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  • Hamilton: Is something burning?
  • Laurens: Just my desire for you bby ;)
  • Hamilton: John, the stove is on fire.
  • Laurens:
  • Hamilton:

Peter Lorre and Margaret Tallichet in Stranger on the Third Floor  (Boris Ingster, 1940)

“ An RKO B-film from 1940, done up in high Hollywood expressionism. It’s absurdly overwrought but interesting for it…  Boris Ingster, is better with shadows than with actors—venetian blinds carve up the characters with more fateful force than Paul Schrader’s similar gambit in American Gigolo, and there’s a dream sequence that has to be seen to be disbelieved.“  - Dave Kehr, The Chicago Reader

I Wish

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Pairing: Harry Styles x reader

A/N: this is a cute little idea I had so I decided to write it. If anyone has requests within this AU please send them in!

It had been a long time since you had been so happy in a relationship. As a matter of fact, you had never been so happy in a relationship. Ever.

But that didn’t stop you from being extremely careful because it wasn’t just you that you had to consider. It was also your four-year-old daughter, Rosie.

When you fell pregnant with Rosie, you thought you had been losing everything. Your boyfriend, your career and your friends. But you soon realised that the people who distanced themselves and left you were better off out of your life, and having a baby your second year out of school certainly didn’t slow you down. And not only that, Rosie was the best thing that had ever happened to you. She was a sweet, bubbly little girl, who was always full of energy. As a matter of fact, she had made a huge impact on your workplace, an aged care facility. The patients loved having little Rosie around, she was always making the old folks smile and finding some way to brighten their days. She had made such an impression that you were now one of the employees at your workplace working to bring the kindergarten and aged care home together one day a week.

Rosie had made you feel so happy and fulfilled, you didn’t even realise it could get any better until you met Harry. He filled you with so much joy and love, you just didn’t know what to do with it all. Not only did he love you, he loved your daughter and respected the boundaries you put in place to protect her.

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Hi everyone !

As most of you know, Ben’s birthday is coming up in a couple months! I wanted to make a video to show how much we all love him! So if you’d like to be a part of it, please grab a piece of paper and write a nice note to Ben ! Take a picture of you with the note (or just the note if you rather not show your face). Make it creative ! Decorate it! I’ll tweet the video to Ben on his birthday (as well as posting it on here)
I’d like to have all the pictures by September 12! Please spread this around! I want to make sure Ben knows how much we love him !

(More info to come)

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  ‘ ‘ Imagine you havo to go undercover with Antonio and he takes it a bit 
  too seriously. 
’ ’

Requested by Anonymous : ‘‘ hey :) would you write a story where antonio and the reader have to go undercover just for a night and they have to play a couple and antonio is taking it a little bit too literally ;) ’’
Requests are always open.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

You go in, you give a look at the ledger and you come out. It should be easy, though there are guards so you have to sidestep them.

At first, it seemed easy. You, Antonio, Jay and Erin undercover in a strip club. Erin would distract the guards with Jay, you and Antonio would enter Gleeson’s office and did what you had to do. For the undercover mission, you and Erin were sisters and Antonio your boyfriend, Jay Erin’s. You were there to spend a night of pure fun.

“ All right, eyes open and let’s make it quick. ” Jay said as he held the door open for you, Antonio and Erin. When you entered the club, your ears were filled with loud music. The strippers were seductively dancing around their poles, strobe lights were flashing in every corner of the club. You and Erin shared a look before she and Jay went to do their part. You felt Antonio’s arm slipping around you hip and his lips brushing your ear. 

“ You’re stunning tonight. I’ve never seen you wear that little purple dress on other undercover missions. ” his tone was playful yet seductive. In fact, for tonight you dressed particularly well. When Voight told you you were going undercover with Antonio, to say you were excited was an understatement. Let’s just say you had a little crush on the detective since you joined the Intelligence Unit.

“ Shut up. ” you said with a little smile before you heard Jay talking from the earbud.

You’re up. ‘

You shared a look with your partner before starting to making your way through the loud croud. At this point, you started you little act. Antonio held you against his side laughing and you giggled, walking erractically. You entered Gleeson’s office like if you were going to have fun in that room. But your fun was bringing justice in this corrupted city. You closed the door behind you, pointing the desk to Antonio.

“ All right, you find the ledger, I take a look at the room. Guys, keep them busy as long as you can.

“ When did you become so bossy? ” Antonio smirked, while searching for the ledger. You smirked in return.

“ You like it. ” you spent the next five minutes looking for something to inciminate the bastard but you found nothing. Then, you heard Erin’s voice through the earbud.

They’re coming back. You don’t have time to go out, they’ll see you. Hide, there’s Gleeson too. ‘

You looked around you for a place to hide but you didn’t find anything. The clock was ticking. 

“ Come here, I have an idea. ” Antonio said before pushing you roughly on the desk and attacking your lips. The kiss was completely unexpected, you felt his hands wandering on your thighs, under you little dress. Just before Gleeson could enter, you started to kiss him back just as passionately. He was faking it, true, but damn.

“ What the fuck are you doing in my office? ” someone barked, and you parted immediatly, caught in the act. You faked shame, biting your lower lip while you standed on your feet and fixed you dress. Antionio scratched his neck.

“ Just making out with my girl. Sorry man. ” he said with an apologetically smile. Gleeson snorted.

“ Get out of here. ” he said irritated and you almost ran out of the office laughing. When you were out of earshot, you looked at Antonio.

“ So that was your idea? ”

“ Don’t act all innocent, you liked it. ”


Gif source:  Connor

Imagine being Connor’s wife and telling him you’re pregnant.

——— Request for anon ———

“Hey!” he gasps, giving you a teasing glare as you pop the Skittle you’d plucked from his hand into your mouth with a playful grin.

“Don’t blame me, I am eating for two now, after all,” you remark, watching in amusement and excitement as it dawns upon him what you mean. A series of emotions flash across his face in the span of seconds. First, his brow furrowed slightly in confusion, then came the realization. Surprise. Shock. Acceptance. Excitement.

Finally, there it was, the emotion you’d been hoping to see. A look of pure happiness glistens in his eyes before he glances away from you to look out into the hospital parking lot from where you both were, sharing this small break on the roof.

When he looks back to you, it’s with an unsurpassable smile, “How long have you known?”

Are you insane? Antonio Dawson x Reader

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(Gif not mine, credits to owner)

Pairing: Antonio Dawson x Reader

Warnings: Mention of Sexual Assault, mention of death

Summary: The team are in a crime scene and hell breaks lose

Requested: yes/no

Author’s Note: Considering writing part 2? It’s probably going to be the dinner scene. If you want a part 2 let me know! 

Requests are opened


The first few weeks working in intelligence was chaotic, but coming from the very problematic narcotic unit, it wasn’t something Y/N couldn’t handle. Even though she knew Rusek and Atwater from the academy, being the new girl wasn’t easy.

Y/N was transferred by Voight requests, but only he and Halstead and Rusek knew the real reason of her sudden move of unit. Narcotic was dark and ruthless; they didn’t care for justice, they only cared for money and power. Y/N was the only woman in the unit and at first she wasn’t worried about it, but when the hands of the sergeant had gripped on her wrist and pushed her up against her desk; she knew it was trouble. No one else was in the office, but her cries weren’t enough for someone to hear down the hall. His dirty hands tore her jeans open as his lips sank into her tore up white shirt.

When all the sudden Detective Halstead and Rusek had barged in the office right after they heard Y/N’s cries and pleads. It was a casualty; they were only there to get some information about a drug dealer, but they found something else. The sergeant had pushed her aggressively from his tight grasp as the two men had rushed in with their weapons in hand. The situation spoke for itself, Y/N was thrown on the floor with her clothes ripped open while a stream of tears ran down her cheeks as the sergeant stood only a few feet away from her. If it wasn’t for them, God knows what could’ve happened.

Months had passed since the incident in Narcotics, but nothing was stopping her from going further into her career. “Good morning.” Y/N smiled happily as she walked in the office with her usual cup of coffee in hand. Voight nodded back at her as he quickly got in his own office to settle down his things as Erin sat on the corner of Y/N’s desk, waiting for her.

“Good morning to you, you look way happy today.” Erin teased, knowing the reason behind her glowing smile. “How was it last night?”

“I thought that by the fourth date he would’ve dropped the gentlemen act, but mija he’s amazing.” Y/N began as she settled her things on her desk. “I invited him over tonight for dinner and I’m nervous as heck.”

“Nervous for what? Another date with mysterious man?” Halstead interrupted, stealing Y/N’s coffee and sitting on his desk across hers. Y/N protested for her stolen coffee but she knew he wasn’t going to give it back anytime soon. “It’s been what? Five months? We need to meet the guy and have a few drinks together.”

“Talking about your boyfriend?” Rusek joined in the conversation as the rest of the team had already filled up their usual spot in their desks. Y/N rolled her eyes at them as they kept talking on how they needed to meet her boyfriend.

Their teasing only lasted a few minutes before Voight had interrupted with a new case. Arriving at the scene, it was full of reporters, neighbors and a sea of cops surrounding the area. It was all about a gang war, two men that belonged to one of the gangs laid flat on his chest lifeless with his gun still in hand while the other only laid on his back a few feet away from his partner. The rest of the gang members had driven away once the rain of bullets had stopped. Only leaving a tragedy with families aching over the loss of their children who were just innocently playing with each other when the heartless gang members had decided to take their lives.

“I hate these types of days.” Y/N admitted as she stood beside Erin while the forensic team were working on the scene. Erin nodded in agreement as she was too scared to speak up with a knot on her throat. From a far, Voight stood with the state’s attorney’s office, Peter Stone and Antonio Dawson. Y/N ran her fingers through her tangled hair as she avoided Dawson’s eyes from the other side of the crime scene. She didn’t want to be too obvious.

“He should keep the staring a minimal if he doesn’t want anyone to suspect a thing.” If Erin had noticed, she couldn’t imagine who would notice as well. “He’s the one who wanted to keep the relationship private, at least he could pretend he doesn’t know you a bit better.” She added, nudging Y/N with her shoulder for her to leave the topic as Jay jogged over to the pair.

“I guess the state’s attorney’s office has an open case with one of the gang members who was killed. He got bailed out- “

“And now he’s dead.” Y/N finished for him, crossing her arm as the chilly Chicago wind hit her all of the sudden. “I’m going to get my jacket from the car.” She walked away from both Jay and Erin as she made it towards the tinted car across the across the street. Her eyes roamed the crowd as she spotted a mysterious beaten up car coming their way rapidly. It’s when she saw the guns being pointed towards the crown that she reacted. “Everyone down!” She shouted, removing her gun from her side as the other cops in scene tried to shoot back at the upcoming car.

“Y/L/N! Move!” Voight shouted when the car wouldn’t stop. She knew the speeding car would crash into hers and Voight’s van since their cars were the ones blocking the crime scene. The car only increased its speed as the passenger had switch for a bigger and longer weapon. “Shit.” Y/N cursed, as she tried to find cover somewhere else that wasn’t her own car.

With her head down, she looked for cover but the only place she could run to was on the other side and it was basically suicide. Opening the back door of the car, she stood on the edge of the seat as she placed her elbows on the top of the car as she tried to shoot the tires of the car before it caused anymore mayhem.

She could hear her team shouting from a far for her but she managed to shoot the left tire of the front of the car, only for the car to lose control and crash into a fire hydrant a few feet away from her. A group of cops had run over to trashed car, surrounding it as the two men stepped out of the car with their hands up. Her heart was hitting against her chest rapidly as the adrenaline washed away slowly from her veins. She knew the amount of trouble she was in, but she ran her shaking hand through her hair as she was still standing on the passenger’s seat.

“Are you insane?” Dawson had grabbed Y/N by her waist and pulled her down to her feet. She acted recklessly and she knew it, but she didn’t need to be told off, especially him. “I swear to God; Y/N you are going to kill yourself one day or someone else if you keep doing these foolish things.” He continued to argue as his hands were still placed on her waist.

“And you’re the one to talk.” Y/N angrily barked back, removing his hands off her as she caught the rest of the team staring at them bickering.

“How do they know each other?” Jay questioned, as Rusek and Atwater shrugged.

“You guys are idiots.” Erin rolled her eyes, knowing they would catch on at any moment. When Antonio caressed Y/N’s cheek before pulling apart, the guys looked over at Erin in realization of what Dawson and Y/N had.

“I’ll see you later tonight?” Dawson sighed defeated, he didn’t want to argue in front of his old team as they made their way towards them. Y/N thought about it, she wanted to cancel but she simply nodded quietly. “Don’t do any more reckless things, please.” He pleaded, pressing a quick kiss on to her temples.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on her.” Erin reassured Dawson, resting her back on the car. After saying all his goodbyes, Antonio left in his own car with Peter on the passenger seat waiting for him. “I hope you make it alive tonight for your dinner date because Voight is boiling.” Erin pointed out, as an angry Voight marched his way towards Y/N.

Her first time disobeying orders, and she was sure that Voight was going to scold her for the rest of that case.  

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  ‘ ‘ Imagine you are dating Severide and you locked yourself out of your
  apartment after a night out so Kelly and the Squad come and get you
  inside. ’ ’

Requested by Anonymous: ‘‘ Can you du an imagine where the reader is dating severide and she locked herself out of her apartment after a night out and Kelly and squad come and get her inside? Just some fluff pls ’’
Requests are always open.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

“ Damn it, I can’t believe it! ” you looked desperately at your broken key and than at the lock, cursing again. After a long night out all you wanted to do was to lay in bed and watch Netflix with a warm and soft blanket wrapped around you. It was late and you didn’t want to bother your neightbors, so you did the first thing that came into your mind: you called Kelly.
You and Kelly Severide were dating for several months now, you met him through your paramedic friend, Sylvie Brett. You took your phone and digited Kelly’s number, hoping he wasn’t out or asleep.

Hello? (Y/N)? ‘ Kelly’s voice was a little groggy. Yep, you were right, he was sleeping. You felt slightly guilty for waking him.
I’m so sorry to bother you but there’s a little problem… ‘ 
What is it? Are you okay? ‘ now he was completely awake, worried, you might add. 
Well, let’s just say my key is broken into the lock, my brother has my spare key and I’m stuck out of my own house. ‘ you heard his muffled laugh.
You what? Are you serious? ‘ you snorted.
Yes, and now I need you to be a firefighter and to help a poor citizen of Chicago.
On my way. ‘

It didn’t take long for Kelly and the Squad to come. You waited until you saw the red truck and then Kelly’s men coming out.

“ Hey. ” you greeted Kelly and the guys with a smile, guiding them to your apartment. Well, your apartment’s door. You were a little embarassed, actually.

“ There we are. ” you said, and Kelly immediatly started to give orders to Tony, Capp and Cruz. You waited in a corner for them to finish. It didn’t took long, actually. In a few minutes the door was open. You smiled, thanking the Squad.

“ You go, guys, I just need a few minutes here. ” Kelly said, and Capp looked at his lieutenant with knowing eyes. Cruz elbowed him. When the guys were gone, Kelly leaned to the wall, smiling at you.

“ Admit it, you broke that key on purpose. ” you rolled your eyes, suppressing a smile.

“ Yes, of course. After spending hours in this hell heels I’d broke on purpose the key to my apartment. ” Kelly laughed, planting a quick kiss on your lips.

“ Alright, I have to go. But tomorrow night, my place. ” backing away he pointed at you, and you nodded.

“ Seven o’clock! I cook, I don’t want to end up in Chicago Med for food poisoning. ”


He'll Find Me

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Pairing: Jay Halstead x Reader (Sister)

Requested: Nope

Summary: You are in trouble and you call the only person who can help you, Jay.

GIF Not Mine

Running. You just had to keep running. He was close enough for you to hear him shout “Y/N! Get back in the car now!” But you kept running, with no destination in mind. You had to get away from him, or die trying. Your face hurts where he hit your face into the car. Your hand hurts where you punched him in the face to buy you some time to run. Your lungs hurt, a burning sensation, where you have been running non stop to try and lose him. Your feet hurt, they were numb now, from the crunching of the snow under your feet. You had lost your shoes a while back so now you were running barefoot without a coat on in Chicago winter. If the man chasing you didn’t catch up with you soon you’d probably die of hypothermia instead but you had to keep running. You were too determined to get away from him.

I have to call Jay you thought. You stopped, hiding in between the sides of two houses, and grabbed your phone out of your pocket and started to dial Jay’s phone number but you dropped your phone due to your hands being numb. “Shit!” You said in under your breath whilst simultaneously trying the catch your breath. Your body had finally succumbed to the cold now and you were tired, so tired. You fell onto the snow and scrambled for your phone to finish dialling the number. You heard the man in the distance again. “Dammit Y/N, you’re making this harder on yourself!”

You finally dialled the number. Dial tone. “Pick up the phone, Jay. Please pick up the phone.”

“Hello?” A half-asleep Jay answered. It was two in the morning after all.

“I’m in trouble. You have to come quick, I don’t know where I am and he’s close by-”

“Wait, who’s close by? Y/N, what’s going on?” He was fully alert now.

“You have to hurry, he’s going to kill me!” And with that Jay practically jumped out of his bed and grabbed his keys off the side and ran to his car whilst still on the phone with you, reassuring you that everything is going to be okay and that he was on his way. All of a sudden the line went dead which made Jay worry even more. He got the ‘Find my phone’ app up to track where you are and fortunate for him, and you, it worked and he got a location.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. It got closer to you as you lay in the snow. A bright light, it was blue, flashing making you raise your hand to cover your eyes hoping it would help identify who was running towards you. God you hoped it was Jay.

“Hey, look at me Y/N, an ambulance is on it’s way. It’s okay now, he’s gone and he’s not going to hurt you.” Jay said whilst hugging you tightly. You gave a huge sigh of relief knowing now you were in Jay’s arms you were finally safe.

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Co Workers (Part Sixteen)

A/N: Maybe things are starting to look up??? Maybe????

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: Smut, language

Word Count: 2.9k

Catch up here! Co Workers MASTERLIST

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Everything right now was so overwhelming. You obviously couldn’t control your emotions. You didn’t even love Andrew anymore. So why did you always go back to him when things were going south? You knew you wouldn’t go to him again. You had blocked him on everything you could think of.

You stood up and started rummaging through your bag for something to wear. You were going out. You were going to go make things right.

You loved Misha, and only Misha. Hopefully it wasn’t too late.

“He’s not here, Miss Y/L/N”, the person at the front desk told you.

“What do you mean he’s not here?” you questioned him, rolling your eyes.

“He checked in earlier, but he left shortly after.”


You spun around and walked off, annoyed. Where could Misha have gone? It wasn’t like him to run off during conventions. Even though it was Friday night, he should still be here. You were lucky enough not to run into anyone, all the fans were probably off at whatever was going on, you didn’t even know at this point. All you knew is that you had a panel tomorrow.

You walked out the doors of the hotel and looked around; using every ounce of brainpower you had. A bar maybe? You looked down the street and saw a bar that was maybe a block away. You made your way down the street, almost certain that he’d be in there.

When you arrived in the bar you marched straight inside, scanning all of the tables for Misha. Of course, was nowhere to be seen. When you turned around to walk out you saw some people wearing Supernatural shirts heading towards the door; so you decided to slip out the back. A dark alley. Cool, you thought. You stood in the cool air for a minute, taking in some deep breaths. Compared to Canada it was pretty warm there. You were enjoying the cool air hitting your face for a moment when you heard someone hurling.

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Change of Address- Kelly Severide x Reader Imagine

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“Squad 3, you have a change of address: 463 2nd St, Carmichael High School”

Kelly froze.

Capp noticed and motioned for Severide to get his gear on since his team was ready to move.

“Hurry it up Cruz! That’s Y/N’s school. She was called in to sub for another teacher.” Joe nodded and focused on driving carefully but as fast as possible to get to the scene quickly. Kelly took the drive to call Y/N’s cell phone hoping she would answer and be okay.

“Voicemail. Dammit!”

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My Affection

Originally posted by jennifrjareau

Pairing: Kelly Severide x Reader

Requested: @hanachappell

Summary: You are teacher who is taking their class around Firehouse 51. The whole time you husband, Kelly, distracts you.

GIF Not Mine

“Okay, guys, remember that this is a working firehouse. You need to be on your best behaviour today.” You addressed your class. Today you were visiting firehouse 51 to show your students around and give them the option to become a firefighter or a paramedic when they leave school.

You were greeted by Chief Boden, Matt, and your husband Kelly. They were giving a talk about what it is they do and some other stuff. You, however, weren’t paying much attention as all you could think about was a good Kelly looked in his uniform. Your thoughts were interrupted by your fellow teacher nudging you to let you know that they were moving on to the next part of the tour. “Where were you just now?” They asked.

“What do you mean?” You replied, trying to act as if you weren’t staring at Kelly.

“Oh my god, Y/N!” They gasped. “You were totally imagining your husband, if you know what I mean.” They nudged you and winked. You rolled your eyes and started laughing with her. “You know what? I’d do the same thing if my husband was as nearly as hot as yours.” You were used to your husband being the topic of conversation with your fellow teachers. They were constantly saying how lucky you were and how if they were you they would never stop having sex. Most times you rolled your eyes, other times you would just blush and shrink down in your seat.

The tour carried on with you trailing behind the group when Kelly came up behind you and gave you a bear hug. “Hey, beautiful.” He said, kissing your cheek.

“Stop it.” You giggled, trying to get out of his grip.

“What? I’m not doing anything… yet.”

“I’m working. I need to be professional. Besides I’m meant to be setting a good example and I can’t do that when you’re distracting me.”

“You were the one who was staring at me throughout the talk.” Kelly replied pulling you in to his embrace. You looked away biting your lip knowing that if you looked at him you’d crumble under his loving gaze. Which is exactly what happened. You looked up at him, standing on your tippy toes you kissed him in which he pulled you in a kissed you more passionately until you were interrupted by one of your students saying.

“Ew, gross Mrs Severide. Get a room.” You and Kelly pulled away from each other and laughed. Blush crept on your face. You thought that you and Kelly were the only ones in the hallway but at some point one of your students must have come back to look for you.

“What do you want Evan?” You asked.

“Miss Peters is wondering where you went but I could tell her you are busy if you want some alone time.” He laughed.

“No, no. I’m coming.” And with that you left your husband in the middle of the hallway to join the tour again.

Throughout the rest of the tour Kelly would come up and stand beside you putting his arm around you, sneakily giving you kisses, and holding your hand. You didn’t mind though because this is his way of showing he loved you. Even though he was doing it in front of your students and coworkers to annoy you, you secretly loved it and hoped it wouldn’t stop but the bell rang and your husband had to go and save the day promising to carry this on later after his shift which you didn’t mind at all.

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Barbecue Party (Jay Halstead x Female reader)

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(Credit to GIF owner)

Summary: Reader and Jay finally buy a house together and host a barbecue party!

Warnings: None, just some fluff

Author’s note: I don’t know why, but I’m so happy with this imagine


“Do we have enough red cups for the party? We can’t have a hard core beer pong without it.” Jay asked, pulling his jacket over his shoulder.

“I went by the market and bought some just in case.” Y/N pressed a gentle kiss on his cheek before grabbing her things from her own locker. “Can’t wait to see you cook in the new barbecue in our new house.”

After two years of dating and living in each other’s small apartments time to time, they decided to finally buy a new home together. It was the perfect size for them, especially with her two Dalmatians that desperately needed their own backyard. “I need to pick up Will since his car is in the shop, I’ll see you back at the house?“ Jay smiled down to her, wrapping his arms around her securely and brought her closer to his chest. Her little chuckle was one of his favorite thing about her, it was always pure and happy; she was never unhappy while being with him.

"It’s okay, just remember that you need to pick up our clothes from the laundry place since you’re taking the car.” Y/N mumbled against his chest, closing her eyes and taking in his warming scent. She felt safe, being in his arms was her home.

“I’ll try not to forget.” He joked, pressing a kiss on her temples before grabbing his gym bag from the floor. Y/N rolled her eyes playfully at him as she crossed her arms in front of her chest, staring at him warningly.

“You better not forget or else Halstead, I know where you live.” She teased, getting on her tip toes as her lips hovered his own. His own tongue darted out of his lower lip, in desperate need for his now dry lips. “I love you, drive safe please.”

“I love you too.” He smiled, pecking her lips quickly. She waved him off as he disappeared out the locker room and left her completely alone.

A few hours later, Y/N and Erin both finished putting the finishing touches for the barbecue party. The cool evening breeze hugged Y/N’s exposed skin and sent shivers through her body. “Thanks for helping me finish the last minute detail, I can’t depend on that man of mine to fix a nice bouquet of flowers by himself.”

“He just doesn’t have the patience for it.” Erin chuckled, straightening out the blue mantles on the wooden tables outside. The outdoor twinkling lights hanged above them as the orange-pink sky complimented the scenario perfectly. “I’m going to get change, need anything else?”

“Go change in peace.” Y/N said, walking in the kitchen with Erin behind her. “I’m just going to finish up the cupcakes while you get all dolled up.”

“First door to the right?” Erin asked, making sure she wasn’t walking to the wrong bedroom. Y/N nodded in response to her partner. Reaching up to the cabinet above her, Y/N pulled out a huge white ceramic tray and carefully laid it down on the marble counter tops with the rest of the sweet treats on the island. She could hear Erin turning the shower on while she placed the cupcakes she had bought on the white ceramic tray all neatly. Y/N was pleased and happy of how her house looked for the guest arriving in less than an hour. Leaving the kitchen and walking over to the open French doors that lead to the backyard, she stood under the door frame and admired the scenery.

The wooden picnic tables were lined up perfectly for her guest, with plates and silverware already placed next to each other and the blue mantles complementing perfectly with light wood from the tables. Leaning her shoulder on to the door framing, she smiled to herself as she could already see her family and closest friends chatting around and enjoying the food while Jay stood by the barbecue with a cold beer with his brother by his side. It’s all she ever wanted, to see her family and friends happy.

“You look stunning.” Jay whispered to her ear, wrapping his arms around her and pressing his chest on her back. Y/N shifted from her resting position and mold herself perfectly into his arms. He was amazed on how she would still take his breath away every time he saw her.

“You always say that.” She giggled, turning around to face him. He had cleaned up and changed completely over at Will’s place and he look too damn good. His light blue dress shirt was rolled up to his elbow, his black fitted pants and some simple black shoes did the job for him. He looks handsome and he was all hers.

“And every time you just get even more gorgeous.” Jay held her even closer than before, his nose brushing with hers. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Y/N mumbled, her lips meeting halfway with his. Her hands slipped to the back of his neck, gripping on his hair while his hands had lowered from her waist down to both of her butt cheeks. Jay grasped on her butt cheek, causing Y/N to gasp and breaking up the kiss. “Since you’re feeling handsy, how about you get the grill all heated up before the guest arrive?”

“Please, I can’t keep on watching this much PDA.” Will whined, settling the meat he had seasoned in the kitchen while Jay and Y/N were a little too busy with each other. Rolling his eyes, Jay grabbed one of the trays of meat and walked out to the backyard with Will following behind.

The night was starting to take over the evening setting and the party was successful. Every important person in their lives were there, surrounding each other with love and pure joy with each other’s company. Will started with a toast, she stood center before Jay and Y/N while everyone else surrounded them.

“I remember when these two met for the first time, it’s been almost three years and I’m still surprised on how Y/N hasn’t kicked him out yet.” Will began while everyone chuckled at his comment. “I just wanted to congratulate you guys, I think I can speak on everyone’s behalf that you guys deserve this and so much more. The happiness and love just radiates from you guys every time you enter a room. I wish you both the best, because you guys deserve it.” Will added, raising his wine glass up to the air with everyone else cheering for the couple. Y/N pecked Will’s cheek before Jay wrapped his arms around his brother, thanking him for his support.

“I also have a little speech.” Jay interrupted, standing in front of their group of friends. “When I met Y/N, I didn’t think about the future or what we could’ve been at that time. But, I found myself falling deeply in love for this amazing woman and that’s where I knew that I would do anything to make her laugh for the rest of her life, to hold her close whenever the thunder keeps her up at night, to love her even when she makes me change the channel from my hockey game so she could watch her house renovating shows.” Y/N rolled her eyes at Jay while everyone else just laughed at his speech. “Also, I knew that there’s going to be hard days where she won’t want to talk to me or see my own shadow because of something I said, did or didn’t do. But, I also know that even on those hard days I will love her the same as those good days; maybe even more than usual.” Jay said, handling his wine glass to Will before approaching Y/N slowly. She stood there before him with her eyes never breaking away from his glistening ones.

“Oh my God.” Y/N gasped, once she realized what he was doing. Jay pulled out a little red box out of his pocket and got one knee before her. Jay’s eyes were blurry from the tears he had been fighting back, not trying to ruin their moment with him shocking on his own quiet sobs.

“When we walked in to this house a few months ago for the first time, I could already see us running around the house with the dogs in the backyard, building forts in the middle of the night for our Friday movie night, bringing our first born through those doors and creating amazing memories together forever.” Y/N couldn’t even hold her tears back like Jay did, she was already a sobbing mess and he wasn’t even done. “I’ve wanted to ask you this for so long now, you don’t know how much I’ve been dying to find the perfect moment for this.”

“I can confirm that! He was bugging me all these months with his indecisive ass.” Will announced, everyone breaking into laughter at his comment.

Jay opened the little box, pulling out an oval diamond ring. Even with the fluorescent lights, the ring sparkled remarkably. “Y/N, will you marry me?”

“Oh my God, yes!” Y/N blurred out without hesitation. With his trembling hand, Jay placed the ring on her ring finger successfully as his own tears had fallen down to his blushed cheeks. Everyone applauded and cheered for the couple as they stood there in the middle in each other’s arms.

“Time for more champagne!” Antonio exclaimed, popping a fresh bottle of white wine.

“God, I love you so much.” Y/N breathed out, finally calming her crying. Jay chuckled, bringing her even closer to his body.

“I love you too.”


Gif source:  Will  |  Jay  |  Mouse

Imagine being Will and Jay’s little sister and you get pregnant, but you haven’t even told them about your relationship with Mouse yet.

——— Request for anon ———

It wasn’t that it was a secret, per se, but you just hadn’t felt the need to go and make some big announcement on the fact that you and Mouse were a thing, now. You weren’t together for too long, after all, and you typically didn’t introduce your boyfriends to your brothers this soon in a relationship. Mouse wasn’t the type to be loose-lipped either, and even though Jay was one of his best friends, he wasn’t really eager to hear your brothers’ opinions on your relationship.

Now, looking up at the never-ending spin of your ceiling fan, you knew that things between you and Mouse had just gone from casual to serious. Your fingers slowly rubbed along the curve of your abdomen as you dwelled on what you’d learned from the pregnancy test.

“I’m having a baby,” it sounds so strange coming from your mouth. Maybe that’s why you whispered it, just to feel how it felt on your tongue as you released it into the space around you. It’s still strange when you try it again, a little louder as you clear your throat, trying to wrap your head around it, “I’m going to have a baby.”

You wondered what your brothers would think.

You wondered what Mouse would think.

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  • Hamilton Chicago bootleg* omg
  • Me: *Directly messages the user* I will trade you my house, my bank account, my security number, my family, and my soul for this bootleg.
Idiot *Requested* (Patrick Kane)

Requested by: @lightwood2002 who asked “ Can I get a fluffy Patrick Kane imagine were he isn’t feeling well and you take care of him.”

Requests: Open!! I only have two left!

Up Next: Connor McDavid

Warnings: Nope

“You’re going to regret it if you go outside barefoot.” You said leaning against the counter cradling your mug.

Patrick, your fiance gave you a skeptical look. “The trashcan is less than thirty feet away. I think I’ll survive.”

“It’s barely above freezing…and it’s starting to rain.” You gestured to what was basically slush coming from the sky. A bit too cold for rain, but too warm for snow…a common occurrence in Chicago during early December.

“I’ll be fine.” And with that he headed out the door.

You shook your head. “Moron.”

A blast of cold air hit you when the door reopened. “I told you I’d survive.”

“For now.” You muttered, rolling your eyes. “When you get sick I’m not calling Q to tell him you can’t make it to practice because you were idiotic enough to go outside barefoot in the winter.”

“Hi, Joel? It’s Y/N…” You paused for a second and pressed a cold washcloth to Patrick’s forehead. “I don’t think Patrick is fit to come to practice today.”

You could practically hear the eyeroll. “It’s a mandatory practice. He can’t just miss because he wants to stay in the bed with his fiancee.”

“I don’t want to be in bed with him either. He has a temperature of almost 100…and if I had to take a wild guess, I’m going to assume the saltines I gave him earlier won’t stay down much longer.”

Q groaned. “He’s sick? Who gave him a bug??”

“Oh that’d be himself. Despite me telling him what a boneheaded idea it’d be, he decided to go outside without shoes and a coat last night. Needless to say, I was right.”

“Typical.” He gave a defeated sigh. “Just get him better. The Blues will be in town this weekend and we need him out there.”

“I’ll do my best.” You hung up and glared at Patrick. “See what happens when you don’t listen to me?”

He coughed and gave you a scowl. “You’re so mean. Why can’t you be a sympathetic nurse?”

“Because I told you exactly what would happen.” Belaying your harsh words, you gently wiped his clammy face with the cool cloth. “You’re such an idiot.”

“True.” He coughed again and was silent for a few seconds. You watched as a slightly green undertone came to his face. “I think I-”

Before he got the rest of his sentence out you had pulled him from the bed and all but thrown him in front of the toilet. Gently patting his back you offered silent support as he heaved up everything in his stomach, making sure not to watch or breath through your nose. When he appeared done, you handed him his toothbrush and led him back to the bed.

“I feel terrible.” He moaned.

“You poor pitiful baby.” You cooed. Lifting his head you sat it in your lap and ran your fingers through his hair. A movie played softly in the background and Patrick tried to sleep through his sickness as your hands softly massaged his head.

“Sorry I didn’t listen.” He whispered quietly a few minutes later.

“Pat…it’s ok. As unbelievable as it is, I know you’re human and make mistakes…and get sick.”

“But you told me I’d get sick and I didn’t listen.”

“I doubt it…but maybe that means next time you’ll listen…” You gave a slight laugh. “But honestly, it’s ok. Everybody gets sick. The fact that the reason you got sick is because of your choices….eh. I’m pretty confident that everyone makes some bad choices.”

“You’re right.”

“Obviously.” You stood up and stretched. “How about I go make some soup and toast? You can try and keep that down.”

“I’ll do my best.” He shot you a smile that you returned. After making sure there was a trashcan next to the bed and he had a Gatorade you headed for the kitchen.

“Y/N!” He called out before you’d reached the doorway.


“I love you. Thank you for taking care of me even though I was the idiot that got myself in this situation.”

“Love you, too.”

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