the chicken is all mine

MC: so who’s your ideal type? 

Kyungsoo: a person who has a nice smile a person that has a nice caramel tone to their skin 
a person with model-like features, is apprx 182 cm
A person who has a name starting with a K and ends with I or J and N
One of the main dancers in EXO
Preferably goes by Nini bear
Person who has 3 dogs named Jianggu, JJang Ah, Monggu
Person who has a jawline who can CUT YOU
A person who literally is adorable yet a sex god
Person who is a chicken maniac-

All the EXO members: …. 

Jongin: *beams*

1d as people outside my dorm tonight when the fire alarm went off

Niall: the guy that came out in nothing but a blanket wrapped around himself and holding a bowl of cereal in one hand and a box of orange juice in the other

Harry: the girl who continued to do her contouring while the fire department arrived with sirens

Liam: the guy with a 20 piece chicken nuggets box taking selfies the entire time

Louis: the barefoot guy who was only wearing a bathrobe and standing on the bank yelling about how he was going to find out who the fuck was responsible for this mess


Uh, raise the mizzenmast, ship the topsails. That man is playing Galaga! Thought we wouldn’t notice…but we did.

Sticky Chicken and Waffles from Fantasy Fare Food Truck located in Downtown Disney.