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BTS Stans As Aesthetics
  • Seokjin: fabulous sparkles, self-love, cute but comfortable clothing, white sneakers, cute backpacks, RaPUNzels, getting the last packet of your favourite snack at the store
  • Yoongi: Sound-cancelling headphones, good tech, gaming gear, leather notebooks, sound of softly falling rain, appreciating the little things
  • Hoseok: cheers on graduation day, late spring afternoon walks, portable music players, board games at sleepovers
  • Namjoon: second chances, going to the theatre, crisp breezes, the night sky, lopsided glasses, half-used pens fallen behind the desk
  • Jimin: dancing in the rain, positivity projects, volunteering at a local animal shelter, brunch dates with friends
  • Taehyung: giggling during concentration games and staring contests, jumping on the bed, half-finished books, spontaneous 2am outings, karaoke
  • Jeongguk: gym, competitions, singing in the shower, pranking friends but denying everything, laying on the hood of a car staring at the night sky, choosing dare in truth or dare

if you think that off-book dates don’t apply to you you’re a piece of shit

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2014 LNSM Highlight: Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis introduce us to the beautiful Jennjamin Franklin


Late Night with Seth Meyers: Second Chance Theatre: Wanna Come With?


Second Chance Theatre: Wanna Come With? Q&A with Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone - YouTube

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So, do you wanna come with?

Update on The Bronze

Movies at Ryan Kavanaugh’s financially-embattled Relativity Media face an uncertain future, with some deals close to collapsing as the company moves closer to a possible bankruptcy.

Earlier this week, Sony sent a letter to Relativity stating its intention to terminate Relativity’s deal for U.S. rights to The Bronze, according to sources. Relativity struck the $3 million pact with Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions after the comedy — written by and starring The Big Bang Theory actress Melissa Rauch — debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

Letters of termination are sent when a distributor has failed to satisfy, or “cure,” various provisions of a contract. (A notice of termination would follow a cure letter). Sony and Relativity declined to comment regarding The Bronze, which was produced by the Duplass brothers.

(…)  Kavanaugh’s company has failed to meet a number of debt payment deadlines, and Relativity could face bankruptcy by next Wednesday unless Kavanaugh finds a new equity source. That means there is no money to market and promote upcoming releases, such as The Bronze, which is dated for release in theaters on Oct. 16 and, and Autobahn, set to go out Oct. 30.

The Hollywood Reporter (source)

To recap, The Bronze had several distribution offers: a direct-to-streaming deal from Netflix, and a theatrical release deal from Relativity. According to reports at the time, the filmmakers wanted a theatrical release, so they went with Relativity. It was first announced for July, then moved to October under the excuse of less competition. Relativity’s other films, such as Masterminds and Jane Got a Gun, were also moved to the fall with similar explanations. Relativity’s troubles involve a lawsuit from investors that claims they didn’t appropriately use funds for marketing upcoming films, including The Bronze - which explains why we haven’t seen a poster or trailer in all these months!

As far as I can tell, The Bronze is the first film in this debacle to terminate its distribution deal, so it’s hard to say what will happen. If Sony sticks to its plans, it doesn’t look very likely that it will still come out in October.