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okay also one more thing i promise but okay nathan and richard saw each other frequently in jail between the time when they were finally allowed to see each other again and the time of richard’s death. apparently richard worked at the greenhouse and nathan worked in the library and the two places were close enough that they could see each other often. every morning they spoke together after breakfast for twenty minutes. they played games together like bridge and handball. they established a better education system together for the prison (it’s unknown if they used this as a cover for homosexual activities but i’m gonna go with a definite yes on that one). the morning of richard’s death they spoke, they had plans for that afternoon. richard went to the showers alone and when nathan heard that he had been stabbed he was shocked because he had literally just seen him. nathan was with richard when he died. and it seems to be the case that richard was aware of nathan’s presence prior to losing consciousness. just the fact that they were speaking and they weren’t angry with each other to the point that they hated each other, the fact that richard didn’t die without ever seeing nathan again, or that nathan didn’t have some cruel parting word bestowed on richard prior to his death…… and that they were in communication not just regularly but every single day, i’m just. i’m shook. i’m in tears. “dick could charm the birds off the trees”, said nathan, an ornithology expert who would know. i’m never going to recover from this shit


Hard to argue with that logic.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

(Thank you to the MANY lovely people that recommended this scene from Deathly Hallows!)


I remember. You do. For that, I bring you to the scales. Come. ||  In life you believed in nothing, you will go to nothing. You will be done, there will be darkness. And peace? There will be darkness.

American Gods

You’re looking through your feed trying to find posts to relate to. So you don’t feel alone. And that good feeling you get when you read one that describes exactly how much you’re hurting, a lot of people feel it too. You’re not alone. We’re in this together. It might seem tough, it might seem hard, and maybe it is. But you’ll get through the storm. You’ll come out stronger, don’t you worry.
—  LM. You’re not alone.

anonymous asked:

Is there a book that has changed your life or has made you a better human, in a way?

Sure. I get asked this a lot so I’ll just make a kind of master post. I’ve worked through a few books but these have been the most transformative:

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo
(great for clearing room for a new era in your life)

The Power of Now and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle (both helped me get a sense of awareness and control over my thoughts, helped me understand myself, people around me, society in general. Indispensible)

The Places That Scare you by Pema Chodron
(helped me learn to make peace with my negative emotions, to stop running from the moment, to be present for the whole of life, not just the ‘good’ bits)

Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations by Jules Evans (a great overview of various philosophical techniques that people have used over the ages to cope with life)

Also, there are a couple of talks that I love to listen to. They always bring me a sense of peace. They’re like 1-2 hours long and really condense the spirit of the books I mentioned above.

This Moment is the Perfect Teacher by Pema Chodron (I listen to this like once every two weeks or something. Really amazing talk, funny, compassionate, enlightening. I think this is available to buy, but it’s like $30 or something, idk. I’m broke so I just downloaded it as a torrent from here)

In the Presence of a Great Mystery by Eckhart Tolle (again, a super transformative, warm and funny talk about personal growth etc. again, I got this as a torrent here)

I also use an app called Headspace which taught me the basics of meditation, I use it daily to help keep my mind somewhat grounded.

Hope that helps! x

“I miss the girl I used to be; like her eyes that spoke of innocence and her mind that was full of wonder.But of all things , I miss her heart the most. The heart that loved ferociously without a hint of fear.A heart that loved so greatly the universe could burst in tears. How pure and unblemished. For she was a girl who has never been hurt. Carrying a heart that was pure love to the fullest sense. How I wish I could love that way again.”

What i’m learning is that growth is ugly.
It’s not bubble baths and self-help books that teach you how to love yourself.
It’s fighting, kicking and screaming against the self-doubt that weighs you down.
It’s panicking at the possibility of failure while still moving forward anyway.
It’s slowly peeling out of your skin and feeling the tenderness of a touch without armor.
The process of growth is ugly, but it’s the product that makes it worthwhile.
—  a.m. // what i’m learning