the change up gifs

Unbelievable. I’m overflowing with power like never before.

How I think Chibi-Usa would look like if she was an adult (not as Black Lady) in Sailor Moon Crystal.

I bet she would look and feel confident as her mother!

Hey bastard, do you have any clue how much courage she swallowed just to compose that more than 10 page message for you? A message that is filled with quick summarized memories that she buried 6 feet under the ground the moment you hurt her by walking away and she dig it again just to reflect and wishing to talk things over, and then even just to acknowledge her message you cannot do? Do you have any clue how painful is that? You may tell me that it’s just a message, that she doesn’t have to feel the need of confidence since she will not say the words personally, but hey She wanted to fix everything, and because of your pride, I know the both of you are not happy.