the chandelier bar

Mishka bar, Saint Petersburg. Мишка бар, Санкт-Петербург

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I love Ragnor Fell so much though??

  • His description of a rainforest is ‘wetter than a boar’s armpit and twice as smelly’
  • He pretends to be going through a tunnel so he can hang up the phone when Magnus starts talking about Alec
  • He is the speaker of the most relatable line in the history of relatable lines: ‘I do not want to do this, and I will not enjoy it.’
  • He bets James Herondale to shoot out all the lights on a chandelier in a bar just for the sake of getting a Shadowhunter to make a fool of himself
  • He once threatened to have a llama urinate on all of Magnus’ possessions
  • Makes jokes about being green: ‘I am positively green with envy’, ‘I will go double green and be sick’
  • Genuinely does not realise that he is a very grumpy person
  • Gets nervous when Magnus compliments him because he knows Magnus is about to ask him for a favour
  • Holds a grudge for 58 years because Magnus forgot his birthday one time

Why does Ragnor not get more attention?? Did everyone else read a different book than me?? I love him so fucking much and it actually hurts a little. I want to talk about him forever and ever and just appreciate him and asdfghjhgfdesqawrfghgfd. I love him. I love him.

I love him.


The Apothecary at The World Bar is a cocktail bar. With chandeliers hanging from the roof and walls adorned with artefacts of the 1800’s, the Apothecary’s decor is a quirky draw back to the olden days. The Apothecary at The World Bar can fit up to 100 people for standup events, it also contains private booths, providing space for private conversations amongst guests.
Location: 24 Bayswater Road, Potts Point NSW 2011, Australia

More FAHC Headcanons that you didn’t ask for!

- Ray once did the entire number for Bag of Weed from Family Guy to distract officer Demarais and Officer Marquis

- It absolutely worked

- Mainly because Chris and Aaron decided to join in

- Captain Coal is so done with them but keeps them on anyway

- Kerry Shawcross actually works for Burnie, but sometimes Geoff gets to borrow him, he is an official part of the lads

- If you don’t think that Kerry wears a dragon mask during heists you are wrong my friend

- Hence the name Dragonface

- He’s dating Detective Luna, but Miles has no idea he’s Dragonface

- Major angst and feelings when he finds out

- Matt and Kdin have an unhealthy addiction to donuts

- Jeremy cuts them off after two because “Remember the 4th of July? Yeah, I thought so.”

- The three of them have been banned from Dave N Buster’s

- It might have to do with 4th of July

- Lindsay can make blown glass art

- Every glass chandelier in her bar was made by her

- Her cats are not allowed near Gavin’s cat
It's The End Of The Democratic Party As We Know It, And David Brock Feels Fine
"Democrats are in their worst electoral position since the Civil War."

Senators, protesters and admirers weathered a cold, rainy day in the nation’s capital for the inauguration of President Donald Trump. One thousand miles or so to the south, roughly 120 Democratic donors and dozens of other party insiders retreated to a golf resort to regroup. It was a balmy funeral. Self-styled leaders of “the resistance” sipped cocktails around a heated outdoor pool, debated voter outreach strategies under the chandeliers of a piano bar and listened to hour after hour of presentations about What Went Wrong and how to right it.

The event was organized by David Brock, a longtime Hillary Clinton operative whose various organizations collectively burned through $75 million in the 2016 election cycle only to watch their political patron fall to a reality TV demagogue. In the opening address of the conference at Turnberry Isle Resort, Brock defended both his own work and the direction of the Democratic Party. Trump’s election, he insisted, was a “black swan” event born of James Comey and “traitors inside the FBI.” Democrats should not “over-learn” the lessons behind their loss. Clinton, after all, won the popular vote by 3 million, despite Russian interference ― a grand achievement in the face of the vile sexism of voters who would not accept “one of the most qualified, dedicated, committed, forward-thinking and honorable people to ever seek the presidency of the United States.” Brock didn’t mention her paid speeches to Goldman Sachs.

Brock’s only regret, if it can be called that, was the Clinton campaign’s refusal to follow his advice about Trump’s business record. Republican nominee Mitt Romney was known as a successful businessman before Barack Obama savaged him in 2012 over Cayman Islands investment schemes. A sustained campaign blasting “Don the Con,” Brock said, could have prevented the 2016 Rust Belt wipeout by focusing on Trump’s reliance on cheap foreign labor and his aggressive avoidance of federal tax bills.

“Did Hillary’s own campaign rob her of the only anti-Trump argument that would have opened up the all-important economic issue to her advantage?” Brock asked. “That’s the inescapable conclusion.”

It’s true that Clintonia botched its economic message. But Brock’s broad diagnosis of the Democratic Party’s ailment was so obviously wrong that many of the party elites he invited to speak at his Florida retreat rejected their host’s premise. Multiple speakers talked to reporters about a decade-long slide in state and local party viability, which resulted in the loss of over 900 state legislature seats in the Obama era.

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The lap dance..

So this wonderful gifset of Baron was bought to my attention by @wwesmutdonedirtcheap I knew I had to do something about it.

So ladies and germs,Giving Baron a lap dance…

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I hope you guys like it :)

“You need to come with us Corbs”Corey pleaded as Baron went back to slipping his beer. Corey has been trying to get his best friend to go out with him and the boys. Baron has been in a bad mood ever since he lost the title to AJ. He’s been moodier and quieter ever since.

Baron sighed as he sets his beer down. He stand up and walks to the bathroom.”where are you going?” Corey yelled to the lone wolf. “taking a shower. I can’t go to a strip club smelling all bad”


Corey,Baron and the boys walk into the Kat Scratch Club as the taller man takes in the scene before him. A couple of stages with poles lined the sides as the middle held the main stage and the bar. Chandeliers cascaded down as the walls had white fairy lights. He shakes his head as he gives his id to the bouncer. They all walk in and sit down near the main stage.

Corey sat down next to Baron. Roman,Seth were sitting on his left. They were slowing sipping on their drinks,idly talking about work when a familiar tune came out of the speakers.

Seth groans”this is such a great song”

Roman smirked at Crossfit Jesus.”yeah because we came here solely based on their music selection”

Baron kept his eyes glued to the stage as a petite brunette steps on the stage dressed in a black and red babydoll dress with black fishnets on her beautiful,tattooed legs. A garter belt secured them as a pair of lace red panties peeked through a bit.

Ride out her open road.
Fell to the waste side.
Dinned on her dirty soul.
Ain’t willing to pass it by.

She starts to move her hips as the group stops all movement. She swings around the pole as Baron licks his lips. He was envisioning those long,beautiful legs around his neck as he pounding into her. Moaning his name,He’d bite around her neck and earlobe as she pulls his hair.

“fuck me harder” she’ll say as she scratches his back. He would pound the sweet,tight pussy over and over again until she is screaming his name,coming harder that he had ever came before. He had to have her.


Corey snapped him out of his daydream as he looking at the empty stage. “Wait,empty?”

“you were daydreaming so much that she finished her set.” Roman smirked as he took a sip of his beer. Baron growled as the boys started to watch the other strippers do their thing. Baron couldn’t help but think about the cute brunette. He didn’t realized that as soon as He turned his head.

There she was.

She smiled warmly at him as his eyes widened. She laughed as she walked past him, walking to another table with drinks. He groaned silently as the three men sitting with him stopped what they were doing to look where Baron was.

“Oh man this is going to be good” Seth cackled as Corey tried to get her attention. “man what are you doing?”

Corey smirked as the petite girl walked up to their table.”well hello there. My,this is a handsome bunch. What can I get you guys?”She started to smile as Baron felt his heart race. He wasn’t sure why but he felt something for this girl.

“and what about you big guy?”Baron jumped as she looked at him. “time to dial to the charm”

“well, you can start by telling me your name. I didn’t seem to catch it.”

She smiled as her green eyes sparkles”yeah well that’s what happens when you doze off hot stuff”

Baron growled”I wasn’t dozing off. I was just thinking about you.”

She smirked”Well why don’t you come in the back and tell me what you were thinking about”

He took a sip as he stood up.She started to walk as He followed her. She grabbed his hand and took him to a VIP room where she place her and Baron inside before closing and locking the door.She sits him down as she turns on the music.

“um” he rubbed his neck,as she steps back to from him.She pulls her hair down,pushing her slender fingers through it “I’m not sure how this goes.”

She smiled as the beat starts to pick up “don’t worry big guy,i’ll take real good care of you.Girl Scout Honor”

He laughed,biting his lower lip and pushing his large hand through his facial hair "Were you a Girl Scout?”

She giggles and nods”Yeah,when I was younger in Catholic school”

He groans and throws his head back.He was fantasizing about her in a school uniform as he is spanking her and fucking her from behind.He picks his head up as she smirks at him”I really wish I knew what you were thinking about”

He grins wickedly as she takes off her bra as she made her way towards Baron. The look on his face was dark and sultry.His eyes went from a light brown to a darker shade. She rubbed herself all over him as he softly growled. She turned towards him as she straddled him. They both licked their lips at the same time.

"I’m not sure if I’m allowed to touch you” he whispered into her ear as she shivered. Never in the months she’s been working here,had a guy effect her the way Baron did.

“you aren’t” she looked into his brown eyes.All she kept thinking about was how fucking handsome he looked under her.How good his lips looked.She really wanted to kiss them"but I really want you to”

He wrapped his arms around her as he placed kisses from her jawline to her collarbone. She threw her head back as she felt his hands roam her body.He calloused fingers felt amazing on her soft,white skin.

He stopped,pushing back a bit. He was extremely turned on.But he wasn’t sure if she was taken or if this was just because he was a customer “wait”

She looked at him,cheeks flushed as she bite her bottom lip “what?”

Baron looked at the girl in front of him. She was everything that he needed. Beautiful,sassy and yet when he looks into her eyes,he sees something else. Innocence? He wasn’t sure,but yet he wanted to find out.

“why are you staring at me like that?”

Baron smiles as he rubs his thumbs above her boy shorts"I think you are beautiful and I wanted to just stare at you"

“what happened to the guy that just was groaning and being really quiet?” She takes his beanie off,releasing his hair as she runs her fingers through it.”God that feels so good”

She grabs the back of his head as she starts to kiss and nibble down the side of his neck.He grinds up as they both moan softly.She pulls his hair a bit as she kisses down His Adam’s Apple. She throws his shirt off,kissing his chest peice.”God this is beautiful”

Baron smiles as he picks her up and placing them on the couch behind them.Removing all their clothes, He starts kisses around her body,stopping and paying attention to her pert nipples. He dips down and starts to suck on them.

She moans and arches her back in pleasure.She never had someone play such closes attention to her body.Baron moves down to her stomach when he placed open mouth kisses to her skin. He moves down and nips at her inner thighs as she moans”oh Baron”

He opens her lips as he licks her sweet nub teasingly. She throws her head back as she runs her fingers through his long,brown hair.He places two of his finger inside of her opening and the twosome lock eyes. She knew she was going to last.She starts to close her eyes when he stopped all movement.”I want to see you come undone. I want to see how I make you feel.Keep your eyes open”

She nods as he continues his assault.She starts to thrust up as she feels her orgasm starting to surface. “Baron,I’m going to come.God don’t stop! Please don’t stop” He fucks her fasters with his fingers as she screams.She becomes limp as he pulls himself over her.She smiles at him”you are good.Mister Corbin”

He smirks and kisses her,letting her taste herself in his kiss.She wraps her arms around his neck and He pushes into her.They both moan in sync.He looks at her as she adjusts to his big size.She nods as he moves softly. In and out.In and out.

She wraps her legs around his waist as he picks up his pace. “God you feel so good wrapped around me” He sucks the skin between her neck and her earlobe as she moans loudly”Jesus Baron..”

“yeah? How does my huge cock feel in your tight,beautiful pussy? Does it feel good? Are you going to milk my cock with your juices?”

She moans as she racks her fingertips down Barons back. He groans into her flesh as she snakes her hand down her body to play with her clit.He looks down and moans loudly”play with your clit for me.Come for daddy”

She throws her head back as she screams his name”BARON!”

He pulls out onto her stomach as ropes of his cum dance unto her skin.He starts to clean her up as she gets dress.They both lock eyes and smile. “i,uh,i hope you know that I don’t do this”gesturing between the two of them” But you were really enticing and so incredibly handsome. I felt like I had to.If that made sense.”

He nods”I wasn’t going to come out but Corey and the boys forced me too. I’m glad that they did.I wouldn’t have met you.”

She blushes”I didn’t think I was going to be good enough for this. Tonight is actually my first night,i was so nervous that I almost called out.I’m glad I didn't”

He walked towards her and brings her towards him”you were amazing.You made my dick hard”She laughs”Can I at least know your name”.

She smirks,walking back towards the door.” Its Laila”

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lattes, clouds, and stars. for jiminie please~

this got a lil weird… hope u like it anyway

coffee break
rated e for everything is cute
word count: 2,189

01. lattes

You had always supposed coffee-shop romances to be too cliché, too textbook, too drama and music video with back lighting to soften the edges, make everything hazier than they are, dreamier than they are. So when you walk into the little cafe on at the corner of 3rd and 12th, you aren’t expecting the strange (and very, oh-so-cliché) wave of preemptive enticement, like something is meant to happen today, like the world is meant to change right here, right now, and you are meant to witness it change.

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