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“A New Mission”

Request: Can you write one where Buckys gf has a 5 yr old daughter who’s very attached to him? She tells her class that her daddy’s an avenger and some of them tease her saying she’s lying. She’s in tears at the end of the day and tells her mom what happened. She tells Bucky so he picks her up the next day and she runs to his arms calling him daddy and he’s so happy to be a dad to this little girl The other kids are awestruck seeing him

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Dad!Bucky

Word Count: 1347

A/N: dad bucky fucks me up. let me know what you think. requests are open and let me know if you want to be on my taglist.

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“Ava! C’mon, we can’t be late. School starts in half an hour! Say bye to Bucky and meet me at the car.” You shouted at your five-year-old. She loved Bucky Barnes, your boyfriend. She even started to call him “dad.”

Today was her first day of kindergarten. She was super excited. She wanted to make friends and she wanted to meet her nice teachers. You watched from the car as Bucky walked her to the front porch. He bent down to her pint-sized height, and gave her a big hug. He couldn’t take her to school because Steve needed him for training in the morning.

Ava made her way carefully down the stairs to your little car. She was big enough to get herself into the car seat. You missed the days where you had to help her. She was just getting so big and you knew today was going to be emotional for you. You wished Bucky could’ve been there with you. There wasn’t going to be anyone to pry you away from the school when Ava gets dropped off. Today was going to be hard for you.

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“Did you ever care for me at all?”

“You were my mission.” They hooked a finger under the other’s chin and reeled them in for a kiss, chaste and sweet. “I would have done anything to have you.” 

“That’s not what I meant.”

“It’s all that matters.”

Maybe that answered the question, but they hated the lump in their throat, the fact that they had to ask still. “And now?”

Alla Prima: Chapter 8

Date Night: Part Deux! 

Prologue   Chapter 1   Chapter 2  Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5   Chapter 6    Chapter 7

“Just ahead. To the left.” Hand in Jamie’s, Claire was leading him through the downtown streets. She had suggested that they grab a coffee for dessert, and, apparently, knew just the place.

“If we get there, and it’s just a Starbucks… I’ll no be very happy…”

He saw the flash of her teeth in the beaming streetlight. “Now, you know I have better taste than that.” Jamie could practically hear the eye roll in her voice.

“If ye say so…” Jamie remarked, pushing his shoulder against hers. Teasing her.

Claire pushed back. Teasing him.

“This way, dear.” Pulling his arm sharply, she led him into a small, dim shop.

It felt…cozy, Jamie thought, with its wood floors and brick walls, all different shades of brown. A few people were littered about on squished armchairs and unsteady bar stools, but, altogether, the place was fairly empty. The aroma of strong coffee, however, was a promising sign.

Jamie leaned over, and whispered in Claire’s ear. “Are ye sure this is a good place?” He was only half-teasing. 

She bumped him on the shoulder again. “Hush! It’s amazing! Best kept secret in town, in my opinion.”


“Here. You go find a seat. I’m going to order for you. I won’t steer you wrong. Promise.” 

“Sure,” he repeated, rummaging in his pockets for his wallet.

“Stop. My treat!” Before he could argue, she had skipped to the counter. 

Sighing, Jamie wandered over to the back corner, sinking into the spongy leather sofa.

Christ, I’ll never be able to get up from this thing…

He watched Claire as she dropped money in the tip jar, and scampered over to him, hips swaying slightly. Jesus…

With a flourish, she presented him with the extra huge coffee cup.

“God, Sassenach. This coffee is as big as my forearm.” Jamie held up his arm for comparison. He wasn’t exaggerating. “How much did this cost ye?”

She plopped down beside him, the cushions practically eating her. “None of your business. I said it was my treat.”

“Well, will ye at least tell me what it is?” Flaring his nostrils, he took an exploratory sniff of the drink. Strong, with a hint of sweetness. Remind ye of anyone, Fraser?

“It’s my favorite. Just a vanilla and cinnamon latte. But, they make it perfectly here. I love it.” To prove her point, she closed her eyes and took a long drink. Her subsequent blissful sigh gave Jamie feelings inappropriate for a public area. “Ahhh…”

Clearing his throat: “Ahem, well, cheers.” He lifted his ridiculously large cup in a salute, and sipped.

The concoction was just as he predicted. A lovely, sweet flavor doused his tongue before being overwhelmed by the bitterness of the coffee.

When he came up from his drink, he saw Claire watching him expectantly. “Well…?”

“Its very good, Sassenach. Sweet, but no too sweet.”

She beamed. “Great! I’ve got a question though.” Jamie raised a brow. “What does ‘sassenach’ mean?” 

“Oh, weel, it’s Gaelic, ye ken?” She nodded, urging him to continue. “It means ‘Englishman.’ Or woman. It’s no normally a verra positive nickname, but…”


“Weel, my mother’s family is from Scotland, but she was born in England. My father always called her that. I didna ken it was….mean until I was much older. I’m sorry.” He felt… vulnerable telling this story. Did that mean he felt the same about her as his father did about his mother? If so, that would be truly embarrassing.

But, Claire just laughed. “Don’t be. It’ll be our little secret. People with think you’re calling me names, but only we’ll know the truth.” Her little wink made his heart beat a little faster.

“Aye. An inside joke, then.”

“Exactly! So, I’ve got another question for you.”


“I’ve never really gotten to know an artist before. I’m curious. Where do you get your ideas for your art?”


“Weel, sometimes it’s nature. Sometimes it’s dreams. Sometimes it’s people. So, I guess ye could say it’s a little bit of everything.”

Her eyes were wide in fascination. “Do you paint more realistic stuff, or…?”

“I suppose it depends. I dinna think I have a set style. Yet, anyway. Picasso wasna abstract artist at first, ye ken. I think… I just like color. No matter what I do: realistic, abstract, whatever. It’s the colors that matter.”

“You know, I would love to see some of your work sometime.” She placed a hand on his forearm, and squeezed gently.


“Aye. I… um… I’d love to show ye sometime.” Beaming. That was the only way Jamie could describe Claire’s smile then. It was beaming.

“Awesome. I’ll–”

“Claire!” The deep voice coincided with the dinging of the bell above the door. A small, lithe man appeared before them, a handsome smile on his face.

Claire jumped, throwing herself into his arms. “What are you doing here?”

They spoke. Jamie knew, because he could see their lips moving. But all he heard was his own pounding heart in his ears. Surely, she would have mentioned a… a boyfriend.

Blush rose on his face, chin to forehead. He was hot. His jaw clenched in a painful way. His fingernails dug into the palm of his hand.

Jamie was absolutely, undeniably jealous.

“Jamie? Jamieeeee?” Claire’s voice separated him from his thoughts. Clearing his head, he saw her arm looped tightly around the small man.

Damn it.

Unsure that he could form words at that moment, Jamie replied with a noise. “Hmmm?”

“This is Fergus. My cousin. Fergus, this is Jamie.”


It was obvious, then. The pointed features that once drew him to Claire were present in this man’s face. The same dark curls fell roguishly on his forehead.


You’re an arse, Fraser.

“Hey, nice to meet you, Jamie.” The man, Fergus, held out his hand, an amiable squint in his eyes.

100% arse-face.

“Nice to meet ye, too.” Jamie grasped his hand in a shake, feeling quite ashamed. But, this all went unnoticed by Fergus.

“Well, I’ll leave you both to it.” He turned to take his leave, but instead made a complete 360. “Oh, I almost forgot! Marsali said dinner on Tuesday, Claire. She’s making…something or other. You’re more than welcome to bring Jamie.”

“Oh, okay. Thanks!” He blew her a kiss, before turning his attention to the barista at the counter.

“The two of ye seem very close.”

“Oh! Yeah, we grew up together. Remember I told you about Lamb? That’s his son.”

“I thought your uncle was a bachelor?”

“Oh, he is. Lamb had a short affair with Fergus’ mother. They never wed. She lost custody of Fergus when he was young. Drug habits. So, he lived with Lamb. He’s like a brother to me.”

“That’s wonderful, truly. I dinna ken what I’d do without my brother and sister, even when they’re being arses.”

Claire chimed a short laugh. “I understand that. Family is important.” He felt her warm hand rest gently on his. “Friendships are as well.”


“I told you, you don’t have to walk me to the door.” The complaint was half-hearted; Claire was grinning the whole time.

“I’m a gentleman.”

“Of course you are. But it’s unnecessary.”

“And, it’s too late. We’re already at the door.”

“Well, thank you, gentleman.” Her face grew serious. “I really did have a wonderful time tonight.”

“Me too.” Deep breath. “At the risk of sounding like a fool, I’ve got to ask…”

Her head cocked to the side. “Yeah?”

Another deep breath. “Wasthisadate?” Smooth.

Before he could feel embarrassed, her hands came up to cup his cheeks, cool against the blush the rose there. It was slow motion, almost. Her eyes closed first, the dark lashes brushing her cheekbones. Then, she moved forward. Slowly, slowly. At the last second, her lips puckered slightly.

And, she kissed him.

Though a seemingly long kiss, it was quite chaste. She could have been nude, though, with the way Jamie’s blood was pumping. When he regained all motor function, he wrapped his arms around her lacy waist, pulling her a bit closer.

It wasn’t close enough, of course.

She broke away first, looking up at him through her lashes. “Was…did…did that answer your question okay?”

“Oh, um, aye. Um…yes.”

She giggled at his flustered speech, and he smiled back. “Will you text me when you make it home?”

“Aye, of course.”

“Well, then. Goodnight Jamie.”

He felt emboldened. Leaning down, he placed a quick peck on her lips.. “Goodnight, Claire.”

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Pls do "You think you're funny?" With supercorp <3

Lena spins around a little too fast and ends up whacking Kara in the side with the spatula she’s holding.


Lena raises an eyebrow at her. “You think you’re funny, don’t you?”

Kara’s massaging her gut in an exaggerated fashion, a pout forming on her face. “It hurts.”



Lena leans in close, letting a grin spread across her face. “Want me to kiss it better?”

Kara nods eagerly, taking one more step in Lena’s personal space so that it’s not so much her personal space as it is a shared space now. “Yes, please.”

“I don’t recall hitting you there.”

“It’ll help,” Kara says.

Lena waits a couple more seconds before closing the distance between them. The kiss is chaste and sweet and, from the look on Kara’s face when Lena steps back, way too short. 

“There, all better, now you can make the pancakes.”

Lena passes the spatula over, laughing as Kara takes it confusedly.


u know the drill, prompt + ship = some shitty writing!!

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headcanon: imagine Rhodey just looking at Tony one day and being like "god, tony, you're so pretty"

Anon, what the hell are you doing in my head and how the hell did you get there?

I have had this thought for the past few days, where I wondered if anyone ever told Tony how gorgeous he is, how beautiful, because my headcanon is that it’s always some leering and cocky lines on partys and gatherings and Tony doesn’t even know how beautiful he is.

And I figure this is after the Civil War, where Tony mostly feels broken and sad, worthless, cause everything crumbled around him.

But then there is Rhodey, who sits on the couch in Tony’s workshop and watches him work and invent and just be himself and when Tony glances at him Rhodey just goes ‘God, Tony, you are so pretty’.

Tony blushes and probably doesn’t think anything of it, cause people have called him that before, but Rhodey doesn’t let it go because he’s Rhodey and he has a knack for these things; for all things concerning Tony.

So he just continues; calls him gorgeous when Tony stumbles into the kitchen the next morning, calls him beautiful when he is laughing at something Dum-E did and Tony slowly starts to blush with every compliment Rhodey gives him.

He cracks when they are cuddling on the couch and Rhodey has his arm securely around his middle and whispers ‘You are so damn beautiful’ into Tony’s hair.

Tony squirms around a bit and then quietly asks Rhodey to stop, cause it’s not true anyway, he is too broken to be beautiful, let alone gorgeous, but Rhodey cuts him off by pressing a chaste kiss to his lips and then murmurs right against his mouth just how beautiful Tony is to him and Tony continues to blush and blush.

The blushing never really ends after that, because Rhodey makes a point to tell Tony at least once a day.

I Found Home (Feysand)

Not my usual fandom, and the first thing I’ve written for sjm characters, but I wanted to share this with y’all. 
Set in ACOMAF on the night of starfall (I’m sorry if the timeline doesn’t exactly match up lol) 

I stared at the green star still glowing on the back of Rhys’ hand. He caught me looking – saw the faint smile on my lips. The life in my eyes.

It was hardly a painting, but I had painted – the part of me so desperate to be let free and explore the new world I’d set foot in finally unbound from the shackles I’d created. I wanted to paint him, I realised, trying to work out how to capture the depths of his indigo eyes, the sheer ancient strength of him. The finest artist in Prythian could not do him justice. But I could try. I wanted to try.

“What are you thinking?” he moved from the railing so he was facing me, twirling a strand of my hair back and away from my eyes.

“Thank you,” it was all I could think to say. Even though thanking him every day for the rest of my immortal life would never be enough to express how grateful I was. Before Tamlin I had a purpose – my family needed me to survive. But after, after Amarantha, my life was meaningless. I was the Cursebreaker, and yet I was no one.

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How the first episode of the Defenders should go:
  • *Luke is let out of prison*
  • Luke: Thanks you guys, it's good to be free again-who the hell are you two?
  • *points at Matt and Danny*
  • Jessica: Don't look at me, I don't know either. All I know is that Claire needs our help.
  • Claire: Okay, Luke, Jessica, this might sound strange but we have a situation on our hands.
  • Luke: Claire...please. I'm a walking bulletproof man.
  • Jessica: And I took down a man with mind control powers.
  • Luke: Exactly. You'd have to really TRY in order to weird us out anymore.
  • Claire: Okay, in that case, I'm gonna let Matt and Danny explain what's happening.
  • *Matt and Danny step up*
  • Matt: The city is under attack from an ancient, Japanese cult of ninja called "The Hand".
  • Danny: Right now, they're trying to harness the power of the "Black Sky" from a woman named Elektra Natchios, who was killed but later resurrected through a blood ritual involving some weird, ancient pod.
  • Matt: Also, Elektra's my ex-girlfriend. And she's part of an ancient organization called "The Chaste", who are the Hand's nemesis.
  • Danny: Oh, and did I mention that I was raised in a mythical city by monks and I can charge my fist with mystical chi energy?
  • Matt: And I'm blind but my senses have been heightened to the point that I don't need sight. Oh yeah, and I'm Daredevil aka the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. Are you with us so far?
  • Luke: ...
  • Jessica: ...I need a drink.
  • Luke: Same.

You don’t owe your boyfriend anything to ‘make up’ for the fact that you aren’t having sex with him. You don’t have to be okay with his watching porn. You don’t have to let him cheat on you. You don’t have to be cool with him hanging out at strip clubs. You don’t have to ‘compromise’- you don’t owe him oral sex or any other kind of sexual activity. You don’t have to do it just, like, once a year. Whether he realizes it or not, you are making the right choice for both of you by not having sex outside of marriage. You do not have to ‘fulfill his sexual needs desires’. And if a boy/man pushes you to go against your values or feels like you owe him some kind of reparation for your chastity, he absolutely isn’t right for you. 

The Romance Scene I Wanted with Fenris:

Soft kiss, give him a backrub so he can relax, tell him he’s great, cuddle with armour on, he’s not ready and Hawke doesn’t push, a slow romance that’s about trust, Fenris opens up in all cutscenes after this and his constant tension eases.

The Romance Scene I Got:

SLAM Fenris against the wall, biting kisses, Hawke tops, Fenris has flashbacks midway through and HAwke doesn’t even notice, Hawke passes out and Fenris stays up having panic attacks about repressed memories and Hawke is personally offended?? Fenris breaks up with Hawke because wtf wtf WTF HAWKE

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Can you write scenario where boys (RFA and V + Saeran) try to kiss for the first time MC, but someone interrupt them? I love your headcannons and scenarios <3

Thanks! Hope you like these:) We made them extra fluffy~


  • You guys were on your first date
  • After having a nice dinner and a good time outside, he brings you back to his place
  • He wants to set the mood, so he brings you up to the rooftop of his apartment
  • You two are leaning against the railing and the stars are glittering above you
  • You two were standing apart, but then somehow you drifted closer
  • Zen feels goosebumps when your shoulders touch
  • His fingers brush against your hand, and you turn to face him
  • His breath is carried away in the wind when you turn to face him, your eyes reflecting the moon shining above
  • You’re just so beautiful in that moment and he finds himself inching forward in anticipating
  • He barely manages to whisper your name when you two are inches apart
  • A loud creak shatters the moment and another apartment resident seemed to have the same idea with his own girlfriend
  • With the moment already ruined, Zen just offers to walk you home since it’s getting late
  • You’re near your doorstep when you push yourself onto your toes and press a kiss to his lips
  • He’s stunned for a few minutes after–even after you retreat into your home
  • When it registers, adrenaline rushes through his veins and he just can’t stop grinning for the rest of the night


  • You two are studying for your upcoming test and Yoosung takes every opportunity to be close to you
  • Thankfully the library is mostly empty
  • He’s feeling shy, but at the same time, he’s trying to be a little bolder today
  • When you ask a question, he makes his move and gently slides his arm behind you
  • He answers, but doesn’t move his arm away
  • A few more questions later, and you finally look at him
  • Your eyes lock, and Yoosung could feel those butterflies in his stomach
  • He felt like a schoolboy really…giddy and on cloud nine
  • You were so close, your cheeks dusted pink
  • He leans just a little bit closer
  • But then the librarian walks by
  • He pulls away and pretends to look at his book, his face hot
  • He doesn’t want to give up, so once she leaves, he tries it again
  • Again, the librarian passes by
  • By the third try, Yoosung gives up and pulls his arm back to his side
  • But his attempts didn’t go unnoticed
  • You call his name gently and he turns to look at you
  • He flinches when you’re mere inches from his face
  • Your finger grazes under his chin, pulling him closer until your lips brush against his in a gentle, feather light kiss
  • It lasted less than three seconds, but small currents of energy shot through him
  • When you pulled away, you were blushing and he stared at you slack jawed
  • He gives you a small smile before interlacing his fingers with yours and returning his attention back to his studies


  • He invited you to his house for a relaxing evening
  • You had a pleasant meal and a little wine, and now you were just enjoying each other’s company in his living room
  • The conversation led to dancing and you admitted you’ve never danced before
  • He puts some soft music on and moves the furniture out of the way
  • He extends his hand to you and offers to teach you
  • He’s an excellent teacher, and you have the waltz down in no time
  • Maybe because he’s really taking the lead and your focus is more on his grey eyes that are fixated on your own
  • It’s as if time stops, and the music in the background is slowly pulling you two closer
  • After a while, the gentle steps slow to a stand still
  • His grip on your waist tightens, and his eyes trail down to your lips
  • His heart is pounding and his head feels muddled
  • For once, he doesn’t try to control himself and lets his head lean forward
  • Your foreheads touch…then your noses brush together…his eyes flutter shut…
  • Then the yelp of a woman makes you two jump three feet apart
  • One of his cleaning staff entered but quickly fled upon seeing you
  • Jumin didn’t realize it was so late…and also that he forgot to lock the door
  • He apologetically goes to lock the door
  • When he returns, there is a thick silence between you two
  • You exchange hesitant glances and mumble a few broken syllables in attempt to start a sentence
  • Finally, Jumin can’t take it anymore
  • He cups your face and captures your mouth in a searing kiss
  • For the next few moments, you are lost in a swirl of heat, then you both pull away flushed and breathless
  • After you both recover, his lips twitch upwards in a small smile before pulling you back in his arms and leading you in a dance once again


  • It was another RFA party, and the guest list was huge
  • It was near the end of the night, and Seven noticed you were getting a little overwhelmed with the guests bombarding you
  • He interjects himself in the conversation and somehow manages to pull you away from the crowd
  • He asks if you want to escape the place for a little, and you can’t refuse
  • You two go to the convenient store across the street and get one bowl of ramen and two cans of iced coffee
  • Not wanting to return into the building again, you two just sit on the street curb and eat and talk
  • You start to notice Seven watching which noodles you pick before intently choosing one of his own with his chopsticks
  • You’re starting to catch on to what he’s doing
  • Finally, he succeeds and he manages to find the same noodle you had put in your mouth
  • He’s on the other end, and he suggests you two play a little game: see how far you can eat from both ends without breaking the noodle
  • He thinks it’s a great idea until the distance between your face and his gets smaller and smaller
  • The noodle breaks when you’re only a few centimeters apart
  • But neither one of you can find the willpower to move apart
  • He keeps inching closer, his gaze flitting down to your lips before snapping back to your eyes again
  • The warmth of your nearness banishes any chill in the air, and when your foreheads touch, he’s sure he’s going to burst into flames
  • The invisible string pulling you closer snaps when a familiar voice breaks the silence
  • Seven is vaguely aware of Yoosung calling you two back into the building and mildly scolding you for leaving in the first place
  • Seven’s face floods with heat and he’s mentally slapping himself for trying to get close to you in such a devious way
  • You two both stand and make your way towards the building, but just before you go in, you grab his arm
  • You grasp his tie and yank him down so his lips finally meet yours
  • His brain short circuits upon contact, and all he registers is the taste of coffee on your lips
  • His entire body goes into paralysis, and he barely remembers to kiss back before you pull away
  • You mutter a thank you, your cheeks red and yours eyes darting to the ground  
  • He’s left outside in a daze for a little longer before following you back inside


  • It was a nice breezy day, so you two decided to take a stroll
  • You guys take a rest under a large tree in this secluded area
  • You’re feeling a bit tired, so your head ends up falling between his shoulder and chest
  • His heart starts thumping a bit harder, but he tries to stay calm as you quietly talk to him
  • The wind teases your hair onto his cheeks, carrying your distinct sweet smell to his brain
  • He’s suddenly aware of every place you’re touching him, and his senses are overloading his mind
  • Then you look up at the same moment he looks down at you
  • He bites his lips and attempts to look away, but he just can’t
  • He opens his mouth in attempts to say something, but he’s not sure what exactly to say
  • Should he confess? Should he push you away? 
  • All the while, you two are drifting closer and closer
  • Just as he resolves to just kiss you already, some kid runs over and shamelessly asks for help to retrieve his kite from the tree above them
  • At first, Saeran was a little annoyed, but he couldn’t deny the kid
  • When he gets the kite and hands it off, you turn to him and press a chaste kiss to his cheek
  • He grabs your arm before you can retreat
  • His crashes his lips against yours, somehow translating all his unspoken emotions into a single touch
  • You’re the one left a little breathless as he takes your hand and continues walking as if nothing ever happened 


  • You guys went out to get ice cream together
  • You two are just sitting by this nice closed area in this park, enjoying each other’s company
  • You notice he gets a smudge of it on his bottom lip
  • When you point it out, he asks if you can wipe it off for him since his hands are full with the ice cream and his camera
  • He leans forward, but because his sight hasn’t fully recovered so his depth perception is a bit off
  • He ends up getting really close to your face, but he doesn’t realize until his nose bumps with yours
  • Blushing a bit, he pulls a little back
  • He gets shivers when your thumb brushes against his bottom lip
  • Unknowingly, he gets closer until your noses are brushing against each other again
  • You are forced apart when a dog charges in between you
  • The owner comes by a little after and apologizes before catching his pet and returning to the trail
  • There’s a little awkward silence between you and V afterwards
  • He lets out a nervous chuckle before turning to you again
  • He asks if there’s still some ice cream on his lip, and you don’t miss the teasing interlaced in his voice
  • You take the bait and claim you would check before getting super close to his face once more
  • This time, the distance between you really does close with a delicate brush of the lips
  • It’s enough to send a thrill through your limbs
  • When you two are done eating, he lay back in the grass and you gently rest your head against his arm

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I’m deadly serious – I loved The Bedlam Stacks even MORE than Watchmaker, if that’s possible. the same ‘here’s a weird, random period of history’ setting, the same ‘here are some really niche things you know nothing slash don’t care about’ plot, the same ‘here’s the quietest, sneakiest love story you’ve ever not noticed creeping up on you’ romance. but with more ADVENTURING. and PERIL. and a CAMEO from a certain CLAIRVOYANT, eh eh eh 

buuuuut it doesn’t come out until July, so to tide you over here are some lists for books in the same-ish vein: queer historical novels, queer fantasy (almost exclusively YA), and some non-YA, adult, classic novels

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is it just me, or does it look like stick might've lost a Hand in the defenders trailer/the stills that were released?

    We have to hand it to you– we hadn’t even noticed that. It definitely does!

    Stick chopped off Hand hands in both seasons of Daredevil, so maybe this is payback. As big fans of both Stick and Izo, we’d hate to see them mashed into one character in the MCU, but we will accept Stick adopting his sensei’s hand pun shenanigans.

[Daredevil vol. 2 #115 by Ed Brubaker, Michael Lark, Matt Hollingsworth, et al.]  


    All current evidence (including some exciting casting news!) suggests that the rest of the Chaste will be arriving in The Defenders– at long last providing follow-through for the greatest line in Daredevil Season 2.

    Our guess is this:

    Acknowledging Matt’s utter failure against the Hand (and assuming they don’t know or– possibly– trust Danny’s capabilities yet), the Chaste will attempt to take the Hand down on their own. They will fail, probably sustaining some serious damage (e.g. Stick’s missing hand). In fact, since Stick seems to be alone in all of these shots, he may be the only one who survives, which would be really upsetting but not out of the question. This setback may be what prompts him to ask the aforementioned amateurs to give him a hand.

shadows pt. 1

pairing: reader x Hoseok, OT7

genre: vampire!au, angst, implied smut, mentions of violence

word count: 5,780

synopsis: you thought that the death of your maker would lead to freedom from chains, but little did you know that bonds are much harder to break after death.

A/N: I have to thank @2seoke for helping me brainstorm almost this entire series and @jeonjagiya for helping me with historical fact checking

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read the first installment of the Ashes Trilogy here

“I love you, Hoseok” you murmured, feeling a sense of content for the first time in months.

He smiled, “I love you too” He nodded towards the sunrise, “Take in your last few moments. We don’t have much time before the sunlight will reach us.”

You nodded, turning your attention back towards the painted sky. You wanted nothing more than to run out and feel the sun’s rays. To soak your skin in sunlight, but this was enough. It was more than enough.

 “I’m ready” you tell Hoseok, turning around and lacing his fingers with yours. “Where to now?”

 “We can go anywhere you want to go, just give me a name.” he smiled, leading you back into the darkness.

 The two of you walked in silence, enjoying the comfort of each other’s presence. You tried to think of where you wanted to go, but you didn’t care. As long as you were with Hoseok, nothing else mattered.

 But your partner froze next to you, staying still for a split second before he pinned your body against the damp tunnel wall. He covered your mouth with his hand before you had any chance to question his sudden behavior. There was a flash of panic in his eyes as he stared at you when a woman’s voice rang out through the darkness.

 “Jung Hoseok, I always told you to be careful of what’s hiding in the shadows”

 He stood between you and the woman, a deep growl emitting from his chest as the two of them stared at each other.

 "It’s nice to see you haven’t changed much,“ she smiled wickedly. She was almost beautiful, in a terrifying way. Her wild red hair framing a pale freckled face. Her black eyes laced with unspoken evil. There was something about her that made your cold blood freeze.

"What the hell are you doing here?” Hoseok hissed, pushing himself further against you like a shield.

The woman cocked her head to the side, “Don’t you miss me, Hoseokie? It’s been what, almost 700 years since the last time we’ve seen each other? I certainly wasn’t expected to be greeted with such hostility, especially since you seem to have company.”

“Go to hell!” Hoseok snapped, spit flying from his lips in between the syllables.

The vampire held up her hands, “I think you’re misunderstanding me Hoseok. I don’t want to hurt you. I was just trying to pay my old friend Kai a visit,” her eyes flickering onto yours as she spoke, “But it seems like he’s no longer at that address.”

You could feel Hoseok telling you to keep your mouth shut, to not antagonize the vampire in front of you. But he should know by now that you’re a terrible listener, “I can send you his ashes in a box, if you would like.” you quip, flashing the vampire a sarcastic smile.

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May 26

The Hand is an order of evil mystical ninjas who are heavily involved in organized crime and mercenary activities such as assassination plots. The Hand covets power above all other objectives. They are primarily based in Japan, but operate internationally. They were founded in 1588 as a secret society of Japanese nationalist samurai but were soon co-opted by the Snakeroot, an ancient ninja clan which serves a primordial demon known only as “The Beast”. Members of the Hand are practitioners of powerful occult magic and can murder a person and bring that person back to life as a servant of the Hand, but a few are known to have reversed this programming. The Hand’s most dangerous adversary is The Chaste, a band of warriors once led by Stick, the blind martial arts master and mentor of Matt Murdock, who grew to become the costumed crime-fighter Daredevil. Murdock would eventually, after many bitter battles, accept the offer of becoming the master of the Hand for a time. The Hand first appeared in Daredevil #174 (May 26, 1981).