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School Shooters Who Wore Personalized Shirts During Their Attacks

Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, the two perpetrators of the Columbine High School Massacre. On April 20, 1999, Harris and Klebold murdered 11 students and a teacher and injured 24 before committing suicide. During the attack, Klebold wore the black t-shirt on the left side of the photo, displaying the word “wrath”, while Harris wore the “natural selection” t-shirt on the right. The two additionally wore black trench coats at the start of the shooting. 

18-year-old Pekka Eric Auvinen, perpetrator of the Jokela School Shooting, who wore his “humanity is overrated” shirt. In November of 2007 Auvinen shot and killed a total of 8 people, injured an additional 13, and subsequently shot himself in the head. Auvinen later succumbed to his wounds in a local hospital. This was the second school shooting to take place in the entirety of Finland’s history.  

Tj Lane, aged 17 at the time of his attack, executed 3 of his male classmates and injured 3 more at Chardon High School. On February 7, 2012, the day of the shooting, Lane wielded a Ruger MK III .22 caliber semi-automatic handgun and wore a grey pull-over bearing the word “killer”. 

Lane is shown here again, later in time, at court. He had scribbled the word “killer” on yet another shirt and concealed it. After entering the courtroom Lane discarded his dress-shirt, revealing what was underneath to the family members of those he had murdered. The judge present claimed to not have seen the atrocity, otherwise immediate action would have been taken. 

School/University Shooter Voices
School/University Shooter Voices

Audio recordings of various school or university shooters. Note: Elliot Rodger isn’t necessarily a school/university shooter, as his attack was only on the campus, and three of his victims were stabbed to death, not shot.  Still fits into the theme, in my opinion.

In chronological order: Kip Kinkel (1998) - Dylan Klebold (†1999) - Eric Harris (†1999) - Seung-hui Cho (†2007) - Pekka-Eric Auvinen (†2007) - TJ Lane (2012) - Adam Lanza (†2012) - Elliot Rodger (†2014) - Dylann Roof (2015)

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February 27, 2012 

On this day two years ago, Thomas Lane entered Chardon High School. He was armed with a Ruger MK III .22 caliber semi-automatic handgun. The shooting took place at around 7:30am in Chardon High School’s cafeteria while many students were eating breakfast.
Lane killed three male students, they all died in hospital in the two days following the shooting. Two other students were hospitalised: one with a minor injury and another who was left paralyzed. Another student sustained a superficial wound during the shooting when a bullet grazed one of his ears. Lane was arrested on Woodin Road, near his car, after being chased out of the school by football coach Frank Hall.
Lane pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated murder, two counts of aggravated murder and felonious assault on February 26, 2013. Lane was sentenced to three life sentences without parole on March 19, 2013.

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Facts about TJ Lane

  • His full name is Thomas “T.J”  Michael Lane III
  • He was born on September 19, 1994
  • He is currently 20 years old. 
  • Before the attacks, he was described as, ‘one of the nicest kids you could meet’.
  • It was said that he often had a sad look in his eyes.
  • Torilyn LaCasse, described him when he was in high-school as a loner who was bullied regularly. 
  • Lane reportedly comes from a really broken-down home. Students say he lives with his grandparents, and may have had a violent home life.
  • Other friends of the suspect, however, say they never saw any evidence that Lane had been picked on, and described him as a quiet but very normal teenage boy.
  • Evan Erasmus, one of the first to label Lane as one of the outcast type, said he couldn’t believe the sweet, quiet kid from his school was responsible for the attack.
  • He gave  the finger and smirks as he is sentenced to life for shooting rampage that left three Chardon High School students dead
  • He wore a shirt that read ‘Killer’ across his chest. 
  • He is five-foot-and-ten-inches tall.
  • (Sub-bottom) 
  • On February 27, 2012, at roughly 7:30 a.m., a 17-year-old boy randomly stood up and opened fire in the Chardon High School cafeteria with a .22 caliber gun. The shooter, who was later identified as TJ Lane, managed to take down six students, three of whom later died of their injuries. TJ left the gun at the scene as he fled from the school, only to be apprehended by his car parked not too far away.
  • He has three consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. 
  • TJ Lane escaped from prison on September 11, 2014
  • After the shooting on February, students that had communicated or saw T.J around the school were interviewed. One student had said, “He used to sit all by himself at lunch and people would walk by and not notice he was sitting there and just walk by like he doesn’t exist.”

If anyone knows, will you please give me his correct height, some people say 5′8. I’ve heard 5′10. If you know, send me a mesage. And if anything else is wrong send me a message. (: xx

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Thomas ‘TJ’ Lane was the perpetrator of the Chardon High School Shooting in 2012. 5 people were hospitalised as a result of the shooting, after Lane used a .22 caliber hand gun and fired 10 rounds of ammunition in the school cafeteria. Lane claimed that he was firing randomly and that he had no specific victims in mind, however this contradicts witness statements that claimed he was targeting a specific group of kids in the cafeteria. Lane was chased from the school by a teacher and was apprehended in the school parking lot. 3 of the people struck would later die in hospital from their injuries.

Lane’s court case was marked by rude, callous and juvenile behaviour during the sentencing. Lane’s council did not present any witnesses or evidence during this portion of the trial at Lane’s request, and when Lane entered the courtroom he was wearing a blue shirt - which he would later remove to reveal a white t-shirt with the word 'Killer’ written on it in black marker. When asked to give a statement to the court Lane flipped off the audience and stated “This hand that pulled the trigger that killed your sons now masturbates to the memory. Fuck all of you.”