the chemistry!


Got a new water chemistry kit as my other one was getting a bit old and I wasn’t sure I could trust it. Ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrates all okay! Great!

This is the first test I’ve had that includes phosphate, and I find phosphate levels are super high! Oh no! Is this bad? I haven’t tested phosphate levels of the tap water so I’m not sure if this is a tank only problem or not.

I’ve read that it mostly encourages algae growth and isn’t harmful for the fish. Hopefully this isn’t too much of a problem as its my Oto tank and they eat all the algae! (Plus the water is clear and I’m not having algae problems SOOO….?)

Thoughts please!

27.05.17 // Saturday // 10:25
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Good Morning Guys 🌈
Today I’m going to study 📖 for my organic chemistry exam. 🌿

How are You ? 🌹

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What it means to have chemistry

So I basically saw a few people tweet that Agustín and Carolina don’t have chemistry. When I first saw this I laughed. They have great chemistry, and that’s a fact. This is for all of the people who disagree:

Chemistry means “the complex emotional or psychological interaction between people.”

There’s a difference between acting and having chemistry. All actors act but not all actors have chemistry.

Actors that play love interests on screen are expected to have chemistry. It’s part of their job. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have chemistry. There are a lot of people that think that’s because of miscasting or bad acting, while in reality some people click and some people just don’t.

When people have chemistry, you can see it. It’s in everything they do. Everything comes really natural. There’s a lot of trust between them and they’re very comfortable around each other.

When people have chemistry it doesn’t necessarily mean they have romantic feelings for each other. They could just have a really good platonic bond with a lot of trust, mutual respect, and love for each other.

Sometimes however, when two people work close together and have chemistry, they develop romantic feelings for each other.

But then again, you never know what others really feel or what goes on in their mind.

I just tried to explain what chemistry is to you. Please keep in mind that I’m not a scientist or psychologist. This is based on my own observations and opinion on what I think chemistry is. I hope this is clear enough!

In every breath we take, we inhale as many molecules as there are stars in all the galaxies in the visible universe. And every breath we exhale is circulated through the air and mixed gradually across the continents; It becomes available for others to breathe.
—  Neil deGrasse Tyson // Cosmos - Deeper, Deeper, Deeper Still