the chew of rage

things the zodiac signs do when you're friends with them

Aries: the friend who chews like a dinosaur in jurassic park and talks themselves into a rage once you’ve mentioned something they know a lot about, unintentionally addresses you with wrong names several times a day

Taurus: always buys gifts for you and lends you books and cds and gives you their food without you even asking for it, it’s a bit awkward but endearing

Gemini: accidentally drunk calls you instead of their mom, cries over dog pictures at 2 AM at sleepovers and makes you wonder why you even invited them

Cancer: sends you a ton of snaps of their cat and artsy photos of the water when they’re in the bathtub

Leo: drinks so hasty the drink dribbles down their chin, burps really loud and doesn’t even care you’re staring at them

Virgo: buys truck loads of washi tape (the expensive one) and cardboard with pretty patterns to make birthday and Christmas cards, gives the ugly and screwed up ones to you

Libra: puts their hand on your arm and hits you with their legs under the table when they want your attention, won’t stop until you tell them to

Scorpio: looks like they listen to you but doesn’t, stares at you for an eternity and then says something really weird like “ Did your teeth grow? they look bigger than they were yesterday. ”

Sagittarius: that one who’s so full of energy and in such a good mood everyday it makes you feel like a lifeless sack of meat next to them, the child your parents always wished they had

Capricorn: stays calm in almost every situation, a soft smile resting on their lips, a dreamy sparkle in their eyes when they look at you. it seems like there is nothing that can upset them. but when they get angry with you, oh boy. OH BOY better run

Aquarius: wears clothes no one else would buy and looks gorgeous, will support you in everything you do even if you go through a super edgy emo scene hardcore neon anime xD sOrANdom phase they’ll give you a thumbs up and say “You do you, buddy.”

Pisces: squeals and laughs and talks and argues way too loud in public and doesn’t even care when you tell them to be a bit more quiet they’ll get even louder just because they can and they enjoy embarrassing you

TOG squad at the zoo!

(This was inspired by the ACOTAR “high lords at the zoo post by @highlord-tarquin)

Aelin: Reading a sign that says “do not feed the animals” and then throwing popcorn at them, whispering to herself “I can’t let you miss out.” She then continues to take a handful of salty popcorn and shove it straight in her mouth, chewing loudly.

Rowan: Staring at the caged birds and seething with rage. It takes multiple teary eyed bathroom trips, hugs from Aelin and mouthfuls of popcorn to stop him from freezing and cracking the cages open.

Chaol: Not trusting the monkeys. Glaring continuously at the monkeys and almost tackling Aelin when he sees her feeding them. “Do not feed the enemy!!”

Dorian: Acting like an excited child, marvelling at the animals and stopping every two minutes to read every information signpost the zoo has to over. “CHAOL! PENGUINS CAN HOLD THEIR BREATH FOR 20 WHOLE MINUTES!”

Manon: Muttering about how she could take down a lion in minutes while reading a sign post stating that they are one of the earths strongest animals.

Lysandra: Making Aedion feel special by shape shifting into animals and joining them in their enclosures. Then going right up to Aedion and reaching out a paw/wing/flipper to him.

Aedion: Flipping out over how adorable the animals/lysandra is and amazing tourists with his powers to “attract any species.”

Bonus Cadre!!

Gavriel: Staring at the lion enclosure and whispering. “Blink twice if you can understand me.” Through the bars and trying to communicate with them in feeble roars and mewls.

Moving On

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Prompt: ‘it hurt me to realise you didn’t love me anymore, but it hurt even more when I saw you fall in love with her.’

Word Count: 3547

A/N: God I don’t know how this ended up so long, but I hope you enjoy it regardless. It’s been so long since I’ve written anything, but here goes nothing. Pleaaaaseeee if you have any comments let me know, hope you all have a lovely day :)

“Are you sure you want another one of those?”

I squinted my eyes, “you want my money don’t you?” My speech was slightly slurred—even I was taken back. I never got to the point where my speech slurred.

“(Y/N)—“ Dan sighed heavily before swiping my glass from the bar, “you’re not having anymore, I’m cutting you off.” He placed the tumbler into a large plastic tub by the kegs and brought me a glass of water. “And you know I don’t want your money anymore, I haven’t wanted your money for years.” It was true, most nights I didn’t pay for my alcohol—but most nights I wasn’t getting blind drunk to mask my overwhelming sadness.

I gulped down the water, slamming the glass onto the wooden counter as soon as I was done. “I’m so pathetic Dan, look at me.” I could feel my eyes well up, “I don’t even know who I am anymore.” the lump in my throat began to rise as I tried to fight back the tears. “He’s getting married tomorrow and I’m here! I’m here getting drunk and the saddest part is for a year and a half—a fucking year and a half I’ve told myself, told everybody! I’ve told anyone who I could that I was fine—But I’m not, I’m not fine, I haven’t been fine since he left me.” I was flailing my arms; the guy beside me was blatantly staring.

“Aren’t you one of those superheroes?” He asked, a hint of disgust in his tone.

“Fuck off.” I flipped him the finger and turned back to Dan.

“Sorry buddy.” He rushed to apologise to the patron, “why don’t I get you another beer?”

“Forget it,” the man declined the offer, instead he got up and grabbed his duffle coat from his chair. “You’re right,” he said looking me in the eye, “you are pathetic.”

I felt the blood rush to my head, the glass beside me shattering without warning. “(Y/N)!” Dan screamed, before grabbing my hand, “control yourself!” I suddenly jolted back to reality.

“And these are the people we trust with our lives?” The man scoffed before scurrying out the door.

“Fucking prick!” I called after him, knowing it would fall on deaf ears.

“Jesus Christ (Y/N) you can’t just pull shit like that!” Dan slammed another glass of water down in front of me. “You know I love you, but I’m going to have to call someone to come get you, you need some rest.”

“I was dead!” I cried out, “I was dead for 9 months, is that enough time to grieve?” whatever I was saying, Dan wasn’t interested—he was far too busy on the phone trying to deal with the mess that I was. “9 months.” I whispered the words to myself again and again.

“Someone’s coming to get you.” Dan returned to me, “are you done with this?” he gestured to the water.

I nodded solemnly, “please don’t tell me you called Tony, he’ll be really mad with me.”

“I didn’t call Tony.” Dan mumbled as he wiped down a glass, “God knows I don’t wanna deal with that asshole again.”

“Why don’t you come back to the team Danny?” I grabbed his hand, “I miss you, I need you back.”

“It’s been five years (Y/N), I’m not coming back.” He whipped his hand away. “I can’t live like that anymore—it fucks me up, my head, you know?” I could see the pain in his eyes; the job had been tearing him down.

“I never was and never will be cut out to be a superhero.”

The sound of the bell above the bar door interrupted me before I could say anything, I didn’t bother to look at who it was—I already knew they were there to collect me, not that I needed collecting.

“(Y/N)” a familiar voice spoke as they placed a hand to my shoulder, “let’s get you home.”

My body went rigid as I stared at Dan in contempt, “how could you?” I muttered. I didn’t even have to look to see whose hand was on my shoulder, I already knew and I’d never felt so betrayed in my life.

“He’s the only one who’ll take care of you properly.” Dan couldn’t meet my eyes; he knew just how badly he’d hurt me. “The only one you ever listen to.”

“Don’t fucking touch me Rogers!” I shook Steve off of me.

“What’s gotten into you?!” He was confused; he had no idea how I felt. I’d pretended to be fine with his new situation—buddy, buddy, like he hadn’t chewed my heart up and spat it out.

 “Nothing!” the rage that had been building up inside me was returning and it was coming back stronger. I could feel my scalp heat up as the hair on my head turned purple.

 “Jesus Christ!” Steve pulled me into his chest and wrapped his arms around me. “Stop,” he whispered to me, “stop please.”

All I could think about as he held onto me was, “why is this happening?” Why was he there? Why was he taking care of me when only a year ago he’d tossed me aside like I was no one? “Let go of me Steve.” I pushed him away, the anger refused to subside.

“How much did you give her to drink?!” He directed his frustration towards Dan.

“Don’t blame me Rogers, she’s here because of you!”

Steve opened his mouth to say something but was taken back by the comment, “what?”

Dan rolled his eyes, “you heard me.”

“(Y/N)—“ he grabbed ahold of my hands and looked me in the eyes, “listen to me—I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m gonna get you home and make you a cup of tea, two sugars, no milk—just the way you like it, okay?”

My heart rate began to slow as he recited the way I liked my tea back to me—he still remembered. “You still know.”

“How could I forget?” He quirked an eyebrow.

“I thought—I thought you wouldn’t remember anything anymore, because you stopped loving me.” I was blabbering, but that was a sign I was calming down. My blood stream was going from turbulent to a steady pump and my scalp was cooling—I imagined the purple was slowly fading back to brown.

Steve stared at me for a second, “let’s go home.” He ignored my comment; instead he steadied me on my feet—shaking off his coat, so that he could wrap it around me.

“You’re gonna be cold.” I mumbled, forgetting that he barely felt the seasons.

“I’ll be fine,” he pulled me into his side and walked me towards the door. He didn’t bother to say anything to Dan, but I couldn’t help myself—I had to turn back to look at him, an apologetic look etched on my face. I knew deep down he was just trying to help.

True to his word Steve managed to get me back home in one piece and even stayed to make me tea. I couldn’t help but stare at him as he stood waiting for it to brew. My heart felt like a weight in my chest—a weight heavier than a boulder. Just staring at him made my eyes well up—it was ridiculous, I was an international superpower, there were countries hunting me and nothing scared me more than my love for him. It was so strong and I couldn’t seem to get rid of it, no matter how hard I tried to escape it.

I pulled the blanket he’d draped around me tightly, my knees pressed to my chest as I sat waiting for him to say something.

“What’s wrong with you (Y/N)?” he asked as he placed my mug down in front of me—his eyes fixated on mine. He was searching them for answers, but I wasn’t sure I could tell him. It hurt me to even think about it, how was I supposed to say it out loud and to him of all people.

“You’re getting married tomorrow and not to me.” I averted my eyes to the floor as soon as the words left my mouth. “You expect me to sit there and be happy for you, but how can I? How can I when that was meant to be you and I?”

“(Y/N)—“ he sighed heavily, “I—you were dead, I thought you weren’t coming back. Last time I waited for someone, I waited too long and that ruined me. I thought if I waited again it’d kill me—It’s not easy you know.” There was clear pain on his face “I loved you, I loved you so much and when you came back I didn’t know how to feel—But she, she was there for me when you were gone, she gave me a second chance.” It had always been hard for Steve to love I knew that. Everyone he’d loved either moved on or died—time had not waited for him and fate had not been easy on him.

“I was only gone 9 months Steve.” I couldn’t stop the single tear from rolling down my cheek. “You know it hurt when I realised you didn’t love me anymore, but it hurt ten times more when I saw you fall in love with her.” Being stuck with Stephen Strange meant death wasn’t really death; the whole time he was bringing me back I was able to see everything that was happening back on earth—I was a ghost.

“I still love you, I really do. You were my best friend and god it was hard for me when you died—I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, typical withdrawal you know? I was so damn depressed.”

Hearing him say he still loved me almost killed me inside, but hearing him say he’d been depressed brought me physical pain. I still remembered seeing him struggle and feeling helpless—feeling like it was my entire fault.

“Then why won’t you come back to me?” I couldn’t help myself, the tears started to flow freely and I hated myself for it. I had always tried my best to look strong in front of him and now I was breaking down the perfect façade I’d built.

“It’s not that simple (Y/N),” he reached out to hold my hand. “I thought I—how could I break someone else’s heart like that?”

He was right, but I couldn’t care less. She stole him from me, so why did I deserve the pain and not her? I knew I sounded selfish, but I didn’t care—I deserved to be happy too. “You need to leave Captain.” I set down the cup of tea; “I can’t deal with this anymore. You’ve heard my peace; you know I’m still in love with you. If you still want to marry her, then go ahead—but if you change your mind, you know where to find me.”

He got up from his seat and ran his hand through his hair in frustration. “Why did you wait a year and a half to tell me the truth?”

“Because I care about your happiness more than mine.” I always had and I knew it would never change.

“I would’ve left her, if you had just said something earlier.”

“I just need you to leave right now, I already tried to drink myself to death. God knows what’ll happen if you stay any longer.” Crying in front of him made me feel so small, so weak—he’d never seen me cry before, he’d always been the emotional half of our whole, so having him watch me cry made me angry.

“I’m sorry,” he kneeled down in front of me and wiped away my tears. “I really am.”

“Please go,” I sputtered, “please.”

He nodded, “I won’t see you tomorrow will I?”

I laughed through my tears; he really had the audacity to ask.

“Yeah,” he sighed at my reaction, “that’s what I thought.”

“That doesn’t look like a lovely formal dress to me.” Tony remarked as I shoved a spoonful of cereal into my mouth. He was referring to my bright purple pyjamas.

“Considering I’m not going anywhere today I thought these would be the perfect attire.” I continued to shovel down my cereal—all that drinking had left me with the most unfathomable craving for frosty flakes.

“I’m fairly certain we have a wedding to attend today, or Pepper just shoved this suit on me for no reason.” He tried to shove a spoon into my cereal, but I swatted his hand away. 

Get your own,” I sputtered, my mouth still full 

“Well, I can’t—“ he gestured to the empty box, “you’ve eaten them all.”

I shrugged, “too bad.”

“So wait,” he spoke as he rifled through the cupboards. “You really aren’t coming today?”

“No.” I said monotonously before gulping down some orange juice. “How can I watch the man I love marry someone else?”

He stopped searching for food and slowly turned to look at me. “You still—?”

“Wow I must be really good at masking my feelings.”

“I—wow, just—wow. Count me as not fucking surprised.” He slammed a box of fruit loops down on the counter. “You know for elite crime fighters we really do have an unnecessary amount of sugary treats around.”

“Wait what?” I almost spat out my last beloved mouthful of frosted flakes.

“Well, you’d think that because we were always on the move we’d eat healthier—you know? Have a balanced diet!”

“Tony!” I knew he knew what I was questioning; he was just choosing to avoid it. “I was not talking about the sugary treats.”

“Ah yes, well Rogers is an idiot for not realising that you still love him.” He sat down in front of me, “and marrying her of all people? I’m pretty sure he’s shot her twice, no idea why he’d want to marry her after that.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “You know I still remember the day—“ I was cut off by the sound of Pepper shouting for Tony.

“Oh no, she’s going to find me.” He says it like he’s worried, but sits calmly in his place—looking quite unnerved.

“Oh thank god there you are—(Y/N), why aren’t you dressed?” She asks as soon as she sees me. 

“I’m not coming,” I gulp down more juice and trace shapes into the skin of my leg.

“Oh,” her face falls, “understandable.”

“See,” Tony speaks up from his fruit loops, “even Pepper can tell.”

“Well it’s not hard to see.” She marches up to the table and slides the bowl away from Tony “we’re going to be late, hurry up.”

He lets out a heavy sigh but gets up anyway, “see you later kiddo.” His tone is different, somewhat apologetic.

“See you.” I say quietly, before grabbing his bowl—not wanting to let the sugary goodness go to waste.

I was watching the time—I knew the wedding would be over, but I couldn’t bring myself to head back home. I’d made my way over to the park just below the tower—it was the worst decision I’d made all day. Everything there reminded me of Steve. It was the most convenient place for us to go on picnics, or to just relax—he even had a favourite tree. The feeling of being surrounded by all those memories made me sick, but I knew I couldn’t go back home. Knowing that everyone would be there celebrating his new life with someone else was the most horrible feeling in the world. Memories of our past seemed better than having to deal with that.

My phone buzzed from inside my pocket, a message from Wanda illuminating my phone 

‘Where are you? Come back quickly, something’s happened.’

It was a very vague message, but something inside me told me that I needed to suck it up and head back home. I didn’t bother to respond, it would only take me a few minutes to get back to the tower anyway.

As I got up I noticed someone jogging towards me—someone in a suit. Assuming it was someone from home, I picked up the pace. Surely if someone had left the reception then the situation at headquarters was bad.

When I notice exactly who was running towards me I almost threw up. “Steve?” I questioned, my voice shaky.

“(Y/N)—“ he stopped in front of me, barely out of breath. “I didn’t do it.”

I felt my heart pound in my chest like it was trying to escape. “You didn’t do what?” I held my hand out to cradle his face, before averting my eyes to his left hand in search for a ring.

“I didn’t marry her—the whole time, all I was thinking about was you—thinking about how I call your name in my sleep when I have a nightmare, or how I can remember every small detail of your body and end up looking for them on her, thinking about all your small quirks and how I loved every single one of them. The whole time, for the past two years, I’ve been trying to find you in her—and for a second there I had myself convinced, because I thought you didn’t love me—But I know now, I know it’s you.”


“No—“ he raised a hand to silence me, “don’t try and tell me otherwise.”

“I’m sorry I lied to you,” I squeaked out the words as the lump in my throat began to rise. “I’m so sorry, I just didn’t want to look vulnerable, but I am—I am vulnerable and I need you.”

He pulled me towards his chest and wrapped his arms firmly around me. “You don’t need me (Y/N), you love me and I love you—but don’t ever say you need me, because I know you. I know how strong you are, and no woman as strong as you could ever depend on a man and nor should she have to.”

I wriggled myself out of his grasp and stared at him in awe, “this is why I love you so much.” I was crying again, but this time I wasn’t angry with myself. Because, for once showing emotion got me what I wanted. “You’ve always known the right things to say.”

“Somehow it’s all natural with you,” he grinned before looping his fingers through mine.

“Don’t get cheesy with me Rogers,” I moved towards him so that our faces were only millimetres apart.

“Is this the point where we dramatically reconcile with a kiss.” He raised an eyebrow, a cheeky smirk spread across his face.

“It won’t be if you keep talking.” I whispered, before his free hand made its way to the back of my neck, pulling me towards him—before I knew it our lips were slowly moving against each other. I knew he was smiling even though my eyes were clamped shut—Steve untangled his hand from mine and used it to grab my waist and pull me closer. I hadn’t felt happiness for a year and a half and yet in the space of five minutes I couldn’t think one unhappy thought—everything felt right again. My whole body was buzzing, from my toes to the hair on my head—he was like a drug, my body responded to him automatically—like he’d said before, it was all natural with us.

He pulled himself away from my lips and kissed my neck, a small shiver ran up my spine as his soft breaths hit the sensitive skin. “God—“ he whispered, making me twitch “I’ve missed you, I’ve missed you so much.”

“Stop,” I sneered, “or you’ll make me cry again.” I wasn’t lying, if he kept going the way he was going I was bound to end up a puddle.

“I can’t help it,” he pulled away. “It should feel strange to be with you again, I should feel bad, but I don’t I mean—“

“It’s okay to feel bad,” I knew deep down he had an ounce of regret.

“I know it is, but she understood. I think she saw it coming—I think everyone saw it coming.”

“How are we going to go back in there?” I bit my lip as I looked up at the tower, “they’re going to be angry.”

“I don’t think so,” he shook his head. “Sure it might be uncomfortable for a few days, but I’m certain 95 per cent of that room didn’t want me to marry the wrong person today.”

“Are you sure?”

“Definitely, I mean Natasha and Tony practically ambushed me before the ceremony and asked me if I was sure I wanted to do it.”

I couldn’t help but laugh as I imagined the two of them just sitting on Steve’s bed, waiting to have an intervention. “Well then Rogers I think we should take this public display of affection and turn it into a private one.”

He re-looped his hand with mine and shot me the biggest grin I’d ever seen. “I think you’re right.”

anonymous asked:

Hi!! Let me say at first how much I appreciate you, your blog is my favourite one!! Thank you for keeping it interesting and diverse! I have a question. Do you by any chance understand what bts comeback concept has to do with words 'love yourself'?? I got that album is about falling in love, being special for someone and unique moments in one's life etc. But i still can't get why they imply that the concept is about loving one's self if this issue barely was touched upon? Am i missing on smth?

but it was written in every breath they took in producing the album bby TT 

their comeback stage showed it all, they could’ve started with intro: serendipity, but no, they straight up went with ‘i need u’ the song that took them to where they are now. they mentioned how everyone cried so much when they had their very first win with i need u, especially jimin. it was in i need u that they realized they might just.. have made it, a step further. if you’ve been with them for a while, you’d know how dirty bangtan and army were treated, like really we were dissed left and right it was really a tough situation especially for k-armys they can’t even be proud of our boys or even mention their names in articles without getting ridiculed just cos they’re not ‘big’ TT and even when we had our first win, bangtan still get called out for ridiculous reasons that’s just. the fact that they made their comeback with i need u shows just how much they treasure the moment the fans that made it possible at that time, i need u was the breakthrough, i need u made them realize that they can actually be… happy now, and move forward. and maybe love themselves more, and performing mic drop afterwards shows exactly that :)

honestly love yourself album is in every sense, calls you to love yourself, if not, more, even when you don’t think you can, just look at the lyrics

just let me love you
since the time the universe was first formed
everything has been decided
just let me love you
–intro: serendipity

and when they say

don’t worry, love
because all of this is isn’t a coincidence
(even when) we are totally different, baby
because (of that still) destiny is found in the two of us
since the day the universe came into existence, it has continuously been so
and transcending for infinite centuries, it will continuously be so
from our past lives too, perhaps, and even the next lives to come
because we will still be together forever (no matter)

doesn’t that encourage you to embrace yourself, despite our differences? and

when you say that you love me
feels like i’m treading on the sky/heavens
tell me about forever just one more time
when you say that you love me
i, i’ll be fine even if just those words
that you would never change, just one more time
–best of me

bangtan treasures us so much as they treasure themselves that they wish for our love to never change no matter how bad things might get 

i wonder if it’s a mistake an angel left behind
if not that then, a deep kiss?
that dimple is illegal
but I want it anyway anyway anyway
–보조개 (dimple)

did you know? that dimples are a medical flaw, a genetic defect that is caused by shortened facial muscles, which is why when we smile, the shorten muscle pulls the skin on our face causing a dimple. but somehow in our society, dimples are embraced and carries a mark of beauty and loveliness the contradiction is fascinating how human perception can override facts, and i personally think this is what makes the song more meaningful despite the casual pop tune, because what ever flaw you think you have, might not be a flaw at all. you can chose to hide it by not smiling, but isn’t it lovely when you smile? love yourself.

now stop watching (and) start studying for (your) exams
your parents and your manager/boss they dislike me
all those video clips you’ve watched, twitter photos,
v app, bon voyage 
i know they’re so good, what should we do
stop. the music video, (i’m saying) interpret (it) later
aren’t there plenty of my photos in your room, anyway
what is an hour even? a year passes by just like that
this song is a reward i’m giving (it) to you.
good girl/good boy
–pied piper

btw 착해 is an expression, a good compliment you usually receive from an elderly person/grown up when if you do well in something, its not sexual guys idk why some ppl imply it is lmao

so when bangtan says this they mean it wholeheartedly like a friend, like an older brother because they know how bad we have it for them, they know how much influence they have on us, as much as we ahve on them. despite scolding us, albeit, in a loving manner, they really want the best for us. unlike the original story where the pied piper drove the children away from the town of hamelin when the town ppl refuse to pay for his service in luring the plague causing rats away, bangtna isn’t set to lure us away, they in fact, want us to go to them, be with them, love with them, but in addition, we have to set our priorities in real life straight, so that, everyone can appreciate our love too, and maybe, the society won’t put much hate on us anymore.

please army remember what we say, love myself, love yourself, i really love you, and thank you
–skit: billboard music awards speech

this says everything hnnggghh

yeah? who said my ‘spoon was dirty’
i don’t care, when i grab the mic i own those whole lot of ‘gold spoons’
all of a sudden, those that didn’t cook well are in rage, those lot of steaks 
i’ll chew on y’all over and over again, on the star’s dinner table
–mic drop

oh man i need another post dedicated to mic drop there’s so many things to talk about in this 

the thing i earn with hard work, my pay
gonna spend it all on my tummy 
all the pennies i collect/count just to waste it all (on my tummy)
leave me be, even if i overspend
or come tomorrow morning and like a crazy guy
my savings, if i cash them all out (leave me be)
woo there’s no tomorrow
my future’s been seized for collateral  
woo my money’s all further spent 
friends, wassup?
do you want some?
–고민보다 Go (rather than worrying, go)

this whole song is satirical critique tbh even the dance choreography pls appreciate them

and then the outro, which reiterates everything about love and sacrifice, about being the best of yourself, about loving yourself first and foremost

the world is a complex
we was lookin’ for love
i am too, just one of those ppl
honestly even i didn’t believe in real love
like a habit i said i want to love, just babbling like that
but i found myself
the whole new myself
even if i’m confused, which am i is the real me
me meeting you makes me wonder, aren’t i a book?
or is it you, who are the turning pages (of my book)?
–outro: her


theres a reason why bangtan made the skit and sea as hidden tracks, you have to undertsand that bangtan has come a longg way. and one of the reasons why they were finally able to get their first win the last time was through purchase of physical copies, which helped tremendously raise the sales. bangtan may be celebrated and loved wordlwide but back in their home ground, they were nobodies, which is why buying physical copy always meant more even (especially for k-fandoms) since you’re willing to go for an extra mile, its part of kfandom culture for fans to invest a lot of time and money for their group supports and projects to help get their fave name out there, sure you can like/listen to other groups but ultimately, hundreds of idols debut eveyr year so in order to make sure your group lasts a long time, korean fans consider it very important to pledge their loyalty to a single group and support them with all you have, this is why it was even harder for karmys because we come from small company :’)

and now that they are getting success tremendously over the past year (BANGTAN’S #7 ON BILLBOARD 200 GUYS PLEASE GIVE YOURSELFVES A PAT WE DID THAT), love yourself is to be quite honest, an album dedicated to armys all round, and those two tracks are just a little bit more intimate, and more on a personal level, which is why it was hidden from the rest of the world, i’d like to think that the reason they kept it hidden in a physical copy because they know for certain that only their fans would purchase a physical copy, and that they want us to be the first ppl to hear it, to listen to their laments, their grieves, their happiness, their love, they just wanna them share with us first and foremost, because they know only we would get it, because we’ve been there

in the end the mirage is caught and
it becomes reality, and
the desert i was once afraid
became the sea with our blood, sweat, and tears
but then amongst all this happiness,
what are these fears?
because this place is originally a desert, we know this too well

Critical Role Rewatch, Episode 26!

Bless Critical Role, honestly, for coming up with such a fucking awesome episode when they can’t continue the main storyline because Taliesin couldn’t make it? And for respecting the storyline enough in the first place to want to wait. 


  • Fucking Liam O’Brien, one episode post-vampire-bite, wearing a shirt that says, “Keep Calm and Bite Me”. 
  • First sticker on the bottom of Sam’s stein!
  • Those moments when the cast fall into a random accent while they’re trying to find something in their notes or character info, and Matt matches the accent while he looks as well? <3 <3
  • The real questions: did Percy and Lilith bang, or did they not??
    • “If there’s a sock - or a gun - on the doorknob, don’t go in!”
    • Grog, instead of saying “bow chicka wow wow”, says “brown chicken brown cow” LOL
  • Matt again keeping the world realistic, providing actual consequences for you know, looking like they’d straight up attacked two guests of the crown, politically important to boot!
    • And I guess a little bit of an alignment check as well? I love a world with actual consequences for actions haha. 
  • Scanlan: Oh, I’ll keep shitting on things, just not people.”
  • “Seeker Awesome!”
  • Vax looking for Simon the Snake Belt <3
  • When Allura speaks with Vox Machina, lost and confused and unable to understand their actions from the night before, fuck all I want to do is give her the biggest hug <3
  • “Who are these fucks in front of the keep?!?” Grog shouts at the lovely older farming couple. 
    • Old people moment #2 - favoured enemy now?
    • “We are friends of the elderly - obviously -”
    • To Desmond: “You also caught us on a day we’re trying to be nicer to people.” “Just be glad you’re not an old woman.”
  • Jarret!!!
    • Everyone wants to get with Jarett, everyone.
    • “One of the people who might try to kill hiiiimmmmmm [Desmond], would be….Perrrcccyyyyy???”
    • “You think you can take Percy?!?” “Let’s say I think I can at least talk some sense into him.”
    • “This would be well within my own skill set, yes.”
    • “Ah, gnomes!”
    • Jarett and Kash are the Hot Girls ™ of Critical Role lmao
  • Tiberius gets smashed: “Princess Pretty Face!”
  • “I have an itch…for a cowbell.”
    • “You mean you need…more cowbell?”
  • “Here’s my plan - we’re all cows.”
  • “So Keyleth is obviously a cow - I mean, I don’t, I - I!”
    • “Oh it’s ok, what Vax said [reference to Kiki killing a kid] was way worse!”
  • This whole fucking episode, tears of laughter, just constant what-the-fuckery!
  • “It’s cowmaflage!” “I…have to give you experience for that.”
    • Also, if you look closely - I think Matt actually gave Scanlan experience for the cow pun? BLESS
  • “Boy, if Uriel could see us now!”
  • Keyleth vs. Cows
    • “Where?” *Cow looks up at the sky*
    • “Can you tell me what it looks like?” “It’s big and it has wings.”
    • “Does it come at a certain time of night?” “The dark time.”
  • “I for once - and it’s not weird! - shit on the floor!”
  • “My cow is going stealth.” “Ok, roll for cow stealth.”
  • “I make myself look…available?”
  • “I go into a cow rage and start chewing faster.”
  • “Please imagine: Vex-as-a-cow, shotting an arrow at a giant bird.
    • A tiny cow dimension-doors on top of said bird. 
    • “Scanlan? What the shit?”
  • “A squadron of weirdly shaped flying cows, lit by the moon, chasing after a giant bird - I love Dungeons and Dragons!”
  • “Out of thematic reasons I also turn him into a cow.”
  • “This is udder-ly ridiculous!”
  • “I bow deeply - and the cow bell around my neck rings.”
  • AKA, the episode where most of Vox Machina realise they should pretty much always let Scanlan lead in situations requiring persuasion and deception lol!
Cereal Raid

Summary: Based on the prompt “You stole my candy and now you’re taunting me with it in your mouth and I kiss you to steal it. Bet you didn’t expect th- wait why are you kissing me back??” That I saw from cosmicphan on AO3 (theirs is hilarious and I can’t stop thinking about it) and then changed “candy” to “cereal” because why not.

Word Count: 980

Pairing: Phan

Genre: Fluff 

Warnings: just a couple swears

Link to AO3

Link to cosmicphan’s fic

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I just wanted to say… I’m sorry, we were kids. I’m sorry, I had nothing to live for. I’m sorry, I got swept away by the jade, igniting sea, by the flutterflash of his eyelashes under the apologetic sun. I’m sorry, I don’t know why I always fall for the swan instead of the hawk. I still melt into him like wet clay, like a heat wave, like a shuddering star, strumming his ribs like the strings of a guitar, the wild expanse of his rosefield stomach, how semblence slips away when his tongue blankets mine. Our love is a deathmatch, at the banks of Tartarus, with a hooded creature and a cyclops. I’m sorry I only seem to look at the world with one eye, but a blind man’s vision is bound to be gifted and some say spirits swarm me, that chaos wrecks my skies. The first day, his bare, blooming feet, the sandy blisters on his heels, how he raced against time like Hercules cutting through clouds with his sword, all his hair in his face, gold fountains like magma, those eyes carved by conch shells; floating within them; sea angels. The first kiss, I’m thirteen, my heart’s half-chewed up, he engulfs me like a raging tsunami and spits out what’s left of the dead beating thing. Look, my love, you are all that I lived for. You are the pyramids and the seven bleeding oceans, you are my fatal flaw, my waning moon. Close your eyes. There’s too much blood, and remember that to me, you’ll always be that five-year-old boy with two missing teeth and firebird wings, tipping me over like an iceberg, drowning me in your sugar-sweet disposition. To me, you are forever the innocent flower, the boy who answered some petulant, tantrum-throwing god’s call, won eternal prosperity and lost a part of his soul in the bargain. Oh, dear, light-blessed boy, there are squalls in your veins. Oh Achillies, your enchanted plumes are summer-thick and twice as strong. Oh, Achillies I grant you everything, I fall to your feet now in rapture and not in pain. Oh, Achillies, I grant you a thousand lifetimes worth of joy & peace & wishes performed. Oh, Achillies, may we meet again, somewhere in the cold heart of sky, somewhere at the bottom of your mother’s saltwater empire, somewhere, in a moonblue field where I can fall asleep to your lyre and your cosmic touch. Oh, Achillies. Close your eyes. There’s too much blood.
—  Requiem For An Angel / A Saga / Patroclus’ Parting Words // j.r
Slasher Love 1

Gary Bates seemed to be an average guy in high school except that he had trouble with finding friends and was hiding his homosexuality. According to him he didn’t need to do his gay coming out as they weren’t any straight coming out too. Trying to fit in society, he often stand in the middle of a crowd, smiling and nodding at everyone even if he didn’t understand and that nobody was aware of his presence. Everyday was like that, until one day where Gary was so bored and tired of being unnoticed that he decided that briefly eying on his favorite yaoi site wouldn’t be a big deal. He was wrong. It was just two minutes, and nobody was in the boy locker room so he could quietly “please himself”. The scent of male’s hormones was surrounding him, in ecstasy, he couldn’t notice the football team returning earlier from their practice. Surprised, he let his phone fell on the floor, the moaning and humping sound of anime guys could be heard anywhere in the locker room as Gary desperately tried to justify this. It was useless as the bros began to laugh at him, including his current crush, Billy Nolan. The latter suggested that usually in anime, aroused guy usually get a nosebleed. Thus, they all began beating until he was all bloodied. Crying and weakened, Gary tried to stand up but Billy grabbed his hair and forced him to face him. It was only the two of them as Billy shout to his hounds to left. Slapping him, Billy was smiling at his victim.

-Hey mate, are you alright? Buddy?  

Gary tried to nod at him.

-Nice, I didn’t want my new toy to get broken too soon. You understand that buddy? This is going to be fun, even for you, if you do not tell anybody what happened, alright?… ALRIGHT FAGGOT?!

Billy punched him in the stomach.

-Ahh!… Alright.

-Good dog, now you’re all mine. You’re my thing. My best friend. And as a friend I want you to say that you love me and only me.


-You heard me. Do it now!

-Ok… I love you.

-Not enough! Say “I love you master”.

-I-I love you master.


Billy laugh one more time before letting Gary on the ground. When he returned to his house, his mother was anguished.

-Gary! Oh my teddy bear! Are you alright?

-Yeah mom, it-it was just an accident after a football game with my friends…

-Yeah but… Wait, did you say that you have friends?!

-Yes-yeah mom, friends.

-That’s wonderful! My little boy’s loneliness is finally over!

Faking his smile, he lied that he had to talk to his friends on facebook. In his bedroom, he let some happy music blasting, except that it wasn’t. His music had “two meanings” and behind those lyrics were hidden suicidal messages. Gary was trying to motivate himself, maybe it wasn’t that bad after all. He always dreamed to not be ignored anymore, so maybe that being bullied and beaten was only a side effect. And, if his mom learnt about that, she could be scared for her son every time. Yeah, it was better if things continued like that. And Billy, he told him that he was his best friend. Gary always dreamed of finding his significant other and he always hated loneliness more than anything. Lying to himself, Gary tried to remember his childhood, he was always alone, the weird friendless kid. Well, apart that kid. He was like a happier version of him, one day he tried to impressed his friends by jumping above a well. Unfortunately, he fell in it, the frightened children run away but Gary. Using the rope, he saved the boy who smiled at him, it was so warm. After that, he also ran away from him and Gary never saw him again. He was an orphan, so he had no home for him. Gary was thinking that discovering that his friends didn’t care for him was too much for the orphan, so maybe that he wanted to go far away from this ugly town. Gary wanted to go away too, but his mom had trouble to find a job until she came here, thus he didn’t want to make her starting from the bottom again.

-When did my life became like this?


Within the limits of the city, in a love shack in the woods, Trey Cooper was talking to his girlfriend Annie Wilkes were kissing each other. Annie Wilkes was the author, of a best-selling series of Victorian era romance novels, who suffered a writer’s block. So she decided to have a sex trip with her younger boyfriend, Trent. However, she stood him up and let him alone in the woods. Consequently, he tried to convince her to come by calling her.

-Come on baby! I’m sure that some hanky panky would solve your problem!

-Trey! Do you remember that I am an author and not a butcher? So stroking your meat would not solving anything!

-Alright babe, if you change your mind, I am in the shack drinking beers.

-Yeah yeah!

Meanwhile, Trey was wasted because of his beers.  

Suddenly, he wake up when he heard noises and run to it. When he arrived he only saw a typewriter, looking closer, he saw that it was written numerous time “Feelin’ fine”. Trey turned and faced a dark wooden zombie who was hanged with papers stuffed in his mouth. Shouting, he tried to leave the shack but he was stopped by the masked undead who choke him with one hand, but he didn’t kill him. Instead, he remove his mask which reveal a dark skull face. Afraid, Trey giggle as the rotting corpse opens his jaws which reveal a worm like creature. Trying to fight back, Trey yelled as the man kissed him and forced the slug down his throat before pushing him away. Trey tried to grab the parasite or bite it but it quickly get to his heart and merged with it. “UNG! What’s happening to me?! Fuck! PLEASE GET OUT OF ME! AHHHH!” Trey convulsates a few times before he calm down and open his eyes. Smirking, he stand up and look at the corpse of his attacker who was now nothing but ashes and bones now. Knowing that his girlfriend would be here soon, “Trey” set the shack on fire and buy a room in a hotel.  

In the hotel, Trey admire himself in the mirror, flexing before he lay down on his bed, the smile on his face was different than the usual, it was more mischievous and darker. Then he decides to “explore” his body. Trey giggled as he saw the carpet of virility on his chest, the sensation of touching his lean and hairy pecs tickled him before he pinched his nipples which send wave of pleasure throughout his whole body. Pinching harder and harder, his dick stiffened as Trey grunted in euphoria. Passing his hand on the line of air between his soft abs, he quickly grab his fuckstick and began to pump it.

-Oh yeaahh! Fuck! This new body is so much better than the last ooOONNNNEEEEE! UUNNNGGGG! It’s coming fuck! Ohhh thanks God this is so good! FUCK! I’m gonna cum!

A bestial roar came out of Trey’s rough lips as tons of jeez were shot on his hairy chest. Rubbing it like lotion, Trey licks his fingers and savors the luscious taste of his raging testosterone dick juice before relaxing and chewing his lean biceps.

-Hmm, I relate so much to Leatherface right now!

The sound of his arm muscle was sumptuous, like he was flexing oily leather. Thus, he fell asleep like a big boy sucking his thumb except that it was his sweaty muscle instead.


Gary was moaning as he strongly hugged by Billy Nolan who almost suffocate him, also he bites his prey’s neck which make Gary fearing that he could be raped by his former crush and now bully. Luckilly the bell rang and Billy let Gary fall on the ground and quickly insulted him before leaving. Gary was crying, he didn’t want to return to his awful classmates or to study anymore. Mathematics were like love or friendship to him, impossible. His anxiety was one of the main reasons he had to masturbate a lot per day and also what doomed him several time. Sick of this horrible place, Gary decides to ran away as far as he can. He always find a good excuse for his mom anyway.


Trey wake up in his hotel room and wipe off his drool before standing up and flashing a handsome smile to himself on the mirror. Trey was acting really strange, he loved him more than the usual. It was because it wasn’t exactly him, it was Jake. Jake was an orphan living in this town, using the clown facade to make friends, doing everything they asked even if it was most of the time dangerous. Until that unfortunate day where he drown himself in a well, of course he was revived by that sweet Gary after but he panicked and run away as he was feeling something in him. He was turning into some kind of a worm being. It was horrible because he was thinking that the wishing well was cursed. Indeed, while he was trapped in the well, he wished that he could find a way to be a couple with Gary as he had always loved him. But now he was a monster who could only possessed people. His wrath made him forget about Gary for a long time but now he was more mature and decided to save the love of his life, or his afterlife. Jake loved how he could possessed stud like Trey and changed if he was getting bored, Trey was a total douche but also a nice fucker with a soft and manly voice. He loved hearing his moaning and decided to add Trey to his “body count gallery”. He found Trey’s phone and used it to log in a secret tumblr site of him where was posted pics of his vessels. Putting his underwear on, Trey ensured to hide his head so he couldn’t be recognized.

He was absolutely fond of his hairy body and the pic was showing a bit of Trey’s delicious balls. As he took the pic outside, Trey noticed a dude crying and running on his own, it was Gary. Barefooted, he ran towards him and tried to cool him down. Naturally, Gary was startled by him as he was a stranger but he was eased by Trey’s hugs and his virile frame.

-Hey dude, do you want to nap a bit in my room? I promise I won’t rape or kill you.

-Huh… Okay.

Jake was overexcited and couldn’t hide his smile as he absentmindedly held his hands.

-Oh sorry, does it…

-No don’t worry… I kinda like it.

Both of them smirked before entering in Trey’s hotel room.

Closed rp with theriftwalkertravels (The trainee)

It was the night of the blue moon, a lone braixen outside in a secluded woods in the southern Kalos region. Working up her new fire and psychic attacks. Even though the night was bright with the full moon, said to help enhance magical abilities and attacks. But nothing, barely even a poof of smoke from her favorite stick, and she had no explanation… throwing it down with rage sitting down, picking it up and chewing on the end of it. On the verge of tears at this point. @theriftwalkertravels

The Challenge: Attempt Three (Pubic Hair Kink)

AN: I know this is not her kink but when Sabs mentioned something interesting about pubic hair to me the other day I couldn’t resist. Pubic hair carries a unique scent to draw a man in. It has to do with the pheromones. I know this is a bit taboo but I just couldn’t not write it. A big thanks to Sabs for giving me the idea and Nicki for beta'ing. Enjoy! 

Summary: Killian is drawn to Emma’s unique scent and it awakens something primal in him. 

Rated M for dirty kinky smut

Word Count: 2000

Find it on Also now on ao3.


As Killian and Emma pushed through the door, she could feel the wood against her back as she was pressed up against it by Killian as he caged her body with his. Killian brought his hand up to where her neck met her collar bone, wrapping his hand around it lightly to hold her in place, the metal of his rings searing into her burning skin, alight with his touch as he brought his lips to hers.

Killian pried her mouth open with his tongue, forcefully shoving it into her mouth to tangle with hers while running the blunt curve of his hook against her side, lifting her shirt slightly, the metal caressing her smooth skin that had her gasping into his mouth.

Emma gripped the lapels of his coat firmly while he dragged his lips from hers, a smug grin playing at his lips before tracing a path from her neck to her earlobe with his tongue.

Gods, I can’t wait to have you,” he whispered sensually, his voice as rough and calloused as his fingers against her throat as he took the lobe between his lips and suckled gently.

Emma moved her fingers to his broad muscular shoulders, digging in roughly, her head tossed back in pleasure against the door, eyes clamped shut under his assault while she wantonly rocked her hips into his to resolve the growing need pooling in her panties.

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anonymous asked:

plz write a kitty au with jongin pleeeaaasee


PG / Kitty!AU

mentions of Taohun/Baeksoo 


Jongin’s full lips twisted into a pout as he got comfortable on a bench. Despite being early at noon, the small park was way chillier than expected, the hybrid thought as he curled his tail around his body.

His skinny frame was barely covered in an old coat while his sensitive ears were twitching up in his blonde hair with every breeze. The fall was just beginning and Jongin knew that the harsh winter was just around the corner. He wondered if the elderly shop owner would let him stay a month or so in his shop for the winter yet Jongin quickly dismissed the idea with a frown.

It wasn’t like he needed anyone. The young hybrid wasn’t a sissy kitty…No, he was like a tiger. Strong. Active. Independent and-

Jongin let out a whimper as he felt a hack coming up from his throat. Coughing up the ball of fur with little hacks and scrunching up his round nose after that, the young cat slapped his mouth in distaste while getting comfortable once again.

Anyways, as he was saying, he was independent and wild. He wasn’t like those sissy prissy princess with collars that bitched to be petted and fed.

No. Jongin refused that.

He was a grown ass cat.

He was strong.


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Eight Nights of Light

From: @missmudpie

Happy Holidays, Victoria @sarahreesemd !  I hope you have a relaxing holiday break and that uni takes it easy on you in the new year.

A/N: While not Jewish, I did do research on Hanukkah customs.  If anything is inaccurate, please let me know, and I will make corrections.

The First Night

December 17, 2071

“Mom?  Mom?”

Felicity jerks, tearing her eyes away from Oliver playing dreidel with their youngest grandkids to look at her daughter. 

“You okay?” Ada asks.  “You were in your own little world for a minute there.”

“I’m fine,” Felicity answers, trying to brush away her concerns before he notices.  But of course he notices.  Oliver’s physical reflexes might have dulled over the years and decades, but his senses remain as sharp as ever.  She watches as he talks to the kids – whatever he tells them makes them giggle – before meeting her eyes.

“Come help me with something?” he says, which has been their code for Let’s talk about this in private since Tommy was three.

The kitchen still smells like apples and fried food; the oil still sits in the pan where they’d made the latkes earlier that evening.  Tommy’s youngest had listened intently as Oliver gave him instructions on how to flip them.  It reminded her of when Oliver had tried – in vain – to teach Ada the same thing, only for grease to splatter everywhere.

She’s been doing that all evening – remembering, reliving moments from the past, holding onto them tight least they slip away, as if –

“You have to stop looking at me like that,” Oliver says.

As if he’s already gone.

“I told you I feel fine.  You know the rule – no one in the hospital during Hanukkah.”

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