the chariot ride

cu chulainn is just such a fucking icon like this druid showed up with a prophecy that whoever took up arms that day would live a glorious life at the expense of an untimely death and not only did cu chulainn upon overhearing this immediately haul his 10 yr old ass over to the king of ulster to demand he get to take up arms right now he also smashed every single spear he was given until the only one left was the king’s spear and the absolute madman had the gall to say “yeah this one suits me” when it was handed to him. then he demanded a chariot and did the same. then he took the chariot for a ride and killed several enemies of ulster just for kicks. imagine being a big shot somewhere and this fucking 10 yr old walks into your office and demands you give him a gun and a car and when you give him a nerf gun to play with he snaps it in half with his bare hands, steals the keys to your ferrari, takes your chauffeur to drive him around, and that evening returns with the heads and wallets of several of your biggest competitors. that’s cu chulainn.


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Dating Ivar would include:
His perspective:
- Correcting Aslaug if she doesn’t treat you as an equal.
- Getting mad at other girls if they try to get his attention.
- Pulling you on his lap in public to show them all that you are his.
- Touching you underneath the table, preparing you for what he is about to do later that night.
- Only allowing you to sit next to him in his chariot or to ride on his white horse.
- Loving it when you tell him stories about your childhood because he feels bad that he wasn’t there with you.
- Telling you every detail about his raid because he wants you to feel involved although you weren’t there.
- Being a little rough in bed, but respecting your boundaries and being very sweet afterwards.
- Assuring you that he is going to make you one of the most powerful woman in the world.
- Showing his legs to you because he finds it important that you know every edge of him, even though it makes him feel vulnerable.

Your perspective:
- Being able to stare at his blue eyes for eternity and still being blown away by the beauty and expression.
- Having to deal with his frequent mood swings and being the only one who can calm him down.
- Being thanked by him for all your love and help, not only with clothes and jewellery but also unconditionally love.
- Feeling proud whenever you look at him when he’s in public, he is in fact Ivar the Boneless and he is yours.
- Having quite an position in Kattegat, people fear and look up to you as much as they do to Ivar.
- Being the only one who is allowed to help Ivar with his disability.
- Cherish a hate-love relationship with Björn and Sigurd and making them clear that you would always choose Ivar’s side.
- Never being seen alone in public because Ivar makes sure you are always accompanied to prevent you from harm.
- Encouraging Ivar before his raids and stimulating him to make people fear or worship him.
- Not being afraid when you see him leave in the ships because you know he will come back to you.

Okay, anybody following me knows that I’ve been in grief over The Song of Achilles for a little more than a month now. It’s beautifully-written, heart-wrenching in the best and worst ways possible, and I’ll likely never get over it. 

That being said, I’ve noticed that Thetis in The Iliad is not even half as cruel as the Thetis in TSoA. In fact, in Book 19, when Achilles is about to arm himself and worries over Patroclus’ body rotting, Thetis reassures him that she’ll preserve and protect it for him. And in Book 23, Thetis intensifies the Myrmidons’ desire to grieve as they ride their chariots around Patroclus’ body, so I think it’s pretty clear that she cared for him, or at least cared about him because he was important to Achilles.



Dandelion in Darkness

by titaniasfics

Banner by the amazing @akai-echo

Summary:  Katniss is the Queen of the Underworld. Equal in power to the Goddesses of Lightning and the Sea, she chooses a life of solitude in her dark kingdom. That is, until she meets Peeta, son of Demetros, the Earth God. She cannot help but love the young god and would possess him at all costs. But what consequences will her choice have on the world?

Retelling of the Persephone/Hades myth. Hades!Katniss and Persephone!Peeta.

A story in three acts.

Personae Dramatis:

Katniss Everdeen - Hades/Pluto/Queen of the Dead

Gale - Thanatos

Madge - Hermes

Prim - Apollo

Mags - Seer

Mr. Mellark - Demetros

Peeta Mellark - Persephone/Proserpina

Haymitch - Aphrodite

Effie - Cupid

Johanna - Ares

Wiress - Hephaestus

Paylor - Zeus

Annie - Poseidon

Finnick - Amphitrite

Thresh - Artemis

Rue - Gaia

Beetee - Cyclops (Forged Katniss’s Helmet)

Brutus -Charon

Chaff -Herdsman of Asphodel Fields, Keeper of  Katniss’s horses

Plutarch, Caesar and Crane - Moirai/Fates

Ennobaria, Glimmer and Cashmere -Furies

Buttercup - Cerberus


It began with the wind.

Icy and bitter, it swept across Panem in furious gales. Trees bent before it and man-made objects struggled to remain rooted to the ground. People who ventured beyond their homes saw their skin redden and crack as they leaned against it. They had never experienced a cold so cruel and scrambled to find warmth and shelter.  In a land where the weather expressed itself in the mildest way, the sudden harshness of this new season was met with horror and confusion.

After the wind came the snow. Though beautiful to the eyes of the citizens of Panem, it brought its own complications - frozen rivers and streams, slippery streets, dead crops and animals. When the land of Panem was covered in ice, the hunger followed soon after, and the lamentations could be heard atop the Capitol itself. People suffered as the earth grew colder and harder. Around them, life receded, overwhelmed by the power of death. They began to tell stories of a world that would end in ice.

The people clamored to the gods for relief. Why were they being punished?  Why were the gods angry?  Oracles and seers were consulted all over Panem, now desperate at the prospect of their own demise.

Every person touched by the gods in the land of Panem returned with the same response. Demetros’s son had vanished and now he wandered the world, searching for him. As he hunted for the daemon who had robbed him of his youngest, he withheld the life force that would nourish the earth and the people of Panem languished in consequence. He had vowed that until his son had been returned to him, winter would reign eternal in the land of the living.

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Here we have our tributes from the ice harvesting district! This was such a fun project to do and it really got me back in the game, so hopefully I’ll be in a much better groove to get back on THAW and all of the other projects I’m wanting to work on this summer :)

So what do you guys think?

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Regarding the mall date not happening due to no carousel, Bea hoists Mae on her shoulders and runs around as a makeshift carousel for Mae.

“Knowing Mae, she has no shame on yelling ‘Ride the Chariot!’ But as long as she’s happy, then I’m okay with it I guess.” - Bea

(Thank you for the wonderful idea! :3)

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The breeze is a goat chariot riding by
The smell of salty air is the breath of Ægir along the coast.
The sunken boats, trophies of Rán.
The seaweed, the smell of the fishmarket, and the intermittent showers are gifts and aspects of Njörðr, and the heat of the sun bringing forth life and fruit is the warm gaze of Freyr. Odin sits up in the hills, awaiting the hunt alongside Skaði (who will bring on the winter) while sharing the magic of words through composition such as this, and Freyja watches over both those making love in their beds and those who lay on their deathbeds. The gods surround us.

TLC Characters: PJO au

Cinder: daughter of Hephaestus; has to be literally dragged from the forges (usually by her automaton assistant, Iko) before the harpies get out to clean the camp; one of her best inventions is a chip that deactivates your godly power, the blueprints for this chip provided by her father in a try to console her after she burned her mother, her house, and hurt herself with her pyrokinetic power by accident; he also made her a prosthetic leg and hand in place of the limbs she lost during the accident

Kai: son of Athena; left to Camp Half-Blood after his father’s death; has read every single book in the Athena Cabin library, feeling that the knowledge from these books will make up for his lack of a superpower; very smart with words and can be very convincing; leader of the blue team in Capture the Flag, and no, of course he didn’t form an alliance with Hephaestus cabin to see their cute cabin leader, Cinder; he’d stay up at night, muttering things about conspiracy theories until one of his siblings has to throw a pillow at him.

Scarlet: daughter of Demeter, and tougher than nails; don’t try to mess with her cabin’s crops (or with her, or with her loved ones) if you don’t want a dagger pointed at your throat; she suggested to Chiron that they grow tomatoes beside the strawberries the Dionysus kids tended to because it would increase the camp’s income, but she didn’t tell him it was to preserve the memory of her grandma who got killed protecting Scarlet from the monster attack that forced her to escape to Camp Half-Blood; very skilled charioteer and almost always wins during chariot races

Wolf: lycanthrope; used to be one of Lycaon’s minions (by force), but then he ran away because he didn’t want to be one of those murderers; while trying to keep a low-profile so that the other werewolves won’t find him, he meets Scarlet and decides to go with her to camp; campers warm up to him once they know he’s actually a cinnamon roll; stays in Zeus’ cabin since Zeus is the one who started the lycanthropes thing by turning Lycaon into a wolf; supported Scarlet’s idea to grow tomatoes near the strawberry fields

Cress: daughter of Athena; leans to technology more than literature, architecture, or warfare; can be seen a lot with other children of Hephaestus, studying plans for machines and other stuff; can disable any trap; arrived at camp at a younger age than any other camper; in spite of being trapped in camp longer than any other demigod, she is more updated about the outer world than any of them; not a child of Apollo, but has a very beautiful singing voice

Thorne: son of Hermes; his motto is “go big or go home”, i.e. instead of going for a wallet, he’d probably go and steal one of Cinder’s projects just to piss her off (but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep a hand on your wallet when he’s around); spends most of his time flirting with the Aphrodite cabin (only before he got with Cress); decided to stay year-round at camp because, well, he’s wanted in several countries, also because Cress stays there; don’t participate as his partner in a chariot race if you don’t want to get decapitated or something (or at least, don’t let him drive)

Winter: daughter of Aphrodite; doesn’t even need her charm-speak to convince people to do what she wants them to; everyone just loves her; she’s very beautiful in spite of the scars she got from fighting monsters (and the ones her stepmother gave her out of jealousy when she found out her stepdaughter is actually the daughter of the goddess of beauty); Apollo kids can’t help but write odes to her; ran away to camp with Jacin after her stepmother threatened to kill her; is usually the one to welcome new campers and help them until they get used to the camp, and is sometimes accompanied by Scarlet; enjoys walks in the forest

Jacin: son of Apollo; very good at medicine, and not only because of the godly power; he really loves medical science and read a lot about it; in fact, he wanted to become a doctor when he grows up, but he couldn’t, since he ran away with Winter to Camp-Half Blood; instead of training to be a doctor, he trained to be a warrior; his godly blessing is so strong he can help people who were inflicted by Dionysus’ curse of madness; he’s also very good at riding chariots, and his skills rival Scarlet’s

Aesthetic Norse Gods | Freyja

Freyja is the goddess of love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, seiðr, war, and death. She is the owner of the necklace Brísingamen and rides a chariot pulled by two cats. Freyja possesses a cloak of falcon feathers and keeps the boar Hildisvíni by her side. She is also the mother of Hnoss and Gersemi and the sister of Freyr.

A Court of Stars and Fire -Lucien’s Book: Chp Two

This is a love letter to Lucien, to Cassian, to Vassa, and Viviane. May all my unappreciated, underdeveloped babies finally get some peace.


Summary: As Lucien wishes it would all just end, everything is just beginning. With Elain’s prophecy hanging over his head that he will burn his brother, melt Winter, and cut the heart of of Night, all eyes watch him as he finds himself thrown into the role of a High Lord he never expected. With a band of irritable misfits and cranky bastards as his closest companions, he has to find some way to unite them, and all of Prythian, before it is too late.’

Pairings: Lucien/Cassian, Lucien/Vassa, Elain Archeron/Lucien, Lucien (ACoTaR)/Original Character(s), Kallias/Viviane, Feysand, Mesta 

 Chp 1 - AO3

Chapter Two: The Mother

Lucien didn’t hear as the crowd whipped into an uproar, Feyre stuck between calling for silence and shouting explanations to the dumbfounded High Lords and Ladies. Only Elain was unfazed by the chaos, stoically regarding him with a steady, haunting gaze. He didn’t listen to their bickering, their outrage, their grief. Collapsed, kneeling on the floor, all he could focus on was the fading vibrations in his skin, the way his chest cavity had been filled with sunshine and yet felt all the darker for it.

He didn’t look up until the doors to the grand hall slammed open, and he could feel her there. A different kind of magic within him, not sunshine but fire and crimson, shivered in recognition of the one who had birthed him. His mother.

“I just heard. Lucien’s father is dead,” said the woman who had murdered Beron in cold blood the day he refused to lead Autumn into battle against Hybern. In the days that had passed since, she had been reforged and born anew. Gone was the cowed, shamed woman of fear and isolation. When she had handed the crown to her son, she set the condition that he must take her as his primary advisor, if he so much as hoped to hold the crown for longer than a second. Wisely, he had obeyed, and in her newly reclaimed power, she had thrived.

“Arissa,” Rhys said, standing and nodding his head respectfully. “We were just-”

“I am going to the Day Court,” she declared briskly, in the sort of tone that even Rhysand would not dare argue with. “And I am taking my son with me. He is to be the new High Lord.”

“We were just deciding to imprison him, Arissa.” Thesan had gone pale with shock, and his usually unreadable face had become strained with suppression of some masked feeling, though Lucien knew not what. He could guess, however, from the rumours that he and Helion had been past lovers, that even despite their later fighting, it was grief.

“You will do no such thing,” Arissa announced, and her voice, once so quiet and small, echoed throughout the hall. “There are no other heirs to Day, and we do not want to risk an unknown High Lord, not now.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, Helion has not just died by chance. He was killed.”

Silence. Silence, as every individual present, who had gathered there to see peace be restored to last, realised that their happy ending was being stolen from them. “By whom?” Rhysand asked, no longer slumped in his chair, but ramrod straight, his jaw taut.

“I do not know exactly,” Arissa conceded, with eyes only for her son. “But he was investigating the Dark Sorcerer who was responsible for cursing dear Vassa.”   

‘Dear Vassa’ had not been permitted to partake in the Democracy Court. She had been deemed too unstable, and besides, she had refused. She’d called it stupid, to talk of peace when things were no better than they had been before. All that had changed, she said, was that the cartoonish villain was dead. The problem itself, the infection of hatred and prejudice, still feasted at the heart of all races. And now it seemed it had found a new figurehead - Or had there been another motivation for murdering Helion?

“And you know this how?” Eris raised an eyebrow at his mother, the cocky act struggling to hold as he tried not to stare at his brother, who was now his public half-brother, and his fellow High Lord.

“If you had ever experienced a mating bond, my son,” Arissa said quietly, “you would know.”

Before anyone - and they had really all endured enough bombshell moments of truth for the year, let alone the day - could respond, she snapped her fingers at her son. “Get up, Lucien.” Her face and voice softened with a smile, and she held out her hand to him. “You have a Court to save.”  Thesan drew breath to protest, but once more she beat him to it, fixing him with the deadly gaze of a mother bear protecting her young. “You need my son now, all of you. Even you, Eris. We cannot afford to fall into descension, not now. This isn’t over.”    


“This is not the Day Court Palace,” Lucien observed frivolously when his mother winnowed them out of that hall of gawping crowds and infuriated, cheated rulers. Not even Nesta had dared argue with his mother.

“You’ll have to be a little bit more intelligent than that, darling, if you wish to survive here,” Arissa said as she flung open the doors to a stable.

They had winnowed into the midst of a vast, seemingly endless desert, surrounded by countless fields of olive tree plantations, baking beneath the glow of the sun. The only building in sight was the one before which they were standing, a large, dilapidated wooden stable, chipped and falling apart at the rafters.

Despite its abandoned state, his mother appeared perfectly acquainted with the area. Airing the place out, she busied herself with leading out the horses and rigging them up to something concealed within the shadows of the stable. All the while, she did an excellent job of not looking at the son she had once allowed to be broken and exiled from her own home.

“You knew this was going to happen,” Lucien said coldly. He could spend hours questioning her on how on earth he was Helion’s heir, and yet the biggest surprise was how little it surprised him. He’d always felt other from his brothers, from his father. And Helion… what he’d known of the man had struck him with a sense of inexplicable comradery, of deep, platonic affection - something he hadn’t thought the late High Lord capable of.

“I feared,” She corrected him, not looking back at him. “Helion warned me that he might not return, the day he left. He told me- told me what to do if the worst happened.” Lucien tried his best to ignore how his mother’s voice cracked with pain, low and trembling.

“Why?” He asked, his throat hollow, sore. His mother… Why did their first true reunion have to be so tense, so riddled with tragedy? Was that really all he could ever hope for? “Why did he go, if he knew the risk?”

“You’ll soon learn, darling. Vassa will fill you in. She’s already at the Domus, where you shall live from now on. Helion had it built himself, his own design. He…” She trailed off, and if she cried, she did so soundlessly. Lucien had enough respect left for her not to crane his head around to look, but soon she came out to meet him.

Leading the four horses with her, she emerged to reveal just what she had been constructing. The four stallions, each a different shade of brilliant gold, pulled behind them a chariot the likes of which Lucien had only heard about in legend. It was worked from what looked like - but surely could not be - solid gold, painted and carved with intricate detailings of the sun passing across the sky, the land beneath it aflame.

“This, Lucien, is the Quadriga of Day. It has not been used in over a millenia. It is a rite reserved only for the arrival of a new High Lord into the city of Apollo. Helion rode this the day he inherited his powers. And now you too shall resume the tradition.” She finally looked at him, her eyes - his eyes - filled with such determination that he did not dare question her. “And when your people see you riding in on this, not one will question your position.”

“And if I don’t want to be High Lord?”

“Then there was no point in rebelling against Hybern. No point in any of it. If what we face now was capable of silencing Helion without so much as a whisper down the mating bond, then we cannot afford to have descension amongst the courts.”

Her sharp, no-nonsense attitude softened as she looked at him, and saw the son she had raised behind the man he had become. Leaving the horses, she crossed to him and cradled his jaw in her hands. He’d hated her a long, long time, for what she had allowed to happen, and yet in that moment it all was washed away. She was his mother once more, and after everything that had happened, he wanted to collapse and weep into her arms like a babe. He wanted, for once, to feel like he was home.

“Darling, I know that nothing has ever been easy for you. And this won’t be any different.” Stroking his hair, she smiled fondly. “But that is exactly why I know that you can, and must do this. We’ve all suffered too much these past hundred years.” She kissed him on the forehead and released him, offering him the robes she had drawn forth, folded across her arms. “You were always too bright for Autumn. The darkness of the forest never suited you. I truly believe here, you might finally be happy.” Her eyes were wet with moisture, from her lost lover, and now her changing son. “I would not do this otherwise. I’ve owed a debt to you for far, far too long.

Ride the chariot, my son. Become the force Prythian truly needs to change. And whatever you do, do not end up like your father.”

Goddesses and Wicca

Artemis - (Also known as Diana by the Romans). She is a virgin Greek goddess, beholden to no man. Known as the goddess of witches, she is represented by the bow & arrow, hare, the cat and the moon. She is best evoked for protection against unwanted male attention and to help you settle into your craft.

Gaia - hello Mother Earth. Best known for connections with nature and ecological issues. A globe or picture of the earth is best to represent her. You can look upon Gaia to help you with any ‘green issues’.

Demeter & Persephone - goddesses of the seasons. Demeter (represented by corn and poppies is the goddess of summer and the harvest (autumn/fall) and is the mother of Persephone who was captured by hades of the underworld and made queen. Legend says that Demeter was so upset by her daughter’s absence that land became barren. So Zeus ordered that Persephone be returned for six months of the year. So spring and summer are when the two are reunited and autumn and winter is the time when Persephone returns to the underworld. You can call upon Persephone for protection against unwanted male attention, independence and Demeter can be invoked for abundance rituals. Call upon them both for any family issues.

Athena - goddess of wisdom and the arts. Her symbol is the owl. A virgin and war goddess, she can be called upon in times when you need to 'feel the fear and do it anyway’. If you are faced with adversity call upon Athena for her help and wisdom.

Hecate - you may have heard her mentioned in such TV series as buddy the vampire slayer. She is strongly linked to witchcraft and the mysteries of the universe. Can’t help thinking she has something to do with cosmic law or karma if you will. She is the spinner of fate and destiny, in charge of life and death. She is symbolised by the cauldron. She is depicted as riding a chariot pulled by dragons. She is known as the queen of the night (sorry Whitney) and a powerful mistress of divination. She can be called upon for protection of any kind, especially discrimination. Hecate will protect you from harm whilst you improve your skills in the craft.

Aphrodite - a Greek goddess (or in Rome she is called Venus). She is known for love and beauty, represented by honey bees, frogs and honey pots. Consider calling upon her for love spells or help with any relationship in general. Legend has it she was born from the foam of the sea so if you are drawn to mermaids or sea shells, you could also feel a strong connection with her. She may also be able to give you a boost if you’re looking to feel sexy and attractive towards a certain crush?

Isis - unfortunately as we know, lately her name is being used and in my opinion not in a good way. THE REAL ISIS resembles all that is good about being a woman and she is our Egyptian goddess. This is a goddess of life, death and rebirth. Her symbol is the serpent and can be used for any spells involving women’s issues. She is a great guide if you feel a connection to Egyptology.

Guinevere - a goddess of independence and free spirit. She is a strong woman that connects us to our home soil and feminine wiles! You can invoke her if you are in a troubled relationship and need the courage to break free. She can also help with finding new love. She comes with an important message to be true to yourself - something we all must learn in our lives. She was lancelot’s love.

Morgan Le fay - as you know both Guinevere and Morgan le fay are both connected with Camelot and the Knights of the round table. I believe people call it 'Arthurian times’. She is a very strong presence in witchcraft and originally portrait as evil but she was only a follower of the 'old ways’ and a priestess in her own right. She is the one who wanted things to be kept as they were and not embark on the Christianity train. So when she did not adhere to the new rules she was deemed an evil sorceress and that’s she is depicted today. She was Arthur’s half sister. She is connected with night and winter. Call upon her for justice, retribution and protection. She is a strong source of power so do not invoke her if you are fly by night or experimenting with the craft on a whim.

I have now explained all aspects of goddess but they are all as one. Goddess is multi faceted.

The triple goddess - this means the three aspects of goddess and the three phases of the moon. There are also three phases of a woman’s life

Maiden - new and waxing moons
Mother - full moon
Crone - waning and dark moons.

All goddesses represent one of these aspects. Eg. Hecate and morgan le fay would be crime as they fall under the dark side. Isis and Gaia are mother goddesses, while Artemis and Persephone are maiden goddesses.

Altogether they are the triple goddess.

The maiden (new and waxing moons) - youth, new beginnings, dawn. The colour is white for purity

The mother (full moon) - summer, full moon magic, Mother Nature. The colour is red for fertility and blood of life.

The crime (waning and dark moons) - the night, death and transition, autumn and winter. The colour is black and purple which symbolises protection and rest. She is the strongest, known for wisdom and release, prophecy and the guardian of all witches.

We all have power inside us as women and the goddess lives in All of us too. We all have a spark of magical power we can tap into. We are strong, nurturing and alive!