the che cafe collective

The Che Cafe will proudly be screening “If A Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front”, the remarkable story of the rise and fall of an ELF cell, and the transformation and radicalization of one of its members.

After the film the Che will be hosting a Prisoner Writing Workshop.

If you wish to participate in the workshop and are interested in writing to political prisoners, bring envelopes, paper and writing/drawing material.

The event is free.
The film will be screened at 8.
Come early for some coffee and discussion.


The first time around, the phone zap tactic was extremely successful! With your support and solidarity the Ché Café was able to force the administration of UCSD to begin negotiations with the collective during last summer.

This time around, our intentions are not only to force the administration into serious negotiations, but also to put pressure on them to place a permanent stay on the eviction notice that has been issued against the Ché Collective.

Starting at 10 a.m., call Vice Chancellor of student affairs Juan Gonzalez and demand that:

1. UCSD place an immediate stay on eviction proceedings against the Ché Café.

2. Ché Café Collective be included included in upcoming Master Space Agreement negotiations.

VC Gonzalez phone number: (858) 534-4371

Don’t just call once! Keep calling!

Leave messages with his secretary.

Our goal is to overwhelm them - if they sound annoyed, it means that we are getting under their skin (exactly what we want to do).

So today one of my friends and I’s favorite bands was playing and the show was sold out, but we went and were sitting in the parking lot just to listen and hang out and walk around the UCSD campus and we were about to leave when the lead singer was out by his car. He asked us if we had tickets and we said “No, we didn’t get them in time” and he was like “Fuck that, follow me” and so long story short the lead singer of a band that is going to be really famous in like two years snuck me and my friends into his concert

(thanks mario, ur a tru homie)