the chemical equation

on love:

do you remember when we sat in the dark and you asked me five questions and then we told each other our biggest secrets?

That day, you asked me who I was and when I told the truth you didn’t flinch

I never knew what to do with love, since it seems that I’m always loving the wrong people, loving either too much or too little and feeling guilty either way

Man why do we go to school for so long to learn all the different chemical reactions and equations and stuff but no one teaches us how to love without losing ourselves in the process?

Most days words seem so weak but I still haven’t completely figured out the action part so please bear with me

This is an ongoing thing and it’s nowhere near finished but I felt like sharing today.

anonymous asked:

Man that Afrovegan. I remember learning about the photosynthesis chemical equation in chemistry in school I'd love to see the melanin plus sunlight equation lol

ok I was going to make one as a joke, but then i realized that they said that melanin converts the sunlight’s energy into Iron

the fuck does iron come from