the chemistry!

im gay and impatient so i rewrote the end of the last timeless ep so lucy and wyatt get 2 kiss 

its literally just the end of the ep but with a kiss this time enjoy

~1150 words

It was over. Lucy was still so angry at Agent Christopher, for putting away Flynn without even a question, but at least she was getting her sister back. Amy was going to be back.

That was what lifted her spirits enough to get past Flynn’s arrest, even if she was still bitter.

She walked over and looked out at the lifeboat. They were cleaning it, as it had become incredibly dirty throughout their travels, especially when they went rogue with it and kept landing in shitty barns and dirty fields.

Wyatt was next to her, tall and strong and unrelenting as ever. A constant. Her only constant, lately.

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Thanks To You

Pairing: Scott x Reader

Summary: (Y/N) was in the library late one evening trying to study her chemistry notes that made no sense what so ever. She was getting frustrated; Scott was sitting staring at her as she near ripped her hair out and decided he may be able to give a hand.

Word Count: 850

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A/N: -

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Scott stared at you from across the library, he’s been watching you the past hour trying to come up with an opening line but nothing seemed to interest him. You let out a huff as you slammed the chemistry book shut, shoving it away from you. “I hate you, I hate chemistry, I hate myself.” You muttered angrily to yourself as you scribbled down formulas that you had to remember.

 You only had two down and you needed to remember six of them. Your hands made their way to your hair where you pulled out of frustration. Grabbing the book again, you opened it to the marked page and groaned. You looked around the library, realizing that it was only you, the librarian, and Scott McCall, who forced a smile towards you. He noticed the tears streaming down your face, and stood up, beginning to walk towards you. 

He sat down in the seat in front of you, looking down at the mess of notes and books surrounding you. “(Y/N), are you okay?” He questioned, his voice soft and sweet. You looked up at him through your eyelashes, blowing out a mouthful of air before shaking your head. “This subject is stupid. I hate it.” You cried, running a finger under your eyes to wipe away tears threatening to stream down your face.

“Don’t get so worked up,” He whispered, taking your notes, and sorting them out in the order that you should have studied them in the first place. “Stop jumping from one topic to another, okay?” He helped, placing the first topic in front of you, “Acids and bases 1, the easiest topic and after you look through these notes – I’ll ask you questions, and if you don’t understand anything, just ask.” He explained, and you smiled at him taking a deep breath. “Thank you,” He nodded and took out his own chemistry book opening to the chapter of acids and bases. 

An hour later, and you finally began to understand the topic – too bad there were fifteen chapters that had to be studied before the end of the year. “I used Lydia’s notes at the start of the year, and memorized them. Chemistry is probably one of my best subjects now.” Scott explained, showing you his notes that he made out a few months ago. “Can I photocopy those?” You asked, hoping he wouldn’t mind. He nodded and handed them to you. 

“You’re amazing.” You sighed, and he blushed at the words that left your mouth. You packed everything in your bag and stood up, waiting for Scott to follow your lead. You waved goodbye to the librarian and told her you’d see her tomorrow. “All prepared for the test then next week now?” Scott questioned which you nodded, “Thanks to you.”

 “Do you need a lift home?” He stood beside his motorcycle.

 “If it’s not too much,” You whispered embarrassed but thankful for all his help. He handed you the helmet and made room on the back of the bike for you. “Hold on tight,” You wrapped your arms around his torso, feeling the muscles and heat through the shirt, before letting out a squeal as he put the bike into drive.

You ran through the hallways a week later, a paper in your hand. You dodged students as you rushed to his locker, seeing him there next to his best friend. You ran right into Scott’s back, not being able to stop yourself and he turned around with a look of shock on his face. The expression turned to a loving and admirable look when he saw it was you.

“I passed, I got a C plus.” You squealed, throwing your arms around his neck and hugging him, tightly.  Stiles patted his back before walking to class but Scott didn’t even notice that. “Congrats.” He laughed, wrapping his muscular arms around your waist and pulling you closer.

“Thank you so much, if it wasn’t for you…” You started pulling away from his embrace. “I would have failed.” You wrapped your scarf tighter around your neck as Scott turned back to his locker to empty it for the weekend. “So, you don’t need to study tonight?” He questioned, and you shook your head causing his smile to falter, “But… eh do you want to…” You began, nervously shifting your weight from one foot to another, “Do you want to hang out? Maybe catch a movie?” You rushed out, your face turning red; Scott looked at you, his eyebrows raised, “Are you asking me out?” He laughed, shutting his locker.

You coughed loudly, before nodding, “Eh yeah… I think I am.”

 Scott smiled before nodding, “I’ll pick you up at seven?” A grin covered your face, and you nodded eagerly. “Great, see you then.” Scott leaned forward, giving you a quick peck on the lips before turning and making his way to the exit.

You stood stuck in your place realizing what he just did, your head whipped towards his retreating figure and a goofy grin covered your face before you ran after him and exited the school for the weekend.

Trappist System!

NASA have just finished a conference where they announced the existence of the Trappist-1 System, thought to be the greatest chance of life in space.

The system has a ultra cool red dwarf star in the centre called Trappist-1a, this dwarf star is thought to be about half a billion years old and so will have passed it’s solar active young years.

The system has 7 planets named Trappist-1b through to Trappist-1h. Planets e f and g are in the habitual zone and are earth sized rocky planets. Currently there is no signs of water on these planets but with the James-Webb telescope being launched in 2018 we should be able to get a better idea of their atmospheres. If there is water then the three planets will probably be close enough to cause tidal forces on each other (because they don’t seem to have moons). The distances between planets are around 5times the distance from the earth to the moon and the distance from Trappist-1b to the star is about 5% of an AU distance (distance from earth to sun). This means from the surface of one planet you would be able to see the other planets clearly. The orbits around the star are from around 1.5days to 20days, with 1.5 being the closet planet and 20 being the furthest, so one year there would be 1.5 to 20 earth days.

This system is about 39light years away and so not somewhere we can travel to currently but is so far the best signs of life outside our solar system.

(All information from the NASA conference on the 22nd February 2017 and the photo from the NASA Twitter page) 

Day 53 - Iodine

In the fifth Period and the seventeenth Group, Iodine is named for the Greek word for purple, because of its purple color at room temperature.

Iodine isn’t the most common element around, but is found mostly is sea weed and kelp.

Iodine is pretty heavy, and is the heaviest element needed for human survival.

This element is most important in the maintaining of thyroids in higher mammals, and deficiencies in Iodine can cause metabolic disorders.

Iodine deficiencies have also been linked to breast cancer. Most people are deficient in this element, so make sure you are getting enough! Iodized table salt isn’t a good source.

I tagged along with my husband on one of his business trips to Edmonton - today I spent three hours in a bookstore and watched La La Land alone, and I just love being around my man so much that I forgot how much I also love doing things alone ❤ solo dates are Important and Good For You!!!