the chelsea smiles

Kuchisake Onna, also known as “The Slit-Mouth Woman” is a Japanese urban legend  who is infamous for her facial disfigurement, and is so prevalent in Japan, that it has even had a movie called “Carved” based on it. 

The legend states that the woman used to be the wife of a samurai, and was extremely vain due to her beauty. One night, she was confronted by her husband, who was convinced that she was cheating on him. In a rage, he slit her mouth from ear to ear so that no one would ever find her beautiful again. There are also other theories, such as it being self inflicted, the result of a car accident or unsuccessful plastic surgery.She is said to carry abnormally large scissors, and questions children. She asks them if she is beautiful whilst wearing a surgical mask (this is not out of place in Japan, where people wear surgical masks to prevent getting ill or respectfully so that they do not pass their illness to other people.), this answer doesn’t matter. However, she proceeds to take off her mask, and once again asks if she is beautiful. If you respond “No”, she will cut your head off with the scissors she brandishes, if you run away, she will run after you and slice you in two. However, if you say “Yes” she will slice your mouth so that it matches hers. The only way to escape from her is to tell her that she looks average or normal, confusing her.

 Yet, despite her being renowned as a malicious spirit, she has still been sighted throughout Asia. The most famous include sightings in 1979, which began around Nagasaki Prefecture but spread throughout Japan. This caused some schools to only let children be escorted home with a teacher.