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its time for my first follow forever as a kpop blog!! yayayay!! *fireworks* 

anyway i’ve been on tumblr for like… 6 yrs and i’ve been a part of ~39480 fandoms over that time, but imma be honest i am so so so blessed 2 be a shawol its been so enjoyable and loving rly guys yall r the sun every single one of u. i’ve only been around as a kpop blog now for around 6-7 months, so like im super new, but i’ve met so many 10/10 people <3 <3  ok i h8 being mushy lets jump in

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Run and Stay

Designing book characters you half paid attention on how they looked its quite..challenging. But hey! here is Andrew and Neil :D I’m planing on drawing all the foxes (+ an underpaid coach) so stay tune!

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Unbelievable. I’m overflowing with power like never before.

How I think Chibi-Usa would look like if she was an adult (not as Black Lady) in Sailor Moon Crystal.

I bet she would look and feel confident as her mother!