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Kate does her Sessions impression and describes one of her failed SNL characters who Seth suggests for a future Second Chance Theatre sketch!

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so i just found out about the kinky boots discourse yesterday and i like. have a suspicion that i may be getting tickets for my birthday, bc my mom knows im a fan of panic and i dig musicals and my birthday is during his run in the show? and that's a guess, idk for sure obviously, but if that's the case then what do i do lmao bc i feel like i have some Critical Thinking to do abt brendon but if the tickets have been purchased already i feel like there's not much i can Do? oh man

I mean go see it if you have tickets already! As long as you’re like, critical of what’s going on going to shows is always a good time

if you think that off-book dates don’t apply to you you’re a piece of shit


Late Night with Seth Meyers: Second Chance Theatre: Wanna Come With?


Second Chance Theatre: Wanna Come With? Q&A with Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone - YouTube

BTS Stans As Aesthetics
  • Seokjin: fabulous sparkles, self-love, cute but comfortable clothing, white sneakers, cute backpacks, RaPUNzels, getting the last packet of your favourite snack at the store
  • Yoongi: Sound-cancelling headphones, good tech, gaming gear, leather notebooks, sound of softly falling rain, appreciating the little things
  • Hoseok: cheers on graduation day, late spring afternoon walks, portable music players, board games at sleepovers
  • Namjoon: second chances, going to the theatre, crisp breezes, the night sky, lopsided glasses, half-used pens fallen behind the desk
  • Jimin: dancing in the rain, positivity projects, volunteering at a local animal shelter, brunch dates with friends
  • Taehyung: giggling during concentration games and staring contests, jumping on the bed, half-finished books, spontaneous 2am outings, karaoke
  • Jeongguk: gym, competitions, singing in the shower, pranking friends but denying everything, laying on the hood of a car staring at the night sky, choosing dare in truth or dare
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2014 LNSM Highlight: Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis introduce us to the beautiful Jennjamin Franklin