I dressed her up in her baby grown, coat, hat and mittens, I could let my baby get cold. After putting her down in her pushchair, I then placed a blanket on her, before heading out into the city centre.

The first place I went to was the public art display, I would always come here with Jungkook, we’d get in trouble for climbing them, or trying to vandalise them. I smiled remembering the time Jungkook ended up getting caught by one of the police men because the idiot tripped over himself. I then visited a few other attractions in the centre before heading to my favourite cafe, I loved the cappuccinos there.

Once I ordered my drink, I sat down and waited to be called, as I waited I fed Kaia, getting a few disapproving looks from people. “There we go”, i said as I put Kaia back in her pushchair. Just then one of the the workers called out my name, “(y/n)?”, “oh yeah”, I said back, getting up out of my seat, to go get my drink.

My mum called me telling me to get back as it was getting late, she wasn’t lying, it was already 7pm, I spent an hour in the café, on my phone and saying with Kaia.

I began walking back home, surprisingly she was still wide awake squealing. “Okay, calm down baby, we’re going back to grandad and Grandma". Whilst walking Kaia decided it was a good idea to kick her blanket off herself and onto the ground, “ughh”, I groaned. I crouched down to pick it up.

“Oh, look who’s back in town”. The second my ears picked up the voice my body froze. That voice belonged to one person:


Thank yew sooo much for being patient with my stupid arse, been stressing and upset a lot these past few days. but i’m all good now, sorry for the wait bibs xx