the chemistry between these characters are crazy

You wanna know a similarity in fandom between The Librarians and Leverage?

The white female character in no established relationship has a lot more chemistry with the male non-white character, and yet fandom still primarily ships her with the Secondary White Male/Christian Kane.

I remember when I first started watching Leverage absolutely adoring Pardison. They had chemistry, and the writers clearly shipping it from episode 1. I’m not saying Eliot was disrespectful of Parker, but in the first episode he did refer to her as “20 pounds of crazy in a 5 pound bag.” Yeah, they grew to love and respect each other over the course of the show, but Pardison was there from the start. And yet, when I went online to read all of the Pardison fanfiction(!), I was able to do it in a day. Because there was so little of it.

And now it’s happening in The Librarians with Cassie and Zeke. They have a lot more chemistry that Cassie and Jake, and yet fandom still ships Cassie with Jake a lot more. Jake has stated multiple times that he doesn’t trust Cassie after what she did, even though what she did was understandable. She was/is dying and he faults her for being scared and desperate.

And then there’s Zeke. When Cassandra is guilty over what happened he tells her, “hey, I’m a thief, I’m not the most trustworthy person in the world. And you still gave up your one chance of a miracle cure to save Flynn, which makes you pretty trustworthy to me.” And even the “brain grape” thing was playful, and note how Zeke never used the term again after Cassie told him that it bothered her.

NOW HEAR ME OUT I STILL SHIP IT AS AN OT3. But that’s because of the last episode of season 1, when Cassie is going out on her own and both of the boys join her. But that is something that took a whole season.

But what bothers me the most about Cassie, Zeke, and Jake, is that very few people recognize that Zeke trusted Cassie from the beginning when Jake reinforced that he didn’t trust Cassie multiple times. Like, I have seen an irritating lack of Cassie/Zeke fics and zero OT3 fics.

Or I dunno, I’m just looking in the wrong places. 

But with all of this being said, I’m looking forward to season 2 and seeing how it expands on their relationship. 

Not to mention Lindy Booth looks like she’s barely in her twenties whereas Christian Kane looks like his age and if that’s reflected in the show then their age difference is weird to me.

I find it amazing that in December I thought I was a more little crazy for seeing the chemistry between two characters. Now, I am surrounded by people who saw it too.

In the little two months we’ve been active, we’ve covered more ground than some fandoms I’ve been a part of for years. This has got to be the most talented fandom I’ve ever been a part of and I love seeing all the fanfics, metas, and pictures.

We theorize, we dissect, we analyze, people with college degrees using their education to talk about a fictional pairing. It’s awesome!

The thing I love most about the CS fandom is how ridiculously excited we get about EVERY MOMENT between these two characters we love so much. Not only does it show the crazy amount of chemistry JMo and Colin have, and how beautiful love story Adam and Eddy have crafted, but I think it goes a bit deeper than that too.

Killian and Emma have been through so much heartbreak in their lives, and every time we get a peak into how deeply they love each other and the lengths they would go to for each other, we get so excited because they never thought they’d have that. We see that, we recognize that, and in seasons from now, after TL has been confirmed, and they’ve gotten married and had babies, we will still scream over every moment between these two damaged souls who have found so much love with each other.

I’m just so -


I have to admit the new series Shadowhunters is REALLY GOOD. Like the chemistry between Clary and Jace is crazy awesome! The friendship between Simon and Clary as well as Jace and Alec is solid! Isabelle is exactly who I thought she’d be: confident and sassy yet still sexy! The second episode was a lot better than the pilot because it shows so much growth in the storyline and the characters itself as well as their relationships! Can’t wait to see what happens with Clace and Sizzy and Malec. Kudos to all the actors/actresses for their incredible acting! I read the book and this show doesn’t disappoint for all the book fans, to me they’ve kept the essence of the book and really translate it into this real world to make it believable and exciting! Really hope this show doesn’t get cancelled!!! xxx

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Sleepy Hollow Foolishness

I’ve watched Sleepy Hollow from day one and fell in love with the MAD CRAZY chemistry between Nicole and Tom. I stuck through the abomination of Season 2 and was slightly optimistic for Season 3. After all, Season 3 introduced more characters of color who actually talked to each other, had a female villain who seemed pretty sane and increased the Abbie/Ichabod moments. Joe Corbin was a nice addition to the cast, and I liked that Jenny still remained tough while having a solid relationship. 

And then they killed Abbie. Those FUCKERS. KILLED. ABBIE. 

You know what else just occurred to me? Between dead Abbie and dead Joe, they completely nixed both interracial relationships on the show. And a specific kind interracial relationship that you rarely see in media between black women and white men. So yeah, besides treating Nicole Beharie like shit along with the audience, this show destroyed both interracial relationships going on, be their current status as platonic or romantic.