the chemical dust


Tired and over-worked, Glynda had decided to relax by indulging herself in some therapeutic dust chemistry. She had always been a rather gifted chemist, even a leading authority on a new branch of dust manipulation using aura. 

Which was what she was experimenting with currently. If she could utilize the energy from dust and convert it into a more compatible form perhaps dust could be used to recharge aura. The implication for huntsman and huntresses in the field would be tremendous. Ignoring the fact that she was tired and should probably rest she pressed on, mixing samples together with her telekinesis, the huntress levitated the final vile in front of herself and focused her semblance. 

She needed to stress the chemical bonds of the dust molecules and then reinforce them with her own aura. It went well at first, she thought, she could tell by the exothermic release that her application was correct.

Then something happened that she could not explain and she lost control of the reaction. In the next second an explosion rocked the entire lab. Groaning it took the huntress a second to pick herself up and take stalk of the damages. She herself seemed fine at least.