the cheetah experience


Getting to help stitch up a cheetah @ethicaltaxidermy is mounting for the Booth Museum! This cheetah died of abscess in her spine and jaw back in 1980, and has been sitting in a barrel in the museum ever since. Her skin is tough and brittle, as she is been in formaldehyde for 30 years - but she is looking good. So very soft too.


tonight i got to see the dead boys live at a bar in long branch and it was an amazing experience!!! cheetah chrome and jake hout (the new lead singer, stiv bators 2.0) walked by me several times on the floor, and i was right by the stage for the show. they started by playing young, loud and snotty (the songs as they appeared) and what love is was the most Breathtaking moment… jake shoved the mic in my face and i got to sing along, and cheetah smiled and winked at me and played very enthusiastically for my recording at the solo!   

it was so great, a little mosh pit got going and some beer was spilt, some people fell, but it was pure adrenaline! the energy was through the roof and i had to leave early but it was just so unreal to hear one of my favorite punk bands live and with such fury 40 years later! cheetah and johnny blitz were still killing it and the audience was so hyped. 10445345/10 would recommend


Cheetah Experience, Zimbabwe by rotf_ny


Black Leopard pounces on woman…just wants hugs and kisses!