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Here’s a video from one of my more recent field expeditions showing what geologists refer to as an “acid test.” In this test, you place a drop of diluted hydrochloric acid (HCl) on to the rock sample. A positive reaction for this test appears as a rapid fizzing or bubbling and indicates the presence of carbonate minerals. The bubbles observed in a positive acid test are actually carbon dioxide (CO2) gas being released. This CO2 gas is formed due to the instability and breakdown of carbonate minerals in the presence of HCl.
With that in mind, this video obviously demonstrates a positive result for our sample. This rock was taken (with proper permits) from the Spring Mountains, a mountain range located just outside Las Vegas, NV. The Spring Mountains are composed of carbonate rocks, primarily limestone and dolostone, which is why we see such a strong positive result.


Bromination with elemental bromine in acetic acid. 

During bromination with elemental bromine, sometimes a bromine adduct, probably Br2xAcOH or HBr3 crystallizes out what looks adorable, as seen on the above photo. It redissolves/liquefies when the concentration of the acetic acid increases in the vapor (last gif), but it looks great.

Bromine is a quite corrosive, toxic fuming liquid, therefore it should be handled with care. I wrote a lot from this element in the past, check out the previous posts:

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can i ask how you memorize solubility rules? i learned it way back in 121, but didn't really use it for 122 and now that it's the end of the semester, everything's kind of hazy. we're at Ksp and quantitative analysis so it's becoming important again and i could use help refreshing myself!

Wikihow actually has a really easy way of memorizing the solubility rules with acronyms “NAG SAG”, “PMS”, and “Castro Bear”  which stand for the soluble compounds and exceptions to those rules.

N: Nitrates = soluble with anything 
A: Acetates = soluble with anything
G: Group 1 elements = soluble with anything
S: Sulfates = soluble with some compounds
A: Ammonium ion = soluble with anything
G: Group 17 elements (the Halogens) = soluble with some compounds

P: (Pb) Lead
M: Mercury
S: Silver 

All the “PMS” ions are not soluble with group 17 elements or sulfates 

Ca: Calcium
Stro: Strontium
Bear: Barium  

and all the “Castro Bear” ions aren’t soluble with sulfates. 


Carbonates, Chromates, and Phosphates are insoluble with all compounds except for Group 1′s and the Ammonium ion

Hydroxides are insoluble with all compounds except for Group 1′s, the Ammonium ion and “Castro Bear” ions

My Student Scholar’s Day presentation was so much more successful than I thought it would be. Wow. I mean WOW. I know that the amount of work and care I put into things like presentations (or, really, communication in general) suggests that, yes, my work should be “good” and not “bad”. Better than those who don’t give a single shit, at the least. But the feedback I got was seriously incredible. And not just on my outfit.

Immediately after my presentation when I sat down, the physics department chair (who is also my physics major advisor and QM professor) said to me, “I’ve never seen you present before. But you really have a knack for this. Seriously. Where did you learn to do that?” I did not have an answer for him. But he again congratulated me and shook my hand. Dr. C was impressed and shook my hand. He is the professor I want to impress most! I look up to him in almost every way! He’s a theoretical quantum physicist! He’s the best professor I’ve ever had! My #1 favorite! He is amazing at communicating course material! The best presenter I know! Ahh! Even now I’m still flustered thinking about that compliment.

My research advisor followed suit and also shook my hand. But I was so surprised and fangirl-y that Dr. C was congratulating me so highly that I honestly don’t remember what my research advisor said to me in that moment. Lol.

Then I was whisked away by some nice girl with a camera who interviewed me. She asked me who I was, my major, what my research is, how I like my advisor, how I like my college, etc. That was completely unexpected so I hope I sounded competent.

Apparently my dad was chatting with the biology department head earlier and after I was taken aside, she asked him to congratulate me for her, because she was impressed. I’m surprised she remembered me because I dropped her Cell & Molecular Biology class when I decided not to do biochem anymore.

The feedback from other students was mostly generic but positive. Interpret that as you will.

I later attended the poster session so I could see my friends’ work (and get some free food). While I was there I received a lot more congratulations from various chemistry, physics, and even biology faculty.

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Through FFXV as a shipper

Or how I’m up to any pairing despite having a fav one. and how I found it.

Anything Ignis says/does to/for Noctis: Awman, I so ship this.

Longwythe convo between Noct and Prompto: *sniffle* Prompto you sweetheart you’re my new baby. I ship this <3.

Gladio catching the coin thrown towards Noct: Hm, I ship that.

Gladio rescuing Noct/catching him and protecting him at Cauthess: Holyshitmyshiningarmorknight I SO ship this.

Ignis and Prompto are on their own and don’t show me what they do: …I ship that too.

Ignis showing himself stupidly loyal to Noct: I SO ship this.

Prompto sings victory fanfare and Gladio laughs (does in Japanese audio): Cute. Ship them :)

Small Ignis + Gladio interactions: …I think I ship them?

Ignis offers sewing Noct’s clothes: He’s more like a mom but I still ship it.

Gladio stands between Noct and Ravus: HE’S SO GAY I ship this.

Prompto slaps Noct’s butt: I ship thiiiiis.

Gladio asking Noct for camp tours: He’s more like a dad but I still ship it.

Chapter 10 beginning and the way Gladio treats Ignis along it: …Kay, that’s it, they’re my fave now. 

Noct on if he was worried for Prompto: Kkkkwwwwweeeeeee I ship thiiiisssss.

Chapter 11 and the rest of the game on Gladio taking care of Ignis: THAT’S IT, I’VE COME UP WITH MY NEW OTP AND I LOVE THEM JFC YES <3 


04.21.2017 // Student Scholar’s Day presentation outfit.

Yes, those are the famous periodic table leggings from Black Milk. My necklace is also serotonin. My friend was so tired that he thought I was wearing a lab coat. 😂 Excuse me for having a normal bedroom background haha.

I think the physics department head took pictures of me during my presentation. I hope I get them. 😬

When life takes over and you don’t even have time to fill in your bullet journal 😔 Currently I’m working on my first presentation for University about Pinus canariensis 🌲🤓🗺
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Day 112 - Copernicium

In the seventh Period and the twelfth Group, Copernicium was named after Nicolaus Copernicus.

The symbol Cp was initially considered for Copernicium, but another element (who’s name and symbol later changed) already had it.

Copernicium was discovered in 1996 in Germany.

Copernicium is thought to be extremely similar to Radon property wise, but not enough is known about the element.

Only small amounts of Copernicium have been made so it’s only used for scientific research. Original!

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Trimberly prompt: Each time Kimberly smiles at Trini, the latter trips or breaks something. Please :)

Trini was fine having Biology with Kim. What she was not fine with was getting put into the same Chemistry class as Kim the next semester.

Kim insists that they be partners, and Trini swears that one of these days, when mixing some dangerous chemicals something is going to go terribly wrong if Kim keeps smiling at her and touching the inside of her wrist.

Trini’s halfway through a lab with Kim patiently reading out the directions as Trini grabs a beaker, and some liquid that their teacher warned them to be careful with.

“Hey, wait a second,” Kim tells Trini just as she’s about to pour the liquid into the beaker, “Don’t forget your safety goggles.” Kim says with a smile as she pulls them over Trini’s eyes gently.

Trini can feel her face heat up instantly, and she nods dumbly as she stutters out a small thank you. She manages to pour the amount of liquid they need successfully.

Kim smiles at her again, and oh my god, Trini knocks the beaker off their table and her goggles are splattered in liquid.

Kimberly just laughs, a sound that should be illegal (only because it makes Trini want to do something ridiculously stupid everyday) and as Trini fumbles to pick up the shards of glass, she hits her head on another table, knocking over the beaker that was on that table.

Once Kimberly calms down enough to help Trini clean, she just gives Trini another smile as she says, “It’s a good thing you still had your goggles on, huh?”

Trini’s just thankful that she didn’t do anything stupid for a third time in the span of five minutes, like cut her hand on one of the shards of glass.

(She misses notes in her last two classes of the day because all she can think about is the way Kim smiles at her)

That was only one example but Trini totally runs into an open locker one day in the halls as Kim laughs at one of her jokes

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If they created it just give them all the awards because they're such good actors! That chemistry, man!That eye fucking!Those disgusting fond faces! Di caprio who?!

leo’s looking at his oscar right now wondering if he should just give it up for harry and louis