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Magickal Properties of Fairy Type

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Magick, joy, passion, love, the realm of emotions, trickery, mischief, playfulness, lightheartedness, silliness, beauty, attraction, the sensual/the senses (sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound), glamour, performance, song, art, the mastering of one’s craft, fantasy/detachment from reality, legends and myths, life force, the soul, mystery, the weird and the strange.

Fairy Pokémon are emotional beings. Sylveon has the ability to calm emotions with its ribbons. Cutiefly can detect the brightness of auras and tend to gather around strong emotions, and Ribombee’s pollen has soothing effects. Togekiss is drawn to peace and avoids strife. The move Charm can make opponents less wary.

They’re also sensual and aesthetic beings, very focused on beauty, attraction, and the delighting of senses. A lot of Fairy Pokémon are associated with beauty (Gardevoir, Florges, Alolan Ninetales) and cuteness (Jigglypuff, Clefairy, Whimsicott). Many Fairy moves (Baby-Doll Eyes, Charm, Draining Kiss) are about appearing more attractive and gaining affection in battle. A lot of Fairy types are also strongly associated with different sensory capabilities. For sound and sight, there’s singing, dancing, sparkling, looking pretty, having cute cries. But for other senses there’s also a lot: Aromatic Mist is a Fairy move, Comfey’s flowers smell nice and relax people, Spritzee and Aromatisse are based off perfume and plague doctors who had aromatic items in their masks, Swirlix produces cotton candy flavored threads and Slurpuff can smell so well that it’s often employed by chefs to help with cooking, and many many Fairy Pokémon are very fluffy and invite you to pet their soft fur.

Art, performance, song, play, and the creative aspects of life are all tied to Fairy type. Mina, the Fairy trail captain, is a daydreaming artist covered in paint. Mime Jr. and Mr. Mime are both based on clowns/mimes, playful and silly performance artists. The Fairy move Disarming Voice is a “charming cry” and some notable singers are Fairy type (Primarina, Jigglypuff.) Previously mentioned, Slurpuff helps chefs with their craft. Creating, playing, enjoying hobbies and passions. The only Physical Fairy move, and one of the most aggressive Fairy type moves, is Play Rough, which despite being an attack is still associated with play.

Fairy type is strongly tied to life force. The Pokémon symbolizing Life, Xerneas, is a Fairy type. The emotional auras that some Fairy types can see are associated with living beings and the energy they give off. Shiinotic feeds off life energy (Shiinotic is one of the scarier Fairy types…) Even Fairy types that are not also Grass type are still heavily associated with plants like flowers, which symbolizes their great life force. The Florges line and Comfey are not Grass type, yet they are heavily connected to flowers. Magearna has the ability Soul-Heart which increases its power whenever someone else faints.

Fairy types have a lot in common with Ghost types. Both are associated with magick, an often mischievous playfulness and penchant for tricks, are mysterious in nature, and are powered by strong emotions, (although the types of emotions in general are very different across the board if you compare the two types.) They seem to generally have less ill intentions on the whole than Ghost types, but there are a few exceptions, notably Shiinotic. The fae are multifaceted, just like ghosts, and can have a variety of intentions despite generalizations of the type. But seriously Shiinotic are really scary.

Also somewhat similarly to Ghost type, Fairy type is often associated with strangeness and being detached from reality. Many Fairy types seem almost unreal or the things of legends. Mina (Trail captain) and Valerie (gym leader) are two Fairy type trainers who are very spacey and seem to exist in their own world. The fairytale girl trainer class seems to be more preoccupied with fantasy than reality. Sometimes it’s good to live in your own world and live life on your own wavelength, but sometimes Fairy fans might need to check in with what’s going on around them every now and again.

This is the third entry in my Magickal Properties series! Thanks for all the support so far!

Signs as Harry Potter Stuff Masterpost
  • Aries: Ron Weasley
  • Taurus: Neville Longbottom
  • Gemini: Fred and George Weasley
  • Cancer: Luna Lovegood
  • Leo: Harry Potter
  • Virgo: Percy Weasley
  • Libra: Draco Malfoy
  • Scorpio: Pansy Parkinson
  • Sagittarius: Hermione Granger
  • Capricorn: Cedric Diggory
  • Aquarius: Ginny Weasley
  • Pisces: Cho Chang
  • Aries: Levicorpus (hangs opponent in mid air by ankles)
  • Taurus: Protego (shielding charm)
  • Gemini: Rictasempra (tickling charm)
  • Cancer: Obliviate (causes opponent to lose their memory)
  • Leo: Expelliarmus (disarms opponent)
  • Virgo: Aguamenti (causes a stream of water)
  • Libra: Petrificus Totalus (paralyzes opponent)
  • Scorpio: Reducto (shatters solids)
  • Sagittarius: Stupify (stuns opponent)
  • Capricorn: Confundo (confuses opponent)
  • Aquarius: Winguardium Leviosa (levitation charm)
  • Pisces: Expecto Patronum (produces a shield against dementors, amongst other things)
  • Gryffindor: Aries, Leo, Virgo
  • Hufflepuff: Taurus, Cancer, Aquarius
  • Ravenclaw: Gemini, Capricorn, Pisces
  • Slytherin: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius
  • Albus Dumbledore: Aries, Aquarius
  • Minerva Mcgonagall: Gemini, Capricorn
  • Pomona Sprout: Leo, Scorpio
  • Severus Snape: Libra, Virgo
  • Sybill Trelawney: Sagittarius, Cancer
  • Filius Flitwick: Pisces, Taurus
  • Crucio: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
  • Imperio: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius
  • Avada Kedavra: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces
  • Aries: Barty Crouch jr.
  • Taurus: Lucius Malfoy
  • Gemini: Professor Quirrell
  • Cancer: Griphook
  • Leo: Peter Pettigrew
  • Virgo: Macnair
  • Libra: Bellatrix Lestrange
  • Scorpio: Lord Voldemort
  • Sagittarius: Rowle
  • Capricorn: Snatchers
  • Aquarius: Antonin Dolohov
  • Pisces: Fenrir Grayback
  • Aries: Ghouls
  • Taurus: House Elf
  • Gemini: Acromantula
  • Cancer: Pigmypuff
  • Leo: Basilisk
  • Virgo: Phoenix
  • Libra: Vampire
  • Scorpio: Werewolf
  • Sagittarius: Boggart
  • Capricorn: Hippogriff
  • Aquarius: Goblin
  • Pisces: Grindylow

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Name: Rusalka

Alternate Names: Water Nymph

Mythology: Slavic Folklore

Size: Medium, same as human female

Environment: Lakes, rivers, streams, but always fresh water  

In Mythika: Mythika has four evil and four good elemental nymphs, the evil water nymphs are called Rusalka and of all evil nymphs they are the least powerful and the first to be encountered by the player. Rusalka are said to be reincarnations of drowned women who became vengeful nymphs in the afterlife, but Rusalka are fae creatures and not undead at all. Rusalka drown their victims after they charmed them and put them into a trance, they aren’t very powerful and so they often are protected by powerful monsters they share their lake with, such as Ahuizotl, Bukavac and Ceffyl Dwr. Rusalka can charm male opponents, they can turn into water, and will also turn into a puddle when killed, their kisses fill the lungs with water and they create ordinary Water Elementals with every victim they drown, these water elementals will have the visage and souls of the victim and protect the Rusalka that created them at all cost. Rusalka are very lonely creatures and play with their Water Elemental minions and monster allies whenever there isn’t a victim to drown.