the chesh

     “– yer a big guy, aintcha?” Given that he has to crane his head back in order to look this particular alternate in the face, it’s quite a ridiculous question to ask. He feels as though he should watch his tongue around this one. “gotta nice set’a teeth on ya, too. gotta say, ‘m impressed.”

          Several beats of silence follow.

                  “name’s crimson. whaddaya want me t’ call ya?”

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Made some Overwatch ocs. (super rough concepts colored straight from the sketchbook)

Kijo- 42 years old and 6′5′’. She’s named after a type of female oni that become tainted overtime due to their own wickedness. She lost her child in an assault that also left her scarred and blind. She’s a tank that dual wields axes, and is surprisingly swift.

Overload- 19 years old and 5′9″. As a child he absorbed a blast of radiation and altered his biological make-up due to scientific experiments. He’s not a operative so much as a walking time bomb. His movements aren’t honed, but his attacks are extremely lethal. (His ultimate would be him essentially exploding and killing everything in a large radius, but he also dies in the process)

Change of View || Open

Moving things in was terribly dull. Chester had been doing it for the past half hour and still had a few more boxes to move. As it so often did his attention wandered and he spotted a rather curious looking tree close to the psychiatry. With a large smirk he approached the tree and despite being dressed in dress shoes, jeans, a three-quarter length tee and a purple waistcoat he quickly scaled the trunk and was lounging on a thick branch, one of his legs dangling off the side.

He reached into a pocket and withdrew a small book, jotting down a note or two about the view, things he’d want to snoop around later. He was becoming bored once more when he noticed someone walking beneath the tree. He adjusted his position and hung both legs over the side before leaning back and swinging upside down, his legs holding him up in the tree and his face about level with the person he’d spied.

“Good morning to you.” he chirped charmingly, offering the stranger a blazing smile, “But then, upside down you’d find the ground to be blue and the sky to be black. It could be a rather murky morning too.” he chuckled.

I feel like it’s important to add this onto @judgehund‘s post without reblogging the whole thing, but.

By no means does that mean you should send that person anon hate. That makes you no better than them.

The best thing to do? Block them. Do not talk to them. Do not reblog anything from them. Basically just avoid them completely. For Chesh’s sake, do not contact them at all.

I’ll repeat this part again:

Do not send them anon hate. It makes you no better than them.