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   F r e y j a  —  Norse goddess of war, love, magic, beauty, life and death; daughter of the god Njörðr and twin sister of the god Freyr. Freyja is the owner of the necklace Brísingamen, rides a chariot pulled by two cats, possesses a cloak of falcon feathers. She is said to be the most glorious among the norse goddesses and the most approachable one for people to pray to. Freyja has a particular fondness for love songs, and that’s why “it is good to pray to her concerning love affairs”.
    Several plants were named after Freyja, such as Freyja’s tears and Freyja’s hair. In Värend, Sweden, Freyja could also arrive at Christmas night and she used to shake the apple trees for the sake of a good harvest and consequently people left some apples in the trees for her sake. However, it was dangerous to leave the plough outdoors, because if Freyja sat on it, it would no longer be of any use.

Ivar Headcanons: Ivar with only Daughters

@whenimaunicorn and I were discussing the other day how adorable it would be if Ivar ended up with only daughters. So I decided to write up a few headcanons of our ideas! Thanks for your input, love! I plan on writing a little imagine about this scenario eventually, but for now have some fluffy headcanons :)

-For the first two births, no one thinks much of it. But by the time the fifth child comes around, people are starting to whisper. “Why have the gods not granted Ivar Ragnarsson a son?”

-Ivar does not give two shits, and he tells his somewhat distraught wife so (she’s slightly worried he’ll blame her). “I don’t need sons. I have strong, healthy, capable daughters. It is more than I ever thought I would be allowed.” It’s true, he never thought he’d find love or marriage or children, so he’s over the moon, even if others find it shameful.

- As babies, he loves to rock them and let them play with his strong fingers. He is so gentle with them, a stark contrast to the fierce face he shows the rest of the world. In the private of his chambers, he is not afraid to let his daughters see his softer side.

- He is grateful to the gods that none inherit his brittle bones. Months and months and months of fervent prayer and sacrifice are well paid off.

- He loves his girls, and they love him. When they grow old enough, they follow him around constantly. Someone makes the comment they look like baby ducks following their mother. From then on, they are his “ducklings”. He lets them follow him to training, to council meetings, anywhere basically.

- They are trained in every weapon, every style of combat, from an early age. Ivar knows a woman needs to be able to defend herself and her family, and he will not see his little girls fall prey to the sword. He pushes them hard, and sometimes they cry for it.

- But afterwards, when he has cleaned every cut and wiped every tear, he lets them weave him flower crowns (he tried to say no a few times; the tears nearly crushed him) and braid his hair while he tells them stories. He loves seeing their wide eyes gaze at him in wonder as he recounts tales of Odin, Thor and Loki.

- He develops quite the knack for hairstyling. 5 heads is a lot of hair for his wife to do every morning, and he loves to see their happy faces and hear their little voices trill “thank you, Papa!” too much to let the servants do it instead.

- He teaches them love and respect for the gods. He does not hold back from showing them sacrifices, and lets them participate where they can. They are not scared of steel or blood, and he is proud when they do not look away.

- He is firm with them, but at the same time a huge pushover. They know that if they really really want something, all it takes is a few bats of long eyelashes and a few “please, please, Papa?” and he’s caving.

- He takes them for chariot rides, all at once, all of them shrieking and laughing and fighting over who gets to “help” him drive.

- When his third daughter begins showing signs of his Mother’s gift, he searches for the best seer to teach her about the foresight. He lets her crawl into bed with him and her mother when her strange dreams scare her in the night.

- He teaches his eldest how to rule, how to run a kingdom and command an army. He teaches her to be strong, to not bend beneath adversity, that women can be rulers with the men. “Your grandmother was a great Queen, and even the one who killed her was a formidable woman. You are strong, capable, smart. You will show the world what a Queen and shieldmaiden can do.”

- He is not adverse to his daughters finding husbands of course, but he is wary of every man that shows interest. If one so much even looks at one of his girl wrong, he is in for a world of pain. He is surly and grumpy to any man they bring home to meet him. Sometimes, he even forbids them to see the man again (even if he likes him, he isn’t quite ready to give up on of his precious little ducks).

- His daughters have to get creative to see their beaus then, and work together to keep each other’s secrets. He often knows exactly what they are doing, but he lets them think he’s clueless. He likes to watch them think and plan and strategize; all signs of good leaders.

- He challenges them with games and puzzles, to hone their minds and keep them sharp. They in turn, try to find riddles and puzzles to stump him with. He’ll never admit it, but his youngest did once and he’s never been prouder.

- All in all, they are his little girls no matter what, and he loves them more fiercely than anything. They know Papa is always there for them, through everything, and they have never cared that he cannot walk without help. He is their hero, their champion.

- When his wife gives birth for the sixth time, him and his ducklings huddle around the birthing bed, waiting for the midwife to bring back their new little addition. When she finally does, she lays the new babe in his arms and smiles with a twinkle in her eye. “Congratulations, my King. She is beautiful.”
His daughters shriek with joy. His wife gives him a sheepish smile. He simply holds the precious little bundle tighter, and gives thanks once again to the gods.


Dating Ivar would include:
His perspective:
- Correcting Aslaug if she doesn’t treat you as an equal.
- Getting mad at other girls if they try to get his attention.
- Pulling you on his lap in public to show them all that you are his.
- Touching you underneath the table, preparing you for what he is about to do later that night.
- Only allowing you to sit next to him in his chariot or to ride on his white horse.
- Loving it when you tell him stories about your childhood because he feels bad that he wasn’t there with you.
- Telling you every detail about his raid because he wants you to feel involved although you weren’t there.
- Being a little rough in bed, but respecting your boundaries and being very sweet afterwards.
- Assuring you that he is going to make you one of the most powerful woman in the world.
- Showing his legs to you because he finds it important that you know every edge of him, even though it makes him feel vulnerable.

Your perspective:
- Being able to stare at his blue eyes for eternity and still being blown away by the beauty and expression.
- Having to deal with his frequent mood swings and being the only one who can calm him down.
- Being thanked by him for all your love and help, not only with clothes and jewellery but also unconditionally love.
- Feeling proud whenever you look at him when he’s in public, he is in fact Ivar the Boneless and he is yours.
- Having quite an position in Kattegat, people fear and look up to you as much as they do to Ivar.
- Being the only one who is allowed to help Ivar with his disability.
- Cherish a hate-love relationship with Björn and Sigurd and making them clear that you would always choose Ivar’s side.
- Never being seen alone in public because Ivar makes sure you are always accompanied to prevent you from harm.
- Encouraging Ivar before his raids and stimulating him to make people fear or worship him.
- Not being afraid when you see him leave in the ships because you know he will come back to you.

Persona 5 Pick-up Lines by Arcana

Akira - Look into my eyes, at my smile and tell me you don’t want to fool around

Ryuji - Hey girl. You wanna ride this Chariot?

Ann - Lovers. Need I say more?

Yusuke - Bare your body for my art. Your emperor demands it.

Makoto - I’ll have you praying for more. Promise.

Futaba - You’d be amazed at what kind of ideas you get when you’re all by yourself.

Haru - I can be a gracious empress but if you cheat on me, I will murder you hard and slowly.

Goro - (tips sunglasses) Damn! Justice may be blind but I sure ain’t.

Takami - One night with me and I’ll send you to heaven. But one night is all you get because death only comes once.

Sojiro - I like it when ladies call me il pape.

Mishima - Can we do it in the dark? I’m kinda embarrassed.

Kawakami - I’m the one thing you can’t give up.

Ohya - Devil in the streets, devil in the sheets

Iwai - Do I really got to say it? Hanged man.

Chihaya - Hey. Wanna get lucky?

Sae - You think you can handle me? I’ll be the judge of that. I never lose.

Hifumi - I bet I know what you wished on this shooting star for.

Toranosuke - Come and enjoy your sweaty place in the sun.

I know I forgot Morgana but he’s a cat I’d rather not go there. Also, Shinya but he’s a kid. Also not going there.

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Here we have our tributes from the ice harvesting district! This was such a fun project to do and it really got me back in the game, so hopefully I’ll be in a much better groove to get back on THAW and all of the other projects I’m wanting to work on this summer :)

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so you're tellin me that Nero, the absolute madman who set rome on fire, tried to enter the olympics as a singer (and did horribly), got his mother killed, and worst of all, kicked his wife to death, is now a Hot Anime Chick™? because i don't really know how to feel about that

okay, the fate/ franchise is weird because sometimes it has really neat takes on historical/mythological figures where they clearly did their research, sometimes you get interpretations that aren’t terribly accurate but still have cool designs or interesting characters, and sometimes they just go completely off the rails

some of my favorite what-the-fuck things include:

-king arthur, arguably the face of the franchise, was a woman; they never really explain why or even acknowledge it

-nero is also a woman and resembles king arthur to the point of them looking like the same character in different costumes, once again this is never explained or acknowledged

-there are two incarnations of vlad III, one where he resents how he became the basis for dracula, and one where he embraces it and is now a vampire because go big or go home

-edmond dantes is literally just komaeda from dangan ronpa

-leonardo da vinci manifested in the physical form of the mona lisa; he’s totally cool with this and rolls with it

-attila the hun was an alien superweapon

-jack the ripper was actually a young girl and her murders stemmed from her desire to return to the womb

-hans christian anderson is a young boy with the voice of dio brando (same voice actor and all)

-queen medb of the ulster cycle, famous for taking on countless lovers, was summoned into the Rider class not for the chariot she rides into battle but for riding dick

-gilles de rais carried out the serial murders that granted him infamy using the necronomicon

-thomas edison took the form of a buff dude with a lion head wearing a galactus costume

-edison’s new form was the result of the spirits of all the presidents combining their will in a sort of spirit bomb of patriotism, allowing edison to take the form of america’s fursona

but yeah, it’s fuckin wild

Dandelion in Darkness

by titaniasfics

Banner by the amazing @akai-echo

Summary:  Katniss is the Queen of the Underworld. Equal in power to the Goddesses of Lightning and the Sea, she chooses a life of solitude in her dark kingdom. That is, until she meets Peeta, son of Demetros, the Earth God. She cannot help but love the young god and would possess him at all costs. But what consequences will her choice have on the world?

Retelling of the Persephone/Hades myth. Hades!Katniss and Persephone!Peeta.

A story in three acts.

Personae Dramatis:

Katniss Everdeen - Hades/Pluto/Queen of the Dead

Gale - Thanatos

Madge - Hermes

Prim - Apollo

Mags - Seer

Mr. Mellark - Demetros

Peeta Mellark - Persephone/Proserpina

Haymitch - Aphrodite

Effie - Cupid

Johanna - Ares

Wiress - Hephaestus

Paylor - Zeus

Annie - Poseidon

Finnick - Amphitrite

Thresh - Artemis

Rue - Gaia

Beetee - Cyclops (Forged Katniss’s Helmet)

Brutus -Charon

Chaff -Herdsman of Asphodel Fields, Keeper of  Katniss’s horses

Plutarch, Caesar and Crane - Moirai/Fates

Ennobaria, Glimmer and Cashmere -Furies

Buttercup - Cerberus


It began with the wind.

Icy and bitter, it swept across Panem in furious gales. Trees bent before it and man-made objects struggled to remain rooted to the ground. People who ventured beyond their homes saw their skin redden and crack as they leaned against it. They had never experienced a cold so cruel and scrambled to find warmth and shelter.  In a land where the weather expressed itself in the mildest way, the sudden harshness of this new season was met with horror and confusion.

After the wind came the snow. Though beautiful to the eyes of the citizens of Panem, it brought its own complications - frozen rivers and streams, slippery streets, dead crops and animals. When the land of Panem was covered in ice, the hunger followed soon after, and the lamentations could be heard atop the Capitol itself. People suffered as the earth grew colder and harder. Around them, life receded, overwhelmed by the power of death. They began to tell stories of a world that would end in ice.

The people clamored to the gods for relief. Why were they being punished?  Why were the gods angry?  Oracles and seers were consulted all over Panem, now desperate at the prospect of their own demise.

Every person touched by the gods in the land of Panem returned with the same response. Demetros’s son had vanished and now he wandered the world, searching for him. As he hunted for the daemon who had robbed him of his youngest, he withheld the life force that would nourish the earth and the people of Panem languished in consequence. He had vowed that until his son had been returned to him, winter would reign eternal in the land of the living.

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