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“No matter who you meet, some day you’re going to have to tell them goodbye. I don’t want to accept that. I can barely cling to my own sanity knowing that. It hurts… it hurts. I know that. But even so, we need to move forward.” - Hange Zoe

Chapter 72 ramblings

It’s striking how far away Levi sits from everyone here. The rest are all gathered ‘round the table, but not Levi. He sits alone at the far back, observing, listening.

He knows where this conversation is going. When Hange turns to Erwin to ask what could possibly be in the basement, the entire next page is a series of closeups of Erwin and Levi. Levi has the look of a man who knows the inevitable approaches. And what comes next is this: 

Erwin declares that retaking Maria will commence in two days. They will find out for themselves what secrets lie in the basement. Everyone is fired up, smiling. They rise and depart, talking amongst themselves – all except Levi, whose head hangs low. I never noticed before that he doesn’t participate at all in the roundtable discussion. He doesn’t say a single thing

The first words he speaks are to Erwin alone after he’s shut the door. What follows is what he’s been thinking about while sitting in that chair.

Levi’s not interested in the basement, nor its contents. “This may be jumping the gun” he says. It is. Levi wants to know what happens if Erwin never makes it out of the basement, or even to the basement. His sole concern is Erwin. Not anyone else, not the soldiers, not Hange, not even himself. “I’m asking because I don’t know if you’ll make it that far” he says and his face is pained, the shadows under his eyes accentuated. 

 You might even say that he’s being kind of a dick, what with saying Erwin’s crippled and is likely to end up as titan bait. And Erwin even forlornly clutches his hollow sleeve like a teenage girl whose insecurities are made visible and thrown in her face. But then, in the lower third panels, this scene becomes something else. Levi’s coldness takes on a new shape, and becomes the cheesy equivalent of tearfully throwing stones at your dog to stop him from following you into danger. Levi frames his request to leave Erwin behind as not wanting a liability on the field.

He’ll tell the others he didn’t want Erwin on the field because of his missing arm (implying that it is only a cover – he is not actually a dick, after all. Not to Erwin anyway). Hell, Levi will bitch at Erwin in earnest until he gives in. He does bitch.  Erwin dies and everything is over, he argues. Erwin’s brain is what they need, not his fighting.  And finally, that staying behind is the best choice for humanity

Erwin does not agree and begins to give his reasons in his usual silvertongue manner, but is quickly interrupted by Levi who let’s him know that’s all bullshit and they both know it, and he better drop it before Levi breaks his legs. And Erwin laughs, gives up the charade and reaches for honesty: Erwin must see the truth with his own eyes when it is revealed. This, he says, is more important than humanity, more important than his life.

And what can Levi say to that? Erwin will not be swayed. Look at Levi on the next panel. Isayama has chosen to frame him from above, making him look even smaller. He can’t even look at Erwin anymore. He’s looking down, his hands hanging at his sides. Levi looks utterly defeated

He slams the door on his way out, and goes off to drink alone in the dark (look at that beer mug!!), where he overhears the trio’s dreams for the future, probably thinking of his own, and Erwin’s, and I imagine the people he’s lost and is sure to lose again.

tl;dr: Everyone’s talking about the mission and the basement and all Levi wants is to protect Erwin. My wittle bb ;___;

The book has a maroon jacket and embossed spine. It’s older, and he can tell when he picks it up and leafs through the pages. The musty smell reaches his nose and makes him sneeze into his arm. With a sniffle, he fans through the book, and it doesn’t take him long to realize it was one of Erwin’s.

His heart seizes, and he leaves the book open in his lap. He thinks about Erwin every day, sometimes every second, but Erwin’s never a surprise. Thinking of him is a constant, and the physical things that conjure Erwin are cataloged and sterilized. When Levi encounters them, he does so with bravery. Indifference. He has Erwin compartmentalized at this point into his psyche. The only place Erwin could affect him is in his dreams.

But this book. This book is different. It has Levi spooked, and he isn’t sure how to move forward. He turns a page. The language is old, the information flowery and, at this point, incorrect. It must have been Erwin’s father’s, and somehow having that knowledge made the book that much more difficult to hold. Another page and he discovers it’s talking about the ocean. His breathing gets caught in his chest as he reads.

Oceans are bodies of water with high salt content. They can range in color depending on location, from deep sapphire to gleaming turquoise. It is predicted that the ocean covers more of the surface of the world than land. Nobody has ever been able to touch the deepest depth of an ocean. Strange creatures are thought to originate under the surface.

Levi slaps the book shut and places it next to him. He brings his knees up to his chest and wraps his arms around his legs.

It wasn’t anything like that. The ocean was beautiful and living and moving. It was vast and mysterious and deep. It tasted different, like an exotic delicacy. And he supposed at the time that it was. They had never tasted freedom like that before–and that’s all the ocean was.


His chest grows tight, and there’s a sound emitting from his throat that’s foreign and hoarse. God dammit, he should have been there. He should have been at his side, their cloaks catching the wind like the sails of the ships illustrated on the book pages. He had fought the longest and hardest out of all of them. He got them all here. If it wasn’t for him…

The sob comes out long and hard, and Levi has never felt something shake through him so violently. His moaning cry echoes in the room as the tears pool and drop from his eyes. It wasn’t anything like that. It wasn’t some simple pages on a piece of paper. It was so fucking beautiful and Erwin wasn’t there. He wasn’t there, and it was the ugliest thing he had ever seen in his whole life. He hated the ocean. He fucking hated it.

His hands ball into his hair as he pushes his forehead into his knees. He struggles to breathe, but he doesn’t care. His sobs turn silent as he gasps in air. Erwin wasn’t there, and he’s not here now, and he can’t fucking stand it. Tears fall salty like the waters of the ocean, and he wishes so badly to drown in them.

The text above is an excerpt from a ficlet my lovely @gouguruheddo wrote for this pic to rip my heart completely into pieces <3 Thank you love.

He chose Erwin

After Erwin’s death a lot have been saying that levi chose Armin because he heard the ocean conversation between Him and Eren.But that’s not true Levi’s choice has and will Always be Erwin, his priority is Erwin .

Here he was determinant to inject Erwin with the serum ,even called Eren a brat who needs growing up , punched him for standing in his way .

But look what happens next 

Erwin pushed levi’s hand before he could even introduce the injection in his body.

Look at Levi’s face expression , he was not expecting Erwin to open his eyes or even move but he did .Erwin opened his eyes , pushed his hand and whispered something about his dream as a kid , thanked levi and then passed away.

Erwin whispered something to levi before dying , Levi looked at him in disbelief “ERWIN?” like “GONNA GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM?” but Erwin simply thanked him and died peacefully . 

This is not the face of someone who would choose Armin tbh , he looks rather schocked and startled by Erwin’s words. I think Erwin asked him to give the injection to Armin, and so levi had to grant him his last wish . and he was left to face the pain .

Erwin died a very peaceful and beautiful death , yet even if levi injected Armin with the serum his choice is still Erwinn.It was Erwin’s wish he granted, he needed peace after all the suffering , after all the painhe went through .And Levi gave him that peace andrest he needed .”Thank you Levi” were his last words.

special thanks to @fuku-shuu translation.



I love the way you think, Erwin.

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F I N A L  T O U R
chapter 13: comfort

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“Well, I haven’t had a Fourth of July in fuck knows how long.” Nile trails.

“At least you’ll be able to watch the fireworks with the kids tonight.” Erwin takes a sip from his beer bottle before nodding.

“Always looking on the bright side, Erwin. I like it.” Nile nudges Erwin’s arm.

Levi shifts, tries to hide more behind Erwin. The sun cooks his scalp, there’s sweat beading underneath his black t-shirt, and he already feels a burn throbbing against his cheeks.

“Levi?” Nile says. Levi grunts in response.

Erwin turns to Levi. “Are you alright?” Levi nods.

“Well shit, if it hasn’t been a thousand years. You two are finally back together?”

Levi can’t contain it, he shoots a glare at Nile that is nothing but contempt. He barely parts his lips as he speaks through his teeth. “What the fuck does that mean?”

“Woah, I was just–”

Erwin places a hand on Levi’s nape, presses his thumb into the bone and shakes his head. “He just recently retired after twenty years serving our country.” The space where Erwin’s fingers rest burn, and Levi begins to shake in his spot. Holding him back like a fucking dog. He glares up at Erwin.

“Oh, I wasn’t aware you were gone for so long, Levi. That’s really incredible. Thank you so much for your service.” Nile says, and it just sounds like poison dripping from his mouth.

Erwin presses his thumb down, gently strokes the other side of his neck with the rest of his fingers. “Sure.” Levi hisses. He digs his hands into his pockets, too afraid he’ll assault Nile then turn it back onto Erwin.

“Welcome back, Levi.” Marie bows her head.


maximumdante-deactivated2017082  asked:

After finding out about the 4 years time skip, i am actually scared about the main characters. 4 years are too much, they may have changed too much and i am not sure i want to see how are them when time comes. And i'm afraid Levi wont be the same man we loved and appreciated for 84 chapters anymore. Do you think he still thinks about the promise or Erwin? :)

The only way I’ll be ok with the time skip is if Levi has grown out his hair and is wearing it in a ponytail with the sides shaved. If that happens I will forgive everything.

Seriously, while I have plenty of concerns with Isayama’s  storytelling, I have very few about his characterizations. I think of Hitch last chapter, for instance. She got 4 panels and a handful of sentences but they were flawless. Isayama doesn’t forget the nuances of his characters. I can’t think of any moments where his characters haven’t felt on point.

So I don’t worry about Levi. I feel confident that when we see him again, it will be the same Levi. I saw someone mention on twitter how at this point Levi’s been separated from Erwin almost as long as they were together, but I think after developing their relationship with such care, Isayama will make sure it’s remembered.